Diane Milhasky Adm Law Judge Az.

This post was copied from another page not unlike this page. I do not know who posted this but the specific case referred to has noted names of the officers of the court. We all are officers of the court.


Diane Milhasky alj ADMINISTRATIVE LAW COURT . 10/29/18
Recap events. Respondent pro per asked for one extension , denied,
unheard of a judge not allowing ONE extension but the AAg Elizabeth
Campbell did not agree to it so the alj is siding with the state all the way ,
whatever fits her schedule.
Witness list was not provided by AAG Campbell. FAILED to file witness list.
Campbell brought in AZ GAMING DEPARTMENT employee to represent
the AZ BOARD OF NURSING. ALJ Milhaskey . refused to allow
respondent to ask ‘witness investigator “ to ask her questions concerning
her ‘employment ‘ with the BON. one question AAG did not object just
interrupted, to about “gaming employee “ employment with the BON .The
respondent stated his objection about her being BON employee, and ALJ
reprimanded the respondent for 10 mins . The Milhaskey stated “i don’t
want to reprimand “ with that witness said “you already did “. (is that on
the transcript ? lots of changes after the court hearing. At all times
showing partiality to AAG Campbell. Even the tone of her voice changed
when addressing individuals. From sickening sweet soft tone to louder
harsher “stop your argument “ message tone. (no arguments in this
courtroom just plead beg, and cow down is acceptable.
Again the Bon is using ‘security “ “police officers “ at taxpayers expense to
sit in a trial , for intimidation purposes . There are security (2) at the door
and camera is rolling, but they brought in officers, who sat and texted the
entire time. A common “trick ‘ of this BON. To make respondents look
“dangerous”, with a hidden message to the judge. The “sham court “
started at 903 am the officer did not arrive until 908 am so the participants
felt ‘safe “ in a room at the end of the hall , closed door , with no one else
around , for 5 mins but not the rest of the time. A JOKE !
Although the opinion was already in before the trial started. Milhaskey was
not even a good actress . A long winded speech of rebuttal questions by
Milhaskey stating “a GOOD lawyer , asks maybe one or two questions of
the witness “ What planet is the ALJ from ? subtle little remarks , that
confirmed anyones doubt about this ALJ being a complete idiot and biased.
The state was allowed to bring up everything from abortions to obituaries ,
from 1969 , but the respondent was not allowed to get in one question
about the credibility of this az gaming dept ‘witness” . (what are they hiding
? ) When Gaming Witness took the stand she said “she works for the state
of az and ‘was assigned to this case “ the Judge with that gave her a very
odd look. After lunch when the respondent started to ask questions about
this, he was stopped in his tracks by AAG and ALJ. It appears that the
ALJ asked about this “witness ‘ real story during the lunch break. What was
really going on, although she will deny it.
It also appears that AAG prepped her ‘witness “ who jumped out of the
witness chair , with ‘relief” , when the ALJ got her out of answering any
questions, after appearing very nervous. But answered questions with “to
the best of my recollection “ really who needs a psych eval here? She
cannot remember ? This investigation started in JAN ! not even a year
ago! Then multiple “I BELIEVE SO “ . OF course respondent did not know
to say I need a YES OR NO , can this witness be fraudulently
charged? Of course she swore in respondent, who had to remind the
“experienced “ ALJ she forget to say “in God we trust “ and had to prompt
her. Pretty sad. At one point ALJ said ‘you can complaint to my boss”
really like your boss isn’t part of the problem? (Greg Hanchett) Then
when reprimanding and not show any leeway to non attorney, ALJ made
another inappropriate statement. “I want this case over TODAY.” Really,
putting a time limit on the respondent, after allowing the state all morning ?
Bad actor, how about something like “I’d want due process and justice to
be served, and although we can go as long as it takes I will not allow for
repeating one’s self. “ AAG Campbell mentioned that the Dr who was fired
from WARMC, was black and that was the one in the fictional book written
by Respondent was “negroid” , Campbell mentioned SIX TIMES on the
record, a ‘fictional character was attending Howard University.” Campbell
repeated herself on every count more than once, and a number of times,
exaggerated many times including , intimidation and ‘pattern ‘ of behavior
(over a 52 year period of time , same incident 2-3 times) . While Campbell
and the BON have a steady ‘pattern of corruption behavior” . Linda Monas,

Case defines the incredible bizarre and investigation process of more than 35 yrs old, where there was no complaint. If you upset the Bd they will get you, they don’t need a complaint. The enormity of the paper work generated from cases that go outside the authority of the law. Much Ado at the taxpayers costs when there is NO legal authority to do so in the first place. Welcome to AZBN/Arizona where for every bad government there is a worse, this it.


15 thoughts on “Diane Milhasky Adm Law Judge Az.

  1. CAMPBELL mouthing the words to her so called “witness” is WITNESS TAMPERING . She needs to be locked up and disbarred for this. She has done this multiple times. Too bad she is such a dirty bird. She gets away with it because those who are affected do not have nothing but excuses for not turning them both in. Remember ” an excuse is a lie wrapped in a reason” . not doing so is protecting them , just like cutting off the part about monas the hyena , and ghost employee of the BON , protecting the enemy, who does that . ?

  2. This shows how the kangaroo court is run, corrupt no court no hearing. this was formed so it “LOOKS ” like the agencies are separate , and that it is not a court held by the board of nursing, but they are in it together . whether the alj ‘speaks ” directly to the bds or not exparte is going on. Whether they write all the bs on their web site FAIR IMPARTIAL , means NOTHING. What is really being done is railroading nurses , nothing fair or impartial going on at all. it is a rigged system, Diane knows she either signs what the board of nazis wants or she no longer has a job. lazy lawyers , she used to be in an office but it’s just easier to sit at a desk as a prop , and do the same pattern over and over. NOTHING equal NOTHING fair. When the least guilty show up at this court because they know they did not anything to deserve this. THEN as if it were any crazier , they are labeled unable to be regulated, because they fought their case so hard. !!

