Future Karma AZBN

It is very doubtful that all the fears and anxieties of the truth that is posted on this page will stimulate a white knight to reclaim the public confidence of this administration. What is most important is all those nurses who carried the burden of political abuse to the high level of simply too fearful to come forward, will someday smile when they read the news. Many gave up and found something else to do. Some died, as they took their own lives, but the very potent death blow comes from fear of reprisals. Only those in the field know what this means.

The need to complete the process of justice can not be accomplished in the normal court of law routine. Not in Arizona, you can forget that. It is totally corrupt. The spiritual vengeance has the real power and when the lake of fire is heated up, nobody can stop it. Nobody knows the hows, the whens, or the whys but as our President FDR stated, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” So the following story will be your anti-anxiety medication. Have no fear, you have faced your fear and are now passed it. The corrupted ones, and we all know who they are, will face their own fear. 

The nature of life is risk and unpredictability is the common denominator. If you think that God has little say in revenge or to avenge you read this.
A nurse, a combat veteran, is sitting on a porch in Wash., D.C. and its more than the warm spring sun making his body glow of total warmth. A sense many veterans experience after combat where you survive.
The nurse directs the first responders through the mansion entrance to the dead lawyer laying in the recumbent recliner, who is very pale and blue. Immediately responders begin resuscitation when the wife rushes in from an adjacent room to promptly put a stop to their efforts, responders claim its the law and they must try. Wife says, you did try and its over. They agree and leave upon her request. The nurse and wife are left with the dead lawyer; nurse says he needs to call lawyer’s physician. Physician is irate as he told the family the lawyer had many years to live irregardless of his terminal illness. Nurse calmly says he has no idea, only he came in from the garage to find lawyer dead. Nurse has total body glow going on and only he knows why. Wife claims she will have autopsy and get to the bottom of it. Following day nurse packs bags and leaves D.C. never heard another thing. Lawyer was one of the top defense medicalmal attorneys in the U.S. and successfully defended many high priced sugeons from civil complaints. Nurse claimed he never knew what caused the attorney’s death. Only that ‘life is risk’. Many veterans will tell you the death glow last 2-3 days. You never know when lady luck will flip your case, but she will.
This post has had many views, and comments that can be tracked. What is now well known throughout the nursing field is the AZBN is not reviewed by anyone. The dictator, Joey Ridenour, has no governor; if she does Doucey allows her and her band of liars to do what they want.

40 thoughts on “Future Karma AZBN

  1. to those new to Arizona or newly licensed, there is a lot of reading on these pages, it is all true ,plus some ! The nasty ways and just plain corruption are evident. Tell your story, the charged you to silence you , don’t be one of the obedient ones, your following a path that was hammered in, and many are finding out lied to and getting out . Get Malpractice insurance , do not sign anything this board tells you to , and do not allow them access to your medical records, “how will this look if you don’t cooperate ” WHO THE HELL CARES !! Look how you look lying investigator who is not qualified to do their job ! Abuse of power . Most nurses / np have no idea how this corrupt board operates. !! and stay away from their “listed” psych’s who are nuts to begin with . Got to have those referrals from corrupt state agencies.!!

  2. HEY HEY here is what this nurse has to say ! And I was paid a free flight to interview to Yuma, (the medical center who has some nasty folks in their mgt ) .thinks of this horrible place , downright liars , manipulative creeps ! I got the hell out and wrote about it, and put my comments on their blog (they took off so I put on here ) , take this evaluation of this dirt bag center , and do not work there . RUN !!!! Is all I can say, !!! RUN !! And it is not just this department, but the entire medical center atmosphere. !

    Jul 17, 2019
    “Think long and hard before working here”
    Former Employee – NICU RN in Yuma, AZ
    Doesn’t Recommend
    Negative Outlook
    Disapproves of CEO

    I worked at Yuma Regional Medical Center full-time for more than a year


    Relocation, benefits, they will fly you out for an interview and pay for expenses


    Hostile work environment that compromises patient safety, very poor leadership, no support for growth in fact you will receive the opposite people will make you hate your job and nursing all together. I started here as a new graduate rn and was sucked into this place by relocation and benefits that were being offered. Let me tell you if it sounds too good to be true it probably is! I have never been treated so poorly in my entire life. I was one of the few new graduates to even make it through the orientation process because many just quit due to poor treatment. Lots of drama on this unit that affected patient safety and was ignored by management. Human Resources was a big joke and never addressed unit problems when I went to them for help.These are just a few of many things that contributed to me all together breaking my contract and moving back to my home state. If I had to do it over again I would have NEVER accepted a job offer here.

