Sterile Abscess AZBN

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If the last noteworthy comment by the governor about his inability to terminate AZBN members is to be believed one can only assume that their governor’s appointments to that position is just plain queer. The recent racist revelations comments by newly appointed board member Lajuana Gillette got the governor’s dander up enough for him to openly claim legislation was needed for him to legally terminate her; we here would say nothing new. The AZBN, attorney general’s crew, and the administrative law court are  sterile abscesses in the soul of the governor’s administration. A sterile abscess is an infection of rotten bugs surrounded by an impervious wall that nothing can penetrate. They all do not follow the states laws and do whatever they want. Open meetings are a sham of righteous appearances to define their roles as public protectors. They are not. They are now well established and documented abusers of the system and cost the state a fortune in salaries and resources and the now well documented horrible patient care seen by so many causing emergence of economic and emotional pain to nurses and patients as well. Like all sterile abscesses they must rot from the inside out, and Lajuana Gillette is fresh breeze of putrefied bacteria to help the community see what these abscesses are made of. Leave her right where she is Mr. Governor, she is perfect. The passion felt in comments comes from real nurses that are not the ordinary drones who do everyting they’re told to do. 


Peary Brown, Retired R.N.


24 thoughts on “Sterile Abscess AZBN

  1. AW he is just trying to say , his hands are tied. He wants her vote he got eyes on Senator , his house is up for sale He wants as much support from AZ as possible He forgot to factor in the ones who are damaged by his office’s decision to put them on the board, will not be cheerleaders for him. Here is article , maybe it can be blown up bigger . She is one of the sheep , she started mouthing off to a nurse , like Preston does , (these two have bonded and gossip a lot ) . It did not look good for her , so now just BAAAAAAAAAAA, = AYE .

  2. the text reads “hey early Christmas Present Randy the queer one is gone from the board ” . yes that is true and something to rejoice over for sure. But he will weasel back in some area , and keep his nose in the boards business . Sociopath’s have to be controlling others, making the decisions , acting as if a little judge . Enough non thinking , puppets on the board to allow it . Ridenour took him to a restaurant , special He made is departing speech partly said “i had fun ” you sick SOB ! absolutely narcisstic, sickening bastard is all that comes to mind . he has a huge dark cloud over that majic underwear.

  3. The LDS Church’s handbook states the garments also “provide protection against temptation and evil.” haha !! well looks like he got a DEFECTIVE pair of under wear ! No protection there at all . Rany Quin the queer duck, Went off the deep end on evil. Does Bethy Campbell wear the pink boxer shorts. Sunita too? Maybe the blessing should say so you are able to APOLOGIZE for wrong doings ! stop denying , defecting , and always accusing others . Stop this one trick phony strategy. That is ALL they got !

  4. AS far as Gillette is concerned, this is what happens when the politically-appointed board members (professional and lay) are a virtual impaneled grand jury, restricted only to issues and evidence presented by the board’s attorney and staff, and always vote unanimously…many a “medical or dental board” is simply an “enforcer” for corporate healthcare.

  5. they type of people / person who is on the board of nursing, certainly are aware they are pawns and continue to be a part of this . Taking care of a big ‘non profit ‘ money maker so the ceo ‘s can make millions , children , elderly will suffer and certainly nurses go through suffering the rest of their lives , These evil doers want to be politically correct (is it correct ?) or where the dummies feed the kook aid , and taught behind closed doors to ‘vote with the leader ‘ the lst ‘motion ” and sometimes we will , act as if we tried and have the vote go around twice just to show we are independent (yea right ! ) brain washed bimbos , wicked women that includes queer quinn. Mccormies is certainly willing to do the political side , while mouthing off about ‘public safety” . basically LYING through her teeth every time !

  6. Just to show you how messed up this board is . How many nurses have been BACK before the board a 2nd time just with in the last FIVE years ? MANY , and none of the board members even bring that up UNLESS they want to nail the person . IF they want them to get that Letter of no concern they won’t bring it up . Because they made BAD decisions and the person is still messed up and not up to par . ALTHOUGH , if they want to give severe punishment they will say ‘this isn’t your first time before the board ” . Many cases are not the first time before the board ! ANd why is that ? the board made many mistakes ! And don’t want the public to know it .

