Spirit Amputation AZBN

I am aware of the many nurses whose course through Arizona nursing has turned sour through no fault of their own and being unable to adhere to monitoring created by the AZBN to ratify alleged unprofessional behaviors. The concept that the psychological process the nurse sees jaded with the nurses’ own surrender of free will. The acceptance of false accusations and probationary stipulations is not promoting remorse or education. The wide spread knowledge of the AZBN being habitual offenders of state statutes with no accountability has helped nursing to be where it is now. The recent Aspen University debacle is part and parcel to the overall nightmares the health care system is experiencing in the COVID era. The stress on the system created many, many issues to come to more scrutiny previously unseen. No wait…. I take that back, many bad actors at AZBN whose ability to manipulate have been well documented. Kim Paradisis the node for her ‘Selected Silencing’ of Registered Nurses now a reference in graduate studies.

The choice of following probation for nothing and not snitching on your colleagues leads you to a path of a continued career? You go on in acceptance with questionable integrity. Not going there on that path because you didn’t do it or nobody heard the whistle makes a future of no bosses and zero tomorrows. The psychological damage known for unjust discipline is the psychological amputation of the spirit of the soul which lives in all humans. Why we became nurses and stayed. The construction of a spirit prothesis is a journey to which there is no end. There is no prothesis for an amputated spirit. Welcome to AZBN

. “The Board is and has been taking the appropriate actions to protect Arizona related to this matter. If credentials are fraudulent, the Board has the ability to revoke or deny licensure, after providing due process to the individual involved”. Joey Ridenour’s work. What could “This Matter” of JRidenour’s be?? Due process for fraudulent licenses from Fla. whom are working in Arizona. Thats funny, it really is. Any nurse who thinks they can get due process from Ridenour, under ANY conditions, will end up with mental health issues. Due process is a Ridenour BS term. It will never ever happen…..The importance for this page has always been to communicate with nurses and their assistants and to document nursing history in permanent. edu digital library accessed to internet needs. The end would here disappears but appears for education about nursing. There the educators will reseach the well viewed violence in the workplace.


2 thoughts on “Spirit Amputation AZBN

  1. Strkes so close to home that this feels like my story. You just gave it a name. “unjust discipline is the psychological amputation of the spirit of the soul”.
    Thank you for such well written posts and giving is a voice.

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