Needless Things AZBN

It was no mystery when Lisa Wynn, former medical bd director, was terminated in Oct of 2013 that a wave of patient harm cases were indirectly brought in view to AZBN. One case a physician actually drove a scope through an esophagus, creating a big hole, and sent the pt. home and told them to drink water. Covering up these horrors is the AZBN’S specialty. Some of the horrors are still in hiding, often under a nurse’s body. The most important mission in the AZBN locker is to protect the largest cash register in the world and help themselves to that cash register.

If there is a working nurse who believes they need the support of the regulatory agency to perform properly then they are greenhorns. The agency is grossly involved in producing false narratives to protect physicians and their $$ grabbing businesses. This is well known and well documented to which multiple levels of academia is presently teaching cases of blatant corruption ending in patient harm and death. And sometimes the nurse who is into quack exposure goes away as well.

Nurses need to fight this corrupted agency with the help of an organization whose well aware of the legal world’s bd definition,”This is a monster” .Really? The criminality cruises down the $$ road to places like the Biltmore section, like Paradise Valley. These people are truly shoveling loads of cash into real estate, and large boats. Big real estate and big boats.. We had a good business raising boats that sank at the dock; that’s b/c we’re experts at knowing what sank them.

Nurses absolutely and conclusively do not need this agency in any way. Good for nurses who work for them.

26 thoughts on “Needless Things AZBN

  1. As nursing “evolves” it is critical that regulatory also “evolve.” The stagnation of the Arizona Board of Nursing is palpable. We must collaborate and stop this abuse. The research, though minimal is in on how these organizations abuse their power. They certainly do not believe that they abuse their power but the research we have differs. Peary is there an organization that can actually look into the regulatory injustice? If so where do I go?

      1. 3 nurses one a DON who did not recognize for NINE months that a woman stopped having periods, here abdomen was getting larger and larger, that a CNA was jumping the siderail’s and was with her alone enough to have sex with her . Why these incompetent nurses did not see any of this ? Did not get a letter of concern , did not get a DOC , charting was certainly off . Was it because the Dr was informed and did nothing. They are protecting someone , to save them money the true love of this dirty board. While the dumbest board member ever and most corrupt Randy Quinn , announces for the camera ‘this nurse will never practice again” . Read up on felony bars mouthy moron. And look in your own back yard at what the brethren have done for years to under age , get upset about THAT .

      2. feds as in DOJ, which has hired on mostly the mission creeps , so they are taking cases SELECTIVELY as well, as in mormon’s take care of mormon’s ONLY .
        Shame on all of them being hired taking an oath, just like Campbell and Krishna , just like the board members all liars . especially the admin law judges , clowns all of them .

    1. It should be illegal for people to find out someone they had a dispute is a nurse and say he we’ll get her in trouble there . And then for the board (so called investigators aka witch hunters to take a dog event and look at every job that nurse had years back and throw it up in their face . What are you doing looking at other jobs that the mgr did not report ?? Just trying to dig for anything , anything at all criminals have more rights. UNRELATED ! A%%HOLES !
      Discussing 2016 , and bringing up in 2021 they did not return the questionaire ???? WTFFFFKKK Don’t look at the positive things they did , This board is so SICK and the Atty gen ASSistant Elizabeth Campbell is SICKER ! Some body needs to do something to stop this madness this over the top with corruption needs to end.
      Do not work in AZ as a nurse !! They are fanged witches.

      1. There are files documented from the 90s which made it forward to azbn and beyond. The files came posted in 2018 to ncsbn which were NOT crimes or nursing violations of anykind. The work was moved upon by Elizabeth F. Campbell & Linda F. MoNAS. You know what the F. Stands for.

  2. I came across this. I had a Case Dismissed by the Board. I made a Complaint about a Nurse. I proved with Records from Court and Her records. I had actui Facts against the Nurse an it was dismissed.

