Carol S gives details of her case and…

Carol S. gives details of her case and adds to the general public’s view of governmental power gone greedy as this case is another $$ cause for action. Jealousy in this case is the nurse’s soul.

Duringing those 8 years I was on PROBATION I was required to take a 3 month Rn- Refreshor course which did not make any sense to me because I had worked on the same floor at the same hospital for the last 34 years. I took my clinical at the Arizona Heart Institute. The cost of the course was over $ 2,000 plus $400 for the pharmacy class. i received a letter of recommendation fron the director of the program and the my clinical instructor. I received a award for keeping secrets (HIPPA) and staff at the AHI said I had a great bedside manner and great patient care skills. I passed the psychological examination. The psychologist said he wondered why I had to take the eval. I said i wondered the same thing myself since no one has ever mentioned that there was a problem with my mental status.
I was soon to find out that none of this meant anything to anyone, not the employers,and certainly not the nursing board.
A DON hired me for a job in outpatient rehab. I had passed the written and physical examin, even taking the TB test. The next day I received a letter from human resourses saying because of my PROBATION status the job offer was recinded. I was crushed to the core. They didnt even have the cajones to tell me to my face! I applied for a job as a hospice volunteer I was sent a letter of rejection in the mail they didnt give me a reason why, but I knew.
Throughout my 8 years of PROBATION I would go through long periods of not looking for a job but if I did I would not get a response which hurt all most as much as out right rejection. One of the saddest things about PROBATION is the few nurse friends I did have left just seemed to slip away. The one friend that I did have left did not support me in the end I haven’t seen or talked to her in years.
iF you think your nurse friends will support you think again they will turn against you. They will say things like, Oh I dont want to get involved. Oh I didnt see anything. I’m not saying anything cause I dont want to get fired… yes your good old nursing friends turn into back stabbing two face bitches. I begain to hate nurses and if I saw a nurse walk by in their stupid little uniform I just wanted to punch them! I felt the same about nursing students one student nurse told me If the board of nursing put you on probation its because you deserved it. I told him i’m not a criminal but they have more rights than I do. It sounds strange to say this, but I got more support from the temperamental yelling in your face egotisical surgeons and doctors then I ever got from nurses. So you think after 34 years of direct patient care I would have received a medal or a straight jacket or both.
So after 8 years of being on PROBATION with no nursing job in sight around 2017 a nurse I knew moved to my town and offered me a nursing job in a detox center. Her previous boss would not let her hire nurses on PROBATION. Of course Human Resourse advised against hiring me because i was on PROBATION. My friend appealed to her boss, he was going to think about it. I asked a nursing instructor/nurse I used to work with for a letter of recommendation. She said yes. With that letter the CEO of the detox center agreed to hire me. I was so so happy and by this time i was so so poor.
I soon found out that each nurse and Nurse Practioner had read my consent agreement even the Behavorial Health Techs, and secretaries knew about it. IF the nartoctic count came out wrong i would hear check with the nurse on PROBATION, or if someone left a med on the counter it was i think the nurse n PROBATION left it there. Durning orientation i was introduced to the Nurse Practioner she asked me what kind of nurse i was I said I was a Med/Surg nurse she responded “Well I believe only ICU nurses should take care of detox patients.” I told her I took care of patients having alcohol withdrawals on my floor when they should have been in ICU. A few days later the NP told me loud enough so everyone could hear you didn’t write the order the way i told you now insurance won’t pay and I have to eat this one up. l didnt know what to say . The secretarY later told me the insurance did pay for the patients stay. Then I began to realize that any mistake i did make I would be reported to the ASBN! THEN I BEGIN TO GET PARANNIOD. I would check every med I gave or charting i did 4 OR 5 TIMES. If the narcotic count came out wrong i was sure I made the error even though I knew almost all of the nurses working there were recovering drug addicts. One shift the NP told me to get some meds for a patient having withdrawals I told her nurse but she was in a locked area and asked me to give them. So of course when I checked out the meds it took me longer because I had to check it 4 or 5 time and I had to make sure what time she last took the meds which took me longer cause i was so paranoid about making a mistake. THE NP came in the room and said what is taking you so long?” then she flung the blood pressure stand right at me, So after that I just dreaded coming to work I was like paralyzed I didn’t want to say anthing to piss anybody off. I would think to myself so who am I I going to report this to certainly not the nursing board, HR ? Hell no they didnt want me there in the first place. Not my boss when I did try to talk to her about my concerns about NP she blew me off saying the NP was dramatic and would get over it. When I went home at night i would pray to God that I would not wake up in the morning. I didnt want to go back to this job from hell. I knew soon or later i would make some kind of error.
One day I asked to be orientated on days so I could do some discharges about a week or so on days I was in nurses station charting, the NP came in the room and shouted come with me I want to talk to you, I followed her down the hall to her office, “Who ordered these vitimins for the parient” I said “You did” she said “You will be sorry you ever said that I dont order vitamins for patients on subboxon its contraindicated. I know your on PROBATION and i’m reporting you to the nursing board isn’t anybody watching you i’m reporting you to the nursing board she wouldn’t even let me speak and some of the patients came out of their rooms and looked down the hall, I thought oh hell now the patients know i’m on PROBATION they won’t want me to take care of them now. She continued with your practicing out of your scope isn’t anybody monitoring you . Whose monitoring you. I’M calling the nursing board I know your on PROBATION
I finally said ok call them i know enought to know i don’t order medication or supplements i’m not a doctor. why would I order something that I know is out of my scope. I tried to call my boss they say go up the chain of command but the chain of command is either off, on vacation, or out of the building, After about 3 days of not leting me work I was called to the office I was told to quit or get fired my nurse friend that hired me was there offered no support for me. Yes another back stabbing nurse.
So of course now the nursing board files charges against me for practicing out of my scope. The nursing investigator advised me to surrender my nursing license. I said no because I fought for so so long and paid so much money to keep my nursing license.
Next I wil write about the Administration Law Judge, nursing board, investigators Inspector General , all charges against me that lead up to my nursing license getting revoked.

