“Protecting the Public” the Road To Reform AZBN

Petition is pointed at AZBNs’ over regulation and the pathetic presentations of corrupted charges against many nurses and nurses’ assistants. Be a part of the expose against agency over regulations.


As 2018 comes to a close the political arrangement made noteworthy in the  general public arena that reform in the regulatory agencies had success through the law makers and governor and was connected to protecting the public. Nurses being part of the public, and with the 2018 implementation of SB 1452 Chpt 191 revised statutes to not only regulate all health regulatory agencies who connect with a vulnerable public but with less witch hunt powers.  New laws restricting health boards’s powers by setting statute of limitations on prior licensees violations, term limits on board members as well as eliminating boards ability to file a compliant on its own motion. And more. As these are now laws, we can only expect the law to be followed. And if you believe that, I’ll tell you another one. Much has been documented in factual terms that represent the unnecessary, and in some cases illegal loss of nurses licenses where cause and effect for other catastrophic events has grossly broken the public’s’ image of the agencies. These documents are history & some are opined, and anonymity requested which tingles the fear nerve. In spite of injustice told they hide. Although many nurses have recently come forward with openness about their cases, many demanded anonymity. Key word is demanded?

Presently the Health Services Agencies have been centrally located on the Government Center near the state house. Getting all the agencies to abide by the new laws and adapt to the new environment maybe too much for them. A huge move. Getting evidence out of compounds surrounded by barbed evil won’t be easy. Thanks to so many who’ve come forward and created the avenue for reform through shear pain with no remorse.

All posts and comments are archived for further historical references. 


28 thoughts on ““Protecting the Public” the Road To Reform AZBN

  1. This post is unique enough to identify many issues nurses have battled the AZBN over nothing. What a waste of taxpayers’ resources.

  2. The state nursing board does what it does best, protect hospitals from their victims while obscuring this true purpose from the public.

  3. All I can say is QUIT SIGNING THOSE CONSENT AGREEMENTS !! every nurse is sorry they did, you are giving up your rights ! Why would you sign this corrupt az bon lies ? Ok you are not a lawyer you haven’t seen anything this corrupt in a forever, and you are threatened with this corrupt board of nursing revoking . Where does it say you must give up your rights ? STOP SIGNING those consents . believe me this corrupt board wants to punish whether there is anything to it or not , and you are letting them . They will come back with a better deal , cause they do not want to be caught again . Dirty , and wicked ones there at that board of nursing. Refuse to sign and they will give you “SUCH A DEAL ” , and no public shaming, just a little ‘fine ” to keep it all secret . Does that make you wonder , there was nothing to it anyways !! How many have signed and lost their license because of the wording in the “get away from these wicked women at the board quickly ” . NO case, make them re write and re write or court . And be prepared to appeal because the admin law sham court is rigged by corruption too !

    1. I don’t think a better deal is available from not signing, revoke is their middle name. but you know youre dealing with a sterile abscess and immune from outside accuracy. However, you are 100% correct in getting cases out of the abscess and into the jurisdiction of superior court.

  4. actually knowing research helps , when a couple of recent cases REFUSED to sign, and board asked why didn’t you sign, probation , and jump through every hoop known to man , they said no they would rather go to court, to avoid this , and appeals , then the board comes back and offered a sweet deal, small fine, they signed to get rid of them . might be worth it if you did something wrong and they do not have a case. to sign off on paying small fine , and stop the maddness of the harassing board. Hold out and they will treat you like their favored sisters and brotheren temple trottering trios, and the lightest punishment they can so they don’t stop working or ruin their reputation forever , and keep paying the quorum of 12. SHHHHHH they don’t want you to know their little secrets. One thing for sure one MUST appeal , as this is really where it hurts and takes up their time energy and exposes them

  5. She’s right ! STOP signing those consent agreements AKA , let this “incompetent board off the hook.”Scare tactics. Do you have any integrity? Who would rather have a license in this field and be under their thumb or exercise your rights, as if you live in a free country. ! What they write is 90% lies , 1/2 of a sentence, to make the reader think you are the most dangerous person in the world and crazy beyond belief. This board cannot take someone writing the TRUTH about them, oh no, sign the paper and write about them and watch the unprof conduct fly. It is not unprof conduct when they lie their heads off ??

