The Hubris Defined AZBN

From the Aspen debacle which has lamed many students from advancing to the active field of independent nursing, which is never accomplished, the lying learning curve demonstrating leadership from pandora’s box is here. The AZBN must approve curriculums for nurse education and educators credation for exams by NCLEX which is also written by NCSBN whom are the part of most state boards. If another lying arm of Bds then certifies universities the subsequent failures fall upon another agency? How the heck does this monster work? If only 30-32% of university trained nurses pass Bd’s exams for licensure and 40% of fraudulent applicants, not trained by anybody except themselves pass, the lying learning curve is for all to see. The focus and defined truth of the AZBN has landed and is covered with non-adherring grease.

Those open meeting preambles of “Protecting The Public” sound a little weak. Some nurses know this Board is made up of liars which now is openly causing public harm to many. The repair of students will be easily accomplished by this political agency, why they had to do it is your money found in property titles. T.I.A. This Is Arizona.


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