Criminals in Evidence AZBN

The term ‘In Evidence’ refers to cases of crimes against nurses and nurse’s aides which is easily confirmed when you either know where to look in the record or you yourself pull the blade out of your back. The volume of cases the AZBN has illegally processed is presently residing in specific academic curriculums as study guides for nurse advocacy collegiate programs. That point allows the student to grasp part of the horrors facing them, can you adjust your nursing care because a regulatory scam for corporate captured control of nursing? If the AZBN contacts you b/c of a complaint there is no double standard… you are guilty, will be lied to, you suck, will be intimidated, and jail is not rare. The hope of an honest case is relying of an honest Nursing Board. It is a beautiful example of a corrupted government whose decisions are ridiculous and the totalitarian standard is perfect crimes against nurses and aides.


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  3. And who is going to prosecute these thieves ? The town drunk with a triage of problems .
    Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel has announced she’s entering treatment for stress, anxiety, an eating disorder and alcohol use.

    She released a personal statement to the media through her office Friday afternoon.(although she hasn’t been in the office for weeks , another dirt bag like PAUL PETERSON , a Mormon elected , did not even go to the office and was selling babies on the side. Tell us again what good people they are ?? Worse in a lot of ways for sure . AZ Voters wake up and stop voting them in !

    1. Allister Adel , just takes off work goes to a rehab and with in DAYS announces she is ‘cured’ , and goes back to work . Can a nurse in Arizona do this ? They would have their license on probation for ever, or have the license revoked ! Another case of the AZ BAR being crooked , partial , and down right worthless ! A bunch of gatekeepers and take care of selected few, just like the biased dirty bd of nursing !

      1. This is what those who know think of the nursing board ! In my experience and with a few exceptions, az state nursing board are simply the enforcers for corporate medicine / healthcare / to silence while being disguised as champions for patient safety…

      2. Seem to be losing people all the time . Pam Millben , gone from board of Nursing. of they can say what ever, but most people with integrity will not stay and ruin their reputation over the board of nursing and their antics. Surely the reason Joke Ridenour is still there, she doesn’t care , loves her power trip, and the money , can’t get enough . Between the public advengers and the sadistic board members , surprised she lasted as long as she did . Millben is a little slow, or maybe is just not in tune to nasty people , like Bonnie . Bad, bad Bonnie . A social worker screwing up her nose to give dirty looks , childish old coot , a lot like Jokey !

      3. Brno was top vote getter at AZ 2016 convention to go to the national. Didn’t go cause he didn’t want to be connected 2Trump. Never campaigned w/Trump. Helped certify election. Said Biden won fair and square. Decides 2 run 4 Senate. Goes hard right. Do. Not. Believe. Stephen Lemons, (we know how dirty his office is to nurses , it’s a big “NO ” vote !!!

      4. With these people in the law making it is no wonder AZ is the laughing stock of the USA . Boyer , is making court clerks keep records of cases filed ??!?!? WHAT an IDIOT ! how many cases are NOT filed , like this is going to do ANYTHING ??? Sounds like his higher ups dictatorship to members. Then notice at age EIGHT !!! IF this is not the magic age when the children must go ALONE and answer some very disturbing questions about sexuality , masturbation, touching their bodies, taking advantage of a child with an adult making them answer the questions . Many adults of the cult are extremely scarred because of this sick , male dominated , sex crazed , while using ‘religion’ to force them into submission . The “number of cases filed ” , just like the mormons took a FAST exit / separation from the boy scouts when money was on the line. Oh they are money hungry dirty buggers for sure !
        Who else would think of a bill to introduce with all of the other problems going on , it is a male mormon , with sex and children on their minds. !! Dumbest idea bill passed but guess who backs his bills, this is ALL he could come up with ! damn we’re in trouble !