    Show Less

    Advice to Management

    This place needs some major help, probably new leadership all together. Very hostile work environment to work in and no one in leadership cares. The whole culture of the unit is extremely negative.

  3. and if you complain about anything , they will lie about everything ! Imagine having your baby in NICU and the staff are at each others throats , daily you can’t turn your back .
    Find something changed with the settings or , question what your responsible for, your crazy , imagining things ! Do not work in Yuma, the entire atmosphere has a dark side ! “leadership committee ” is one of the worst . !

  4. FUTURE KARMA of THE BOARD OF NURSING . It looks like clearing out quit a few of the creeps. You got the moron in the middle , who was raised to think he is superior , a leader. Oh they are given a mic at young age and can stand up in front of people , but like jeff flakey what comes out of their mouths is so off he charts stupid , brazen . If people ever paid attention to the words, but the silly girls , have been taught to ‘follow his lead” and without knowing what it is about or question any of it, vote along the same lines. A few of them are being cleared out . So easy to pick out the head bobbles , not voting their thoughts or reasoning , not educated vote just head bobbles .

  5. To the NICUI agree. :: Just hope I can discourage other travelers from coming here. Not only is the work hard but it is unsafe in the work enviornment. All those nurses in a 2 year contract can’t wait till it is over and they are gone. The stats aren’t looking so good for the cvicu. Everyone who is possible to do a CABG gets one. Dementia, Pulmonary Fibrosis, Gangerine in a limb we don’t care we do them. In my opinion it is Elder Abuse. Anyone who might die or mess up the numbers is flown to phoenix or las vegas. Very sad. The nurses in the CVICU who have been here a long time work really hard and care about their pts. They can’t leave fo various personal reasons and they are scared of losing their jobs if they say anything neg. There is no other place to work in the area less than an hour away. The entire middle management staff knows the doctors are allowed to abuse the nurses and they do nothing. If administration would take care of the nurses the bottom line would take care of itself. nurse, your are right it is the same all over that horrible hospital .

  6. karma , when exposing these dirty dogs , and all of their corrupt partners in crime the Atty Gen office, the appeals court judges, the OAH , the AZNA, the auditor general’s office . Legislature, senate, psych board, and psychologists. A public service, if they are smart enough to read and believe but what happens most generally , the nurse , NP , CNA will think, it won’t happen to them , or “i’ve been working 10 years and not had a problem ” . until you do !
    Stop SIGNING those agreements ! Take them to court !
    I do believe that the psychologist connection with the Board is about money. . I get messages through the FB site and its the same ole story about the board hammering away at the most minor and/or personal issues culminating in some kind of probation or punishment that is unduly .
    Those who post the truth are doing a service , and making it known to this bon , you cannot steal my soul, nor stop me from my rights to speak the truth !!

  7. ANy case about Marijuana , and got anything but dismissed, this nurse was turned over to the bon by an agency. She lawyered up and now there is nothing on her license. FIGHT BACK , and FIGHT HARD, stop this kissy butt technique I see the whiner nurses do at the board. stop letting randy get his rocks off , on it, like he is the ruler , the God of evil and will decide . ! (and this goes for other board members !! A huge Cheer , and shout out on snapchat when heard he is done , and will not be back, of course “lori ” the one who earns the blond coloring, clueless one, will congratulate him, the only one !!! a real dip sh*t that one, gullible as they come , can’t think for herself, very much gang member. http://archive.azcentral.com/business/abg/articles/2011/12/08/20111208abg-fischer1208.html

  8. Richard , you have great insight on that monkey in the middle of the panel of board members sit around, most of them bobble heads . At least that is what they look like. Randy Quinn (monkey in the middle ) who thinks sitting off to the side , takes the focus off , then he opens his trap and what comes out is just plain moron . ! As nurses who says “i am and expert nurse ” “I am an expert peds nurse?” “I am an expert ER nurse ?” NO ONE , you ‘d be laughed off the floor . But this Quinn , makes statements “I am and expert in anesthesia”. No your not, you may have gone through the training and any and all complaints are shut down , because they would be reported to the BON. Nothing expert , about him. except a fool and proves it constantly.

