Unprofessional Behavior AZBN

Many nurse comments here define that Boards should have more categories to assist nurses in corrective behavior that doesn’t take their lives. We need help here.


To anonymously prophesize with the pen gives rise to many questions when the content seems not only accurate but targets unethical activities by governmental agencies. Articles and comments here have been almost totally anonymous which in spite of its apparent passions from posters still lacks the credibility needed in today’s world of ‘fake news’ to accurately focus in on the wasted activities of many regulatory agencies and give believability to content. We have many nurse stories of failure in their careers from civil and domestic activities and behaviors completely unrelated to clinical nursing. Not even to mention the spin the bottle routine of the useless psychological evaluation knee jerk response of an over regulated agency.

Writing credible content must be collaborated with evidence as well as the originator identifying responsibilities to promote a legal  course of action to sustain an attack for fraud and or slander. 

Sherry had asked us not to use her name, although her story posted here has little difficulty in identifying her as the victim of the AZBN malfeasance. Her story about the loss of her license remains the anchor for reform of government malfeasance. 

Tina was an advanced practice nurse who got socially involved with a newly licensed male nurse that spent 10 years as a police officer.  Steve Gonos was a bad police officer asked to leave police service for unethical actions. Now he is a nurse taking care of your young Johnny. Their relationship was not intimate, and had zip to do with nursing. Whatever fell apart between the two came to a head online with hurt feelings/threats by a fake web page. The AZBN seldom believes or identifies with nurses, and in this case offered Tina probationary status of her license. She, like many nurses, are subject to clinical probation for non clinical issues. Once you become a humane, dedicated nurse your drone abilities leave you and you become a target of the powerful agency which goes through enough staff in one year to staff a good size facility. That says a lot. The goal of the AZBN is to intimidate nurses into responses that the Board can additionally use against the nurse and eliminate them. This justifies themselves and with the help of prick AG Brnovich Colonel Custer stands a better chance at a walk than an honest nurse who had a bad day, out of the clinical area.

Although there are multiple cases of nurses, not unlike Tina’s case, the Board is so overwhelmed with regulatory responsibilities they must lie, manipulate and intimidate to stay abreast of their own legislature initiatives. However comma they DO NOT apply all the laws, which will hopefully reveal in the federal arena the footprints of corruption. 

Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes

Quote Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. – Martin Luther King, Jr

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

Martin Luther King, Jr.
when in doubt read it again. !


63 thoughts on “Unprofessional Behavior AZBN

  1. Whether in AZ or outside of AZ , file both, make it well known, and use those who have been forced to learn the system by either paralegal, general studies . google your friend, https://www.azcourthelp.org/
    Speaking of unprof , the clerk , who Campbell was able to manipulate but playing victim, rings a bell. What kind of person manipulates, those who are sociopaths and use anyone they can . Everyone is seen as a path to their victory. So many unprofessional acts , a nurse who just purchased a license would have no clue but is ‘an authority , just because they have a license . They certainly have a lot fo learn, some too stupid to educate , and those who do listen , then those who want to help , a rare bird! But those who don’t quit are special rare birds.

  2. Over regulated is : the board of nursing doing the over regulation , you know like that supervisor who thinks they have to guide your entire life. and everyone who works there . That uptight , total control freak. The one who makes sure everyone knows what they did wrong all shift ,and loves to call you at home to tell you about the t that was uncrossed, and the patient who mentioned you did not give them a foot massage . Yea that one, usually wears glasses 1/2 way down their nose , like campbell, and looks over the top , in a look that ones gives a child who mentions the fart word in church. No over regulation by Ducey, he just lets the board go on cruise control. Eventually they crash.

  3. That judge Patricia Starr , baby is as partial to the state as flies are to turds . And turd is the word. waste of time . she’ll get hers one day. We judged that bitch too, with her biased for the board bull. a judge in az or prosecutor are members of az swamp. bottom feeders low life . all of them , none of them can put in a honest days work .

  4. Its simple, the Navy would give me medals for killing the yellow man 45 yrs ago and the Bullhead City law authorities would send me to jail for saving lives. Justice follows the money and could care less about protecting the public.

