The Lived Experience of Nurse Abuse AZBN

Part 1 of Az Nurse Carol Schaeffer whose story is demonstrated in.part 1 as her heart and her loss of her gift to society.

This post omits the cause of the initial complaint which is another of many museum like cases where experienced nurses of many years get unjust disciplinary actions over tainted clinical issues that grow and blossom.with power of AZBN. Just so you can feel it.

Nurse On Probation 
I will tell my story in two parts   part 1
Though out  my nursing career I alway thought that only nurses that took drugs and abused patients stood  up before the nursing board.  I was so wrong. I want to talk about my experience when I  was put on probation  for 2 years in 2010  by  the Arizona State Bourd of  Nursing.   I remember my  lawyer advising me to read the consent agreement sign it  or lose my nursing license  handing  me the consent agreement and  leaving. I just stared at it.   I just  couldn’t read it.   I just couldn’t.  I signed it.  I didn’t want to lose my nursing license.  The next thing I knew I meet my lawyer at the nursing board.   She proceeded to tell me I was dressed provocatively.   She told me not to speak to the board because if I put the blame on someone else the nursing board would look at  it as me not taking responsibility for my actions. I looked down at my chest I didn’t see any cleavage.  I was wearing a below the knee skirt I thought to myself I’m about to lose my nursing career, my identity,  my means of survival, my dignity,  and  this lady lawyer is bitching about the way  im dressed!    I don’t even remember what my lawyer said to the nursing board.   I just remember looking down I felt  so ashamed.   I couldn’t look up but I could feel the  room full of people and nursing students staring  at me and judging me.  I just wanted  to crawl away. Besides probation comes stipulations.  Mine were:  I could not work travel, or registry, or home health,  I could not work nights.  I had to take a 3 month RN refresher course,  pharmacy class, and psych evaluation.  I had to work as a RN on probation for 2 years before I could get off  probation. I was then told  to turn in my nursing license to get stamped PROBATION.   I looked at it and I thought who in the hell is gonna  want to hire me  with probation stamped clear  across my nursing license?   I felt degraded and humiliated.  How can I face any employer? They might as well have stamped probation  right across my forehead. When my boss found out I was put on probation she fired me saying  since I was not a nurse in good standing  not only was I fired I would be denied  receiving unemployment  benefits.   I had to go to court to  fight for unemployment.  I didn’t have a lawyer and I didn’t understand the legal terms but some how I won. No one would hire me not even the nursing home nobody wanted to work in.  To be rejected over and over again was more than I could bear.  Rejection is even harder to face if you are a nurse  who thinks  being  a nurse defines who you are.  So for the next 8 years I just wondered aimlessly.  I was in limbo.  I became a  eccentric recluse.  I wouldn’t even check my mail for fear I would get  a letter from the ASBN adding another charge to my license.   To this day I still have that same fear. Since I could not find a job as a RN the nursing board would not take me off probation even though I  had been on probation for 8 years. After 8 years a  nurse that  I  knew   moved to my town.  She offered me a job.  I was so happy!!!   I thought this is my lucky break, I was so excited but this lucky break turned out to be a disaster…….To be continued


5 thoughts on “The Lived Experience of Nurse Abuse AZBN

  1. Nicely said . And very sad to end a 34 yr career like this . Many will read this and empathize , but not one from the jaded board members . Carolyn JO McCormies was a part of this, but grand stands about “nurse incivility” . Not only two faced but forked tongued. Not at all prepared for this position , but look who appointed the stupid broad .

    1. And just like in many cases the snake who was willing to do the dirty work for the board, the low life who is pretending to be , better then the rest of the nurses , who will rat one out , give the messed up board a statement, add a few exaggerations , she is out working as a ‘nurse’ . Although she was giving looks that kill to those who were speaking up for Carol. Threatening type looks. She got fired from YRMC, her husband and son went to prison, Went to S/w eye got fired there , and several agencies . THIS is the type the BON likes to team up with . This is the type they want, and can relate to . But are accusing nurses who go before the board they are not holding up that nurses are the ‘most trusted professions”.
      Have a traveler who is manipulative come into your work place , buddy up with the sick minded mgrs, , let them know they will do what ever to others , watch and write you up for basically nothing, and lose your career over these sociopaths , and then sit before a board who is further abusive, then tell Mark Kelly they just do not know why nurses are getting out !!!

