Inside the Medical Mafia & AZBN


A foolish faith in authority is the worst enemy of the truth. Albert Einstein

Openly violating a state law by using power on licensees without legal authority is here, today. 

The changing functions and behaviors of professional nursing have continually been in transition since the profession began. The days of nursing in the 1860s and the Florence Nightingale period of nursing was centered around the focusing on simply making the patient survive which was, at that time, have been a divine intervention if they did. Infections ran rampant killing patients on a regular basis.That period of innovations that markedly improved that deadly period of poor patient outcomes was moved to success by Florence and her remarkable understanding that bacteria and other microbes grew from basically uncleanliness, as well as the mixing of the patient environment. To this day her knowledge of these issues remains a mystery as so little microbiology knowledge was known then. Her tornado approach to create cleanliness could be called the 8th wonder of the world.

The transition from that period to today has been one scientific invention after another. promoting intentional better patient outcomes. Like all successes and promotions to greatness there is a balance between competition and, since the 1980s, profit. The mix of successful patient outcomes running neck and neck with financial success can create losses of an unpredictable nature. As broad and perhaps as confusing as that statement may sound producing the evidence to substantiate this has been the fact of a struggle of pain and suffering for many patients. By the 21st century many studies have stated that the third leading cause of death is in fact the health care system itself. This is now well known and accepted. Dissecting that statement into a realistic fact which could give reasons, is a job that could also be aided by divine intervention. Essentially it is a monstrous undertaking that could give those that are on the inside of this medical industry to shy away. It is so much easier to walk away. There are now 100s, if not 1000s of published articles and books clearly defining the events raising the body count. The coverups of such events is also noteworthy.

The nurses surrounded by this issue are now sweating bullets, or should be, trying to keep their profession from falling completely apart. it is now a classified nightmare working the acute care hospital as a nurse. The inability to bring much of nursing knowledge forward that sheds light on the events promoting exposure is clouded by several major powers.

Under the general heading of the Medical Mafia, a common term throughout the health care industry, there resides several power structures. Hospitals are often the manipulators of evidence that can conclusively pinpoint corrupted practices. The control of record keeping is their own combination system which has to involve others, and frequently does. This is not as complicated as it would seem. What can not be altered or fabricated is lost or deleted, and by only one person. This process would involve physicians, nurses, and medical records clerks. The flip side is that there are just as many hospitals, health care facilities who they themselves are victims of those they hired. Common sense would tend to light up the fact that this is bad business for them to alter evidence. Many do not create obstructions and loose fortunes.

The next category is attorneys hired by just about anybody, either by the victim or the defendant. Depositions are altered in transcripts as routine that are flown by judges who are either bought or financially connected to see or not to see, This is a potent statement defining corruption so direct illustrations of such are avoided to prevent retaliation. Retaliation involves police, private individuals with intimidation tactics. These tactics can easily be following the whistle blower, threatening phone calls, fabricated civil suits and more. This category is a remarkable study of pure evil.

The law enforcement category is more vague in that patrolmen status law enforcement are not making decisions on their own. However, they do what they’re told and when involved are probably not getting accurate information from their superiors. Going into a targets’ house when they’re not home is not uncommon. So you see we can do this, and leave indications of their presence. Focusing in where told is a major power point of the medical mafia.

The physician category is very difficult to assess without upsetting many people. It has to be conclusive that unreported medical mals which cause harm must pass a physician somewhere along the way. With the large number of these now at the head of the class in many major universities and medical schools we can easily conclude that physicians play a major role in the medical mafia outfit. The simple fact that these events are well known and brought forward in the classrooms defines progress. Many younger physicians refuse to take the smoking baton from the establishment. This is a very good sign. However, being misled still exists.

