Criminals in Evidence AZBN

The term ‘In Evidence’ refers to cases of crimes against nurses and nurse’s aides which is easily confirmed when you either know where to look in the record or you yourself pull the blade out of your back. The volume of cases the AZBN has illegally processed is presently residing in specific academic curriculums as study guides for nurse advocacy collegiate programs. That point allows the student to grasp part of the horrors facing them, can you adjust your nursing care because a regulatory scam for corporate captured control of nursing? If the AZBN contacts you b/c of a complaint there is no double standard… you are guilty, will be lied to, you suck, will be intimidated, and jail is not rare. The hope of an honest case is relying of an honest Nursing Board. It is a beautiful example of a corrupted government whose decisions are ridiculous and the totalitarian standard is perfect crimes against nurses and aides.