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The term ‘gonzo’ most routinely refers to insanity and was first applied, in part, to a style of journalism that initially was part fictional. The style was applied by a man who most superiors concluded was unable to be guided by rules. However, his first book exposed the evil of the notorious Hell’s Angels motorcycle club as he felt the only way to get accurate material was to be a part of that gang. What he reported was a shock to the world. For the most part this page carries that style…ie…actually going through the AZBN disciplinary process. Fiction is stressed as fiction, fact is noted when you see it and expressed as fact.

There can be no argument of any of the statements on this page as the author has first hand knowledge of the AZBN actions and behaviors. If posts depict judges and other Bd associates as donkeys it is because what they do to nurses often  plays out as things only donkeys would do. The respondent, or more accurately the defendant nurse, has the advantage of knowing, without question, what is the truth and what isn’t. If the appearance of donkeys seems unprofessional and rude the evidence strongly suggests that only a donkey would knowingly violate the statutes over and over in cases against the defendants. I myself would not ever falsely document or testify in a case heard in any legal judicial environment. The thought sends chills up my spine, it really does. There are so many cases such as Elliott Fisher whose case posted on the national data site specifies a felony conviction which, in a big part, was a basis for his nurse license to be revoked by the AZBN as well as several other puppet state boards in their quest for business. If Elliott was not convicted of that felony and was disciplined because of it he became injured and all the elements of a crime are satisfied. Now if this were a single event this page would not exist. The reason this page does exist is that there many nurses introduced to the insane and illegal behavior of the AZBN. The attorney general’s office makes it all fly. Cap it off by putting those documents in an envelope and sending it through the USPS is called mail fraud by the fed.

Less than an ounce of common sense would say doing the boldest of these crimes against nurses is crazy, putting it on paper in the public court record would surely bring the house of cards down. It does not. Why does it not? Because the Board is supported by overseeing agencies that do not follow the law. It is just so much easier to turn it aside. That statement is being kind, the other reasons are probably some kind of briberous events. What else could it be? 

When one is visiting the Bd and a general meeting, the clarity of white knights protecting the public is truly a wonderful performance of the greatest public service ever provided. Randomly going through about 20 files of previous nurse revocations the gonzo evidence provides factual evidence of Bd crimes which basically have no connection in the search of justice, or protecting the public. The AZBN  posting online felony convictions that did not occur is a crime.

In almost all of 20 cases in our file here have elements  that can be tracked back to either a physician’s complaint or a hospital complaint. Of course most cases are different and few directly are linked to patient harm. The Amanda Trujillo case defines the use and abuse of power by omitting exculpatory evidence to protect Banner by throwing Amanda under the bus to secure fault to her and shield the physician and Banner from wrong doing. During an interview I responded to Amanda that what she did I would not have done. However, after I made the claim my mind went back to my training and what she did was what all nurses were trained to do, I to was trained to do what she did. I guess I forgot how long ago my training was. Most of what else the board had piled on became a violation at the time the board needed her to look bad, but wasn’t a violation when it occurred. It wasn’t a reportable violation when it occurred but it is now? On Gonzo pond.

The status of this gonzo reporting is ineffective to the administration, they write new bills that appear to satiate the squawking innocent, but the board absolutely and conclusively does not honor these new laws. The scam associated with the psychological evaluations most often has all consults requiring additional counseling.  If Dr. Lett has had evaluations where additional counseling was not needed, I don’t know of any. Did you hear the cash register ring?

The most important fact is what is relative to public safety and churning out veiled horrors of patient harm has limited public awareness. Has the board made any attempt to promote safe staffing rations? Put on your thinking caps, and I know nurses that can think this through. How is it possible that Nathan Southerland was able to impregnate an incapacitated young women and nobody knew anything about that relationship? You think he did a one minute act times one and she got pregnant? He had plenty of time to have his way as the staff was too busy working and over working. Staff too busy to notice ‘he’s been there behind that closed door for a long time‘ ? I would notice that. Short staffing is a major problem right this minute. 

Does nursing really need these boards? The founders of modern nursing such as Florence Nightingale, Linda Richards and Ruth Sleeper were the pioneers promoting nursing boards to promote education. Our mentors stressed education. Nursing boards like the AZBN are quick to plow through the educators practices and tell them what is right and what is wrong. Does anybody look at the nursing board and focus on their gonzo practices? Does the nursing board directly or indirectly promote safety for the public? Taking a vote amongst nurses would clearly define it does not.

