National Nursing Advocacy Alliance

It’s fairly common for nurse advocacy organizations to promote patient quality care as their primary mission stated is often related directly to patient issues of care. A nurse in today’s market place can get into political hot water for being Dudley DoRight as often enough financial anchors keep bad health practices from floating to the surface of view. It’s that hot water NNAA wants to put under the big light and protect nurses from being abused for being good nurses. This helps the nurse to do a better job for patients. This organization will grow extensively in the near future.


30 thoughts on “National Nursing Advocacy Alliance

  1. LOL !! Vallow the crazy mormon from AZ kills her kids , then blames a hospital worker for tell her to contact the Mormons in Utah for legal help . (blame shifting ) . Do not advise your patient to get legal help , In AZ the BON would be ALL OVER THAT NURSE to protect one of their own !!! Can they get any more crazy ?

  2. might want to re think this one . Stand back and watch , First they want money to join , sounds like AZNA,since they are non profit– do fund raiser, get sponsors . Actually do something . They look like they are promoting Brnovich, and why is that ? Then looking for licensed nurses and certified nurse aides but are supposedly are going to have a ‘talk ‘ with those who are making all these regulations, and looking for licensed nurses. Like the ones who licenses were acted on , by retaliation are the ones who know exactly how the board rakes nurses over the coals. Sounds like a lot of ‘talking ‘ hot air .

      1. No doubt , Jokey was told she is on thin ice . She won’t skate to retirement . She’s dirty . They want you to go to them and not make it public . Don’t cave or roll over. No surprise at all that AZ was origin, since the AZ BON is the MOST CORRUPT AGENCY of all. Many people do not know by reading the real problems .
        And people at NCSBN have all drank the kook aid, talk to a wooden fence will get you further .

      2. Many have tried face to face , people with higher degrees that mean something legally , NOT phd in nursing either ! , Maryann ALexander , NCSBN your right like talking to a wooden fence . Boards of Nursing do not have to follow what they say, or suggest .
        Or the ALJ , which means the Board is RESPONSIBLE for all their underhanded actions. Jokey wants the power , she’s responsible , but they will NOT even head in that direction. Watch, and see , SILENTLY . answer ZERO questions . Fishing .

      3. Become an NNAA member starting on 11/1/21 for FREE! We are offering an exclusive deal to all licensed RN & certified NA till end of 2021!! This way you can try it out before you buy!
        {but yet are there to help those who lost their licenses by a scum nursing agency ? Yea charge the ones who aren’t working , can’t get a job in any field , and say your helping them. uh huh ! LPN”S aren’t included either it seems.
        Actually they sound like the board of nursing nut job carolyn mccormies, “we’re doing this for your own good, see you back here after your psych evaluation ” Yea , thanks . Basically , “don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining “.

    1. You got this ! “get sponsors ” . Which brings up a good point , why isn’t Robert Chelle doing SOMETHING to stop the abuse of power . Why isn’t David Williams , Doing something to introduce bills to help clients . Why isn’t David Klink , Kelly McDonald , James Weiler , Jason Barrat , Michael Zoldan, Flynn Carey, Brenton Barber, Sara Stark, Michael Goldberg, Kathleen Lambert. Scott King and others
      They are making money off nurses to help them . Why can’t they get the playing field level? put that in their bio that is the atty I would go to if needed legal assistance.
      Is every lawyer a money hungry greedy freak , or just Sunita Krishna and Eliz Campbell .

    2. Well maybe you should try it out. Right out of the gate you discredit and point fingers at this organization. Maybe you should join and see where YOU CAN HELP. It’s easy sitting back and being the critique and not doing a thing about it!

    3. I think that’s the pot calling the kettle black! They do not support the AG but I am sure they will have to have discussions with the AG to solve issues. You cannot accomplish anything by shooting others down you have to work together.

    4. I just went to the website and DO NOT SEE ANYWHERE where unjustly disciplined nurses cannot join? Looks like you need to revisit and actually read what they posted! If you have questions about membership why don’t you reach out to them and ask? To be honest “Mike” your list reads a lot like hot air!

  3. wonder if they are going to discourage managers from bullying people like UCLA . ? Hero’s being fired. They have worked in a war zone and now are being escorted out by those paid to assist in firing nurses. The same ‘mind set’ the Bd of nursing has . Nazi’s nancy’s .

    1. same people who bad mouth nurses sticking up for medical freedom are the ones to avoid. They would kick a military vet hero in the back too . Hero’s one year zero’s next . Some people knew better than to trust this false flattery too . Now KUDOS to nursing students who are sticking up for medical freedom !
      2 nursing students sue over MCCCD vaccine requirement

      Alison Steinbach

      Arizona Republic USA TODAY NETWORK

      Two nursing students are suing Maricopa Community Colleges over a requirement they get vaccinated against COVID-19.