  5. Cops have to take a mentally fit test every so many years. I bet Gonos failed his and that is why he was forced to resign. It’s been said he cheated on his ex-wives’ numerous times.

  6. I knew Gonos days at Banner were numbered . Not that Banner doesn’t like snitch’s , in fact they love their stool pigeons. Gonos was not a smart dude, and was pretty much a pussy. He should be wearing one of those hats (pussy hats ) . A real whiner . Only place he could work as a cop on the res, Lazy mgrs want others to protect them . Notice how mgrs and board members alike? Habitually spying , everyone makes mistakes BUT them? , they think they are too good to wipe ass, actually think they have superior nursing knowledge when in fact they are very dangerous. They shouldn’t be allowed to call themselves nurses , and most states could not without REAL Work experience, not counting disciplining adults as nursing experience. ! OH What those who have not paid attention , watched real closely the cases , or been closely involved have to learn about how this bd REALLY operates. most would say they didn’t believe it.

    1. Gonos is 100% pussy. He’s got more pussy than a female does. Only a pussy would be such a cry baby to the board after he got insulted. Useless excuse for a man pussy.

  7. Another Cop Pussy is Linda Monas who works for the GAMING dept but has access to AZ BON computers, (how does that work, full time gaming dept but is a ‘investigator for the board ” . ANd the board is whining about MONEY> but they make room for funds to bring in someone who is in a different department. Monas who did not have to answer questions, because of a corrupt judge, and Campbell interrupting, with her BS! , protecting and reprimanding, not allowing it. But when Respondent walked out of the court room , (not to his face , gutless pussy monas, a loud belly laugh, projected to be heard down the hall. ) One of those loud squealing, dirty mouth, unprofessional , wait until he is out of the room and down the hall but make sure he hears it, gutless , dirty laughter , in an antagonistic tone, so low life , no class, dirty cop ways. Of course this spineless wench, had a cop there for HER protection , but was stirring the pot and trying to get a reaction . Yea lets protect someone who is pouring gasoline on a smoldering fire . Monas , did this with the JUDGE still in the room, at the coaching of her cohort Campbell. ? So unprofessional it is no wonder the corrupt board of nursing, wants to have her come back and do her dirty work. She seemed to know the cop in the room and then the short dude who showed up in the court room who was part of the ‘investigation” or was he just a thug, or false witness. , sits in all afternoon with a smirk on this face , that consisted of dark circles , under his eyes. (so another employee able to take the afternoon off to be entertained, no other reason to be there, other than be part of the GANG against one. ) Dont even let me hear Quinn talk about the money they spend sending out letters to nurses . Who authorized this clown who is either diabetic or druggie eyes to show up , had no reason to be there ,other than a dirty grin, neither did the cop friend of Monas . What kind of professional openly yells out a curt, disruptive squealing, dirty laugh, in a court room , So loud it can be heard down the hall, and a secretary came running around the corner to see what happened . Like a pig getting gutted. Was the cop sitting there impressed , did Ridenour give her a raise for that, she loves to kick people when they are down. NO only INAPPROPRIATE BEHAVIOR, but influenced the judge who is judge and jury in this bench trial setting . Sickening , unprofessional and childish. I am sure Monas also gets ‘excited ‘ when she ‘finds ‘ something on someone. Very threatening personality , not a compliment to any police work , or to cops anywhere.

  8. We don’t have to wonder anymore what happened at 91st ave house share, with Monas and Susie Flores, what else did they share . Cause Monas looks like one of those MEAN lesbo’s. The Grand canyon lovers photo confirmed that . Another UNPROFESSIONAL , move on the Board of nursing , too much nepotism . With 1/2 of them playing dirty games and the other half are clueless, and if they listen to the first 1/2 they are really brain washed and mind’s messed up .

  9. ALmost funny to watch the 1/2 who are clueless. take Gutierrez , leaving party, “OH is Linda Monas back ?” really has no clue what is going on. Your tax dollars at ‘work” . sad .

  10. the bald dark circled thug is frank curatola , he seems to control a blond employees everyday thoughts, yea can’t imagine a sincere smile out of this character, a dirty grin, oh yea , that’s your boy.

