Fruad Investigations For All AZBN

The DOJ will generally inform a fruadster targeted for investigation that in fact the investigation has evolved. The department of Justice takes a lot political heat in today’s whirlwind American culture that should not be underestimated or dismissed as political.

Common activities by this group of investigators involve undercover behaviors that by the time the DOJ informs respondents there is an investigation ongoing, the investigation is generally nearly done. The long arm of the DOJ patiently awaits on tapped communications lines what the fraudsters will say to their partners in crime. The fraudulent nurse license scam in Florida used old school tactics to find immoral greed amongst educators and nurses as well. Busy big bees find little busy bees.

The DOJ is the arm of U.S. attorneys and have finally invaded nursing. Although many believe its been active since 2017.The revelations of untrained nursing smoothly sliding to bedside nursing for good quality pay is the source of nursing board investigations. Somewhere out there there is a recorded phone conversation b/t a Banner executive &directing Ridenour to eliminate A. Trujillo from the truth as the physician’s baby needs new shoes. The DOJ is not only watching and reviewing but also listening.

It’s never too late for tracking violations that occur at high levels of government which ultimately affect many unaware communities and in many different ways. There are many, many victims of health care fruad; both patients and health care providers as well. Nursing and their assistants are sick of the crimes against nursing by both regulations authorities and by adm nurses who can not work the bedside. The DOJ has not finished its work and do not underestimate the informer Lucy Brown. If she asks you please reply with the truth.

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