Peary Brown retired R.N.   To complete the Gonzo definition of the article it is I who went through the disciplinary process to report it as a fraud perpetrated by leading witnesses to make false statements, violating existing state statutes, tampering with evidence and mail fraud. In order to define it as Gonzo journalism you must be a part of the evidence.

Peary Brown retired R.N.



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  1. Wow, so much truth , and if the azbon was not doing illegal , unethical practices they would not be the only board that the nurses have an uproar about , Do you see anti board of nursing web sites for other states by a multitude of nurses ? It is that odd thinking, that should be not the guidepost of an agency, that outer influence, that everyone have their strange belief system . It does not belong in any mgt type over sight , anywhere near , any decision makers .

  2. Well well well no surprise that Joe Arpaio is running for sher RUFF again. When you look at him and Joke Ridenour , they are two peas of the same pod. IF Lett were an honest boy he would say the same but he is not and so he won’t , he knows what side of his bread is buttered by Dirty Ridenour. A cash cow she is Joke Ridenour for him. When you look at Arapio/and Jokey they just cannot and will not step out of the limelight they want to be in there playing politics , being greeted by fake friends , running a plastic life , just being a sociopath. They love the greed , the retaliating on people , the ‘connections ‘ (fake paid for friends ) they have those who will ‘work it with them “. Just like the DON, everyone is fake to, pretending to like . These people are not real, they are fake, just watch their mouths squiggle up when the say “public safety ” her and arpaio are there just for public safety (excuse me , had to puke on that one ) . Different types of people , these two twins , the false sense of almighty power , and can’t be touched , sociopathic ways. And in who’s world is their any importance ? The twins all have excuses for the ones who hate them for what they did and will always give them a bad taste in their mouth , arpaio, “well he broke the law and I am protecting the public ” JOKER “well she/he violated the rules and I am protecting the public” . little hitlers of the world , damn them to hell.

  3. Very interesting the comparison and spot on ! Arpaio //Joeky Ridenour, cannot retire and live out his/her life , they need to be in the spot light , they live everyday people who don’t like him /her pretending to love em , and bow down to them cause they were in charge. They cannot and will not stay home and play with the grand kids, no power and control, no fake friends, no playing politics taking care of friends, no using your position to retaliate on nurses and take care of your board members who voted they way you told them to, and did their dirty deeds for you . So now you can ‘reward them” . Using taxpayers money to do so. Watch the worst , ones get promoted, within, the dirty dogs, who will do illegal or not the nasty dance for them . This is their corrupt life just like a sociopath have to have that excitement , that thrill of fucking someone up and in both cases calling it ‘protecting the public “.

  4. This is so true! The country watched Arpaio fail and publicly humiliated . Joe – key , is not near as well known but across the states and nationally known , council, the name is going right down the drain . It will happen . And all who they worked the politics with , will turn a blind eye to her woes. She will figure out those who run court room do not care about a nurse . Just like Arpaio , she will stay , the “fun ‘ at being corrupt . Why stay home when the neighbor is a gyny and your just a nurse, a nobody really , with a title that is suppose to impress, (only the ignorant ). So keep telling your bff’s ‘put in a complaint , we’ll take care of it. Hidden thrill, gets off on this . Then assigning those who do the nasty dance to do their witch hunt , funds unlimited . yea show em JOE KEY, and those who see her waddling around the office, think not true, haven’t seen that smirk on her mug.

  5. This page should be called THE TRUTH !! Oh here is another of the az boards, dirty little schemes they like to pull :::Another trick they have is “tolling” where they use stalling techniques to run out the clock on deadlines for filing and appealing.

  6. The most interesting people I’ve met don’t know what they want to do with the rest of their lives. We “interesting people” have to find new meaning in our lives, new ways to “give back” to society. In a strange way, losing my nursing license gave me artistic license. The corrupt arizona nursing board has take away from me everything it possibly can and I can now speak about it without fear of reprisal (except perhaps when my ego–that is, my attachment to my reputation–gets in the way. We have saved lives before; we can do it again. We need to take care of ourselves, and our colleagues, as well. You can’t get out of hell if you don’t keep moving.