  9. All it takes is a witch hunt investigator to supply the simple minded with a one sided story that is packed with lies, they know are lies, and lying prosecutor to give the board reasons to think your a bad person and they’ll believe your guilty of anything. Some of the members are easier to control their simple minds than others . (Gutierrez) . Bobble heads nodding as the vote goes around , sheep. You can see some of it in action. Like when peter whispers to “bangs ” (mand) in a restaurant and she immediately looks, and then gives that DIRTY look in your direction. Maybe that is what earned her a promotion , sits by the joker, now. Just proves the point, how simple simon , can manipulate the rest (weak minds ) and get them to act , based on power of suggestion , carrying the back door gossip to public and acting on it. uneducated , can be bought , and allow others to label and act on their interpretations. She did exactly what he wanted her to, and sold her soul at that point , for the gangster.

  10. Elizabeth Campbell had an opportunity to do the right thing and right someone else’s wrong and harm of you – she failed to do so and caused further harm to you. SHe’s a massive douche. A complete failure in her job, duties , civility, oath , and human treatment of another . For this , she will always be remembered at the king pin, the hit woman, the ax wench, just one of them, but a coward , money hungry, selfish , cunt . As another victim refers to her as , a stinkly slimmy cunt.

  11. .Glad to hear the news, If this reporter wants a juicy story about the AZBN I can tell you now that they have met with the Adm Judge and stated now in writing that they want to take my license, . This is simply because I did not agree with them and minor detail I beat them in court and embarrassed them. So now the AZBN is simply a bunch of thugs who are abusing the system to get even. It has nothing to do with clinical nursing , outcomes or patient complaints. I treated patients good and never had issues . They did not like it and I did not agree with them plain and simple. I pushed back and won for now anyway. They are simply going for blood. I work better than most nurses at following policies and rules, and for that they want to take my license. The best part is that for my dangerous demeanor that is a figment of their imagination , they are waited 3 years for the hearing. Now if I am that dangerous don’t you think it should be fast tracked to ASAP hearing to protect the public???
    This of course has nothing to do with the public, this is about getting even and showing me who the biggest losers and thugs in the state are! Nothing more and nothing less! Simple abuse of power and position and every single nurse/ non nurse on the board is complicit. What ever dirty method, they can use, abuse of power , using taxpayers money to retaliate Ridenour , name is MUD, and will be pissed off! Several have jumped ship , when they figure it all out.
    Anyway it makes for a great story. I hear through the grapevine that they hate publicity.
    Bring it on, I have nothing to hide.

  12. One of the nurses work with said she went to the BON meeting on a ‘comparison case” , she was shocked to see “joey” aka JO E. Ridenour, how she is in person, “like an orangutan ” . Couldn’t help but chuckle on this one, cause she ‘s right . Amazing how they actually think , any of it is normal, a set up , all have rehearsed lines. so corrupt . She said they stopped streaming because of protecting patients HAHHAHHAH ROFLOL omg they are still making that statement ! well i guess the students MIGHT buy it !

  13. The guilty ones are protected. druggies, thieves, liars, and any shirt tail relatives . too much to list their wicked ways.

  14. pretty crazy, when a board member , someone who is making legal, career , decisions that affect someone’s life forever . Someone who is suppose to put a lot of thought into their decisions , use a little critical thinking , and weigh all the facts , and be responsible. And then you hear, the latest “DUH” member , ask the rest of the board, “if a respondent (she had to be told the word) dies during the investigation , do we continue the investigation ?” no kidding, prosecute a dead nurse, ! Seriously , did this stupid person, even give this any thought at all ? Like ok , what’s the point ?? your going to make a full investigation and then vote what to charge a dead person with ?? Come on where do they get these crack heads? really .! Yea it’s like a person in jail awaiting trial who kills themselves , are they still going to hold the trial ?” NO one ask’s that question ! like NO ONE ! Banner’s got a real IQ questionable with Boyer that is for sure ! Although not long ago a nurse , who is distracted trying to fight for her life with stage 4 ovarian cancer , she asked that she could die with dignity and have her license intact. The board voted, no, they could not do that . Even is she is not working at the time. Shameful ! Get a stack of legal threats , and letters from BON, Shameful. Just plain evil they are.

