Gonzo Reporting AZBN

The term ‘gonzo’ most routinely refers to insanity and was first applied, in part, to a style of journalism that initially was part fictional. The style was applied by a man who most superiors concluded was unable to be guided by rules. However, his first book exposed the evil of the notorious Hell’s Angels motorcycle club as he felt the only way to get accurate material was to be a part of that gang. What he reported was a shock to the world. For the most part this page carries that style…ie…actually going through the AZBN disciplinary process. Fiction is stressed as fiction, fact is noted when you see it and expressed as fact.

There can be no argument of any of the statements on this page as the author has first hand knowledge of the AZBN actions and behaviors. If posts depict judges and other Bd associates as donkeys it is because what they do to nurses often  plays out as things only donkeys would do. The respondent, or more accurately the defendant nurse, has the advantage of knowing, without question, what is the truth and what isn’t. If the appearance of donkeys seems unprofessional and rude the evidence strongly suggests that only a donkey would knowingly violate the statutes over and over in cases against the defendants. I myself would not ever falsely document or testify in a case heard in any legal judicial environment. The thought sends chills up my spine, it really does. There are so many cases such as Elliott Fisher whose case posted on the national data site specifies a felony conviction which, in a big part, was a basis for his nurse license to be revoked by the AZBN as well as several other puppet state boards in their quest for business. If Elliott was not convicted of that felony and was disciplined because of it he became injured and all the elements of a crime are satisfied. Now if this were a single event this page would not exist. The reason this page does exist is that there many nurses introduced to the insane and illegal behavior of the AZBN. The attorney general’s office makes it all fly. Cap it off by putting those documents in an envelope and sending it through the USPS is called mail fraud by the fed.

Less than an ounce of common sense would say doing the boldest of these crimes against nurses is crazy, putting it on paper in the public court record would surely bring the house of cards down. It does not. Why does it not? Because the Board is supported by overseeing agencies that do not follow the law. It is just so much easier to turn it aside. That statement is being kind, the other reasons are probably some kind of briberous events. What else could it be? 

When one is visiting the Bd and a general meeting, the clarity of white knights protecting the public is truly a wonderful performance of the greatest public service ever provided. Randomly going through about 20 files of previous nurse revocations the gonzo evidence provides factual evidence of Bd crimes which basically have no connection in the search of justice, or protecting the public. The AZBN  posting online felony convictions that did not occur is a crime.

In almost all of 20 cases in our file here have elements  that can be tracked back to either a physician’s complaint or a hospital complaint. Of course most cases are different and few directly are linked to patient harm. The Amanda Trujillo case defines the use and abuse of power by omitting exculpatory evidence to protect Banner by throwing Amanda under the bus to secure fault to her and shield the physician and Banner from wrong doing. During an interview I responded to Amanda that what she did I would not have done. However, after I made the claim my mind went back to my training and what she did was what all nurses were trained to do, I to was trained to do what she did. I guess I forgot how long ago my training was. Most of what else the board had piled on became a violation at the time the board needed her to look bad, but wasn’t a violation when it occurred. It wasn’t a reportable violation when it occurred but it is now? On Gonzo pond.

The status of this gonzo reporting is ineffective to the administration, they write new bills that appear to satiate the squawking innocent, but the board absolutely and conclusively does not honor these new laws. The scam associated with the psychological evaluations most often has all consults requiring additional counseling.  If Dr. Lett has had evaluations where additional counseling was not needed, I don’t know of any. Did you hear the cash register ring?

The most important fact is what is relative to public safety and churning out veiled horrors of patient harm has limited public awareness. Has the board made any attempt to promote safe staffing rations? Put on your thinking caps, and I know nurses that can think this through. How is it possible that Nathan Southerland was able to impregnate an incapacitated young women and nobody knew anything about that relationship? You think he did a one minute act times one and she got pregnant? He had plenty of time to have his way as the staff was too busy working and over working. Staff too busy to notice ‘he’s been there behind that closed door for a long time‘ ? I would notice that. Short staffing is a major problem right this minute. 

Does nursing really need these boards? The founders of modern nursing such as Florence Nightingale, Linda Richards and Ruth Sleeper were the pioneers promoting nursing boards to promote education. Our mentors stressed education. Nursing boards like the AZBN are quick to plow through the educators practices and tell them what is right and what is wrong. Does anybody look at the nursing board and focus on their gonzo practices? Does the nursing board directly or indirectly promote safety for the public? Taking a vote amongst nurses would clearly define it does not.

Peary Brown retired R.N.   To complete the Gonzo definition of the article it is I who went through the disciplinary process to report it as a fraud perpetrated by leading witnesses to make false statements, violating existing state statutes, tampering with evidence and mail fraud. In order to define it as Gonzo journalism you must be a part of the evidence.

Peary Brown retired R.N.