The patient category is also noteworthy in the present day debacle of the health care systems. How can patients be victims at the same time as being nearly a perpetrator? There is an odd group of patients whose pursuing intent is to garnish attention and also under go instrumentation to legally obtain drugs, as well get long term attention and drugs. Therefore, failed surgeries and or treatments work in their favor. If that sounds totally absurd and off of the grid, it is more common than one could imagine.

The regulatory agency category is another very vague arena as the evidence brought to agencies like medical boards and nursing boards is often the definition of obstruction. Reported nurses are frequently targeted with fabricated evidence to stop the sound of the whistle. However, many former members and retired medical professionals have spoken before many a legislature giving specifics for captured agencies. A captured agency would be defined as having members who’ve got interests in the reporting system. It has been stated that these agencies are a waste of taxpayers resources and should be disbanded. It would be at this point that could effect change to assist the health care system for safer patient outcomes, don’t count on it. Most regulatory agencies are steeped to their chins on political corruption. Arizona has a group called ombudsmen whose claim to tax payers wallets is to make sure the agencies are following rules and laws. This group is another enormous waste of tax revenue. This group does whatever they’re told and have zip effectiveness in guarding the public from the quacks that have roamed the state freely for years. The Ombudsmen unit is nothing but a cover up for the AZBN & the Attorney General. Murder by neglect and abuse isn’t hard to find. You just have to know where to look. The citizens and many health care workers are the victims.

This article is a short piece and avoids specifics for legal reasons that have been previously identified which in turn brought these statements forward. Felony endangerment exists in many cases that goes unreported because of the power of the medical mafia. The nursing profession marked huge advancements in patient survival in the very early days. We have come full circle in our homeland that brings us back to the beginning, again. The ability of the nurse to side step these land mines of deceit and corruption, and get these to an honest venue is an art that requires patience and in many cases a nurse that can afford to loose a career. Retaliation is common.

I can not speak to actual dollar exchange as forensic accounting was not investigated. I would say that hiding cash isn’t as difficult as the general public thinks it is.

Calling the Medical Mafia a force within the health care system without identifying big pharmacy would not be thorough. The knowledge of that system pretends to explain the courses the general public looses in life and dollars for being involved with many different medications. WE here at the watchdogs focus on what we know. AZBN is part of the Medical Mafia we know.

The governor has repeatedly put forth an agenda to help licensed workers get working and avoid over regulation. It looks absolutely wonderful in the house and in the local papers that he is busy getting deregulation passed. Whatever these agencies do to ignore this is a mystery that perhaps he could shed more light upon. Students and the general public sees agencies are practising power against licensees without the legal authority to do so. The AZBN & Attorney General answers to nobody.

Jesse Nightingale Retired R.N.  Sangerville, Maine.


20 thoughts on “Inside the Medical Mafia & AZBN

  1. The term ‘Medical Mafia’ has erupted into the world of the every day consumer causing a disturbance in the lives of many citizens. I myself have had a grandfather that fell and received a small leg wound that eventually healed well. The physician demanded he get an MRI costing thousands. My grand father is 90.He never got it done, that was three years ago and he is doing fine. The real Mafia has a better code than this Medical Mafia.

  2. I’ve watched many nurses get involved with the nursing board in Az, and I truly don’t know of single case where the nurse has confirmed the accuracy of the charges. Its an environment where the truth isn’t brought forward. One of the many reasons Arizona staffing is hugely dedicated to travelers which averages about 1000.00 a shift per nurse! A small hospital in Bullhead City is paying close to 30 million a year for nurses and their agents!! The dwindles of the health care systems will continue until that day where greed doesn’t exist.

  3. Speaking of ‘accuracy of he charges, on a blog introduction of a new member :

    “””I am very pleased to introduce our newest member. She has given me permission to present her story as she shared it with me. In “vetting” her I read her boards report on her on the board’s website. It is very interesting to contrast a board’s version of a story and the licensee’s story (the latter of which, as we know, board’s don’t publish).”””