  15. OMG, that is crazy , not allowing a nurse who is not working to die without have to fight them and be left with huge lawyer bills. No compassionate hold , even though their cases take years , they got to ‘stick it to them’ . Unless it is ‘one of their own” . As far as the Boyer, statement, this is not even showing ANY common sense at all. ! Her husband , the tantrum holder of the year , “i’m not going to pass your budget until you pass my bill/ , so a couple of tit for tat . Looks like his bill , which gives the victim of sexual abuse longer to file claims is going to produce a shit load from his own pulpit, and the ads are on television now . not looking good, his brethren gets pointed out . hmmm. and he was looking to take down missa meeters . LOL .

  16. This is funny, I see the same thing, ‘when you point the finger at others , you got 3 pointing back at ya ” Backfire . Yea , the charter king , seems to act like randy the power hungry creep, think they are rulers, in their own minds, saw the ads’ i think your talking about, with a big building in the ad with lots of steeples . Only they victims are taught at young age , it is their fault . What did YOU do ? I would like to know nurses name , to say a prayer for her the one stg 4 ovarian ca. this is just plain mean. How many people got trashed for talking J Mccain’s brain tumor?

  17. still trying to get over that buffoon randy quinn referring to himself as a ‘expert. When he comes across as one who is basically an ignoramus. One who is unable to be educated , in areas he knows nothing about, and is too stupid to listen , which makes him a halfwit ninny .

  18. lots of those morons get on boards, as a climbing tool, they love to be in position to judge others like they are some kind of ruler or Judge, Campbell calling Randy “your honor ” , it was no mistake , she is a suck up all the way. Quinn has no honor to his name or actions. Neither does Elizabeth “Bethy ” Campbell . Yup DICKtators. Things only change if you hold them to the law . It’s not their money they are wasting, it is the tax payers money, they are misspending .
    Randy Quinn made a mistake at the board of nursing trying to build up his credentials, it back fired . Exposed himself . Only place he can feel comfortable is on those sunday marathon brainwashing meetings , like thinkers .

  19. The Director of prisons resigned, or did he ? So many wanted him out of there , surely he was hinted at why don’t you just retire and leave gracefully ? With a name like CHarles Ryan, well yes he is one of them . How do you think Safford got a prison , to give all of the little “judgers” a job. Let’s all pray that “jo “joey ” Elizabeth Ridenour is next, anyway that they can get her out, resign , fire her corrupt ways and failure of a dir, , a through audit and not by her own kind , or just stick her ass in jail. Horrible nasty one ! Public safety does not mean play politics with taxpayers money .

  20. A nation wide group is starting up , more information will be shared soon. Nurses are getting tired of this 3rd world country tactics, and disrespected by those who are corrupt, and dirty little witchhunters !
    A highly focused non-profit organization dedicated specifically to helping nurses who believe they have been wrongfully subjected to an unfair nursing board disciplinary process, abuse of psych evaluation or the entire process, and have been deprived of due process or other protected legal rights. Although nationwide, it is because of Arizona and the draconian methods, sneaky underhanded, and down right defaming of character of good nurses . So congratulations corrupt AZ Board of Nursing. Your reputation is mud, in AZ , nationwide and foreign countries ! Subtle changes only bolster the fact what you were doing was wrong but are not big enough, man enough , honest enough to admit it . This is gonna be huge !

  21. a requirement to attend one of these meetings. UH ! the entire atmosphere is miasma . I wanted to know what other students thought to touched on it slightly . even though I saw them acting like it was a great meeting and even gave compliments to the board members they , said ‘what a farce ” . Hoping they never go before them , not because they couldn’t handle themselves well . But because of the “off the wall “comments . Nutty board members. If you can have a decent conversation is on thing but when they just pull nonsense from a hat it is just so odd . Really doubt it is planned , they are all odd ducks. I can see why nurses go to court, the board ,for being what they are , there to make a decision and discuss the matter at hand , are all over the place. scattered.