  6. Get it , you wouldn’t want to work as a nurse anyways, under their thumb. It is not just what’s on the paper they will keep adding more hoops , more skills evals, psych evals, to wear you out , make you pay. While they waste huge amounts of tax payers money , with scare tactics, when you don’t cave it , 5-4 3 years of investigation for 250 $ fine !! wow , did they do a crack up job !!! wow ,

  7. Make sure you send this board certified (they ‘lose ‘only the important mail” a cease and desist contacting your employers. here is how the conversation goes. “({insert name here of nurse they are witch hunting }) has a complaint on her /his license , OH not from your place of employment but from ANOTHER place of employment ” ANd nothing to do with your PLACE OF EMPLOYMENT } YET! {notice how they imply the nurse is such a problem that you will have problems with him/ her) , but we are just investigating see how she/he is doing and if their are ANY PROBLEMS AT ALL , ?
    ANYTHING NO MATTER HOW SMALL (we can inflate the fact she farted at work ) Now take your time and think if their is a patient complaint , anyone she /he works with who has a problem with her, forget to chart something, appear red eyed ? confused at times ? talking too fast ? talking to slow ? giggles ? wears hair combed ? clothes clean ? EVER BEEN LATE FOR WORK ? Just a suggestion, we are experienced at this, have a designated person , taking notes, write EVERYTHING they do down. It may not seem important , but everything even if they say they went to casino night before WRITE IT DOWN!

    did you find anything on their back ground ? you may want to run it again (we’re all about being SURE aren’t we !) WE would like to work with you and keep the state of AZ safe against horrible nurses , so if you don’t mind we will call back or let me give you my direct line , here is it is 1 800 EAT NURSE , if i am not in leave your name and number I will get back to you RIGHT AWAY !! (you can bet that phone line will be smokin, in a hot tick ) .

    Yes, the return call , HELLO (in the tone , of your my best friend , it ‘s Emma, Janeen, Insert the dirty board worker here ) I got your message and want to THANK YOU , from the bottom of my heart, this is SO important , and I just really applaud a healthcare facility that is pro active in PUBLIC SAFETY . We ARE on the same page, now what is it that (target nurses name ) did so we can make note of it and we will not mention your name, unless (target nurses lies about it ) and I KNOW you are honest and would never put in a false complaint to retaliate on (target nurse) so spill , and take your time . Your tax dollars at work , feeding the wicked women stirring trouble , trying to ‘find ” something because they file notice of charges which fell apart and you know the BON never admits errors ! never .

  8. Exactly , ! only when emma (the dirty one in my case) was contacted about her getting me fired she said “oh I was hoping that wouldnt happen ” YOU LYING BITCH! That was the REASON for your calling, nasty witch ! SO many nurses have no idea about this / sick plan of theirs ‘ 1) get them fired, we cannot put under their name anymore on the web site to advertise to the world they have a board complaint pending, so we will CALL THEM FIRST HAND . ANd what will be our reason ?? ‘Verify employment ! ” And while troublemaker mamaluy in on the phone , be sure and tell the employer what SUBSTANCIAL situation (really dramatize it up ) you have and you are all about public safety , and geez if the nurse gets fired, well, I ‘l l pretend that was not my motive , but we all know that is strictly their motive .
    2)make it so they can’t get work and make money and file in any court 3) harass them until they want to sign the consent agreement , they will do anything to get rid of us. 4)pepper them with papers all at once, from every angle and put the pressure on , we don’t have a case but we CAN NOT ADMIT IT EVER , do not let them see you make a mistake , and be sure and say PUBLIC SAFETY often. It’s always a big seller . ANd makes them look so interested in taking care of patients So unreal to find out this board is so corrupt , and nasty to boot !