  7. Look at people of the times, the Rolling Stones, a classic a long time well known and still going strong. People drive across many states to attend a concert. Like the Beatles , people will cry when something happens to one of them . They bring good times to people , skilled talented and entertaining , they have done good work in their lives. But then look at the ones who are in politics , and trusted to uphold the law, getting elected , their talent ? paying people off , doing favors for one another . Look at the losers the lowest form of life, the lawyers , and then they become judges. Rules over peoples lives and really think they are ‘something “. When they turn out to be the dirty dogs of society . What happens to people when they get into a position of control , and power , do they really think they are the all important. Pity them, lost souls, because in the end they cannot take their money with them. eventually they will out live their position , and go into the junk yard . I hope they live a very long long time……. think they’ll be happy ?

  8. The concept that the attorney general and the adm law court all work together and flip the cases back to the AZBN for the final ruling AFTER the hearing MOOTS the hearing totally. Welcome to Az. Goodbye.

  9. OH yes, some time ago there was a decision to have a judge hear a case, separate from the (corrupt) board of nursing , so they had the cases on washington while the (corrupt ) board of nursing was on 7th st , give the looks of , “we are a separate agency ” . Now the Admin law court (SHAM COURT ) is in the basement on Adams st and the (corrupt board of Nursing has their meetings on the floor right above them ) . As if the judge and the dir’s do not bump butts all day running into each other . While the A G office is down the street, the aag ‘s like to ‘hang out ” at the board of nursing offices . Talk that should never be does go on. This set up , may fool some of the people, but of course , it is a set up for exparte all the way. It is a system that does not work , except for the prosecutors , and judges who never seem to lose a case. Easy job for the prosecutor who lies and the nurse doesn’t know the difference, don’t have to follow a lot of rules , and pretty much is the ‘chosen ‘ one in the court room. every statement every motion the slimy judges rule what ever the corrupt board wants. A sorry ass system and one that is broken , but they are certainly not interested in fixing it. Then the corrupt board of nursing members lie their heads off about reading the entire transcript, when you know they did not . liars ! they read the ‘investigators BS ” , Yea the corrupt board of nursing has the final say which is really to your benefit, cause they screw up a lot , and then the board ifs responsible . With Ridenours stupidity to put “Dahn ” in the courts section it will get worse ,

  10. Very bad set up for nurses , who are ‘disposable objects” . When you look at how many cops there are , between sheriff city cty state etc, very few discipline cases , and why is that ? Nurses taking down nurses , in a heart beat, putting nurses on probation , revoking licenses like it is no biggee . But to get a cop fired, whoa, takes a lot, then to get them to lose their badge rare ! They may get fired but generally NOT, always paid while ‘investigation is going on , put in another area , pretend to investigate , but with nurses no stone uncovered , in areas they have no business looking or contacting. While the nurse is fired out of work , no union . no co workers peers there for them . Then take them to court, over nothing, make it so they will never get work again in any area while a cop moves along to the next police station and hired , given a promotion , and accepted to good old boys club. How different , while nurses give it their all , and have very little say so and zip for power, cops can kill people and not lose their job , cops can abuse vulnerable citizens , while nurses had better not say a word if a patient takes a slug. Nurses need to get off their butts and fight back , stop taking this from this corrupt board of those who do not do what you do and refuse to . But have not problem judging you from the BS the ‘investigator dug up ! mostly lies , but they do not care .

  11. One has to wonder why some of the employees at the corrupt board of nursing agency, do not stick around ? Some leave very abruptly , while others stick like glue to Joe key’s leg . Then you notice that someone who is appointed to the corrupt board of nursing , want to stick around forever , a head trip for them , like Joe Key Arpaio , the throne is where they thrive on attention , and intimidate others, (if ‘others’ only knew what real jerk offs they are, and nothing of importance ” So there was Dale , who, ducked out pretty early on, say la vee amigos. What was it he saw ? Then Ms Melanie, and she booked it, we do know for sure she saw things weren’t right in the “adams st ‘ “spooky and gnarly museum of freaks ” and in her best interest before she lost her reputation and career, Then now there is the newest member Lisa Smith,from CGU too, and looks like she flew the coop. It does appear once they figure out what the other members are up to , they want to SEPARATE asap. Can’t blame them !!

  12. I am looking to form a support group for those of us who lost our licences….all the implications, all the lies & losses….I could go on and on but that is not helping me anymore. I want to meet omce a mo. at each others places, pot luck and just BEING THERE ONCE A MONTH FOR EACH OTHER. Please e-mail me if your’e interested and we will start this support group!!! I need to LAUGH & GET SUPPORT FROM ALL OF US…!!!