      1. Carol is a good nurse . A strong person . Working at one hospital 34 years should give her some credit , and wonder how she made it that long . But because Yavapai Regional wanted to weed out the ones at the top of the pay scale. A real snake nurse willing to watch and report was after several of them . Some got out unscathed. Now compare Carol’s exit her name smeared, her reputation , and abuse by the AZ BON to another employee Selina Bliss , worked at Yrmc Prescott 35 years PART TIME. Worked in the Er but they did not want part timers so she went to a floor part time . BUT she was a nursing instructor and member of AZNA , and later President , ran for office but was not voted in by the public. Supported by AZNA financially . Selena knew exactly what happened with Carol at YRMC , but it was after how the BON handled it , no one cares , supports her and follows up , they think it won’t happen to them . To speak for someone in this position most likely would not do any good in front of a closed minded , dictator board . But it would have helped Carol so much . Unless you are fighting for your license before a dirty BON, you have no idea how painful it is, how devastating to not only lose a long term job and be fired , over and over because of the BON complaint . And then have your license on the line. Many nurses asked Selina to step up to the plate and find out what this corrupt AZ BON is up to . Not a word . Nothing changed . In a position to make a difference , make things right, but instead is siding with the political hacks. It’s all about them .
        Carol is supported by true friends, she has nothing to be ashamed of , a strong person she is been abused and shamed by a Corrupt board . Who works with hospitals, to do people in . Where is a nursing organization that helps nurses , really helps other nurses?
        Everyone has their dirt and Selina and Lassie are no exception . The BON would post it all on line, this is how I have seen them operate . to many good nurses . IF they don’t like this; they surely would not like what the BON prints ! What kind of a nurse would stand by and allow this to happen to any nurse? Oh yea lots of false friends who are using her for their agenda fake friends kudos here and there.
        Compare how the long careers ended .
        Both worked same hospital , same number of years , sad the ones who have the power to make change but just ignore requests to get involved. It is all self serving .
        Besides the false friends others will remember you , but not in a congratulations way.

  2. This board will take false allegations and consider them as absolute truths. They will search high and low in and outside of healthcare and patient care arenas to find anyone willing to speak unfavorable things of the nurse to somehow discredit and devalue the nurse. There is no due are guilty until you prove yourself innocent. Your licensed is emergently suspended in the name of public safety (based off allegations and heresay). You are too unsafe to treat patients, but not too unsafe to represent yourself legally. You are given a consent agreement full of twisted versions of the real truth and told you have 3 days to admit to and sign their version of trumped up wrong doings, without legal counsel, and under extreme duress. The board is extremely corrupt and sick. Get out of nursing before you even deal with them ( the devil)..its not worth your soul or integrity.
    Unfortunately, I signed because I was told by this evil, punitive board that it was my ONLY way back to licensure. Shame on them. I won’t give any of those old satanic hags the benefit of knowing any hurt or pain I may or may not have endured. I walked away, held my head high knowing the truth, knowing God sees all, knows all, and will dish out His wrath accordingly.
    I have found many more interesting and fulfilling ways to spend my life, so perhaps a blessing in disguise.
    To know how miserable each of their lives must be since each is willing to bear false witness, go after nurses with malicious intentions and destroy others’ lives and livelihoods in such dirty and threatening ways. Also, if anyone has to answer to the azbn, then they are automatically ordered to pay for their own psych eval. The board members then work with that author on what to include in their final report so they can somehow seem justified in demanding a ridiculous recipe the nurse must follow (and pay$$$ dearly for) to be rehabilitated enough to go forth and practice with a scarlet letter and with the label “on probation “.
    Everyone will face God on judgement day and have to answer for their life actions, and may God have mercy on their souls.

    1. EXCELLENT ! You have described what has happened to a number of nurses ! A huge number, so to those who think it wont happen to them , good luck ! and to those who think”there must be more to it , stop judging , and THINK for a change !

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