  11. looks like cops , are siding with the BON, and that crooked ALJ, and non cops aren’t the only ones with no balls.

  12. New grad , allowed to go straight to ER, sickening, and bad for patients, then actually thinks he can work as FNP, lol well since he is a rat for the board of nursing az, he can get away with murder quite literally !
    Sad state of affairs , having someone pick and choose what gets posted and doesn’t , oh no , won’t be censored like that. Best one yet, not seen, and helps the entire case, but will argue until the sun goes down different. You can’t tell him anything. talk about EXPOSE, because of the audience, who’s reading they will not like ms cop doing what she did And they are reading all the time.

      1. nothing insulting to them, but they do it to the nurses disrespect, no lack of any reverence to God , organized crime, tax free cult, got some strange ideas, If they want to be part of this gang they already have spent a life time defending that brain washed upbringing , and deserve what ever comes their way. Between the pedophile J S , and polygamist to the holy underwear, their choice , another pussy, that’s what lets them get away with this , cowards.

    1. Acually Pussy Gonos went to Banner and Banner being the corrupty pricks that they are filed the complaint on his behalf. Pussy Gonos can’t take a woman insulting him. He goes IPSH*T and gets vindictive whenever a woman stands up to his con.

  13. STEVE GONOS , FNP, (lol ) ok well , remember when that misfit and ms pretend world , dippy incompetent lazy arce austin contacted Amanda’s school? Spread the bad word, well how can a Bd think contacting Gonos school, would be in bad taste, I mean THAT is what they do . And this board says they are the leaders, they are the ones who set an example for everyone else. (we all know that that is horse pucky, but hey , they can fool some newbies . Won’t allow another stubborn one to censor oh no!

  14. what is wrong with nurses going to the board meeting , thanking them for hearing your case and their time. ARE YOU KIDDING ME. It is their job, but too many suck ups who can’t say hey your idiot, i know how you guys operate, and i know the favortism, and know your next move. THen to do the same in court, allow a sworn officer of the court to run a sham court and do nothing. Seems to me the ones who stick up for themselves and speak the TRUTh, and tell , them , you are only making a record for appeal, you know it was rigged before you got there. would actually have more of a chance. But one at a time they go to the bd meetings and fall on their knees , and beg, and cry and whimper and tell all their problems , the board does NOT CARE one bit about you or your career they are self serving . try to have some dignity , and speak up , they are idiots , poor actors, and are as crooked as a snake. Stop the even thinking for one minute they are changing their mind , just move on and expose them or your one of them , and that ain’t no compliment !

  15. “Professional” comments are what needs to be heard the most, for a fact the readers , will see , and gotta think WTF, is going on. And embarrassed for one of there own. The nurses who go through the process and keep thinking if they “are good little boys ‘ and girls they’ll get their license back, not how the one sided , 1/2 brain outfit works , so need to see it soon, or out a here. tired of arguing with stubborn, think they know it all . Not guts no glory, mouth shut, nothing changes, but again with some your talking to a block wall.

  16. Gonos last worked as a cop at Gila River Indian Reservation. And of course their employee records are sealed and cannot be read by the public. Supina cannot touch them. Perhaps Gonos was so conniving he planned it that way.

    1. steve gonos planned it that way, ? uh no , not clever enough, He would be the type to lie he was part Indian, but fore thought. He stay at Banner and thought they would protect him forever. Knew he would be sh*t canned cop in no time. even the hospital knows the snitch’s can’t be trusted. you would think the BON would figure that one out.

      1. Nope BON not smart enough to think outside the box. They receive false claims that a nurse is threatening someone and they SH*t their pants and go into Darth Vadar mode and the rest is a loss of license. They Don’t even investigate once a complaint is filed the nurse is presumed GUILTY.

