“Protecting the Public” the Road To Reform AZBN

Petition is pointed at AZBNs’ over regulation and the pathetic presentations of corrupted charges against many nurses and nurses’ assistants. Be a part of the expose against agency over regulations.


As 2018 comes to a close the political arrangement made noteworthy in the  general public arena that reform in the regulatory agencies had success through the law makers and governor and was connected to protecting the public. Nurses being part of the public, and with the 2018 implementation of SB 1452 Chpt 191 revised statutes to not only regulate all health regulatory agencies who connect with a vulnerable public but with less witch hunt powers.  New laws restricting health boards’s powers by setting statute of limitations on prior licensees violations, term limits on board members as well as eliminating boards ability to file a compliant on its own motion. And more. As these are now laws, we can only expect the law to be followed. And if you believe that, I’ll tell you another one. Much has been documented in factual terms that represent the unnecessary, and in some cases illegal loss of nurses licenses where cause and effect for other catastrophic events has grossly broken the public’s’ image of the agencies. These documents are history & some are opined, and anonymity requested which tingles the fear nerve. In spite of injustice told they hide. Although many nurses have recently come forward with openness about their cases, many demanded anonymity. Key word is demanded?

Presently the Health Services Agencies have been centrally located on the Government Center near the state house. Getting all the agencies to abide by the new laws and adapt to the new environment maybe too much for them. A huge move. Getting evidence out of compounds surrounded by barbed evil won’t be easy. Thanks to so many who’ve come forward and created the avenue for reform through shear pain with no remorse.

All posts and comments are archived for further historical references. 


5 thoughts on ““Protecting the Public” the Road To Reform AZBN

  1. All I can say is QUIT SIGNING THOSE CONSENT AGREEMENTS !! every nurse is sorry they did, you are giving up your rights ! Why would you sign this corrupt az bon lies ? Ok you are not a lawyer you haven’t seen anything this corrupt in a forever, and you are threatened with this corrupt board of nursing revoking . Where does it say you must give up your rights ? STOP SIGNING those consents . believe me this corrupt board wants to punish whether there is anything to it or not , and you are letting them . They will come back with a better deal , cause they do not want to be caught again . Dirty , and wicked ones there at that board of nursing. Refuse to sign and they will give you “SUCH A DEAL ” , and no public shaming, just a little ‘fine ” to keep it all secret . Does that make you wonder , there was nothing to it anyways !! How many have signed and lost their license because of the wording in the “get away from these wicked women at the board quickly ” . NO case, make them re write and re write or court . And be prepared to appeal because the admin law sham court is rigged by corruption too !


    1. I don’t think a better deal is available from not signing, revoke is their middle name. but you know youre dealing with a sterile abscess and immune from outside accuracy. However, you are 100% correct in getting cases out of the abscess and into the jurisdiction of superior court.


  2. actually knowing research helps , when a couple of recent cases REFUSED to sign, and board asked why didn’t you sign, probation , and jump through every hoop known to man , they said no they would rather go to court, to avoid this , and appeals , then the board comes back and offered a sweet deal, small fine, they signed to get rid of them . might be worth it if you did something wrong and they do not have a case. to sign off on paying small fine , and stop the maddness of the harassing board. Hold out and they will treat you like their favored sisters and brotheren temple trottering trios, and the lightest punishment they can so they don’t stop working or ruin their reputation forever , and keep paying the quorum of 12. SHHHHHH they don’t want you to know their little secrets. One thing for sure one MUST appeal , as this is really where it hurts and takes up their time energy and exposes them


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