Diane Mihalsky Adm Law Court AZBN ‘The Firm’


Do not confuse the definition of justice with anything related to the justice system.

It has long been known that the AZBN has not complied with state laws that involve felonies and several ethical issues that would get another state governmental agency in hot water. Many have posted comments here which support that statement, however posts maybe vague to dates, times, and people the overall consistency creates validity in spite of undetermined accuracy. Meaning the volume of statements has value. There is absolutely nothing that can remove vagueness as well as accuracy of names, dates and times. The following account of an AZBN case covers ten years which accurately defines felonies by many. Case began in 2010.

The patient is a hysterically converted personality which had Freud confused by not being able to focus on anything except anxiety founded. Supporting major surgery of the spine would normally require a diagnosis. For Dr. Isaac Thapedi, formerly of Chicago, doing major spine surgery requires only a perfectly normal spine with a patient claiming paralysis. The crooked implants tore up the patient’s esophagus causing huge weight loss and major dysphagia. This knowledge came about after a year of moron exchanges between Thapedi and family, with a dash of Bullhead City Municipal Court corruption.

The surgeon’s continuing practice during this time was nightmares for patients and staff as well. Infections and redos were common. Putting drains in on Saturday or Sunday to avoid too much exposure was the norm.

The main focus of this article is not necessarily to define Dr. Thapedi as an incompetent and ruthless person but for the failure of the AZBN to avoid the clear evidence of patient abuse. The intimidation by Beth A. Campbell AAG and Dr. Thepedi’s counsel T. Scott King are the make up of the well known 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S. today; the health care system itself. Another patient subsequent to this case died at the age of 38 with a very similar condition. Had an appropriate intervention been applied her life would have been not lost. That is a fact.

Dr. Thapedi had an attempt at WARMC in Bullhead City to promote them to file  AZBN complaint against me which they refused. To their credit they denied his request and cancelled his contract with embarrassing stipulations to which he spent a year and 6 months in court to be relieved of. The restriction he opposed was a limitation of employment at WARMC’s competitor, Valley View Medical Center; where I worked after being terminated from WARMC for allegedly threatening Thapedi. After he won petitioning out of his contract he put all his rotten eggs in one basket to work at Valley View. I was terminated from there shortly before his hacks started there. His performance remained unchanged and he was thrown out of surgery soon after. By this time Dr. Thapedi was the Bullhead City Icon of surgical horrors. All of this was known before he and the AZBN came after me with false allegations. Patient safety is secondary to politics.

The attorney general’s office is responsible for prosecuting cases when respondents refuse probation. Dr. Thapedi and his nurse manager, girl friend  Therese Rowan perjured themselves in December of 2013 at the bequest of AAG Beth A. Campbell. Leading witnesses to make false statements under oath which sways a judge is a felony, suborning perjury is a serious crime. This is routine at Adm Law Court, as many of my colleagues can prove. 

My application for renewal after about six years of useless investigations was denied for violations that the statute of limitations had run out 25 years prior. A 5 inch stack of police reports of complaints from former girlfriends was illegally presented as my ‘long criminal history’to which I failed to state on decades old applications. Any police report that isn’t used in open court is NOT for public knowledge. Not to mention I was acquitted at trial anyways, in 1990. Diane Milhasky said I had a long criminal history. I DO NOT have a lengthy criminal history. I was never ever arrested or convicted of a moral turpitude crime. To which is the foundation of injurious crimes and it never was a licensing issue as there was none.

Throughout 2019 I attempted to get licensed and denied through the sham court of Diane Mihalsky of the Adm. Law Court of Phoenix. I must admit that this was the most exciting and obnoxious demonstration of all the injustices seen in this case. The Amended Law ARS 32-1232 and many more of the Health Care Regulatory amendments was a major accomplishment for the legislatures, Nancy Barto,  and the governor. In that law it states, amongst others, the AZBN can not move on their own motion. When this was brought up at trial Judge Mihalsky played very dumb at the direction of Beth A. Campbell and power pointed in the overhead an old law. You can always tell when somebody is singing karaoke, however coming from a family that has lawyers their Interpretations are different. I call it karaoke, my people call it this. ‘Any attorney or judge that does this is coded fruitcakeville.’ They fly around in their own flying saucers waiting to crash. 

The facts also place Linda Monas as a lying perjuror at several different levels with the rum and cokes not seen. If I was any of these people I would be a hopeless drunk. Lying under oath, ignoring state statutes, tampering with evidence and suborning perjury would be something I could not live with. 

Many years ago as a young Navy recruit I was sitting in a classroom with many other similar personnel listening very attentively to  Cdr Nurse Eleanor Parker giving her introduction to hospitalcorpsman instructions. “You will not ever falsify medical records while working as a hospital corpsman in the Navy. One false blood pressure documentation is grounds for a court martial and a dishonorable discharge. If I find out I will travel around the world to get you court martialed.” Commander Parker was a hard ass in true Navy fashion and she trained hard asses. Failure in medical ethics costs lives and my involvement in this case saved a life. This case costs $1,750,000.00 in medical bills alone. Undetermined amount of social misery; on a case that never needed surgery and fraud was what brought it forward. The only point it was good for was identifying the corruption in the Attorney General’s office, the AZBN, and the Bullhead Municipal Court Justice system. The management knew already, before this case, that Dr. Isaac Thapedi and Therese Rowan were bad providers but hired then anyways. There are several untold pieces to this story, the end being one of them.

Peary Brown, retired R.N.