  17. The one who is guilty of mocking someone is that ELIZABETH CAMPBELL , she mocks someone so forcefully and with such venom that you discredit the person completely. (meaning she is not credible) . Breaking the rules, slippery forked tongued. scared e cat too. that wasn’t G H who was out side it was Chad, which shows she is NOT capable to taking care of herself. another coward, lies about people , stirs shit, badgers nurses, sits there bringing up petty issues, smearing the poor nurse, shame on this bitch

  18. Sealed Federal records, Monas perjured herself stating the BON had military records . Or is they why they brought this lesbo in to use gaming departments computers to search further ? IF THE AZ BON wanted to know their ‘witnesses ” real past they could get it but they are only focused on tearing down the target. Have you ever seen them turn the investigation around on the lying false complainer ?

    1. Access to military records can be done IF there was a court martial with a criminal event that is similar to the civilian complaint. DD214 maybe available to civilian authorities upon request but is only basic info about the veteran. Sometimes there are multiple dd214s as there commonly is multiple enlistments and each record identifies each enlistment, and getting all of them is only available to the veteran. Although if he was convicted of a crime while in service that info can be made available.

  19. That pussy likes to file police reports claiming to be threatened by a woman and is on Facebook writing to women that he can “fill you up”. What a sickco psycho.

    1. Yep. Then he shows the report to the board. And this stupid board says OMG this female nurse is a threat to society.

  20. The AZ Board of Nursing is a threat to society. Investigators that are UNQUALIFIED, have no idea what they are doing. Having a nursing license does not qualify to investigate anything. Spy work. If they had to get a complaint and stick to the false complaint they wouldn’t have any cases. Who ever writes those ‘stories ‘ of lies , for the final ‘what happened what’s this about, is a HUGE liar, and is scary the way that person’s mind works. Very scary.

  21. Looks like you have lost any readers who are interested in finding out exactly what the problems are with the board . Who wants to read rag sheets style reporting . Lowered yourself to the board of Nazi level . It is not gonos in the end it is the bd who took bullshit and ran with it. Direct your misguided energy at the real perps!

  22. Just cannot keep your cards close to your chest, always giving the enemy info, like a traitor. Let’s just say anyone who you want to get to, is not reading this childish name calling . While the ‘agent’ puts on her little girlie voice and imagines herself as mother teresa , all the while pulling stunts like getting nurses fired, and bad mouthing exaggerating , in her sick ‘stir the pot mind ” thinks she is honest abe daughter. , the true mannerisms/ violations could be told , but as was told by reader , “just a bunch of name calling ” by someone in same field as gonos used to be, way it is seen as , 1) blabber mouth 2)hard head cannot be given constructive critique, when someone is told over and over and still doing it. you gotta separate . what FACTS does the corrupt az give you ? SECRET SOCIETY . Never commit a crime with a partner.

  23. what’s all the fuss about? David Silvas convicted of robbery but got a letter of concern (LOC) and hey Dana Reen was selling narcotics , and DUI and she has a license, as for me Felicity Mcgraw in 08 a DUI,and again 2011 DUI, , and under 21 etoh, and disorderly conduct, Of course I am from Thacher Az . so no big deal , and this is one I did the under signer , M J (before it was legal) , 02 dui, 4 months later another DUI, an assault and domestic violence and I am Vanessa Rhodes. Still working ! , with a letter of concern. what is the big deal , you guys must have really done some bad shit, oh and myself didn’t do sponge count right , left one it, no biggee ; and no one knows about that , LOC are our little secret , loc is not published, top worrying . HI ALL < Hope i am on duty when you need a nurse !

  24. whoops that is paula schaffer , left a sponge in a c sec patient , new mothers need that one extra thing to worry about., had my mind on other things, of course. As far as ‘protecting the public ” , that is just a ruse . The ones who are the most dangerous practicing are the ones the board gives a free ride to . If you speak up, your dead in the water . we all went to the board at the same time, put on that get on your knees and beg forgiveness , father , 3 hail mary’s , and no porn shoulders, while letting them know as females we are subservient , of course it helped 1/2 the board being drunks themselves. (just don’t mention that , let them think you are the one who did wrong, and they are really capable of judging you , and you’ll walk out without that scarlett letter ). The love to intimidate , part of their make up and they feel strong as a gang, ganging up on one, alone, they are nobodies .

