Women Against Women AZBN

The stats on Latino/Spanish population % in Az is better than 32% and nearly 50% in Maricopa County. This should dictate that some of those should work at Bd? You need an ethnic Geiger counter to find anything but 1-2 resembling that ethnic group. This racist fact is well confirmed by the peril results of many Latino nurses whom fall prey to this Bd as well as the do nothing Doucy Adm whose well known avoidance of monitoring the AZBN is well known to us. Well established milieu of avoidance of this devil’s den actually is easily understood by the, ‘hell has no fury’ mentality of learned scholars and politicians to give these poltical, wild, mean beasts a wide beam.

My close connections with Bd facts and victims defines behaviors of jealousy, racism and multiple state vilolation; such as…The Latino nurse of 30 yrs. whose unjust disciplinary case is one of the curriculum publications can be viewed from the reality of envy. If you’re a Latino nurse who looks very good in inexpensive clothes being judged by a group of all but 1 white Bd member, who look horrible in expensive clothes, your future is very dim. It is about the body, not the clothes. Take a close look at the out of shape and overweight judges who truly are green with envy as they also know you can put monkeys in silk but still are monkeys.

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Innocent Cemetery