      Emily Thoms and Kamaleilani Moreno claim the community college district is violating their free exercise of religion by not helping them to graduate as scheduled or providing preferred accommodations since they are refusing to get vaccinated for religious reasons.

      Both students are getting their associate degrees in applied science in nursing, which makes them eligible to then apply for a registered nurse license.

      A federal judge heard arguments from both sides during a three-hour hearing Monday and is expected to rule this week on the students’ request the court bar the district from enforcing a vaccine requirement.

      Maricopa County Community College District, which graduates about 1,000 nurses a year, requires its students meet the strictest safety procedures of the clinical partners with whom they could be randomly matched.

      Some clinical partners are mandating vaccinations for anyone who works in their facilities.

      District officials argue the school itself does not have a vaccine mandate, but that students have to participate in hands-on medical rotations at places that may have vaccine requirements.

      This has become the sticking point between students declining the vaccine on religious grounds and the district saying it’s unable to switch their sites or allow online clinicals, meaning some can’t finish out their semester as scheduled.

      Attorneys for the district told the judge there’s no “irreparable harm” — no one is being forced to get vaccinated, kicked out of school or given a failing grade, but rather, at most, some will be slightly delayed in finishing the clinical part of their nursing program.

      But the students are not satisfied. “These students at every turn were given either no information, misinformation, threats, warnings, concerns about an F (failure) versus an I (incomplete), uncertainty about ever being able to get into clinicals,” their attorney Colleen Auer said during the hearing. “There are so many easy solutions available to the district to give these students what they paid for, what they deserve and what they’ve relied on for their future.”

      U.S. District Judge Steven Logan asked questions of attorneys from both sides and was expected to rule on the matter in the coming days.

      Issue over clinical placements

      Margi Schultz, director of the nursing program, testified that students who choose to withdraw are offered tuition refunds, or they can take an incomplete on the clinical portion and complete the rest of the semester, take the final exam and get their grade after finishing the clinical part during a future semester.

      The idea is that these students might be able to get matched with clinical partners that don’t require the vaccine or that allow religious exemptions next semester, but that it’s too late and difficult to make those changes this semester, according to the district.

      While the students suing asked for simulated clinical options, simulated clinic is not a good replacement for in-person experiences with real patients, district officials argued.

      “It is our responsibility to provide these students hands-on clinical so that they are competent when they graduate,” Schultz said. “There is no replacement for in-person, hands-on live clinical experience.”

      Thoms and Moreno are Christian and are opposed to the vaccines because they used “aborted fetus cell lines in their testing, development or production,” according to the lawsuit.

      Auer said students who are “unlucky souls” — matched with clinical providers that don’t allow vaccine exemptions — are facing the choice of sacrificing their religious beliefs or academic plans.

      Both students are in their fourth and final semesters of the nursing program at Mesa Community College. They were randomly assigned to a few shifts at Mayo Clinic, which Maricopa Community Colleges says does not allow for religious exemptions.

      Thoms and Moreno submitted accommodation forms with the district, but administrators told them they could not make accommodations to allow them to finish the clinical requirements without “undue hardship” on the district.

      The district also could not switch them to clinical locations that do not require vaccinations or that could give them a religious accommodation. Clinical placements have been limited this year because of the ongoing pandemic, with fewer facilities participating and a 15% reduction in spots for Maricopa Community Colleges nursing students from prior years, per the district.

      “The fact that they want to not allow me to continue my education when I only have three clinical shifts left is just detrimental to me,” Moreno said during the hearing.

      Auer said the district is depriving students of their educational rights and the program they paid for, worked for and expected to graduate from in December. It’s a “big if ” whether clinical spots will be available for these students next semester, she said.

      But attorneys for Maricopa Community Colleges argued that the students’ real grievance is with the vaccination requirements adopted by clinical partners, as the district itself has no vaccine mandate.

      Departures from nursing program

      Thoms and Moreno are still in the nursing program, but a handful of other students have already withdrawn.

      As of Oct. 19, 31 nursing students had left the program because of the vaccine requirement from clinical partners, administrators told the district’s governing board at a work session meeting.

      Sylvia Glynn, brought by Auer to testify, was in her last semester of the nursing program but quit after the requirement she get vaccinated. She, too, opposed the vaccine on religious grounds.

      “I’ve had to put my whole life on hold,” Glynn said, explaining how withdrawing from the program has impacted her financial, family and life plans.

      Another student, Claire Bellam, said she has months of in-person experience in hospitals, including in COVID-19 units, but is now stuck with four clinical shifts she may not be able to do, having applied for a religious accommodation to Mayo Clinic’s vaccine mandate and gotten denied.

