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It probably does initially appear that state regulatory agencies such as the Arizona Board of Nursing & the Arizona Medical Board, not to leave out state attorney Bar association and the Az Ombudsman over review, are within the rules that protect the public. Nothing could be further from the truth. As economic failures of mass proportions continue to plague the major corporations of health care providers, our state governing agencies continue to ‘Fix’ cases to look good in the eyes of the public. The nurse Vaught expose of Tn reveals that what matters isn’t quality care but caring for the money train. Are there more similar cases? Does this happen in Arizona? Of course it does, and can start with the AZBN presentation of complaints against a nurse as behavior of nurse, in many cases, misses the real mark of bad behaviors as it involves bad physicians, nurses who really are fake nurses, Attorney Generals office violating state laws, Ombudsmen who represent stupidity, Administrative Law court judges illegal findings, and all roads to the ‘Fix’ so the administration looks like its doing its job. As the system continually revolves around illegally screwing over nurses, and assistants, the fallout also continues and like all business models based after the Mafia type of abuse the numbers are showing. The fall of the urban health care setting creeps up on major corporate businesses such as Community Health Services of Tn. whose failure and monster loses is revealing the many corrupt horrors through out the health care system. The reporting nurse must retire and find a new profession just to help the public see these pecker heads of money and illegal power are injuring us, and could only care about the money. 

Specific to cases involving the ‘fix’against nurses and assistants are the names commonly associated with protecting the public. Turning an envious eye towards the past and now realizing the victims of illegal actions were also, at one time, believers in this system and will until the end remember those names of injustice. They are Joey Ridenour, Randy Quinn, Beth A. Campbell, and Diane Milhaskey. 

The Devil’s first rule is to convince you he doesn’t exist.


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  1. AZ BON Could learn a lot from Tenn BON . Look at the facts and work with people . Coming back it would be like the probation of AZ BON, if people are watching you to make mistakes, your gonna make mistakes. And how many hospital systems are calling direct patient care nurses their heros , in AZ ? Ballard Health, located in east Tennessee and southwest Virginia, announced during Nurses Week that it was putting a massive investment of 10 million dollars to increase the wages for all direct patient care nursing and supporting back wages for acute care registered nurses, licensed practice nurses and nursing assistants with primary responsibility in providing direct patient care. The announcement read: “Our nurses and those who work with them in the provision of direct patient care are heroes.”

    Sometimes you have to look at the big picture .

  2. The page here doesn’t have a counter so there is little knowledge of the volume involved in these posts. With the present day knowledge of the damages created by the health care systems many of these posts give reasons for such horrors. Avoid the system entirely if you can, save your life.

  3. More secret society , board of nursing, they want to have 100% closed session , have to do something about that. “it’s in the memo ” no no , table talking . What do they have to hide ?? what could they possibly hiding if they are doing what they are suppose to be doing ?

  4. got a call , a little bird , they want to come back on the board , WTF , listening to the messed up minds for eight years, time to clean house, the disease that reeks, and drips, that Ridenour allowed to fester will never clear up . Not a good move. But then Preston Whispering in Gillette’s ear , all part of the disease spreading to the new unbiased minds, Guiterezz talking loudly to her neighbor while going into closed session is more of the disease spreading . Like both of these hateful ones , who cannot admit they are acting childish , nursing knowledge nil, and spreading rumors trying to get others against the target , because they got called on their stupidity .

  5. Looks like Elizabeth Campbell must have got tired from playing cards and couldn’t make the meeting . My informant said Sunita looked pretty tired , and some man in long blue sleeves , with bald head slept though the entire meeting . Can’t place who that would be , sits on the side with the one with lg dk hair and bangs who knows how to give dirty looks, (where Val smith ghost still appears , like a SCREAM mask) must be spreading in the employees or part of their job description . Unprofessionals.

  6. People need to become aware of what is happening, they somehow think that is a bon puts something in writing that someone else said, it must be true. Look at every case the liar had motive. But that is what the bon is made up of and their leadership LIARS , so they get away with it . While the nurse who is being railroaded , and turns those in who are corrupt is told, ‘this is just retaliation ” . NO, the original complaint is retaliation, but this corrupt board knows that. ! Getting paid for corruption, while in their “small minds” every nurse is guilty of something, so won’t hurt to take down another one . Dirty players.