  3. you can tell which cases are the board retaliating on a nurse. Protecting hospitals . They just use a ton of hours and money to ‘get even ‘ for them or for members of bd, or former members . Abuse of power, but then that is the problem allowing this corrupt director to be in office for so long , term limits. the boards investigations , are all over the place. just throw lots of mud around true or not and see what sticks. the alj are in their pocket. Report the bastards to every agency, keep a paper trail, you never know when someone comes along and will use what you have written to bolster their case. Silence is not golden it is just plain dumb , and gutless. No one else is going to come to you and ask questions !

  4. the REAL officers of the court, oath takers have an OBLIGATION , to report to the judge when a case falls apart on them , to back off and admit , nothing there, no case, never was a case, tried to mgr a case, and make up through lying witnesses but didn’t quit cut the mustard.

  5. However, any of us that have been through this process know that the state boards of medicine and nursing have become simple arms of the Department of Justice. They leave a paper trail which the state or federal prosecutors then use against you later in court. Nurses are tricked into signing “consent orders” which state “I neither agree with or deny the charges”, but when push comes to shove, the prosecutors state the charges as if they were fact. So the message to nurses out there is Don’t Sign Consent Orders pertaining to Controlled Substance prescriptions.

    So Nurse _____ in his/her naivety, signed a consent order and did all of the requirements of the board. But in more hoops were added by the corrupt board of nursing . he/she did not have the money to keep paying for more tests more evals, and lost their license to practice. reported to the main system which ruins your life in any field. Lessons be learned , Do not give them a “pass” many nurses regret it.

  6. On April 25, 10 pm chl 5 watch that pig from the board of nursing on tv , run her mouth how she is “protecting the public. ” We all know about her patient who did not survive , but hey , you are suppose to ignore that !! Channel 5 has a way of reporting 1/2 *ass facts ! . Can Biscobing be that dumb to listen to Mamaluy ‘s bull sh*t , really , or is there another connection. chl 3 and 5 “sister stations !
    Oh and don’t even say she looks like a DIKE , because she will accuse you of being HOMOPHOBIC . No Janeen you just do not think before you speak, and your creepy and crawly . Ridenour has very poor choices when it comes to putting the reputation of this agency on the line.

  7. Do you suppose that DAHN , is with the corrupt board of nursing because of her law suit, she cannot get malpractice and is stuck working for Gov agency , and must not touch a patient . Like the board gave her a ride , and she is doing her dirty work to nurses / np , for the ‘favor ” . Betting a grad from mass would love to watch this , really good at pointing out her medical mistakes , and lots of them

  8. Rather than actually fix the problem, BYU decides to run ads to combat the negative press surrounding the honor code. Typical . “We are not wrong, people! You just don’t understand!” Just like the BON , Very typical statements . Too “true” to change what they are doing is wrong. That Diane is a mess too, just ask Amanda T. and many others who have been victim to her bias .

  9. https://www.facebook.com/arizonasfamily/videos/421733141724119/ If people only knew , what represents the state agency BON ! UH ! A comment you will hear, if you are positive for drugs will you lose your license “ABSOLUTELY NOT ” . really ? well neg uds, . and mj card and positive for hair , with nothing else going on but the bon lies. the statement is false. If they want you to sign your a flaming drug addict , they will put you in a CONFIDENTIAL program, (why is that ?, ) . SO many lost licenses and do not have drug problems . crazy stuff for sure .

  10. this entire OAH is one big corrupt court of thieves poor actors , liars and thieves. Why does it continue. Well if every case was a az board of nursing case, it would be too obvious. But some cases a citizen wins. Not against a state agency but against a HOA, or some other issue . Such a waste of time . trying to make it look ‘legal’ and “fair” because it is not held at that BON . doesn’t matter it is still a crooked court

  11. What would this board of nursing do to the nurse who dropped a baby on its head? My twin girls were born 2/14/19 at Chandler Regional in Chandler, AZ and my daughter Morgan was dropped on her head due to the negligence of the staff. I was never notified she was dropped nor were there any tests done due to them dropping her. I would like to prevent this from happening to other children being born at this hospital.

    She spent a total of 12 days in the NICU due to her being 3lbs 4oz when born. A head ultrasound was done on day 5 and I was also not notified that this was being done due to her low birth weight and I was never given the results of this test. She has a grade 1 hemorrhage on the left side of her brain and I am not sure if that was due to her being dropped or her low birth weight. I did not find out that this test was done and the results of this test until this past Saturday when I brought up a different concern to her doctor.

    Please share to avoid this happening to another baby by a bad nurse !

    My husband was recording but was watching my other daughter being pulled out. They were only born one minute apart. I’ve shortened the video because it shows my stomach opened and I don’t think anyone wants to see that.

  12. Quite honestly the az board of nursing does not seem to care one bit about negligence, or if a newborn was dropped on its head. NOW if a nurse working in that department told others, or reported the nurse for doing this , they would be happy to go after THAT nurse. AZ BON is not protecting any public they are protecting the hospitals . I do not think the hemmorage has anything to do with low birth weight, it was from being dropped. This is negligence and child abuse, report them but don’t be surprised is the DOH , gives you more nonsense . CPS may act if they think you are going to go after them . Or act like they will , another messed up agency in corrupt az.

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