  7. You were bullied… your daughter is the victim of an incompetent and negligent staff but worse a licensing board flagrantly disregarding your daughter’s safety and the evidence to support necessary action so you could find rightful retribution and proper restitution. So sorry you too have been the victim of an uncivilized licensing board deceptively promising to protect your daughter with a priority, your responsibility to protect your daughter and fraudulently representing your case when you followed their orders to file a complaint. That complaint made their department hourly fees with an “investigation” and by acting in concert with a hospital , and nursing staff , they keep licensed acknowledging her incompetence will continue to collect fees. That is their priority opposite of what they advertise and promise to the public. I wish more people would show up to the board meetings, some of us are listening . Sorry for your loss , Randy Quinn has no empathy, it’s all about politics for him and himself , he would never feel your pain . And he has stacked the board with his willing partners in crime to protect his and his associates licenses .He is off the bon (thank you Jesus! ) but has those willing to lie and do dirty work to protect him, ‘friends taking care of friends” . There is NO protect the public here !

  8. As a transplant , new to AZ , has to say , I had no idea what I was getting myself into when applying for a nursing license in a new state after I naively acknowledged seeking mental health care for a traumatic event. This site , and the comments of those who have been through this , helped me go into the process with eyes wide open and with the appropriate supports in place. I doubted them at first , but found out , they have done a lot of research . I did not trust anyone at this point. I guess what others may need is a email or phone number to contact someone who can get me to the right person .And anyone who comes on here who wants to contact those who may or may not be able to help. At first takes away your hope, but then you soon find out the board if hopeless.

  9. I can’t tell you how many nurses and np, who have been screwed over by this board , for no reason or some small detail that every nurse is guilty of , that would never rise to revoke, has told me they are on food stamps now. Lives shattered. Those who work for the board and on the board , all i can say is you have better be writing those big checks to charity organizations , cause that is where they get there clothes , and other things to get by . On top of your mandatory tithing , to only take care of your kind ! The depth of the destruction go very deep.

  10. Nothing sterile about any of them , all infected . this should make Campbell and Cairo , nervous, since they lie like hell . Get ‘witnesses ‘ to lie ,and make up stories. Some of these liars have nursing licenses, but the AZBON doesn’t care , as long as they are lying for them . In fact it may just turn them on . Take the investigator Loral Pultz , who testified against a nurse . Then ends up working at the AZBON ! . She must have impressed them how she likes to take another nurse down. Something you could not pay a ethical nurse to do . Nice to see this is cracking down across the country . And should make them real nervous. Would anyone really care if Eliz Campbell or Sunita Cario or Emma Mamaluy lost their law license? What goes around comes around. Theresa Brennan, a former District Court judge in Livingston County, pleaded guilty to perjury earlier this month. Now her law license has been suspended by a state agency.

    Brennan’s license was “automatically suspended on the date of her felony conviction” on Dec. 3, according to a notice from Mark Armitage, executive director for the Attorney Discipline Board.

    The length of the suspension will be determined at a later date by the board.

    “The interim suspension will remain in effect until the effective date of an order filed by a hearing panel,” according to the notice.

    Brennan was charged in December 2018 with three felonies – perjury, tampering with evidence and common law offenses – by the Michigan Attorney General’s office.

    She pleaded guilty to one count of perjury before Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Paul Cusick in Livingston County after it was determined Brennan lied under oath during hearings in her own divorce case.

  11. Great introduction , anyone should feel safe calling Confidential (the board is not , they discuss cases with anyone , they post on the internet unrelated , statements designed to humiliate , aka bullying ) . You do not have to tell your name or what is going on, just make sure it is legitimate complaint on the nurse. The board is known for getting others to act and do dirty tricks to anyone who is against them . Especially those who go public . Is this their job to retaliate ? They do it all the time for hospitals . Any nurse with questions , or what to discuss , feel secure , no one is associated with the corrupt board of nursing . Many tricks they pull. Lots of comparison cases .
    You haven’t truly been defeated till you quit…even the greatest generals in history have had to retreat occasionally…regroup and attack again, having learned from mistakes and ready to kick serious butt…

  12. This site is well appreciated by many abused nurses, but it is disturbing that it is allowed to continue and adds to long standing belief that corruption and collusion of politics plays a huge role in the Doucy Adm.

    cop steals money from a suicide victim . More MESA mess ! He is decertified which is a RARE event for cops. But more importantly , he can go work in another state . He can work in many jobs. Unlike nurses once this corrupt board puts a label on their license , their nasty nurses Dahn or lying lawyer Mamaluy get on the horn and get them fired from non nursing/ and defame them for any nursing jobs. Career in all fields ruined for life.

  14. refreshing to get a response from someone who looks at the case from a new set of eyes, and makes a comment such as this : I’m a journalist experienced in covering high profile trials. The mitigating evidence and reasonable doubt in this case is overwhelming.