      “These students are customers of a school, they paid for a service, they paid for an educational program, and they paid dearly for that program,” Auer said.

      “They complied with their end of the bargain, they fulfilled all the academic requirements, and the school as the service provider, their job is to help these students get through their programs and graduate on time.”

      Maricopa Community Colleges’ attorneys told the judge Auer did not meet the high bar needed for injunctive relief from a court, and that the students are not facing “irreparable injury” if they have to delay their clinical sessions by a few months.

      Reach the reporter at Alison.Steinbach@arizona or at 602-444-4282.

      “These students at every turn were given either no information, misinformation, threats, warnings, concerns about an F (failure) versus an I (incomplete), uncertainty about ever being able to get into clinicals … There are so many easy solutions available to the district to give these students what they paid for, what they deserve and what they’ve relied on for their future.”

      Colleen Auer, JD Students’ lawyer

  4. WOW licensed nurses certified aides ?? looks like a private session to keep the ones who really know what is going on away from the new crowd they want to control. Like they are going to “professionally talk and makes changes” . Just as we figured. Spin off AZNA .
    Help is needed for the Carol Schaeffer’s who can’t even be a volunteer at nurses funerals . Although losing a license is much like a death .
    Wonder what attorney they have retained , be interested to know. As far as helping those railroaded by BON, but not allowing them to join , is telling .

    1. I suppose all of these nurses are throw away objects as well. Not worthy of anyone’s concern. IF nursing students only knew a small fraction of what can happen to their lives by getting a nursing license they would run as fast as they can to do ANYTHING else. No one listens because they don’t think it will happen to them . Senator Brown is introducing safe staffing laws as well . Why the board of nursing does not , but say over and over about protecting the public. Can’t have it both ways. Just shows you they are not for protecting any patients !

      1. NNAA poses a question, people that are licensed nurses THINK they know, they do not know. And the ones who are a part of this will not give them full truth either . Using this platform to advertise themselves, but you cannot join them yourself w/o a license ? what’s the point ? A year from now we will ask what they accomplished to create bills and level the playing field.
        The lawyers know but prefer to work for the board , while the nurse is paying them to represent them . No attorney is going at them as a shark for the nurse , none of them . Sunita Krishna and Eliz Campbell and Emma Mamaluy suck up to them so they won’t go hard on them , just put on a poor acting skit .
        Nursing we at NNAA have a question for nurses. “”Are nurses aware of regulatory issues that affect their licensure? Do you truly understand what can happen to your nursing career when you get reported to a board of nursing?””

      2. HI Hairstyles . Students are allowed in the NNAA, and retired , ‘in good standing’ , nope let’s see how they “help’ nurses . Un rig the system . Self advancement is top shelf . Starting with their ‘president ‘ and former azna “president . AZNA gave $5200 to AZNA pres who was running to political office , and lost . She is bff with many board members . IF they want to do good organize UNIONS in hospitals ! “oh no they want to keep them out ! WHY??? great question.

    2. society (law makers as appointed by society) decides punishments for crimes. society is responsible for following through with identified punishment. if punishment is being abused it is society’s responsibility to respond to that abuse. period. abuse of power/taking advantage of a vulnerable population (and YES targeted nurses can be a vulnerable though not very sympathetic by other nurses ) is no better than offender not being held accountable….maybe worse…because this abuse of power is being carried out under the flag of the authority of society/the courts. If you can’t see this objectively, only with apparent retribution then ask yourself, what kind of society do I want? do i want to be a part that violates the very constitution i profess to honor? I would submit that if these allegations are true? Then who’s job is it to monitor this sanction? WHAT IS THEIR NAME? WHAT IS THEIR JOB TITLE? accountability is for more than just the greedy it is also for the complacent and ineffectual.

  5. What a joke of an agency. The members are so afraid of azbon retaliation they cannot even list out their full names. Instead hide behind initials. Like how could you trust anything about this alliance or the individuals making it up? If you have passion and integrity you WANT to stand up behind your organization, in full view and recognition for the outstanding work you’re doing…Cmon this is as shady as every satanic Mormon cult squad member at the azbn.

    1. Excellent . They can’t find a retired nurse who has some guts to speak up ? Guess they know how the corrupt az board of nursing operates ! RETALIATION NURSING BOARD AND AGENCY

    2. Did you ever think perhaps they didn’t list last names for public safety? Hmm did that ever enter your thoughts? You should certainly understand when people put their names out there, they are concerned with OTHER people perhaps violating their privacy. Thinking it’s being “scared” of the board is someone who is NOT critically thinking as the organization was created to stop the abuse.

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