  13. attending the board of corruption / nursing meetings on the off months ,you will get a chuckle out of the panel of stooges, with their ass o ciates watching, while the attorney’s try to correct the board members . mostly out of control ‘wrap it up randy quinn” . Discounts their ‘opinion’ which is legal advise , and does what ever his illegal mouth will allow , while the “little” women , either agree with the crazed creep or stay silent. Anyone audience of saturday nite live , or nursing students would not get what a mess they are, but you all seasoned nurses would know , they are not qualified nor professionals to run a board , or as randy the creep thinks his job is to be in charge of millions of dollar budget. Warped , but it took from birth brainwashing and hard to flush out , and he thinks he is perfect so he is not trying to normalize himself. lot’s of work to do there .

  14. the “cases ‘ the corrupt board of nursing takes are “funny ” (as in peculiar) to begin with , in the majority of states never would you ever hear of such craziness . I guess that is why public/ other nurses who have not been through the wringer find it hard to believe this is all true .
    Seriously, these people (the boards) must be winning some very coveted prizes in hell. It is so beyond the pale, what they do, it makes it so hard for people to understand we are not just a bunch of sour grapes.

    There is the honest, yet self-justified extortion of the standard stipulated agreements. We have long been warning people not to sign them. Then there are the various misrepresented stipulated agreements based on various lies of commission and omission. To some extent, it is useful to know the difference, but more broadly it is useful for us to commit undyingly refuse to put up with it.

    There are scores of places our minds go when we frantically try to remedy this. One place is the concession to our own (insert self-deprecation of your choice here). I personally am thinking of the belief, “Well, I stupidly signed a contract and I am bound by it now.” NO you are not .
    Any lawyers that are last minute ‘scaring ” their clients into settling , will be on the dirty lawyer list. ANy lawyer that is helping the board and not working for their client needs to bow out ! You duty is to your client , period . And the attorneys for board need to stop sneaking around .

  15. This site has helped me a great deal. When you think there is no one who understands or you can talk to, and wondering what I should do , it is helpful. It also cuts through the BS the over priced lawyers are trying to make me do, even though I know they will take the money and run . The people at the board make it seems like they are ‘helping you” . I’ve watched enough tv shows , to know they are only playing me , like dirty cops, the statements are even the same ! It is like they are getting paid for each probation , revocation, or some kind of sick high, watching people all nervous go in there, like getting a letter from the irs. They really aren’t shit when you read them, not the brightest, but very mendacious . Some one needs to watch what they are doing !

  16. One thing I have noticed, is the site seemed to be sponsored by a new law firm that goes before boards, medical nursing. Maybe not sponsored but they posted so it would come up real close . Based in a big city back east , surely their heads are spinning , at some of the crazy stories by this skank run dirty board has done. tried . I know it has gotten attention of many . Just like forming a union at a hospital (much needed btw) it takes a lot for a nurse to do that, as well as post their story on here. send it in, cause we know what they are not telling you !! And are NOT working with this AZ board of nursing nazis !

  17. Uh, should have listened to you guys, and gals, I am just assuming. You know what’s up and have detected a definite ‘pattern , of abusing nurses. It is handy to know , what the opponent is up to ahead of time ! so on the ‘go meet the investigator ” meeting, (they are every bit as ‘out there’ as you described ” which I should have known better to attend , The interview quickly spiraled into an interrogation.The interview was unbelievably unprofessional, unethical, and falsely incriminating. The unacceptable actions that he displayed include the following: lies, lies , and more lies .