  22. We don’t need private for-profit prisons in this state we don’t need dark many in this state we don’t need the Koch brothers funding things at ASU or the American Chamber of Commerce . And we know what they all have in common ! Just look it up, And we surely do not need a corrupt board of nursing !! I know that we need to get back to sensibility and governing this state so if the state cares they need to vote. Ground up City County State Federal and get back to normalcy maybe we can get back to where we need to be. (amazing the number of people who know about this crazy corrupt board !! We always knew the asu connection too . ) don’t shoot the messenger

    1. in every thing , every season their is a reason. not sure this is connected , but a betting person would say of hell yea lots of perverts , porn watchers, sexual predators , higher than national average, and seem to get into high paying government jobs, through ‘not what you know but who you know and what ward you belong too thugsRUS ” Jared A. Smout, 2nd Counselor, Bishopric, Fountain Hills Ward; The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints provided the invocation.

      1. Former,…Spectacular research. This perverted F++K (Jared A. Smout), needs his eye gouged out. Churches are full of f++kin predators, why, because thats where they can hide behind the cross, and swear their a christian and would never do such things like, rape, money laundry, thief, murder, and so on. A predator is a predator no matter how you cut that MK’er.

  23. oh yea we’re on a roll, surely they look at staying home all day and that would take the schadenfreude out of their lives. If they can’t be creating stress and misery on someone else, they can’t be happy. They just do not care, as long as they are hanging in for a paycheck and their pension who cares what hardships they infringe on others . Falsely accusing someone, and defaming them is no different than what a innocent victim from prison feels .
    “”When an innocent client finally walks free, that’s when the months of planning I do as a social worker at the Innocence Project kicks into high gear. I help our clients adjust to life outside of prison and deal with the emotional and psychological effects of having been wrongfully convicted, which never go away. “”
    some people deal with it, by fighting back, some exposing, them , those who do nothing , have no time for , no time at all .

  24. Firing squad is too good for this brain washed dude ! Although the death penalty is highly questioned and lots do not even believe in it because of the cases when the target turns out to be innocent . I could put my feet up , sit back relax , eat popcorn , pop a beer , and smile watching this firing squad take this creep down. And have satisfaction seeing him get gunned down. (he slit the throat of a 24 year old and her baby girl for speaking out against polygamy ) . https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/ruling-pushes-death-row-inmate-ronald-watson-lafferty-closer-utah-n1041856

  25. I feel badly for others who I know have lost their dream , their reason to go to work, their purpose and had it all taken away by an investigator who is ready to deceive by board (AZ) who is too stupid to realize the one sided stacked ‘report” is packed with lies. ANd heard from one of those who does not accept and will never accept what was done and has this to say.
    Lately some things are emerging which could result in some profound results. I am excited about the possibilities occurring.
    Not that I could get a state license back… not with the corrupt board nor would I want to . I never thought I would ever not be a nurse .
    But it got me thinking – and I’ve been asked several times- what would I do if I could.
    It’s a really good exposing question. I don’t think I would want it back. Maybe if I KNEW that there was profound change in the due process and if I was reassured that there weren’t state actors who would never give up going after me just because they had been dealt such a huge blow.

    Those of us who are here have seen behind the curtain. We can never go back. We can’t live in an imaginary world where the board members are good people who really look into things, consider them carefully etc. this is not the truth of the boards as is. What is close to the truth it now def appears- is that complaints are made anonymously, the investigators decide who they will pursue or not, they present the “facts, (not facts),” and the board accepts what investigators say carte Blanche and no questions asked.

    I think I would be happy simply with the truth being exposed, the boards being restructured with due process firmly in place, with “sentencing” guidelines, clear paths of appeal, boards HAVING to abide by higher courts decision, a court hearing that is really fair and impartial, a judge that is non biased, , as well as no public internet blasting.

    Beyond that I think I would be happy to have a little business doing life coaching, selling essential oils (YOUNG LIVING!!!) and metaphysical store with good reading material and music etc. And perhaps going back to school thru the unity seminary and have some sort of “it’s all good” ministry. It would help ppl and that’s all I really wanted to do in the first place.

  26. Yes it does make a difference of the ‘investigator ” but the one who answers the phone and pulls out and tries to get the complainant to add words , is DELORES HURTADO , maybe that is why she is making the same as a masters degree nurse. She has been a problem. liar. Also the investigator , who is basically the master witch hunter . Lying , bitches , like don’t forget the one NIKKI R. AUSTIN, a real fake. A ‘put on’ in front of others like sweet pea. But that is not the case, horns protruding., witch material . Boards fault too though, no one can be that stupid to believe those nasty comments , no one. ANd submit JUST that to the board to ‘decide ‘ . In the end it is all on RIDENOUR’S shoulders , she’s the one making the big bucks , and doing a horrible job ! LOSER ! as a nurse and mgr .