  7. This is very possible , and it is all documented, ‘who done it ” the higher in court you take them the more your life is in danger . This is how they act, many incidents while acting like the BON ‘ What , what did we do wrong , it s him , look at the psych eval , he is crazy, she is crazy, we are only protecting the public, while behind closed doors : what they are really saying is :::, ‘what can we do to fuck him up and stop this information , we already alerted the AZ NA , to do their part , what else can we do, put your heads together , we keep voting to keep his license he is the bad guy, she is the bad guy not US !! ”

    In an interview with FOX 13, McKenna Denson revealed a series of attacks that police in Colorado are investigating. She believes they are a result of her high-profile lawsuit.

    “I think the attacks are all related to my case against the Church,” she said. “My life is pretty normal besides that. I don’t have any enemies that would try to poison me, torch my car, snap my wrist.”

    Denson said on Jan. 30, she made breakfast for her daughter and took her to school. When she got home, she made breakfast for herself and drank a glass of orange juice.

    Judge wants identity of second accuser in lawsuit alleging rape at the LDS Church’s Missionary Training Center

    “I had to call an ambulance,” she told FOX 13. “Somebody came into my home and put Drano in my orange juice.”

    Denson said she didn’t drink a lot and was released from the hospital. A few days later, someone set fire to her car while a friend was visiting. A neighbor’s surveillance camera captured a flash in the early morning hours. A police report provided to FOX 13 shows police seized the burned vehicle and containers with liquid inside them.

    About a week later, Denson said, she caught a man lurking in her front yard. It was dark, but she said the man was wearing a hoodie.

    “I jumped off my front porch. Don’t ask me why I did this, but my first response was, ‘What are you doing?'” she said.

    As she chased after him, Denson said someone tackled her from behind and took her to the ground. She suffered a broken nose, wrist and finger.

    Related Story
    LDS Church asks for jury trial in woman’s lawsuit alleging sexual assault at the MTC

    Denson said after each incident, she went to police. The Pueblo Police Department confirmed to FOX 13 they took reports for all three incidents, which remain under investigation.

    But Denson said without suspect information, detectives do not have much to go on.

    “I have no name, no identity of who was behind the recent attacks,” she said.

    Denson also would not say who she believed might be behind the attacks.

    Related Story
    Video shows woman who sued LDS Church over sex assault confronting ex-MTC president in chapel

    “Even if I were to speculate, I have absolutely no idea. I have no proof. I have no evidence,” she said.

    Denson is currently suing the Latter-day Saint church and Joseph Bishop, who ran the faith’s Missionary Training Center in Provo when she was a young sister missionary in 1984. She accuses Bishop of raping her in a basement room and the Church of covering up other allegations of misconduct against him. Earlier this week, a federal judge ordered the Church to disclose to Denson’s attorneys any other names of people who have leveled sexual misconduct accusations against Bishop.

    The case is scheduled to go to trial in 2020.

    Denson acknowledged in the interview with FOX 13 that some might not believe her, but she said he was speaking out because she believed shining a light on it might prevent future incidents.

    “The more vocal I am, the safer I am. I believe that,” she said. “I might be wrong, but that is my belief. So talking about the assaults that have recently happened — when no one knows, people are free to do whatever they want to do. But when there is a spotlight on it, people are more afraid they might be caught.”

    Since the incidents earlier this year, Denson said she has taken steps to protect her personal security. She said she also has no plans to stop speaking out about her lawsuit.

    “When I went public, I was fed up with what was happening with this particular case involving Joseph Bishop,” Denson said. “I am not OK with that. I am not OK with the Church covering up sexual abuse, covering up rape, protecting their name above survivors. I’m not OK with the pain and the shame victims and survivors suffer. They need to own it, they need to apologize and they need to go through and make policy changes so people are safe in the Church.”

    ****this is a pattern of how they are , attacking you in your personal residence, using what ever means possible— HOA, yep got the proof of that, local police , getting neighbors to lie, it is ALL DOCUMENTED, so keep on. I believe she is right , put it all out there , and expose them and each and everyone of them.

  8. Next time that loser ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL , AKA “BETH” CAMPBELL, AKA Turd woman, tells people what she does for a living , correct her and say , no she takes away freedom for profit . Steals licenses. Destroys careers. Unprofessional liar. Poor acting in the court room. a real closet monster who name is become the talk of the town. She could never run an office or become part of a big firm , who would have her ? And to think that EMMA L MAMALUY is lower than this POS . Some of those on the BON have stopped listening to her . Rightfully so .