  18. there ‘s a new one at OAH, {{{ Antara Nath Rivera joined the Office of Administrative Hearings on May 20, 2019. Before coming to the Office of Administrative Hearings, from 2003 to 2016, Judge Nath Rivera was an Assistant State’s Attorney with the Cook County State’s Attorney’s Office, in Chicago, IL. She was assigned to the Criminal Prosecutions Bureau-Felony Trial Division. Most recently, from 2018-2019, she was a Deputy County Attorney with the Maricopa County Attorney’s Office, assigned to the Criminal Prosecutions Bureau-Sex Crimes West Division. Judge Nath Rivera earned her J.D. from Western Michigan University-Thomas M. Cooley Law School and was the Assistant Managing Editor of the Law Review. She received a B.A. in Sociology, from the University of Illinois-Champaign-Urbana.}}} you know that so called court , where the decision is in before you get there? well this one here came from chicago, and prosecutor so guess ya know she will do what ever it takes , what ever it takes, what ever it takes (read between the lines here ) CHICAGO / CORRUPTION , you can put 2+2 together , hire them that way, and they will puppet for life , and her first stop (short lived pit stop ) was sex crimes division, ya know with Rachel Alexander , the one who was flown out to DC for Kavanaugh hearings and made a total ass of herself , and the state . Alexander is with sex crimes unit and we know know incompetent , never worked as a judge , loves the death penalty billy montgomery (we call him fondly “BM”. was appointed by Ducey to Supreme court. Sorry folks cant make this shit up . It must be exhausting for Sunita Krishna . ANd Elizabeth A Campbell to suck up to a new one, they have the existing ones trained in their way,. Instead of 15 hail mary’s it will be 100’s of “YOUR HONOR , ” “IT IT PLEASES YOUR HONOR” ” YOUR HONOR PLEASE” YOUR HONOR blah blah , actors all of them Now they have to tread lightly to see if this “(did I say CHICAGO ) alj will make them toe the line , or just do what ever they please. Antara , can recognize get the Fk out of Cty atty office and fast, was it BM telling everyone how poor he was as a child ? or Juan Martinez , the grand standing show boat,womanizing crotch grabber , or overbearing rachel wanting to be queen of the sex division ?

  19. Uh , that prosecutor mentality , now a new ALJ, former prosecutor , things getting worse ! That conviction at any cost , that ‘who’s cares if they are not guilty” we will make them look guilty and the worst living human walking the earth . Doesn’t matter they must have done something wrong . who cases ? Even though the prosecutor is the scum bag, the liar, the underhanded low life they will attack put their teeth in and not let go until you are ripped to shreds . The personality that attracts someone to be a prosecutor is that of authoritarian . With no regard how their lies impact lives, they will mercilessly attack , in areas that are beyond the boards reach, and so far outdated , if you brought it up they would bring up that point ! . Persecutors are deliberately infringing on defendants Constitutional rights and think ‘no big deal” . A system that crushes indigents , Krishna or E Campbell could never fight someone with money . Nurses are easy targets . Judges will indulge them, (sad) that written nonsense , non biased. and anything that goes south in the court room , well the corrupt board of nursing will just vote how they want and protect their persecutors .So if they make mistakes, again no big deal , Persecutors reject that they violated any Constitution because they are Government , and they know that (crooked ) part is their job . This is not how they are taught in law school, this is a learned behavior, and one they are willing to do for a pay check. Both the alj and persecutor and the corrupt board of nursing and director . Like a law breaker , stealing breaking and entering, robbing , on the job training . Mentally disordered, all of them, narcissist sociopaths everywhere .

  20. on 9/11 a message from a fallen nurse, and it is all so true .
    “”This because I stood strongly against my allegations. I have done nothing. My history is impeccable.

    Complainant perjured herself and lied over and over to the Board.

    I have done my best. I am completely innocent of the ludicrous charges against me (completely). I am a strong and deeply spiritual woman, competent and intelligent.

    This is the most blatant evil I have encountered in my entire 55 years. I am ill from it. “””

    Is this not everyone’s story , is this not the truth ! A complainant lying , don’t you think the prosecutor knows this , and ignores it . OF COURSE they know, but they do not care , steal another license , thieves, practicing law? or just corruption . They want the nurse to go along with what ever lies their complainant can spit out , when you are better than all of them and cannot pretend or sign something that is all lies , you end up losing your career . I feel sorry for her, anyone who has gone thru this knows, the letter , that leaves you in disbelief . Taking away our freedom, just like the ones who high jacked the planes , and destroyed the twin towers. This is not something that needs to be done to another human, wrongful convictions happen right at the corrupt board meeting mixed with Brnovich’s bitches .

  21. You got to sign it sweetie, unless they shoot you were not going to know who you are. You dont want to get shoot for us all to find who you are. Be another
    case for Elljott twin.