5 thoughts on “Carol S gives details of her case and…

  1. No one knows the affects of the corrupt boards actions until they are a target of the bon agency . And how statements like insensitive Caro Lynn McCormies is , Friday “we need to get moving on these cases” “I don’t want to be here until 9pm tonite ” “We have a lot of cases still ” . Well ms mccormies, it is not anyone’s fault that you took the position (by corrupt methods to boot Mekoba- Hill out ) you want the glory for YOUR career . You are the only one with a career ? Too bad you have to drive to the suburbs of byu, Safford, no one cares ! What ‘s up another marathon church meeting you want to make it back for . Did the male tell you be home early . You got the position by critizing Hill, on speed of cases , so just do the vote and who cares they are all guilty attitude.? Do every one a favor stay home , you cause enough trouble and grief at your college among the non mormon teachers.

  2. There was absolutely no reason for any of this . Randy (QUEER ONE) Quinn , sneaking in a meeting between meetings , so there wouldn’t be a lot of people , and telling Carole to “shut up ” . Talk about a dishonorable turd . You could see him making the full decision by himself , on the fly . Keep ordering more and more tests, refresher courses, over and over wearing good nurses out, costing them money and requiring what is impossible. Shameful , and the BON has not changed their ways , not one bit. Queer Quinn is gone but part of his back up bitches 1 was McCormies , another hard ass on non mormons . They couldn’t go on the psych evaluation because it was all in Carol’s favor. So they just changed the focus and took that psychologist off the list.
    “The list” is a list of dirty doc’s who are willing to write something , anything at all, so the BON can use that as their ‘expert” when all they are who remain on “the list” is a bunch of malpractice practioners who have dirty Bob Bohanski’s on their side. Another office that is run via CORRUPTION ! . Protecting their “court whores” is all they do . Don’t think that Bohanski , and Joke Ridenour , and Hanchett all in the same building , have their ‘little meetings ” how they will screw the nurse . Just like they did Carole who did not deserve any of this horrible night mare of her life. Thanks McCormies , and Brother Quinn.

  3. Something is coming down the tubes . An independent watchdog at the bon meetings. It is not who you think it would be , in fact the agency doesn’t know . But many violations , complaints , and clean out the dead wood , the corruption, the incompetent . If we had any say who to boot in the arce first ?
    1)Elizabeth Campbell
    2)Janeen Dahn
    3)Jokey Ridenour
    4)Emma Mamaluy
    5)Cindy Mand
    6) Then the board members
    #1 Carolyn McCormies
    This is definitely the states ‘shit’ list “

    1. pretty good order , can you still add that other ASSoc dir , Valerie Smith , db edge sword .
      Board members Def Carolyn McCormies is the worst of the worst .Or bottom of the barrel . Such a fake bitch. Boyer is just not getting it , she is struggling. very slow to learn and not catching on. Hill occasionally , makes a statement her thoughts her idea her judgement call , then McCormies butts in rudely and disagrees , then Hill caves . NOT GOOD AT ALL ! Hill needs to hold her ground , but she knows McCormies wont stop arguing until her rant gets her, her way. She should still maintain her ground and thoughts on a case. McCormies is miss punitive puke.

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