    IF you think this is a New York case only think again. AZ has their own little drug theft, the board of nursing AZ is well aware of this nurses actions . Stealing, pretending to be a Dr, writing for drugs, then stealing again vials of opioids. Probation doesn’t stop her, she did not follow those rules, failed to tell her mgr she was on probation. NEXT HOSPITAL , pee test whoops , POSITIVE yup you guessed it opioids. Given another chance this corrupt board actually REDUCED the probation. Was Preston behind this idea ?, like , she fked up a number of times so lets shorten her probation so she can get through and we won’t have to drug test her ! OR was This Bd member Hill’s idea to allow her to have STAYED revocation. Maybe Boyer thought she’d like to have this nurse out there working ? Maybe she will share . Did I say she is currently working and taking are of patients ? OH yea ! what makes this drug addict so special to the board, Sure looks like she is supplying someone ! Hmmm .

  10. I remember a nurse years ago who begged forgiveness only to go to another state and get caught doing the exact same thing. Its like you stand a better chance with narcotic theft than trying to expose a quack.

  11. This thief, drug addict is doing the same thing in the state who knows about what she has done. SOMEONE is protecting her. Really appears that she is selling , using and sharing . many of the board members could fit this description .

  12. No one is exempt wouldnt surprise me of that psychobabble Harrell, and sure looks like she is weaseling her way back in . Some people cannot retire and enjoy life they have to have control over others, judge others , mostly in a punitive way, and take care of her sister wives . No amount of counseling could ever get her to see how messed up she really is . ! I bet her grand kids hate her or just think all people seventies/ eighties act like this

  13. Must be in the water over there on 7th st. Look at the one named RANDY Quinn, a real freak show. He would never do counseling, he thinks he is right about everything, bucking for some celestial island , LAUGHABLE to me !!

  14. the az bon loves those thieves and drug addicts don’t they ? You got to have a real sociopathic nature about you to ‘substitute drugs ” or ‘give less then prescribed ” . Protect patients , HA ! Probably because they can relate to them. Someone working on drugs , would surely make many mistakes. Let’s hope they make one on THEM ! Of course they think it would never happen. Time has a way of unveiling and exposing many things.

  15. The problem with the lawyers is that they are not on our side. If you are looking for a lawyer and you say that you did not violate the nurse practice act and therefore want to fight their complaint they will tell you that they cannot represent you because it will make it hard for them to represent other nurses if they are not in the good graces of the nursing board. Seriously??? They should always be on the bad side of the board. It seems totally unethical for them to think that they need to be on the side of your adversary when you are fighting for your professional life. They don’t even represent you at all, they simply lead you to the door of the slaughter house after they take all your money first. This is true for every lawyer who does administrative law with professional board. They have developed a mantra that they need to be on the other side. We should turn them all in to the Bar for unethical behavior. Of course they tell us at the first appointment that they will not really represent us but simply guide us through the process. And play footsey with the board.

    So even if you are completely right and have the facts to prove it, your lawyer will not go against the board , not really they will do a 1/2 *ss acting gig . . All the rest will not help you, they simply take your money and the dump you at the door.

    We can call it unethical and unfair but what we need to do is rise up and change the laws, write legislation that lawyers cannot take your money if they are not going to truly represent your interests. This could be an interesting angle as I write I am thinking that this might be a way to change the laws. Go after the lawyers, make the liable if they can’t represent you against your board. Of course if you are harming patients etc then you would not before the board , in fact you are probably still working without any restrictions. Lawyers get sued or disbarred if you lose your license. If you lose your license without cause then the lawyer gets disbarred. If you can’t work because they can’t really represent you then they pay for your losses.

    This would make the lawyers sit back and think about their relationship with WTF and the entire boards.

  16. That one named RANDY QUINN , who is HOPEFULLY gone from the board and not to return , none of them return . is about a few bricks short of a full load. ! No amount of counseling psychotherapy would undue the brain washing the embedded thoughts, that are ground into that skull would make him a 1/2 normal person, he is so far gone and so crooked in his thought process. All he thinks about is money money money, the love of money is the root of all evil. ANd power trip , and controlling the women, This is a sick teaching , for years that just will never undue itself. He actually thinks because he doesn’t drink alcohol (none of them do HAHA !!! ) , he is a good person, well chump , think again. Wonder how many anti depressants he wife has to chug down , and if she will ever think , damn, I really didn’t have to marry the first person i dated , He is really an asshole, no other word for it. He will have to have his hands in controlling others in some manner . Through the eyes of these poor young nurses, and older ones too, seeing this POS , making motions and the dumb women following suit, is just sickening.