        S.B. 1660 – Justice for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse – Sponsored by Senator Paul Boyer
        In 2019 Governor Ducey established the Justice for Victims of Child Sexual Abuse Task Force to provide recommendations to the state for further reforms to ensure victims are entitled to safety, healing, justice and restitution. One of these recommendations was S.B. 1660, which requires the Department of Child Safety (DCS) ensure a child who is eight years of age or older receives materials and resources about sexual abuse, child sex trafficking and exploitation within 30 days of placement in out-of-home care.

        It further outlines requirements and guidelines for the materials and resources about sexual abuse, child sex trafficking and exploitation. And finally, requires the clerk of the court to compile an annual report on the number of civil actions filed regarding allegations of sexual conduct or contact committed against a minor.

    2. RYAN BRETT EIGER , we know what you are up to with the recordings . We know who put you up to it . IF you are that stupid , you will read more about yourself. Everyone has skeletons , including you . A link was put on this site , so that people could click on it and listen to an absurd case, one that made the ringleader mccorney , up set. You made it so this can’t be copied , like before . Don’t do it again , and stop using the reason you were hired to” fuk them up .” “the watchers” . Violating open meeting laws. YOU know exactly what we mean and what you are doing , it doesn’t take a systems adm. to figure it out . If you want to be mccornies lap dog , do it on your own time. ! She wicked and evil wearing her ‘ms innocent , go to the temple look ” Forewarned .

      1. This is a hopeful wet dream of Joey Ridenour , and competition for butch Dahn : Eiger, who appears as the steroid king , is going to keep them safe HAHHAHA . Got to check this “thighs of steel , brains of mush ” character out ! See how long “Jethro” lasts .

      2. Is this character the one who puts the video recording on the nursing sight ? if so he is obviously ‘doctoring “the documents ” . Waiting for case day two , first hour . Be sure and tune in , I will know if anything is different ! That ugly blonde in the middle , waiting for her name , said after revoking my license said “it makes us sad to do so ” she was told , “yea you all look real sad”. (of course sarcastically, but the truth is out there . ! They didn’t like that , they are not nice or feel bad or sad , she had that wicked gleem in her eyes taking pleasure in what she does , her and the other ugly blondes, which is all their was , all of them .

    3. AZ BON agency is a corrupt system . That’s right, the system is indeed rigged. Cops, judges, lawyers, law enforcement officials at every level, and elected officials are all members of the same sleazy lodge. This lodge became world wide in the 1700’s with its involvement in the slave and drug trade. Secret societies exist for one reason, and one reason only—organized crime. They care little of the innocent people they destroy. Time to get the gang busters and outlaw every secret society. AZ BON is an organized crime happening, only they are disorganized .
      Just like a person of interest , hiding from the cops, you assume they are guilty . How is that different from a public agency hiding what they are doing . Staying “just legal ” with information. Sneaky .

      1. Yup Judges too . How many felt this scum sucking dirt bag on appeal , to find out a rigged system there too ! Here’s what they have to say ::
        Judge Crane McClennen of Phoenix; ethical dwarf
        The state of Arizona presented Crane McClennen with a law license in 1972 after he graduated scum laude from the Arizona State University Law School.
        The Arizona Commission on Judicial Conduct found Crane guilty of the following misconduct.
        Demonstrated bias against litigant
        Failed to disqualify himself when disqualification was required
        Demonstrated impatience with parties
        Displayed an improper demeanor
        As a consequence of his misconduct, the apologists for Judicial Misfits sitting on the Judicial Commission punished Crane by gifting him with a complimentary reprimand.

      2. Where are the checks and balances ? Who is watching what this board is doing ? Is it Carrie Smith ? She does know that they are unable to be controlled , tread lightly , everything is black or white. Trying to bring fairness and integrity to this regulatory board , and no help from those who are paid to do so . Arizona Nurses Association is a real joke . OF course any complaint on administrative nurses goes no where . They are one of them . That is called unfairness. Just like the snitch , favored one to the charge nurse , they protect them , the “reporter” .