    We all know that unknowing nurses who have no real clue how these corrupt boards operate , will think that because the ‘board of nursing put it in writing it must be true or you could sue. NOTE: ways around , it are by using LIARS to make the statements, even though the AZ corrupt board of nursing knows they are lying (and the crooked prosecutor, they just let it happen and by quoting the LIARS, who are co – conspirators, they print it on the web . What the board publishes is lies , they know it is lies, they do not put anything or any type of journalism that is fair to the nurse .

  4. Betting that this corrupt board , did not think by putting some of you nurses out of business , that by having extra time you could inform all of us what they are up to ! I am appreciative of CORRUPT ARIZONA BOARD OF NURSING 101: I would not have believe this if my work mate did not go through this “process” of torture. It is funny though how , you nurses do not need a newspaper to get the word out, and that the entire country , anyone who has not been in a closet the last 5 years knows to avoid AZ at all costs ! At least in nursing .

  5. Yeah, Right On!!! The Ombudsmen is an incredible citizens’ destructive force. Its amazing what these peckerheads get away with.

  6. wonder if anyone challenges them , another state agency playing short stop. Dennis Wells Fired in WIlliams as city mgr , and made dir of this outfit, another one of Ducey misfits .

  7. “No wonder nurses kill themselves after losing their calling, their identity, and their life. When you lose your nursing license, it feels like someone you loved died. So it is like grieving for a loved one who has passed away. Losing your nursing license instantly makes you a pariah to society. The nursing board that deal with you don’t give a damn about your well-being…they just feed the witch hunt and the public outrage. And make sure you do not work in any other field, calling employers, spreading the ‘we are investigating ” “license revoked AZ” . When you lose your nursing license, you are basically on your own. What is shocking is that your nursing colleagues will act in ways that are in opposition to their duty to treat every human being , no matter what , even if they are an immate who has murdered, drug addict or a homeless person. But they gang up, believe a lying board over a person who is the only one telling the truth, while AAG ‘they can work anywhere “. flippant stupid remarks. , give shameful looks, and they engage in the same behaviors, along with stupid board employees who haven’t a clue. , that they condemn the suspended nurse for.”

  8. Yes , this is how they are , your whole life is shattered . Like to see Elizabeth Campbell , “you can work anywhere ” . After her stunts , she will be lucky to get work anywhere. She might get away with it at the Admin law court, but any higher court , she will have such bad habits, and used to putting on the dog and pony show she will have to follow rules, and shape up big time or be sanction or disbarred. A con, that only Joey Elizabeth , wants her around, for now .

  9. This post is much kinder than what the reality is. You got to think the Governor has to pass a law so out of states occupational licensing population can start work in Az before being sanctioned by regulatory agency. He knows avoiding Arizona’s’ regulatory agencies is a must and their bureaucratic nightmares
    do nothing but promote their own ideals of prejudice.

  10. This is true , you have license in another state and apply in AZ , where an investigation takes place by incompetent , overzealous who are given months and years to dig and dig , all unrelated BS .

  11. Like this A Hole , who can google “medical ‘ theories. ? no medical back ground , zip for training, not a good back ground himself (stay tuned ) , he gotta being abusing his body in some way , looks like death warmed over . Here is his ‘study of one ” author unknown , just total BS and the way the operate they will leave any survey that shows anything to benefit the nurse OFF . Sad when a board is not on board with people avoiding opioids !! “”Mr. Wittenberg stated that according to one medical article, very few studies had been done regarding the use of topical cannabis products, but the limited available data suggested that most topical cannabis available in the forms of lotions, creams, and oils do not absorb well systemically. That is they may help with inflammation and pain at a local level, but systemic absorption was likely negligible. “”
    Get this “according to ONE MEDICAL ARTICLE ” where did you find this incompetent jerk MAD magazine, ? THIS IS A BON INVESTIGATOR FOLKS ! Putting caring honest people out of work !