  22. BON meeting , Mon and Tues. looks like finally the nurses of AZ get rid of that idiot Quinn, the little man DICtator . Wonder If miss Makoba- HILL knows how Randy , tried running the board after he is gone by telling others to think twice about voting her in as President . Carmen was absent so he made a remark, also said by someone who cannot think before speaking, ” your money job comes first .” Out of the mouth of another village idiot ! she sits there taking away peoples livelihood, ability to work and talks about board members the paid work comes first ! just spout of the first dumb thing that comes to mind. SO Carmen is up for being elected President and Randy Quinn jerk of that he is , has already put in his 2 cents , although he is not involved , he needs to stay away , ! Everyone glad to see him go . (Wrap it up Randy) . He destroyed so many lives , families , was the king pin in ‘suggesting how the vote should go , along with his ignorant remarks, like he is a psych, socioworker, counselor, or has good judgement . Just shoots from the hip, stupidity dripping . who the hell raised this asshole ? that better than thou attitude and really love to make woman beg , a real jerk . I would never allow him to be around anyone I know , you know he’s made mistakes at work , but won’t admit it . just like on the board, he won’t admit it. dirty dog is what he is . He needs to stay OFF the education committee to, no one wants to see this puke every again .

  23. Randy Quinn EWWWWW !!! creep. ! yea good bye like taking out the garbage ! . I see a case by M. Foos, she did not cow down for sure . the bon had no business denying license, look at the court cases , incompetent Quinn caused ! Surely he will miss not making woman cry, being a hitler type, insulting people , and bringing up things that don’t need to be . ANyone who tells him he did a good job is lying through their teeth or too stupid to know the difference .

  24. figures that Randy “thinks’ he runs the show for life. Telling others on the BON not to vote for Carmen Hill-Mekoba, cause she was absent ? This pompous fool can’t be gone quick enough. Ran the board like a one man show and now trying to tell the rest of the board , through a big ‘suggestion” . OR was it Randy wanted to be on the board, his power trip, for life and hates being replaced by a female, what a slam , and not one that fits delight-some . This is how the board was run Randy Quinn creep making comments and the little sheep all women following suit . baaaaaaaa. Carmen seemed not to do favoritism, but biased Quinn sure does .

  25. OH LOOK !! JACHO fined themselves ! LOL !! NOW if the BOARD OF NURSING CORRUPTION can only police themselves, admit wrong doing, (no you will never see that in a million years , not from the ‘perfect’ ones who THINK they are instructing the imperfect . who are actually NOT guilty of anything !

    Joint Commission Loses Accreditation After Failing Joint Commission Survey

    Oakbrook Terrace, IL – When Mark Chassin MD was named the CEO of The Joint Commision (TJC), he knew he wante to lead by example. “As the head of an organization that enforces some of the world’s most arbitrary rules, I hold my staff to an equally ridiculous and arbitrary number of illogical standards” Dr. Chassin told Gomerblog.

    As a means of enforcing the unsupported standards that fill his slush fund, Dr. Chassin ordered a surprise inspection of The Joint Commission offices by The Joint Commission. “If we can’t inspect ourselves, how can we expect to inspect others? That’s been my motto since last Tuesday and I felt like we needed to walk that walk. We’ve been cited by ourselves before and I needed to know that we had improved.”
    joint commission
    “As the head of an organization that enforces some of the world’s most arbitrary rules, I hold my staff to an equally ridiculous and arbitrary number of illogical standards”

    Unlike typical “surprise” surveys by The Joint Commission where hospitals are given weeks of notice to allow them to completely change how they do everything, the surprise inspection of The Joint Commission offices was performed with a 30 minute notice.

    There were 427 Major Findings and 319 Minor Findings with the survey team recommending a complete overhaul of TJC leadership. Among the findings were; opened beverage containers at work stations, no system for logging bathroom breaks, mobile computers almost close to being in traffic areas, items on windowsills, failure to conduct adequate 87 step time-outs prior to meetings, employees with only 1 identifier walking around unescorted, employees noted not washing their hands when moving between paperwork stacks, inadequate turnover with the overnight custodial crew, numerous unlabeled beverages in containers around the coffee maker, expired condiments in the breakroom, unlabeled items in the break room fridge, using pens multiple times instead of disposing them after each use, and numerous staff with expired fishing licenses.

    As a result of the findings, The Joint Commission fined itself $3.5 million dollars. Dr. Chassin has announced that to help pay the fine, he will contribute 1/3rdof his $1.5million annual salary. “I guess I’m technically responsible for all of these assholes so I feel somewhat responsible. Hopefully my annual bonus of 35% of repeat survey collections will bridge the gap. It would be a shame if I couldn’t go back to the Cayman islands for Christmas again.”

