Randy Quinn AZBN President 26/27 July 2018 Mtg Critique


“View every day as if it is your last day of peace.” 

The new facility for health care agencies is centered in the government center in downtown Phoenix, Az. It has easy access with ample parking. 

All cases heard today, or now posted here have already been determined, paper work aligned to completeness, before this facade meeting for the hoodwinking of the general public. The view of protecting the general public costs Arizona about 2 unreported deaths created by medical error every hour.  The patient doesn’t matter anymore, unless you’re John McCain. 

The meeting was conducted by the President Randy Quinn, whose presence is maintained and always in control of every move. His visual gained from years of nurse assessments is an out of shape, middle aged man with hypertension. The standard issue, plain white shirt & tie of sorts easily expressing the system and the AZBN will today pass judgement.

The first case on Thurs. was that of reissue application for well known whistleblower R.N. Peary Allen Brown. A very interesting case of a medical mal that eventually brought down a grossly incompetent physician who was prime witness against Brown. The hearing showed Quinn as a mean mumbling mad man with fear. Very quick denial of license  to which Brown later said, “It was Biblical, almost to the tee.” Quinn giving dirty looks and welcomed Brown at the same time. After the vote Brown Left and came back in; two armed police from Maricopa County showed up and stayed the whole time and followed Brown out at lunchbreak. Brown was seen talking to many eager looking students.

A few cases a Sage Mark Dunham had borrowed $ from hospice patient. Respondent claimed isolated incident and got probation and ethics course.

Atty Williams allowed by Quinn to disrupt schedule by retrieving a lost client in the hall. Quinn made no dirty looks here, pleasant. The same part of town.


Narcotic addicted nurse pleads well for time leniency in program and gets it.

Kimya Khales per parents complaint to dismiss after nurse not clamping line leading to childs death. Dismiss/Banner. Oh Randy Please save us.Parents gasping still.

Nurse with purple hair defining erratic driving as fatigue from nursing and seemingly passing field sobriety test and not charged. Gets dismissal and we have absolutely no reason to conclude this case had merit to even be there.

Very distracting the cops watching every move, left at noon & headed towards Mexican restaurant, nurse instructor & students agreeing Board itself should have some kind of monitoring. Students show additional interests about civil matters which Board seems involved with? 

Other cases of note defined a cross section of social issues that were evident simply by the way some of the respondents were dressed. A tall man of retirement age came in and sat in front of me. He was exactly the Michelin Man replica wearing, shorts, sandals and a shirt made from a torn scallop net and carrying a large beach bag like straw bag as a purse. He sat in front of me for for 5 mins rumaging through his beach bag before being called to the Bd. I could see his plumber’s crack. I tried to get Beth A. Campbell’s attention so she could fire one of her world reknown flesh eating spitballs down his crack but that turned out to be a stretch, even for Beth.

 Quinn mumbled some nothings out of horrible audios and dismisses this complaint on this R.N.  I thought he was from the carnival outside. I really Did. It changes images of Nursing In Arizona. 

Being followed out of the building by real police who were neutral was not an issue, except the unnecessary costs on taxpayers. 

27 Fri 

We are biased here and consider “bad nurses’ our colleagues needing assistance and not one a bureaucratic  monster government agency can deliver.

Kent, who knows the Board very well is a gracious professional as always, Quinn still not over her comment,”judge rubber stamped it”. Quinn pretending it doesn’t go on. Why hide it.

Chelle, as usual, tells AZBN you scrutinize more than any other Board. Ha. Now you’ve got to defend your social media persona even though you have absolutely no idea what that is. Using social media in unrelated employment issues as tools against nurse is civil rights violation. Routine.

Agenda frequently askew with attorneys playing musical chairs with the schedule. Patient concerns are gone.


well the AZBON  had lots of ‘bad ‘ nurses at the meeting , crowded . actually that is a sick joke , most of them are not bad at all , not as bad as the BON ! !   AND STAFF!  . Unreal when i lived in WASH state they would have like THREE nurses before the AZBON .

well miss april covia requesting a rehearing , Krishna , who is part of a dead end entry level job , pretends to know what she is doing . Actually Cobia appeared to be very shrewd and quick, with answers , and objections. Kinda of a waste of time since the AZBON does not grant rehearings, no matter how they skirt around it.

MS Kent , who knows the board very well is gracious as always. Appears that mr UNPROFESSIONAL himself Randy quinn still has not gotten over her saying “the judge rubber stamped it ” we all know this goes on, so why pretend it does not RANDY QUINN, who taught you to ‘pretend ” things are real???

the number of ‘failure to respond is quite high, is the AZBON sending to wrong address’s ??? like they havent done that , purposely !  I think who ever is responsible for this , would kill a patient if let lose ,

so many of the settlement , you just knew by looking at the nurses faces they did not do what they signed to bury it and put it away. , in a way you cant blame them but then again, most would not cave in , not anyone who is interested in doing the right thing.

so strange agenda , ‘list available at the board office , but get there NO ONE KNOWS what is going on !

and the psych evals flying again. the azbon is ordering without regard to cost, to the nurses.

dont forget a new investigator LORAL PULTZ,   makes you wonder what they tell these people on interview . cant you hear JOKEY RIdenour? ‘now if you can go HARD of these people we do not want you here, we will guide you what nurses we want to target on more than others, they need to learn a lesson ! ”   you know we are for public safety (SCREAMING !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   saying it jokey does not make it true !     This woman is looking rough, smith who has been at board , comes and goes is just as nasty as before , and the tall homely “beth??  from atty Gen office, is a real story teller, makes you sick they way she thinks she has to sit there and lie and make someone look like the biggest animal in the state , when in fact time to look in the mirror , !   ok so the day was long the education report is like WTF is Malloch doing back at the board , give if up and get some younger blood , !!!


