DOJ AZBN Diploma Fraud

The alledged low national exams via NCLEX and NCSBN exposure now is irrelevant to AZBN as once the bd desertification comes down the DOJ will withdraw their zeal for investigating board and mission will be over?? It doesn’t take a lot of insight to connect potential fraud as last month’s massive nurse fraud arrests in Florida created the road map for .and beyond. If there is the need for fraud at this 8000 volume in Florida then it must be elsewhere as well. The AZBN and the NCSBN are now trying how to figure out to moat themselves apart from first accreditation of Aspen nursing? How does that really work that Bd initiates certification to follow and when following Bd’s lead causes horrors only fixed by throwing nurses under the bus.

The present Adm/DOJ were by 2019 engulfed in nursing homes horrors and are now planning to put dump truckloads of $$ into nursing ed and nursing homes by focusing upon support @ home first. A new wave of health care at home is now happening and increasing different needs of staffing to be now governed by local agencies such as AZBN. Quality in nursing care is now jammed to the bottoms simply by the nurse pt. ratios being dangerous as the need for more staff during pandemic. increases.

Will the doj continue to search and find out the corruption needed by the AZBN to silence the truth of nurse abuse??

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