    When asked if he thought some of the TJC findings of the survey at TJC were arbitrary and unfounded in science Dr. Chassin was defensive, “Of course there is no evidence to support most of our rules and standards. If our rules and standards actually followed evidence based medicine, hospitals would already be doing them!”

  26. AW elizabeth campbell is authoritarian , yep can see that , but try it home ! Like nurses who are meany to each other at work, bossy, and you think wow her poor husband. But then you find out they have NO say so at home, so at work is where they get their heavy handedness, abuse others, control others, reprimand others . This is where they get their licks in cause at home , they know better , tow the line cause you are not an equal . Just ask Randy Quinns spouse Ms bannerific . . Older, but try and speak up , at work or at home , you will learn obedience. “” Obedience produces blessings “” Don’t they just get tired of waiting for these blessings. false promise’s , fake teaching , false all the way around . Sad their daughters will learn by observation.

  27. KUDOS to all of the nurses , the ones who give it there all . Taking care of patients, families , being a nurse social worker and hand holder. Reassuring them before surgery , medicating their pain, watching their face lose the frown of pain. Do little things, that is not part of your job. Nurses running up and down the halls of the hospital working hard, no breaks lunch is hours late , patient family complaints about things out of your control, you get blamed anyways. Nurses fired in a heart beat , disposable, just replace them with a cheaper one . Experience means nothing to mgt, taking tests and certs over and over , going to work when you are dog tired, spit at, water thrown at you, bending your fingers back to the max, throwing urinals at staff, ringing for pain meds hours early , with threats of reporting your ass, your mgr blaming you too. Coming from all angles, written up for having covered drink at the desk, carrying that morphine until the computer says not too early no one around to waste with . Accu checks , now you need two , nurses to give insulin, finding someone to co sign while your in isolation . now they want two rns to put in a foley 1 to do it 1 to watch and chart sterile technique not lost it is all about money. working extra day, you dont get your same patients, no time to walk to cafeteria , 30 mins will be up, working holidays , nights and back to days, “no one else’ the mgr sends pizza no time to eat it. We salute the real heros, front line bedside nurses , Ducey doesn’t do this, Va doesn’t do this firemen , vets, mgt , ceo no one recognizes the front line nurse . Scores from patients , you are responsible for all of it, it is all about money. 12 hours laughable, it is 13 14 hr days giving report, to a night shift who says DO you do everything ? then drive home to come back by 634 am do it again. Then some small thing, that may or may not have not done, or just some nurse reporting you so they look good, if you look bad. Then some real trouble maker put in a complaint . We know your job is tough, and you do it for the patients , but it does not have to be that hard , maybe together we can fix this uneveness of work distribution and make it a profession instead of a sweat shop .

  28. looks like jacho, was satire , and should be gone, not to muddy up the true posts, although everything you guys are posting on the Quinn 4 eyed arrogant ugly fool , (although has NOTHING to be arrogant about !! absolutely nothing ! ) It appears that Ridenour doesn’t care what this hubris whack job does or says , she will turn any wrong doing on the entire board . She has and will again, “that was a board decision” , like she has clean hands. (not !)
    What’s more, many nurses have this attitude “must be more to this ” , Like they have a hard time believing , so best to keep all posts absolutely right on . Opinions never wrong, but a state of nurses hanging their licenses , in the state of AZ , and someone like this idiot calling all the shots is just horrifying to think , they have no clue . It is a BOARD made up of people , but pompous Quinn thinks he is a one man band , and they allowed this !

  29. If you are viewing this sight for the first time, this is a safe place to let off steam. Who cares what these back wards board members think. Or the co conspirator’s who help them and join in . Anger is healthy and normal in a situation where you’ve been wronged and/or taken advantage of. Suppressing it is far worse than finding a good outlet, like a AZ STATE BOARD OF NURSING WATCHDOG group, to vent the bile. They have public shamed, nurses, while letting some skate . If they don’t like it well , did they think others would? One thing for sure is they wronged many , anyone with half a brain would know a sight like this does not go up in one incident or one person. Some real problems with this board in az for sure !In no way trying to act like them just warning others , and word is all around . Some from out of state don’t believe it , but are now a target of this corrupt board . WARNED !

    1. …experiences expressed from different sources is the gold standard in communication. So many of us like to hide and using our own identity is more accurate. Remember everything stays Thank You.

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