  9. without evidence they are just judging , and how are they doing that ? by sticking up for the hospitals, and always stating “the person who sits in that seat (defendant nurse) lies all the time ” . ANd how does this board know,? they don’t know they are just insulting a person who has been accused . It is not a board it is Randy (loser , will never make anything of himself , or get the celestial life he is promised, makes mistakes, talks down to women, futuristic old men, ) QUINN, inc. the one who mouths his thoughts so the ‘stupid little women will follow ” Anderson is a GOOD follower , seems like her only experience is with AA, an old drunk for sure. Must be in the water at DES or hidden in her desk. Personality fits her, not the one where she had counseling the one where she is judging others , dry drunk , or maybe not.

  10. Too much corruption in AZ that is FOR SURE , between the corrupt board of nursing and their employees, and the admin horror court, don’t look for any kind of due process, anytime soon.

  11. Every victim of this corrupt board of nursing needs to file reports with every agency that regulates that one who is not doing their job or doing something other than what they are in existence for . Will they do it, most likely not , lots of excuses , which are reasons wrapped in a lie . “they get there’s in the end ” most likely but , getting what goes around comes around to happen sooner , is not so bad either . Those in positions of authority are not going to come to you. While some type of regulation is necessary of the ones who have done something intentional (LIKE THE BON/ Employees ) ! they need to be held accountable . Most people who have no idea how they really work it , why be a watchdog if your not going to report your experience . many books could be written. Even those new ones on the bd would be quite shocked , those who appear to be ‘nice” are sheep in wolves clothing, and down right wicked !

  12. Another misplaced thinking, if I play nice with them, I will keep my license , HAHA!ROFLOA , ! (did you know she will be gone Jan ) AGAIN. (lol HAHAH) She had a real knack for writing those ‘reports ‘ of what happened at the hearing, only problem is she twisted and distorted the truth so bad, and was never fair to the nurse, but picked out those 1/2 sentences that was a bit more than cut and paste , to make the nurse look like the worst possible picture one could paint. Even if she had to make stuff up ! Whoppers !

  13. The ONLY one who will miss Valerie Smith , (who corrected randy the idiot many times ) is Joey aka Jo , aka RIDENOUR , yep , Ridenour will be sitting at her desk , and calling Smith, “Hey Valerie , what do you think I should think ? “

  14. When I was CNA this blabber mouth , (Smith) no animation, just monotone, dull speaker, who must made stuff up to stand up there in front of people and act like she knew something . Over paid , threat to nurses ! . Her ‘talk ” was on workplace violence , guess she should know A LOT about that , that’s what the board is all about . “the focus personal safety and workplace violence. ” ONLY if the NURSE is the one being stalked , bullied, abused SO WHAT , it was all hype and full of hot air. ANd more horse shit about “protect that public ” . Excuse me , but a nurse is not a member of the public ?? This board wouldn’t protect a nurse if they were raped on the job, they’d figure out a way to blame it on the nurse, that is inbreed from birth, they taught to turn it on them , what did YOU do ? what were YOU wearing ” . nauseating bitches all of them .

  15. after their 4th of dec party, many were heard “bashing’ others who attended on their way out, , you can’t be that nasty in your life and not have it bleed over to your despaired personality. While the board bitches start a new year of predatory evil harassment , with no care about any public safety . The pretenders , such as Campbell , and Sunita (God help us their multiplying !), Reine , Jo Elizabeth Ridenour, and other staff, while they stuff their faces with Christmas dinner, one can only hope they think of the lives their have destroyed, and have a sense of guilty pleasure, when that second piece of pie they stick their forks into while indulging think of the pain , suffering , and unnecessary , over board digging , and feel some sense of remorse.
    I do not think so , they are satisfied in their own minds it was all the ‘poor victims” (the nurse) fault , that is what separates those who are truly caring nurses and have hearts to those who got a degree , and love that power and control. Like a police officer who goes to the dark side.