      3. Here is a question , wonder if he will answer it , a comment too !
        Replying to
        Just like I’m looking back 25 – 50 years and figuring out @dougducey
        was born Douglas Scott, if the Ohio crime family. Groomed by his maternal side to team up w/Meyer Lansky backed Hensley.

        Doug commemorated Don Bolles when Marley had him killed. Weird.

    4. The board of nursing is actually using “peer review” , which is crazy . Anything to attack and anything they can dig up . Peer reviews are anonymous . And not part of a file . Who knows is this someone not in the clique ? someone who put in their resignation last ditch attempt to get even . My manager used it for dirt. Given to the right person, even it was a lie, even if you could prove it untrue, it was used to screw your evaluation. It was more important to get her budget down anyway she could. ) Don’t worry honey the AZ BON does the exact same thing , except it is not budget down , it is getting their budget up . Always asking for more money more money . Getting paid for probation’s and the nurses are the money trials pawn . A very sadistic group.

      1. Theresa Berringer (“terri” lpn , has finally ended her last board meeting ! GOOD RIDDANCE , you are a nasty old hag ! Berringer was said to have told everyone it changed her life. Being on a board is not about YOU !! Ms Witch, you have changed a lot of good nurses lives , by your corrupt ways , you have no integrity at all . And the other witch clone of yours has tears of ‘oh shit terry had the answer or always backed me up with a second vote , man will I miss her , but I guess Boyer will do she is my back up too . Fountain is another follower . The new ones are not so much doing what president seat stealer wants , not quit ready to be her puppet and hopefully never . GOOD RIDDANCE THERESA BERRINGER ! Many good nurses , who actually work at nursing, and higher degrees, will remember you long after your gone !

    5. This board of nursing (AZ ) at least some of them are guilty of MOB MENTALITY , It generally starts with the instagator , Carolyn McCormies, and backed up by “Theresa Berringer , as if they know what they are doing , and they are the ones to follow .

      Next, there is the mob mentality , which contributes to their overall negativity. When one person says something negative, (McCormies points out the worst, whether it is true , dismissed , reduced to a misdemeanor , or just accusation , this opens the floodgates for others to do the same. }. A real passive aggressive mentally disordered individual she is . Because after doing this , and getting others to lean her negative way, she will add , ‘you got some good reviews” . A gut punch followed by frosting after the damage she started has been done. Not really clever just two faced in so many areas. !

    6. This is a sign of the times (S A D ) CRNA”S want to be unsupervised ! Oh my ! When you see the ones who have been on the AZ BON , and such poor judgement , constantly ! not just a little error here and there but constantly ! pretend little drs’ S A D . ‘Dr. Barrick alleges the nurse anesthetist had no supervised CRNA practice experience and was allegedly responsible for a “breach of standard of care” that harmed an obstetrical patient. Dr. Barrick claims the nurse anesthetist was hired after the job requirements for the position were secretly altered and because he was in “an intimate personal relationship” with a senior hospital administrator. The lawsuit does not state which administrator was allegedly involved in the relationship.’
      always some connection , where bed hopping or bench hopping on sundays, connections !!!

    7. NEWSFLASH , if Ducey was going to do the right thing he would clean house at the AZ BON starting with JOKEY Ridenour ! Then the dirty investigators and the corrupt board members , don’t forget the chief bull shitting lawyer , who is the ring leader of the gang .

      Gov. Ducey replaces all members of state Massage Therapy Board after Arizona Republic investigation

      Anne Ryman
      Arizona Republic

      Less than two weeks after The Arizona Republic published an in-depth investigation into sexual abuse in the massage industry, Arizona Gov. Doug Ducey announced he has ousted all members of the Arizona State Board of Massage Therapy and replaced them with new members.

      Ducey made the announcement on Friday, saying in a statement that “it’s critical the State Board of Massage Therapy protects massage clients, especially those who are in a vulnerable position. I’m confident today’s appointees will do that.”

      The five-member regulatory board is appointed by the governor and is responsible for licensing the state’s 10,600 massage therapists and investigating complaints against them.