      1. It was not long ago that a CRNA was not part of the make up of the BON, Harris from Beus was lobbying to get that one in .With Randy Quinn in mind , a set up to get him in their to protect the CRNA ‘s who save the hospital big bucks, while playing little Dr. So when Angela Fountain who worked with Quinn group . (he had to form one couldn’t get along with real Drs, and had to have his way ) , got on the board, the CRNA cases are her decision and hers alone. She tells the board what to vote while protecting CRNA’s and saving hospitals money by keeping them working , no matter what !
        So that means any RN before the BON should be decided ONLY by the RN’s , no NP or public members should discuss anything . To be CONSISTENT (MCCORMIES THE LIAR). Angela Fountain is not fair, her brain has a padlock on it and MCCORMIES holds the key . Can’t think for herself , all pre arranged to hand out that LOC or dismiss . Keep that boy working , no matter what . Fountain was pre brain washed before joining the BON. She tried to act like a bd member , dismiss a case when MCCORMIES went nuts ! DISMISS !! MCCORMIES said , yelling out WHAT ??!!! She was not having that one ! did not wait for a second motion , and did not call for a vote , instead reprimanded Fountain as being “out there ” and making a stupid choice of decisions, by her actions and getting others to up the discipline , while saying “i don’t like to be harsh” . more lies by MCCORNEY !

    1. The board has a pattern . If an hospital reports top of the list. They work with hospitals . Joke the Director was on the AZ HHA , People who get on boards take care of friends in strange places.
      The nurse is still employed by the hospital ? It will get tossed. The nurse quit or got fired they run with it.
      Now i hate to say this because they will generally at the next meeting throw a case out there and do the opposite , just so they can say not true. But this is more telling, cause it was not consistent.
      The board has a pattern for sure . It is based on who it is and what friend they have at that hospital.
      They want to be on the board to impress someone (who is ignorant enough to think they must be a good nurse to be on a board or some how superior to others when in fact the OPPOSITE is true ! ) Nothing is fair about them , and in now way are protecting any public .

      1. what other agency posts statements like this ,<>and make them show up on the www ? The police agency ? The fireman’s agency, ? The psychology board? cosmetology board? if anyone knows please let us know . NO one does the dirty deeds , except the wicked minds at the bon . Who’s doing this Trina Smith ? Delores Hurtado ? who telling them to do this ? why are they so damn devil filled with hatred , unhuman !!!

  3. The very root of your writing while sounding agreeable originally, did not sit very well with me after some time. Somewhere within the paragraphs you were able to make me a believer unfortunately just for a while. I still have got a problem with your jumps in logic and one might do well to help fill in all those breaks. In the event that you can accomplish that, I could surely be fascinated.

      1. Exactly . There is a lot for someone to go on if they took an interest, if your DOJ, just do your job , if your Gov office , your way too late and have done nothing to curb the corruption, your time is up and can’t go too soon ! Same as with the do little dumb ass director . This is not a fascination fantasy to be full filled , this is exposing just a little bit of what this distressful board and employees have been up to , and have gotten away with .

  4. Thanks! I read your posts and I am going to contact this NNAA! I hope to become a member as the board is a major violator of over regulation! I am so glad there is an organization on our side! The ANA is a joke and so political anymore.

    1. The ANA and the AZBON are bed fellows . One bd member , who appears to be a “pay back ” an atty left the BON and immediately went to be the lobbyist for the AZNA .
      Robin Schaeffer who puts out there she wants to ‘help’ bedside nurses , which is a real joke !! But is against safe staffing ratios mandates for hospitals ! And now Dawna Cato who is just as wicked as Jokey , all run their mouths with ‘the talk” but know the bottom line is to side with the dirty agency and back them . And in turn they will have their backs.

    2. ok , let us know what they are working on . The amount of work is tremendous. !
      If you look at the OAH court and all of their statements it is all lies . Anyone who wants to find wrong doing can find it very easy.
      I wonder if they group keeps the nurses name CONFIDENTIAL . Let us know that too.

