Student Info AZBN

The one thing I forgot about telling the students is if a supervisor is confronting you, about anything, do not forget that the chances this supervisor, AZBN, attorney or anybody associated with management or law enforcer is looking for anything but your blood and your soul, is routine for them. And they will lie to get it. Your dream job is no longer, and your responses to these lying carpet baggers will determine your future. Remember this: you can not tell the truth as this is a system that falls apart under real light. It will wipe you out.The truth destroys their money train. If you want to stay in nursing you must not give a hint of honesty or care for patient safety. I know you’ve been trained otherwise. This is reality. It’s going to take the rest of your career to understand the human nature that has parked itself in your way, so don’t trust anybody until you do. You’re needing to plan your moves, pick your fights, but make no threats…but never ever walk away from one. You’ll know the registered nurses who love and watch you. You just will. Although nowadays pretty difficult to find.

The money luanderers are unlikely to realize that nursing bds only benefit those whom get paid by them.The working trained social nurse has no use at all for nursing boards and knows they represent a serious threat to nurses & pts. alike. Peary A. Brown retired R.N.


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