Needless Things AZBN

It was no mystery when Lisa Wynn, former medical bd director, was terminated in Oct of 2013 that a wave of patient harm cases were indirectly brought in view to AZBN. One case a physician actually drove a scope through an esophagus, creating a big hole, and sent the pt. home and told them to drink water. Covering up these horrors is the AZBN’S specialty. Some of the horrors are still in hiding, often under a nurse’s body. The most important mission in the AZBN locker is to protect the largest cash register in the world and help themselves to that cash register.

If there is a working nurse who believes they need the support of the regulatory agency to perform properly then they are greenhorns. The agency is grossly involved in producing false narratives to protect physicians and their $$ grabbing businesses. This is well known and well documented to which multiple levels of academia is presently teaching cases of blatant corruption ending in patient harm and death. And sometimes the nurse who is into quack exposure goes away as well.

Nurses need to fight this corrupted agency with the help of an organization whose well aware of the legal world’s bd definition,”This is a monster” .Really? The criminality cruises down the $$ road to places like the Biltmore section, like Paradise Valley. These people are truly shoveling loads of cash into real estate, and large boats. Big real estate and big boats.. We had a good business raising boats that sank at the dock; that’s b/c we’re experts at knowing what sank them.

Nurses absolutely and conclusively do not need this agency in any way. Good for nurses who work for them.