  17. Remember that member of the board from Oregon who came to the meeting in AZ ‘to see how they run their meetings “HAAHAH (that was too funny , but a whopper of a lie ; Ridenour really your nose is growing !! ) well the Oregon board who appears to be pretty corrupt , the same influence in the way of creeps, on it as AZ, as well as the medical’ psych board there , UH! (but az has them all beat for corruption , not tough on nurses , just corrupt ) . well anyways, the woman comes to AZ , now it so happens that a NP had a case that started in Oregon, and appears they jumped the gun, and did not have a strong case. Or a case at all , like most ‘matters ” where the board is fabricating ! Well the NP moved to AZ so AZ started this witch hunt, to assist another board, because —God forbid some board be human and treat nurses as professionals. Not just objects to destroy. So it will come out in court the collusion, but , this woman stayed with one of the board members, now if that is isn’t collusion and the real reason she came was so phone calls and such would not be traceable. they thought they were so clever ! I mean she could have sat in her office and watched the stream , like students used to do instead of making the trip hundreds of miles across the state , but then this corrupt board members couldn’t “censor ” out what they didn’t like (mostly the TRUTH !!!) Rig the open meetings . So in the same building as the BON, they found this NP had worked for Jewish Family services and found the Dr there more than willing to complain, dig up , make up anything he could . And they ,got her on , are you ready for this ???? NOT PRESCRIBING to a patient she had not seen so that she could BRIDGE (omg Sunita if you said it ONE MORE FKING time I think we would have choked you . GAG ME ! STFU , you are not a nurse or NP , and this is STUPID , so whoever told you to tell the court BRIDGE meds, is not going by the book . NOW did you all get this Oregon filed, and AZ revoked first. wow land of corruption , And in this day and age of not prescribing unless you lay eyes on someone. Sickening , just sickening !

  18. Watch Ridenour try to get their story to ‘match up ” they can’t already have the proof. CAUGHT IN THE ACT. Too much of a coincident , just as case is being prepared for the big acting event at the OAH ! Scene one, take two , action (action means , hey lets all pretend we are really listening and see how many times we can interrupt the defendant and throw them off guard and hey lets paln the party NOW cause we have win in the bag . So how did Oregon thank the corrupt board in az ? stayed tuned !!

  19. I guess they should have listened to Emerson ! Just keep digging themselves further in the dark hole!
    “Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive”

    Isn’t that the truth !

  20. Hey guys , the goon Quinn, got this ‘award’ which if very telling and a big joke ! The NCSBN , put his picture up there, like REALLY !! well if randy the wrap it up inpolite jerk wants to think he is really something , so be it. Like Enterpreneur, haha . and thinks he is some kind of executive , too funny . So a bunch of nurses who want to suck up to board member put in a vote for the clown. ! Reminds me of a hospital I worked at , which every Dr did not show up for the Medical staff meeting got voted in as President for the next year !! And they all laughed about it , like everyone knew it meant sh*t , does not add to a resume . ROFLOL !! It s like a nurse who had flowers sent to herself , at work from ‘some guy” everyone knew, so it was kind sad these people who are so sociopathic they have to feel like they are great at something. When he is the biggest asshole in the entire state , of all the nurse I know (A LOT ) he is the biggest asshole ! That’s an award to ya , !

  21. Oh remember when Jokey , got an award from some school and her husband was on the board of regents , ?? like really , your going to value that set up ? That is important ? when everyone knows it was as rigged as the OAH hearings. This is part of the personality disordered members of the Board , craving some kind of recognition , when the are all complete LOSERS , who run a very corrupt agency !

  22. This holds very true for the board of nursing members who just cannot live in society with having power over others , fake friends because of their position only, and a ‘pretend ‘ world of importance . Yes term limits should always be followed , never to return, and term limits for dir as well , who has created a disaster at the AZ BON. Which has spread across the country . putting a black mark on working in AZ, An observer, why is that male up there directing all their woman what to do, how to say it , when like teachers this is a mostly female occupation. Why do these woman have to have a man speaking for them. Listen to him making motions , and the ‘sheep ‘ women all nodding in the same fashion. BAAAAA . shameful , like little girls that cannot think for themselves , and putting woman 100’s of years behind !

    The U.S. Constitution allows for members of Congress to serve an unlimited number of terms. JD believes that the lack of term limits leads to lifetime politicians who care more about remaining in power than serving the people.

    Care more about remaining in power , yep this fits the bill here !