  15. I saw on here somewhere about that ass. atty , “beth ” Campbell. your right about her husband , if they are still married. he is recommended by Scott A Macleod who is listed as a ‘fellow lawyer’ but is disbarred. false advertising , wonder how many people take the time to look things up instead of reading the “i’ll scratch my back , you scratch yours” any atty who is not 10 avvo, is not worth min wage. Here is another MESA madman. Kent Nicholas , a real piece of work . He got his client pregnant, like hello , evidence . Then he slapped another client across the face while , being handcuffed to the table . For this gets two years suspended . Hey nurses do not get a license in AZ , get into a male dominated occupation prison guard, cop, lawyer, and you can do what ever you want. the nursing boards does probation and revocation for looking at someone cross eyed . Highly punitive , but only to ‘some’ .

  16. (loudly laughing out loud , spilled my soda, can’t even type yet , wait a minute , laugh again ) This is because Campbell , the freak show queen is being exposed, along with her relatives and who ever else happens along . How do you like it BETHIE ???? THIS is your style , (still laughing , you guys are great !! ) and bet your not done either ! When her license is taken will be the real , “belly buster , tears running down face , but a gut laughter ” ! Wow and I didn’t have to pay for this comedy act . (for those who don’t know “BETHIE ” Campbell , ELIZABETH , spouse ? C . ANDREW Campbell, she is the one who digs up personal attributes to n.p, UNRELATED crap is what it is and IRRELEVANT , but it is her pattern, so reading this , and she is too, (like the saying goes , back at ya bitch ! ) (LOL !! )

  17. Further BS , a direct quote ” There is nothing about this process that would likely lead to some sort of legal remedy. You can tell others about this process and how you feel about the process so long as you tell the truth about what occurred. Good luck.”
    AS LONG AS YOU TELL THE TRUTH , !! , well I would think it would be pretty hard to spend any amount of time with Elizabeth A Campbell , if this is really , any where near the philosophy or mind set of his . Unless he has that , ‘let others lie for you ” . then it’s ok legal mumble jumble . Yes, YOU tell the truth but it is ok for them to lie without recourse.
    Unfortunately for them, they can take material items away but , they cannot stop anyone from talking . they sure try , but it will only get louder .

  18. I know her . )E. C. !! Ridenour loves to get those lawyers doing the talking for her . She will do anything to keep her atty gen assistants, she wants to ‘train ” them in her manner of “her style “of illegal workings. In fact Joke Ridenour is probably rubbing vicks on E C chest right now. “there , there Bethy , I’ll buy you lunch on the states credit card too, if that will make you feel better, remember to just keep saying PUBLIC SAFETY ” the public buys that bull sh*t every time !

  19. so much truth here, my case years ago , like over 10 years but , when you reflect, cause you’ll never forget, you can see very clearly this is what they were doing back then. Only advise to all of the nurses out there who have just become entangled in the wicked web of the az board of nazi nurses. Fight it, do not sign what they want. Even surrendering is punitive. and NOT advised. Why let them off the hook easy make them pay. Secondly never stop fighting them. Keep going , if enough do this , well, hey no one is going to come to you , you must ACT. Let 2020 be a year to let this illegal mess know , nurses are not taking their abuse and illegal activities any more. There is a sadness in conformity when it leads us to say:

    There is a new day coming, but it is not now.

    There is a new man coming. but it is not me.

    There will be a time for justice, but I cannot stand up for what I believe.

  20. Interesting about Campbell ‘s Chad. Also agree you must never stop exposing what this corrupt board actually does. and not allow “corruption is everywhere ‘ , to be stated. Other boards do not operate like the corrupt board and staff in AZ . Keep fighting, never give up . IF the staff somehow in some sick way feel secure or they are “covered ” by having an atty (EMMA MAMALUY ) they are sadly mistaken . If they actually THINK,— she is stirring problems , to make them ASSume that . Most of their problems stem Because of her ‘actions” . Like a nurse injecting a medication in a patient so they will code. job security . GULLIBLE CO WORKERS : If it wasn’t for fast acting nurse who ‘caught it ” . Be careful of the legal beagles advise , very careful. Cause she likes to play “Ruff Ruff ” . She did not convince others, why should you be fooled by the “base” fool.

  21. Very observant , and accurate . Mamaluy is another one who needs to bend over and grab her ankles and hang on for the “ride” . moon over Miami ? or just one hell of a pay back . those in the know, know the numbnuts office was not crying no tears on her departure. Watch how she ‘sucks up ‘ to Carrie . Uh huh . evidence is everywhere , just got to be smart about deciphering it .

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