      A representative from the Governor’s Office called board members Friday morning, told them they were being replaced and thanked them for their service.

      Ducey’s announcements mean longtime Board Chair Victoria Bowmann, a licensed massage therapist for 43 years, will no longer serve. Also departing are Mlee Clark, a massage therapist, and John Ortega and Nick McClain, who are both public members and not involved in the massage industry. Bowmann and Ortega were serving on expired terms, as is common with regulatory boards, while Clark and McClain still had time left on their five-year terms.

      Sexual assault on the massage table: How Arizona allows massage therapists with sexual abuse allegations to keep working

      Massage Envy still beset by complaints: Sexual abuse allegations continue to plague Arizona company Massage Envy

      A fifth board seat has been vacant since June when board member Kevin Ramsey abruptly resigned after an Arizona Republic reporter questioned him about his ties to the Massage Envy franchise chain and why he was voting on Massage Envy therapists.

      The board’s monthly meeting, scheduled for Monday, was canceled after Ducey’s announcement.

      Bowmann declined comment Friday on Ducey’s decision to replace the existing board.

      The Republic earlier this month detailed in a five-month investigation how about 100 massage therapists have faced complaints before the state licensing board for allegedly exposing, fondling, sexually abusing or sexually assaulting their clients over the past eight years. Of those 100, about half didn’t have their licenses revoked. Some were suspended or put on probation. Others had their complaints dismissed or got only warning letters. At least one therapist has been accused twice and still has a license.

      Women who had filed complaints with the board said the reluctance to discipline therapists puts customers in danger.

      The Republic’s investigation also detailed how the massage industry in Arizona is loosely regulated, and how it’s difficult for clients to vet therapists.

      Three of the five licensing board members have historically been licensed massage therapists, an arrangement by law that tips the scale in the industry’s favor, critics say. State law changed in August 2020 to flip that composition, requiring three public members and two massage therapists. But the Governor’s Office has been slow to fill vacancies on a change that would give the public greater input into licensing decisions.

      Emily Harris, who filed a complaint against a massage therapist in 2018, said the announcement that the board members were replaced was welcome news.

      “My story is not unique, but I’m glad to see Governor Ducey taking steps to ensure the protection of clients now and in the future,” Harris said on Friday.

      Harris accused the therapist of sexual assault, but he denied the allegations. The board voted unanimously to dismiss the complaint and issue him only an advisory letter, a nondisciplinary action that said he “could have exercised better professional judgment and engaged in better communications with your client.”

      Christina Corieri, senior adviser to Ducey, said the Governor’s Office made the board changes after reading The Republic’s investigation and conducting research into allegations detailed in the story. In particular, she said the Governor’s Office is concerned with the months-long delays in disciplinary hearings for massage therapists and what she called “dismissive” comments that some board members made to women who had filed complaints.

      “Those were extremely concerning to us,” she said.
      Monsoon drops record rain. Is a dry winter on tap? Catalytic converter theft is on the rise. Here’s what to do Over 140 Afghan evacuees have arrived in Arizona 5 reasons the restaurant labor shortage is more complex

      Clark, one of the departing board members, told The Republic she was surprised to learn on Friday that the governor was replacing her and the rest of the board.

      She said the board sometimes postponed decisions on discipline because members needed additional information to make solid decisions. Some complaints against massage therapists are cut-and-dried, she said. Others are complicated.

      “The governor is going to do what the governor wants to do,” she said, referring to the board members being replaced. “He is in the position of making certain choices that not everyone is going to be happy with. I’m grateful I had the four years I did (on the board). I learned a lot.”

      Ducey said Friday that three of his new appointees to the board have experience in victim advocacy and support.

      “The state is committed to implementing policies and best practices that will help keep Arizonans who are massage clients safe, and will continue to work with industry professionals and members of the spa community moving forward,” he said.