      1. Then , as if not unprofessional enough, McCormies says they have never had anyone for counseling unless a MSN . Does she have dementia !??? many cases, Remember one clearly from county , reported male nurse going thru sex change , he kep the same counselor he had , and many others ! MCCormies wants her to fail NOT have someone she is familiar with ! get someone new who will fail her since she said she did not need a refresher course !
        When a nurse tells them what she needs COMPUTER CLASS it is IGNORED , just to have the upper hand and SHOW HER WHO BOSS , right BOSSY COW MCCORMIES ??? Then motion for consent agreement for 6 months, whopp tee do , ! but similar case was 12 months, YOUR all over the place and NON Consistent !
        She even has dippy do DUH !!! boyer calling out cases numbers , cause she can’t keep track of things , very poor choice of Pres for a Board !!! failure !

    3. They do need to look at cases and board members . For sure . A nurse before the board talked of her hearing , how the alj was saying things like “you don’t like Cathy do you?” so much chatter no facts no evidence . Sounds like a pit bull gone nuts and the man and woman owners saw she had a nursing license so “hey let’s fuck her up with the board of nursing “. Of Course incompetent Campbell who can’t get her ARS number right , and keeps calling dip shit McCorney “your honor” and doesn’t correct herself. Neither does MCCormies , ! which is really bad . NO one knows who these players are. A bunch of nuts jobs blurting out crazy talk, the ones to lazy to get to the board meeting have to be reminded to speak up . Boyer has to be told hourly to talk into the mic. Which is odd since she never forgets to clear her throat every five minutes loudly into the mic. SICKENING! Cathy stating many things over and over that were unrelated, Then switch from pit bulls attack and over to years ago job in Tucson , and oncology WTF?? No board complaint went in , BON witch hunters looking for dirt . Again , this madness needs to end. ALJ need to be reprimanded jailed !

      1. These board members think that any nurse should get a LOC and no complaint “NON PUNITIVE” well yes it is if you did nothing wrong and you have to have it on your record for life .
        Questions ask “have you ever had a board complaint, EXPLAIn) gets pretty old .Members of the board need to have digs on their licenses for stupidity. Saying the most ridiculous statements . ! Still playing favorites . Boyer you are so UNQUALIFIED to be on a board, go home ditsy !

  5. SWEET ! “”The former prosecutor charged with misconduct for her handling of the Ahmaud Arbery case was booked at a Georgia jail on Wednesday . “”
    This is what is on the agenda for Elizabeth A Campbell . She will never admit wrong doings, or turn herself in . Every time someone rings the door bell , it just might be the cops coming to get her . Oh and BTW “beth” , it is the AG office who prosecutes these misfit attorney’s who try their underhanded , dishonest tricks. !
    A grand jury indicted Johnson, 49, last week on a felony charge of violating her oath of office and a misdemeanor count of obstructing police. Whereas “bethie” obstructs justice and a whole lot more !

  6. If you think Wynn was a bad medical board director , look at BARRY CASSIDY . a PA as dir. crazy stuff. He went to get credentialed as a cop , sheriff’s department. Dirty cop at that , he thought he was mr medical cop rolled into one. The jerk off very typically let the power trip go to his pea brain. Reported a NP , but it was a FALSE report. If this was a criminal charge it would be over . Oh no , not when dealing with the corrupt board of nursing agency . Of course the dirty board of nursing,went on a fishing expedition . Found charting errors they can find one ANYONE ! Barry Cassidy lost his job, boo hoo now the “loser ” “has not” been never was playing wyatt burb sits on the couch sucking up the suds . Cassidy had a night mare that he showed up to work without his badge ! And now the dum dum’s night mare came true , but not before creating a nightmare for a very professional , good NP . Gave the boy too much power, showed him at the medical board how to over power anyone with a license , and it went to the morons head. And now he sits without a badge , saved Phoenix Children’s incompetent Drs from a law suit , not even a complaint on their license for their MISDIAGNOSIS ! and MALPRACTICE ! Medical boards know the Dr brings in money the nurses cost them, so protect those under the medical board.

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