  25. Another “trick ‘ I saw when i was there. The board “attorneys ” you know the regulars, do not fight the nurses cases, they are like slime prosecutors always going for the plea bargain. Why plea, if you did nothing wrong/ the crime doesn’t fit the life long sentence , by forcing you to sign thinking it will go away . Then you discover the stipulations are not doable , so not it is your fault . You FAILED to to 16 cartwheels, in a minute . Do not let them off easy. STOP SIGNING! These lawyers , getting paid by the nurse , don’t tell their client, you will be on the hook for life. These board members do not have any plan, they know the ones they are going to tackle . Shoot from the hip every time on these poor soles. YOu think everyone is created equal and their is some set of rules they follow and if Emma Smith gets a dui and LOC that Leah Remini will too ? OH NO. They dish out punishment 10 times that of one of their own . One attorney , sent his client to a psych who is on “THE LIST” known by all as the go to doc, who will say or write what ever the board wants him to. This attorney did this because he was going to be cross examining him. So he knew if he gave this other client nurse a free ride , go easy, that he would not be tough on the lying psych .! ANd it worked! of course the lying lawyer, blamed it on the judge “can’t get too hard with this judge ” . Do they really think we didn’t figure that one out.

  26. Seems like the AAG all take a swing at the nurses heads like softballs flying . Seems to me that the one who is starred in many pages here Elizabeth Campbell, at one time quit the BON, and would ‘help out” Like hell lady help like yours no one needs ! But then within a month or two , announced at the meeting she would be full time . Hee hee . guess she couldn’t get a job , or hold one anywhere else. scary for her , she ever catch’s that ‘here come the judge ‘ ; well with ya know .
    she made her own reputation. Not too many can deal with this board it takes someone who wants the red carpet and gets her way all the time, or she ‘s not gonna play. So she found her corner of the world with their scabs who will do any dirty trick in the book. taking down nurses, should be a cardinal sin. Karma ‘s around the next corner .

    1. Not only is KARMA about to hit them, its going to be with a bag full of shit. Shit covered judges, cops, and scab staff at the Arizona Board of nursing will be a fun sight.

      1. >laughing so hard , I spit my soda out < I got a visual on that one ! They do look pretty nervous, and why would anyone on the BON be nervous ?? Can you think of how many reasons .

    1. Joy should tell everyone how proud she is that her NCSBN resume has the fact that she was a board member on the Arizona Hospital Association before and during the time the class action lawsuit was started by Cindy Johnson, (Johnson v. Arizona Hospital and Healthcare Association), violation of the antitrust Act. Corruption is dirty business in Arizona, and its high at the AZ board of nursing board, and two Judges..Mihalsky, & Starr.

      1. Whoa I am assuming “joy”is the KILL JOY head heifer at the board of nursing . JOEY , but the students like to call her JOKEY . which is more accurate. That piece of information certainly is in tune with the board in collusion with the hospitals. ! Have to agree there. As far as the Judges go , real dirty players there both of them , that list is pretty short, missing quite a few names .

      2. I think that JOKEY , should tell everyone how proud she was when she got that plague from the Board of Regents, her husband is on ! A real HOOT ! And chair of the AZ Nurses Foundation , when that came out they are changing the name ! HAHA. Nothing quit shows your inept than having your husband do your work for you ! LOL !! Is that a hoot! She sent her puppet to NCSBN to try to stop the ‘rumors ” , wonder if they are that stupid to believe Smith ? She will lie in court , over and over.

  27. This must be part of that LEAN TEAM , investigating. This Board of nuts is absolutely out of their minds, to think they are ‘good” is such a joke. All over the place, one big cluster Fk !

  28. “I just know so many who are hurting right now, and who are also just asking like really hard questions and don’t completely know how to work through a lot of these questions,” she said. “I honor their decision to stay in and work it out, or leave and work it out.” Rabbit Hole .