      The five new appointees include:

      Myriah Mhoon, a public member, is the CEO of New Life Center, a large domestic violence shelter. She has worked as a social worker and helped staff the Arizona Guidelines for Developing a Regional Response to Youth Sex Trafficking project through the Arizona Human Trafficking Council.
      Bailey DeRoest, a public member, is the co-director of Sojourner Center, a program for survivors of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking in Arizona. DeRoest has more than 17 years of experience in serving victims of domestic violence, sexual assault and human trafficking, first as a crisis shelter manager and then as chief operating officer.
      Lisa Lucchesi, a public member, is a national human trafficking specialist at Aetna, where she develops and manages programs.
      Michael Tapscott, a licensed massage therapist, is senior instructor of massage therapy at Gateway Community College. He has more than 25 years of experience as a massage therapist.
      Angela Reiter, a licensed massage therapist, is the owner of Integrative Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork. Reiter is a graduate of the Chicago School of Massage Therapy and has practiced as a licensed and board-certified massage therapist since 1994.

      Reach the reporter at or 602-444-8072. Follow her on Twitter @anneryman.

  4. Hi guys. I am not charged with anything. I had a narc discrepancy one Percocet. I went to evaluation and was found negative if everything. They decided to put me on monitoring for three years and I have to call every day so far I have been tested a total of 18 times since June. Each time I have to pay. Having trouble getting a hospital job because of it. Been nurse for 24 yrs. Never had anything. Don t drink or smoke. But now it is so embarrassing to have to get drug tested with someone watching me. I have never been so embarrassed. I would have felt better if I did have a problem. But please everyone be careful. Minor things can haunt you
    be careful out there , . It is just the worst !

  5. The state board of nursing are BULLIES and as many have mentioned on this forum/thread THEY ARE NOT YOUR FRIEND. Their sole purpose is to “protect the public.” Since having a nursing license is a privilege and not a “right” they have the power to make their own rules (nursing practice act) and are able to enforce them as they see fit. The state board of Nursing is the HARSHEST board of all of the licensure boards (e.g. Board of Medicine, Board of Pharmacy). Their punishments/requirements for a nurse who is determined to be “a danger to the public” are worse then a person who is on felony probation. They are the judge and the jury. The board, and their Lawyers, determine how they will bend the nurse practice act so that a nurse can “fit into the category” and then will give them a conditional license. In a sense, they are also the “nursing supreme court as well.” The only way a person can appeal their decision is by writing the governor and having a hearing or, by submitting your case to the Supreme Court of your state. They also make all of your information public if any action has been taken against you License. The State Board of Nursing is the only licensing board that sends out an annual magazine summarizing any nurse who has action taken against their license. Not only do they publish it in a magazine and send it “anywhere they want to” they have 3 different online databases they send it to as well. If the latter is not deformation of character, I don’t know what is. I truly think that us, as nurses, need to take action against the State Boards of Nursing and demand that they are overseen by our legal/justice system. There should be a committee overseeing their activity and a way that we, as nurses, can make a complaint or file a lawsuit against the State Board of Nursing.

    1. Carolyn McCormies , AKA Ms Schadenfreude , giving the rest of the board a lecture on “nursing incivility ” . Not sure what is the biggest joke here the fact that McCormies is the biggest bully on other nurses and students , or that she is telling others to treat people nice , when she is the most guilty of her harsh wicked ways , inconsistently.
      Of course she likes to make statements about herself , that are lies , not sure who she is convincing herself or others . And the biggest part of this , no one is believing any of it !

      1. This is the best statement that is the most true ! Kudos to the observer of board and what human action really occurs ! Also ::
        “””schadenfreude can indicate a mental health condition. People with personality diagnoses such as antisocial personality may delight in the pain of others and have little regard for others’ well-being.”””
        We know she is brain washed , and now confirmed a mental case , by definition. A real loser in anyone’s book . She really can inflict the worst on nurses and not bat an eye . Her statements , ‘this is really hard ‘ are just lies , she has down what she is going to do , and does it with evil in her eyes. Forget the words look at her actions , mental case !