  16. ADVOCATING FOR NURSES RIGHTS TO DUE PROCESS AND PROTECTION FROM ABUSE OF AUTHORITY BY AZ STATE NURSING BOARD . If you are not a ‘target’ yet, study up and get informed of what the Corrupt AZ Board of Nursing does, the lies, the process , the connection with the Kangaroo court of bad actors, corrupt judges, the Lying prosecutors, who are bad renditions nancy disgraceful. To the Director who knows what the staff is doing , and is being driven by money. Putting on her “grandmotherly, we will bend over backwards for you” But only in front of others, the truth is concealed , and comes out to only a few who are in the know. To the board members themselves, deceitful ,dirty underhanded. Everyonce in awhile someone gets hired and has no clue what is really going on, if they figure it out, and turn a blind eye they are just as guilty, lots just go through the revolving door , the lying agent for the board, is the most manipulative , seems to run every aspect of the entire building. we’ll see how long these males listen to hear , especially now they weeded through her lies . She will go down, and they are not going with her .

  17. Knowing the stats on this page is to know the vast numbers whove visited this page. With so many adverse comments and specifics related to civil rights abuse it’s about time to look at a federal complaint.

  18. So many civil rights abuse, abuse of discretion, not just suspending or revoking a few, needlessly , and with no legal authority. Very few nurses who have been wrongly convicted by this AZ corrupt board or nursing , will take it to the next level , mostly talk. Talk with no actions = ball less . chatty cathie’s. Who would allow someone to come into their home and dump cans of garbage on the living room floor , and then set the house on fire , put a lien on the property until they own it. Well that is what they are doing with your license . Dump garbage is their lies, which destroy’s reputations , but they allow it . Sometimes you just got to stand up for your rights and put it into public record .

  19. IF everything on this page was not the truth the real truth , they would file law suits, but they can’t because there is NO slander NO libel , everything can be proven . while Ridenour says , “it it it is so so soc social me me med medi media , and times times are cha cha changing ” . No miss , notta public speaker how did you get this job woman, it is a way to put comments about a corrupt board of nursing that you are running to the ground out their so others can see, it is not them it is YOU ! Exposing the corruption , bringing light to a dark side , light will destroy the hidden mold, sick virus you spread, and bacteria , you can’t hide in your back office. And stop telling students to stop posting on their facebook pages , so you can set them up , posting is a bad thing as a nurse . Save your brain washing for the sunday crowd , they will accept your BS ! like sheep baaaaaaa

    1. The general concept is slander is a lie, most attorneys can turn a truth into a lie, and charge you for it. The concept that a civil slander suit must be proven to be a lie before its won isnt true. In civil courts lawyers bid on justice with your money. If the AZBN wants to sue this site I would guess it would be near impossible. The site is registered to an address in New England, and an apparent fictious name of Jesse Nightingale. The server is in the UK. A rabbits’ foot wasn’t very lucky for the hare.Much info about nursing board behavior is noted throughout these posts and comments. “We know these truths to be self evident” as the declaration states. Remember the court of public opinion is expressed here. And saved…..
      Tracking abilities are huge, however most are puter twined and you really got to be somebody to get THERE.

  20. maybe too much information for the readers who visit, why make it e z ? Holding cards close to ones chest is not your best asset. The biggest thing that would stop any lawsuit in its’ tracks is the number of people who have been screwed who are quiet now but will speak up how they were lied too, the final paper written that is filled with lies, the reader has no clue. Finding liars to lie , when the slippery forked tongue jd feeds them info . show them how to twist the truth the save their hospital. Willing to go along, shameful. One thing for sure, you will get caught in your lies, and there’s always someone higher on the ladder that will put an end to their liars party. We know that Ridenour wont be the one with integrity, not with the look on her face , when things went her way. Not a bit of guilty. Incapable of any kind of empathy, just destroy and then kick them when their down is her style. Oh not where anyone can see .
    The new ones on the board will roll their eyes but will see it , takes some longer than others. . pay attention who is the favored one at the azbon . pay attention to the ones they want to ‘get” , and slam dunk.

    1. There is also the guilty nurse, which a surgeon just said to me last week, it was easier being a falling down drunk or crack user as slips and errors are worked already into the program. But the innocent know their lies that are dormant in that arena and must be moved outside of their jurisdiction. Point trying to make the innocent are greatly pointed at. The Steve Fucking Gonos Case comes to mind.

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