  29. Here is proof PATRICIA STARR is signing illegally . CORRUPTION MUST END expose this dirty officer of the court! https://usaherald.com/arizona-judge-patricia-starr-allegedly-signed-illegal-order-kelly-warner-law-firm/

    IF anyone wouldn’t think she would sign for a nurse to lose their license , think again, she is as cold fish as Elizabeth Campbell. that is not prosecuting criminals who have done anything wrong. She is prosecuting nurses who have done nothing wrong/ does NOT rise to any kind of revocation ! just a bunch of snowballed lies, and unrelated propaganda . Their love of money in a job that only a evil person can find satisfaction in.

  30. MORE LIES BY MAMALUY ! She has alot of nerve getting into this report like she is doing do diligent ‘protecting the public ” ! DO not forget when EMMA MAMALUY and gang acted as if they did not get the complaint on ANN TOTSCH, and add HER to the nurse imposter list !! Oh and Mamaluy you forgot to say that ANN TOTSCH is your main witness, even though she was committing perjury, class 6 felony impersonating a nurse, and committing fraud . https://www.abc15.com/news/local-news/investigations/governors-office-takes-action-after-abc15-investigative-report?utm_source=website&utm_medium=local-promo-right-rail&utm_campaign=weeknightsteam

    1. Oh yes i remember that written on here somewhere. who could believe one word out of someone who blatantly lies like that ?

  31. Got a call last week “she lied to my employer again” . These people at the BON have got to be crazy putting their future, their earnings , allowing her to represent them . And following her ‘advise” , allowing themselves to listen and be brainwashed , and repeating those fabrications ! Start THINKING ! Lots of mistakes she can’t lie her way out of. Ridenour wants legal on staff , Doug took her lobbyist, who she had on speed dial , so she’s using the etoh queen with AZNA , calling it a legislative liaison she messed up putting one drama queen lying lawyer head of investigations and now putting this reject from the A G office on staff.

  32. that video of with mamaluy in it makes me sick to my stomach. I have a feeling she lies so much to the board employees, that they have nothing to compare it to so believe the fabrications. With much added tall tales, people believe lies. Let’s see what is smart enough to do their own research and see what the whole truth is ! Not betting on anyone there , they want they cop an attitude with respondents they do not know, but they must hear them say “the entire investigative report was filled with lies” . VERY Slanted ! Hey Rachel if Joey will put Janeen Dahn in charge of investigations, she will use someone like Mamaluy , not even recognizing the problem . J R is NOT the one running things at the Bd office.

  33. Hey joy, your IT has a gaping hole the size of the grande valley, fix it.
    I think inter office memos that tell staff to get along is hilarious.
    Oh yeah, when computers are hacked, the hacker is open to being hacked.
    You stupid MF”ers.

    1. What you mean the staff members are not getting along , ‘play nice “YOU FIRST HEAD HEIFER “!! Tell her that , staff members . Stop harassing the poor nurses , and fabricating evidence to make them look like the worst devil on earth , and acting like your so innocent. You are a horrible mgr of anything. Sure looks like your giving it up under the table to keep your db edge sword from retiring (V S) .

  34. that’s because she is using the guys to play bouncer, which she is going to get in tits in the ringer over. hysterical emma L. sending those messages , what a hoot. i guess if you are doing illegal unethical things and stealing peoples licenses , using those methods, and adding your own set of lies, you would want protection too. The ones who want protection are the ones who are the most evil. good to see their is not rest for the wicked. Are DPS being fools or is the jury still out on them . good observations .

  35. Martin Luther King, Jr. Quotes

    Quote Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. – Martin Luther King, Jr

    Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.

    Martin Luther King, Jr.
    when in doubt read it again. !

  36. These nurses need the spirit and the spine of the teachers , when you are too afraid and take part of the title down , which is the most telling CORRUPTION , that is silence. and will never work . It does not work with this corrupt group. MLK had many true facts to tell .

  37. Funny a person Marla Moore was going to join this gang of bandits, but we don’t see her name ? Samrt girl got out before she started. From Yuma to Mesa, She was in like flynn. Maybe she doesn’t like the spot light . Yep Garry have seen it those who THINK , they can apple polish haha never works never . They had nothing flattering to say about anyone who took them to court, and they certainly do not like it when their corruption is waived through out the land. Step on wrong toe , and that is SINGULAR .

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