      2. SECOND ALL OF IT !
        Nurses are being forced to get a vaccine or be fired , lots are quitting , some against their will are taking the jab. Now , aren’t these people at the board of nursing , nurses or deal with nurses all the time , are they required to get a shot or be fired ??? Should be required to ALL of them .

      3. Many classes / books/ web pages, some put out by insurance companies how to protect your license. Their is no protecting a license in AZ . The guro gang girls will attack , with no truth to any of it. ! Love to see that one nurse take them to the limit , oh yea . They only buy their ‘verdicts’ . Not smart or thinking types at all !

  6. Change in leadership, is the only way to begin fixing “a culture of abuse of power by a state agency of board members and staff , who have no respect, no care, no compassion for the people they’re supposed to be keeping safe. A culture of over the top decisions , by the ones who back one another before they stand up for a vulnerable citizen they’re supposed to protect.and this includes other nurses .
    Excessive penalties for some while other complaints do not make it to the board decision making time. Excessive public exposure while hiding certain ones misdoings. Biased, all over the place with decisions, while telling newbies to vote like them .
    Wake up newbies , some of your decisions can come back and bite you in the butt big time.

    1. sister in law and speaks spanish , says her : everyone speaks spanish here , no english , typical but poor lousy care is the biggest problem. RANT- Yuma Regional Medical Center I visited YRMC 10 days after testing positive for COVID due to difficulty breathing and my oxygen saturation dropping to 88-90 with activity and ranging from 92-94 while at rest. After triage I was essentially placed in an ER room and left not to be checked on for over 2.5 hours and ONLY due to a complaint made by my father. Following my fathers complaint I received an EKG, Chest X-ray, and both vitals and blood were taken by the CNA. I was finally placed on monitoring equipment and once again left alone. A few hours later the doctor came in and shared the results of my X-ray which was double viral COVID pneumonia and he wasn’t sure what to do with me. He had a CNA walk me around the hallway and my oxygen didn’t fall below 92 during this walk, however I did display labored breathing, and I was unable to utter more than 2 words without difficulty. I was again placed back in the room. I was awoken to my Nurse with discharge paperwork. This was the first time I spoke to my assigned nurse the entire evening. A few days later I reviewed the notes of my visit on the portal and was extremely shocked to find that the doctor commented as if he conducted a physical exam. Other than tell me I had pneumonia this doctor did not, touch, listen or look at me in any more detail than sitting 3 feet away at a computer. I am ranting because COVID is making ER/hospital visits a lonley illness. People are at their worst and limited on having advocates with them. It is ridiculous that one can essentially make up and falsify medical records and you should all be aware of this regardless of what brings you to YRMC. I made a complaint to YRMC and received a follow up call by a Jane telling me my complaint was received and addressed but I will not know the outcome due to privacy of those involved. I essentially received no treatment that evening. It is now 16 days later and I am still on home oxygen ordered by my Primary Care Physician. Beware!

    2. Yes science does not agree, but they seem to think that all nurses need the vaccine or fire them . Lots of nurses quitting over this . It is not the unvaccinated clogging up ER’s it is the lack of staff .

  7. Hey dudes , and gals . You are so right about this gang style taking care of each other ! Ever work with a mormon nurse ? You can pick them out like a rotten apple in the peck . They love to suck up to whoever is in charge , and let them know they are not only willing but will go the extra mile to report anyone to them . Just keep giving the charge nurse reports on what’ is going on , who said what . This is a learned behavior. Tattletales R lds. . Well they also have some really weird facial expressions , without saying a word they can move their mouths to a disjointed level that is expressive , and strange tangled movement as a person having a tonic clonic seizure in the face. (Think of that one on American Idol , Brooke White playing the piano, mesa nanny . That mouth twisting that body language , over the top! Simon was entertained..She wasn’t that good like David Archleta, is just average pop singer and died off the charts, but when the voting is by phone and the cult gang style want one of theirs to win. (hey if they make a record 10% goes to the kitty bank of greed ) , so quorum members hint around to vote for your favorite and since those dirty zion curtain types only take care of another one , gang style , guess who got the votes . Brooke, who has mouth facial movements like Drew Barrymore on steroids , and speech impediment like Jokey Ridenour all in one misfit . Just one example of how these dirty birds work it , they do act like this at the dirty bon, where one has to be pres or v pres , but OH we let Makoba -Hill do it !!! (hahaha short lived and booted , who can’t see right thru the game playing !