  27. Cheers, this is how nursing is in my country :
    : If you still want to be an RN you have to do another 2years after that in full time (pays 1200/month in the first year, 1400 in the second and at the same hours as an LPN as new grade RN you receive 5300.-7month). But this is called “Höhere Fachschule” which means a higher degree and more like the college you know. The Semesters are 6 months long and change between school and work (but in Höhere Fachschule they thell you where you have to work, you can only choose the region). You have to go for one Semester in a longterm facility and one in a hospital. First, you have 6 months of school with semester exams, then 6 months of work (4 days and one in another school for practical training) in your first place also with exams at the end of every semester (written, oral and at work 4 weeks at the end where they evaluate how you work). And when you finally get to your last semester (like I am in right now) you have to write a thesis of a patient situation of yours (25pages), an oral exam over 40 Minutes and you get followed around and evaluated in the second last month of your semester for 4 long weeks. Only if you pass every one of the 3 you are FINALLY an RN. Crazy right? And I haven`t told you the best part. While this whole educational way you can only fail one semester and repeat it. If you fail twice- you are out! And not only that, you`ll have to wait for additional 2y. if you want to try again. But then you have to start completely over for the LPN to RN part, which means you are still an LPN but you have to do the 2y. for RN again. If you only fail one of the 3 things, like the thesis you have 2 weeks (!) to improve it and if you still fail- you’re out! But at least, nobody has to renew their license and to lose it completely you have to fail really badly at work (like murdering someone). NOTE : the last line NO renewals and “to completely lose it you have to fail really badly at work ” as opposed this the nurses on this site who lose a license for nothing at all ! Just a bunch of liars who want to save themselves ! AZ is the number one in abuse of nurses ! Cheers !

  28. here is the headlines, “”Understaffing In The ER Claimed, ER Nurse Fired.”””
    Very typical . She talked back, she spoke up, she must be punished . Tell the nursing students they are patient advocates , then let them try to advocate , and see what happens . OF course this was not AZ or the corrupt board of nursing would jump on this and go on a witch hunt and get the license revoked.
    You must follow the sheep, wear duct tape on your mouth, bow the American Greed , and do not rock the boat, just let everyone else do your thinking for you.
    Prove me wrong .

  29. One thing I think we have to be aware of is a feeling that we somehow need to be quiet, that maybe we did something wrong or shameful. I have learned in the past few years to tell my story freely and if people say that can’t be true I say that’s just what I believed before it happened to me. If they persist I tell them it is that attitude that allows these boards to continue abusing innocent professionals who don’t get a jury, public defender or real judge to hear their case and even if they were judged innocent the board can ignore that ruling to continue their harassment. Someday someone will hear one of us… is there an honest person out there , who can do their job , and not be swayed by money and crooks?

  30. While this title Character assassinations , it is really pointing out what those who are a part of this corrupt agency , have done and have given them the name , names well deserved. And pointing out their huge flaws and illegal activities no one questions. (VERY few) . New victims of this board may be starting to think the AZBON are not on my side , as a human, in fact are doing what ever they can to destroy you . What many go through, questions these (some) are nurses , they have got to see this ? or what are they thinking ? and why are they twisting every word I say around against me? and don’t they really want to see if there is a problem ? why would they go after someone’s jugular for nothing ? surely they can see an ex would lie ? they are calling this something they have never done? blowing up headlines about being fired from one nursing job , when nurses are disposable and get fired over nothing at all ? Bringing up something every nurse has done, but only on me ? why are they mentioning I showed up tardy one day ? really , like that is a concern of theirs . How much time are they allotted to dig into my past and wtf are they going back to another state 10 jobs ago ? All of these thoughts , are NORMAL for you to question .
    We are all so sorry that you had to endure this injustice. AND it is an injustice , it is quack board , all selected for their ‘views ‘ long before coming to this board, if you notice not a lot of recent hands on who are front runners in nursing . Just so you know you are not alone, and yes you can talk about your case, you can even talk the truth about your interpretation of events, do not let them silence you . No respect is ever given to someone who cows down to their level.

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