Nurse Tyranny AZBN

If there is a doubt in your mind that tyranny exists throughout the Doucey adm just look at the evidence against nurses whose unfortunate collisions with them and AZBN has ended countless careers because of phoney complaints against them. The long list all have a commonality of incredulous witnesses, whose noncolaborated evidence is moved upon by a group of tyrannts calling themselves nurse judges. Any objections by the defendants goes to the adm law court whose process avoids the rule of law. Complaints to oversight committees such as ombudsmen review and the law board of overseers generates responses like, “The AZBN, the ADM Law Court, & the assist Attorney General claim they did the right thing.” Plato is laughing. Thats called tyranny. Welcome to Arizona, best leave before you die in this pit of lies.


7 thoughts on “Nurse Tyranny AZBN

  1. A great deal of nurses have heard, and many are aware but more work to do . looking at the one track minds of those on the board, and right in line with AZNA , who advertise ‘stop nurse violence ” . Which is pretty crazy since they are those ones perpetuating the behavior.
    Walking into a hospital in AZ is like entering a war zone. A nurse who had been in the Army National guard , told me she was less stressed in Afghanistan during active sniper fire than in front of the AZ BON ! Here’s why: She had total trust in her military comrades. They were not adversaries , but on the same team. She knew if killed by enemy fire, she would be brought home, covered in an American flag, and honored with a proper burial. They had her back. In Hospitals and dealings with the AZBON , she never knew who would stab her in the back.
    First thing hospitals do is cover everything up.

    1. I’ve been trying for mos to find out the STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS to take AZBON decision to revoke my RN lic to SUPREME CRT to review. I did not get DUE PROCESS (like SOO many nurses here). Was bases on lies. NO PROOF provided. Also, how to proceed w SUPREME COURT PROCESS. THX

      1. You can not go to Supreme court without going to Superior ct, then you must go to adm law court first of all. Lack of due process maybe a special action which has no statute of limitations. All the courts are rigged by the mormons, as is the azbn, and their bullshit. But it is an adventure in learning corruption. You just might get somewhere with 20,000.00 and a good attorney. Maybe.

  2. actually the AZBON would say ‘ we are right ” , but then again it is ingrained , in them , they are the only true ones and everyone else is wrong in their everyday lives. The AAG would say “just doing my job . ” well NO your not , your job is to uphold the justice in every case, so don’t let me hear you say that, you might have to pull your shirt off to shit . I know you keep saying it to yourself over and over , everyone can see through it you are as corrupt as the AZBON . And the judges ? they know fully well , their ‘decisions ‘ have already been dictated to them , sign what the corrupt AZBON wants or you no longer will work here . And we know anyone who becomes an ALJ , is a LOSER to begin with. the old saying still fits “if you can’t make it as an attorney in private practice , become a judge ” right Chad ?

  3. Ducey knows there are problems with the AZBON, just like with anything concerning a predominantly female profession, he doesn’t act until the red wave is all over the internet.
    You can ignore some problems, and some you better act on or give the appearance of doing something, and have the wisdom to know the difference . The later is what the duce is guilty of. Ridenour too, her move is to blame anything goes wrong , “it was a BOARD decision ” . Point you right over the that group of the most corrupt/ worst judges of anything, and delirious members.

  4. Funny , to see when the AZBON members staff and dir all pointing fingers at each other . While the double edge sword Valerie Smith is off , and out of it , felt the heat.
    From reliable source , Kathy Malloch was brought back to the board because Randy Quinn was screwing up so bad. i can see that the pompous ass has no business even being on a bon. Too weird that is for sure.

  5. Leah , isn’t that amazing the law states the AZBON must prove their case, not for you to disprove it. They never do, but the alj’s will sign what ever, used to be V Smith pick out the “jucet gissip non related crazy stuff now it is , J Dahn who writes it out for them to sign . Not anything to do with Dahn being right or smart which is quite the contrary, but because they know , not signing is career ending . Depending on what the issues were, where you would go next . If your info can be sent over (not on internet , this is where the corrupt board of nursing AZ, spends 99% of their days reading f/b pages , and any other threads a nurse posts on to hold it against them . (they think ) . Very controlling , they want you to be like them obedient . They all have their mission messed up big time for sure !
    I would never discourage anyone from pursuing this further, it is the ones who give up who give this corrupt board the ok to do what they do .

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