    1. if you read it for the first time , you might think , what a nice man . Think again. a PROSECUTOR , nothing is lower than this breed of a dog! And this person is NO exception.
      1 case of many BS cases ) a man was scuba diving out front of his home, found an anchor, he spent a lot of time and energy pulling it up and put it on his front yard. What a nice nautical ornament . (now ignorance is no excuse we all know that bs by the ones who love to prosecute ) . This person who wrote the following about Faith, God, man of faith, used public money to prosecute this man , felony , (anything in the waters you cannot take ) the man lost his job, his marriage took a huge toll, his had to mortage his house to get the best outcome . He went to prison . And this SOB , is the one who got elected, ‘tough on crime” . Remind you of someone'(s” Campbell and Krishna ???? ) Is this how their obituaries are going to read??
      (partial bullshit lines ) “”has a long list of outstanding accomplishments as a man of faith, husband, father, and member of the Bar Association. His faith in the Lord and bringing others to God was one of his greatest accomplishments. To (oersecutor) , faith and God were always first. He was an active member of his church. He grew up attending the Catholic Church and school. Later in his life he began attending the Covenant Church where he played the drums during worship. He organized morning fellowship prayer breakfasts, he held baptisms for the church at his home on the lake, he was a member of the Promise Keepers (an organization for men of faith), he served as part of the leadership team at his church, and so much more. He dedicated his life to serving the Lord. “” And prosecuting good people, destroying their lives .

      1. Sounds like McCormies son, another persecutor . or Randy Quinn’s style bullshit artist type. Many know Quinn’s FOS ,

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  13. The following members of the nursing board agency have quit IRENE BARAJAS, DAVID ELSON , (no big loss ! , KANDICE COLEMAN, a revolving door for sure . Finding they don’t want to be a party to this ? of course all but ELSON who joins again willingly to spy for the board of corruption . SHAME ON DAVID ELSON !!

  14. Instead of fixing the problems of nursing , the hospital boards are trying to pass laws to keep travel nurses wages down. For sure it is short lived anyways. Only the greedy $$$$ lovers will go to nursing school after reading of all the problems . I just read that the Hospitals through their Hospital Associations are getting together to lobby at Federal level to put into effect a law to cap travelers wages. Of course nurses cannot depend on ANA to do ANYTHING , to help them , just all fluff like they are standing by to help . Right !!!

    1. Is it possible a NYC icu can make 500,000 in under two yrs?? Huge salaries now being made. And I don’t have any more papers but still easily get hired for private duty. It’s a sea of floating cash with Tons of nurses paddling away on 100 dollar bills.

  15. Very few people will ever discover who the real narcissist is ,unless it happens to them . As far as the AZ BON they have been wrong , in almost every single case. Not believing the nurse , double punishment . Terrible ! What are the chances of those not affected realizing who the real perpetrator is ? Unfortunately is highly unlikely. They will only find out the truth if they become a victim of narcissists behaviour

    Anyone who is not a victim of their cruelty will be a recipient of their charm .They will do anything it takes to charm people into believing how wonderful they are . They do this so well and lie without remorse because protecting their image is all important.

    This leaves their victims lost, disillusioned and alone because noone can believe that this lovely man/woman could do the hideous things that the victim says. The victim is left isolated and confused knowing that they have been on receiving end of endless mind games , manipulation and control, emotional, verbal and mental abuse. And then a second dose of the same by a Board who is suppose to have some type of common sense , some type of training , besides ordering psych evals for victims !

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