A Perfect Storm AZBN

The idea of a nurse being taciturn in the open expression of patient abuse in todays health care is commonly known amongst nurses whose system for reporting is known to cause a failed career for that nurse. When a physician takes advantage of a hypercondriais patient, whose needs are only psychological, the trail of evidence for abuse maybe difficult to find. The secrets of unnecessary surgeries/treatments can be frequently found in ancillary departments such as radiology. The reporting of this activity to the medical board in Arizona is NEVER confirmed, and the name of that nurse is given to the physician whose henchmen dispatches its deputies, the AZBN, high priced attorneys, local police, and an odd group of emissaries that appear in public with queer comments. The nurse maybe left with an incapacitated wife whose life had remained in the balance for several years and the nurse responds in a rebellious maner to the wicked displeasure of the offending surgeon whose business dwindles as his known quackery spreads far and wide. The entire case could be easily remedied with honesty but the AZBN and the attorney general are so use to the road to perdition  their political flexibility only follows the money. The road is much longer than they know.

The category complaints fall into may help the nurse to defend themselves against this mean machine of braile defined decisions. First rule, AZBN believes anything a physician and or hospital adm says. Anything. You can not defend yourself even with Johnny Cochran.

A racist complaint filed against a black nurse from hospital adm in Tucson via a patient, caused the black nurse to panic after the first hearing, be escorted out by armed guard, packed all belongings and go back to home state. Openingly calling Bd  ‘Crazy Rascists’. Be totally gone the followingly day. Never notified AZBN of address change. Worked for two years in home state before being notified of revoked Az license by home state. Home state held its own investigation before placing black nurse on unrestricted probation. The only known survivor from Mr.long shanks himself, R.Quinn, and his deputies. The first rule in Satan’s rule book is to convince you he doesn’t exist. Many nurses who’ve gone through the AZBN disciplinary process know Satan is very real.


Dont stop believing you can help nurses fight corruption, please sign petition. https://www.thepetitionsite.com/423/443/415/end-all-board-oyf-nurses-denial-of-civil-rights-and-due-process/


I firmly believe that if the whole materia medica could be sunk to the bottom of the sea, it would be all the better for mankind and all the worse for the fishes.
~Oliver Wendell Holmes