  23. AZ they put a ditzy woman out there to be in charge (Brewer, Hall , ) along with being in charge is responsible for everything, of course Ridenour will try to wipe her buggers on the boards saying “this was a BOARD decision” and dump on them . HAHA , ANd the board members dumb enough to listen to Mamaluy , take them right down the path of destruction. Further Destruction.

  24. Wonder where the black bouncing bookkeeper BOY was hiding . haha. Maybe he smartened up and not going do the boards “Dirty work ” . LOL!!!

  25. History bequeaths a demonstrative message: Some who gain a position of power will inevitably strike down the rights of others, animals and humans, in the name of greed, grandiosity, and evil sadistic gratification.

  26. I can see this, not from board meeting but in other areas nurses gather . ‘evil sadistic gratification” , like a quasi legal act , one they won’t go to prison for (or maybe they will) of a homicidal thinking male such as Quinn . This is how he is killing them , controlling , with way too much power, for his stupidity, and uneducated mind in this area, but the gutless women, all are allowing this . When a second male was on the board it was short lived , got the hell out .

  27. notice how the monkey in the middle moved himself. , queer looking randy ? and put the most unqualified there . The ones on the Board don’t even notice. But it gives a handy close by ear for Preston to bang into , and well remember those dumb blond jokes ? Take them more seriously ! Some people can hear something and react to it , sad but happens. Sub human who can do to nurses what they do , and have no emotion or guilt (which they should have ) . Simple minds must say over and over , they are all guilty . One of the board members posted this , I am on the AZBON and you are all guilty stop writing this stuff, you are all not deserving of a license . Wow , hateful . mean and totally brain washed . A group pep talk, “let’s go out there and stop these bad nurses , we know they are all guilty , if you can’t do the tough thing you don’t belong on this board” got to be the huddle talk, NCSBN , meetings , when one would say, oh I don’t think we need to go to revoke, the rest would POUNCE on her for even thinking , that the nurse is not the most dangerous, public safety menace . Trickles down. Careful Hill when you mingle among them you could become one of them . Doesn’t take much to brain was someone , don’t care how many initials you have behind your name (written ONCE is ok, but over and over, well you lack real hands on experience ) . Not one of these cowards on the board served in the military , cause they are cowards . Being on a bd is SELF serving .

  28. Used to watch this, freak show , from both perspectives, that is why I let license go in AZ (while holding my breath ) and will never return. I would say the majority of the nurses in AZ and those who travel there , have no clue what is going on in ARizona, While parts of the state have some nice scenery, once you realize how corrupt and how nasty they play, that scenery is not that beautiful in fact it like hearing the word utah, immediate sickness over comes you . I will say about 50% of the nurses I worked with have their hearts into their work, and will do the right thing. Then their are those who have their noses up mgt’s butts , (like the ones on the board) and that is what they think nursing is about. If they only knew how sad , and pathetic they are and everyone knows what they are doing , everyone they hide nothing.

  29. From a prosecutor who got caught ; prosecuting an innocent man :
    I was also a prosecutor who was involved in prosecuting a case in which a gentleman was convicted of murder who was later found to be factually innocent,” Herndon testified, choking back tears between words. “And if you think that doesn’t weigh heavily on somebody, you’d be mistaken. I think that informs me everyday that I do my job currently about the failings that can occur through our justice system.”
    (THe Failings that can occur !)
    NO the prosecutors for the AZ Board of Nursing do this ON PURPOSE ! )

    He goes on to say:
    “We can’t solve all the world’s problems but we can’t abandon them either. There’s never, ever a wrong time to do the right thing by people,” Herndon told members of the Senate Committee on the Judiciary, chaired by Senate Majority Leader Nicole Cannizzaro, a prosecutor who appears in Herndon’s court.

    Cannizzaro left the hearing during testimony from Herndon and Nevada Supreme Court Justice Kris Pickering, who publicly apologized to DeMarlo Berry, released after 23 years in prison for a murder he did not commit.
    (so the prosecutors , like ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL , and SUNITA KRISHNA CAINES , EMMA MAMALUY, (persucutor mentality ) just shrug it off “oh well they must have done something , and they can get a job somewhere else ” )
    Is it that simple ? Is that all you boil it down to , what you have done ? I don’t think any nurse or NP , CNA that Campbell/ Krishna has crushed their dreams , they feel ONE bit of remorse . This is what defines her, not the good nurses she lied about, taking a case that wasn’t there . Stripping away one’s identity , and purpose for life .

  30. That one from Indian name is CAIRO .
    OH and FYI, her father is on the Board of regents, so that means he is with WM Ridenour , one big tangled web of connections.

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