One Eyed Jacks AZBN

Once a complaint has been filed against a nurse the Board’s Wagon Train of investigators circle the nurse defendant and many of us know these investigators don’t believe a single word you say. Once the name calling and evidence begins the nurse often has little recourse but to submit to findings in spite of big price attorneys willing to defend you, even though it is known you will lose.  The truth of most cases is seldom heard and when it is, it is ignored. The laws of the state are totally ignored by these one-eyed jacks of crime. They do this as they know the courts back them up. Just like Arpaio. Justice kills. At least in Arizona. Yeah we know its all very very simple. So like if Mormons own 1% of coke, its now ok to drink coke, when previous caffeinated drinks were a violation. 

Is it difficult to caculate the number of combat veterans in the U.S. today? And assess that with accuracy? If you asked them all if they’d like to go through that war again, guess what? Not just No, but “Hell No.” However of those 1 percenters who went through hell with the AZBN, how many of those who’ve been through both combat and the crooked AZBN process would opt to do it all again? You guessed it, ALL OF THEM. 

A regulartory agency out of control and profusely doing corrupted favors for administrators with attorneys blaming nurses to protect physicians.


13 thoughts on “One Eyed Jacks AZBN

  1. The attorneys aren’t willing to defend you , they are willing to take your money . These “investigators ” know what your saying is true they just ignore any evidence that makes their crazy theories wrong. A one sided bullsh*t case is not a case. If a case was heard in front of the public jury pool , you might have a chance but with the alj who is bought off and has an understanding how to rule , before one word is stated in court. An injustice to say the least. All I can say is the 4 eyed puke who is running the women playing liars poker , a message for you Randy Quinn from a peer you fucked over : He will face God one day an that’s vengeance I would rather not have to deal with I want mine done before I face God because wow that’s goin to be so bad 😦

  2. and when told by another ‘victim nurse practioner, how the Az Board of nursing and ‘investigators , are such liars and manipulate the system , she responded by saying “”””Sad to say this has also been my experience as well. I had some go rounds with some narcissists in graduate school but the possibility that an entire board could be sucked into evil seemed so far fetched. And then that they could recruit and control all new board members for 25 years? It’s like in CS Lewis book Out of the Silent Planet. “”””
    definitely 3rd world dictatorship.

  3. july’s hit list , lot’s of companion cases , looks like group think. or (monkey see monkey do ) aka, Here Comes Everybody. take notice lots of things, like when a nurse does not prevail in the rigged court system az , they post it as such , but when the BON loses, they do not announce it that way , just post litigants. Looks to me like a big ta do over nothing, justify existence. When they are all pretty useless, and randy wants to change the name of crna LOL !! they love those titles don’t they , ?? what’s he want ?quinn queer one superman?

  4. That is something like an experience I heard from this nurse, A Rn (AZ ) Kathy Van***** , applied at a hospital and did not get hired because of an assault in Fla. But she said the bon said she could practice . This is another one of those odd happenings. And the hospital she applied at is one of those sweat shops , in South west AZ . the disparate kind .

  5. If you just wait, karma has a way or showing these people a humble experience . This prosecutor another state idiot , is very active taking licenses (like ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL and EMMA MAMALUY do in az ) and now look what happened to him. NO ONE feels sorry for him. An liar too according to his victims, He preys on holding licenses in kidnap mode. He was obviously focused on who he is going to really mess up their lives, witch hunting, while his child is sitting in a hot car for 5 hours, it doesn’t dawn on him , his baby, had his mind on other things , if not over cast , the cops finding him , would be dead. Do you think they will finally ‘get it ” accidents, happen or still be the same cold, calloused, mean girls club ?

  6. idiot Quinn , RANDY QUINN, the moron at the board ; not for long. they say it could have been his last meeting, the Gov is interviewing now. . Hopefully it is the LAST meeting for this absolute jackass . His parents have NOTHING to be proud of , but then again they drink the same kook aid .

  7. here is arizona regents , notice WM RIDENOUR, and Ram Krishna, Yuman, (father of Sunita Krishna Cairo) aag, for the BON , As regents finish their terms, new regents are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Senate.
    (the Senate who is composed of, we’ll lets say one big boys club ) Flush out the crud, the bacteria that festers , clean it out one big irrigation and debridement . A couple of females , as tokens, like the board of nursing , throw in a couple to distract , it is quite obvious the RODEL Assoc , whom Larry E Penley is a member , (charter schools , involved as well ) I’ll just post a quote “””While Fellows are all elected, the Rodel Fellowship is not a political program ….. Partners in Protecting Children: Utah CJCs & the LDS Church.”””” IMAGINE THAT !! Although the children of that gang does not lots of help, I do not think this is the group to do it !!! no wonder the woman were ignored, and then sued them !! Karrin T Robson, is looking at Gov , oh please !

    Larry Edward Penley. Chair.
    Karrin Taylor Robson. Secretary.
    Ron Shoopman. Treasurer.
    Lyndel Manson. Chair Elect.
    Bill Ridenour. Regent.
    Ram Krishna. Regent.
    Jay Heiler. Regent.
    Fred DuVal. Regent.

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