  12. SIckening , lose everything over these kind of jerks . And he’s getting paid to do this. Makes a person ILL , while he sits slugging a beer telling his neighbors , yea I’ll be in court all day tomorrow . If they only knew what the ‘court ‘ is a racket , run by racketeers, and how incompetent this Wittenberg really is ! ! Know that name PETER WITTENBERG , a JOKE.

  13. This corrupt board just does what ever , while that Berrigan, (the man voice one who tries to run the board when randy is hiding with the door cracked.) yea little pretend nurse LPN was suppose to be gone LAST JUNE, Put up with these nasty attitudes for long enough, WTH. just keep coming to meetings and abusing real nurses . mostly ‘back track ‘ backing what ever the goon says. Time to go dum dum , and you won’t be missed.!

  14. Funny, your right when you hear that ‘voice’, surely she ‘s got chest hair . Yea time to go bye bye , she was a real bitch that is for sure . Can’t you hear the board members saying “who’s got friends that are nurses who think like we do , we don’t want anyone soft or that can’t break peoples dreams , mean and nasty , we have to recommend who WE want to the Gov . And no one who will side with these nurses who call come in here , we know they are all guilty . “

  15. One i’d like to send off is that corrupt head bitch, “JOEY” a real joker . She is so full of shit she has 5 bathrooms to take care of it all.
    Notice when the board minutes come out, they always report when someone ‘loses ‘ in appeal . But they never report when a nurse prevails over this entire state agency ? Biased reporting, these board members who vote to accept these rigged minutes had better be reading them . You cannot trust the secretive author of that ‘hide as much from the public as possible ” . rag sheet.

  16. My bishop just contacted my parents and let them know of my record removal and I was disowned on the spot. Pretty sure according to the quit mormon letter that it was illegal for them to do that right?

    This is a Quote from someone who got out of the mormon cult, if this doesn’t sound like how this board of nursing is doing their ‘weird investigations ” , and why is that ? why are they ‘reporting ” to would be current employers, neighbors , relatives . Something definitely wrong , they way their brought up is showing in the operation of this agency. This is sadly a common practice where they maliciously tattle on other adults after they resign.
    They call themselves leaders , then each and every one of you has a right to put what they did out there, they showed you how its done, show the state how this corrupt agency , who likes to punch below the belt are acting . When you speak up, This is all normal behavior and expected , watch and report.
    Mamaluy is famous for this bad mouthing spreading malicious rumors . Preston does it at the board meetings, takes what is in the report and turns it into a question. Just to put it out there. Like people don’t know . Jejuena is starting to act like Preston , who is grooming her , what a shame . Dahn is another one .

  17. I had not seen this but obviously have now. ****(NURSENAME hidden) I am so sorry about not only the loss of your license but the fear you and your family are living under. It brings tears to my eyes. Thank you for being willing to share your experiences. My prayers are with you and your family for your safety and some measure of peace in this terrible time.
    The board of nursing using other avenues to create distress for nurses who object to their corruption? Very dangerous times. Be careful, out there, they do watch and report , follow, search, track, even after the license is revoked , still ‘investigating ” aka spying . You can see with your own eyes how they get others to act, imagine what they do on the poisen phone , with wicked ideas, and masterful lies. A friend praying for safety for the victim of an agency that is suppose to be for safety ? Confused poor souls.

  18. Like ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL , who tries anything to prove her case EXCEPT EVIDENCE . Get the secretary to go off, get the board members to attack, get strangers to put in complaints, use security guards, use police , not gonna work *sshole. STupid lazy lawyer who can’t win a case with her corrupt ways. Put her in the criminal court , she would have to come up with something called EVIDENCE ! disbar this creepy witch . She is a disgrace to anyone who loves and respects the law .

  19. The recent debacle in Nashville with the I.V. Adm of the paralytic instead of Versed is so telling the general public that the agencies in charge of safety are concerned only about the business of making money.

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