All of the above is compiled from first hand view and on site assessment. There are many missing cases but the mission to bring activities/opinions forward into public view is partially complete.

The police of Maricopa County conducted themselves as professionals promoting a sense of safety by a neutral image presence.  Being called there is a Board initiation that does not support the Board. They are peace keepers for all. Not needed since few, if any, could ever breach the security of two trained police with guns. Of course that is the point of it, except other breach easy.

Perhaps a nurse of many years can give an easy view:

It is with o try
I remember one nursing student tell me
If the board put you on probation that is because you deserved it .
I said I’m not a criminal say that to me again after you have worked as a nurse for a couple of years.
Randy Quinn told the nursing students if you don’t stand up for your self
You will never make it in nursing .
I say stand up for your self in nursing and you’ll get fired.

Be aware of your health care, and your neighbors too.


The only valid way to tolerate Quinn; Hypoxic & Lethargic


27 thoughts on “Randy Quinn AZBN President 26/27 July 2018 Mtg Critique

  1. I think when you weigh the cost for this agency I doubt they are saving our patients since U.S. health care continues to be reported as horrible, Lots of new stories coming out about medical mals. The lost child here with an unclamped line?? I had a friend that walked out of nursing fafter 18 yrs. Its bad.

  2. The only dangerous ones at the AZBON are the Board members themselves . Lack of I Q is hurting good nurses . The others are EMMA MAMALUY ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL SUNITA KRISHNA JOEY RIDNOUR JANEEN DAHN KRISTI HUNTER , and those who are willing to join in with the GAME playing. The latter names need to be in prison for their illegal acts lying and injustice .

  3. This corrupt board of nursing and their corrupt staff will do ANYTHING to keep watchdogs from hearing the meeting ANYTHING , make up lies, intimidation, get people to file false complaints . WE SIMPLY CANNOT ALLOW A CORRUPT BOARD OF NURSING TO CONTINUE . This is UNPROFESSIONAL CONDUCT , with Ridenour leading the gang in their game playing . Randy Quinn is such a dork, a POS , who thinks he is a saint .

  4. What do they brain wash these creeps on Sundays . NEVER admit wrong doing . How HONEST is this? This idiot RANDY QUINN actually has written that HE IS RESPONSIBLE for millions of dollars budget. Very typical of the creeps , MONEY is bottom line . MONEY LOVING . Never admit wrong doing , they are the ‘good” ones and everyone else is not . SO far gone mentally , their is NO hope for them and should never judge anyone !

  5. AZ is so backwards . ANd this gang does not help . Women are breeders , to be silent , told how to vote, and keep quiet . Never speak up . remain mindless. Then look at the Corrupt BOard of Nursing , Randy drag Quinn, monkey in the middle, “quinn moves” what did he do have another bowel movement , “quinn Moves, ” and the rest of the dummy women are suppose to follow suit . He gives the lead and you follow like sheep , BAAAAA . Sickening . Since they do not have to think , sit there like ZOMMBIES, just a breathing non brainers , all they have to do is vote they way their are told. it is all prearranged , they discuss the cases ahead and all in the cards.

  6. I am in agreement that the board of nursing is a rogue agency, accountable to no one. But this is not even readable. I’m actually not even sure whose comment is related to what, or what actually happened on this day. Please slow down and write with those of us who were not there in your mind.

  7. The corruption that exists WILL stop soon. The people and nurses are speaking out VERY loud right NOW. I have made it my personal mission to inform as many people, including, but not limited to Arizona constituents, nurses, nursing educators, nursing organizations, victims’ rights associations, bar associations, news media, the Facebook world, HHS federal officials, and even the President of the United States of this issue. I will not stop until I have exposed and eradicated this corrupt government entity known as the Arizona Board of Nursing and to spread the word to as many nurses as possible to avoid ever nursing in Arizona until this issue is corrected. Please see and sign my petition here: https://www.change.org/p/danielle-salomon-azdoa-gov-arizona-board-of-nursing-corruption-needs-to-stop-now

  8. Well it certainly is way more than two thoughts. Let me share my thoughts: HIs education is just not there, when a lot of cases of nurses who said BULLSH*T , it was when dandy quinn took over. A real mess! A nurses aide. If he wasn’t married to an sister wife , surely she would have given that ‘boy with the big mouth” the boot ! he’s a paycheck . feel so sorry for any kids of his especially the girls. two out of four will surely hate him for leading them into this path . Got to have control and power over others , a joke playing little judge without the education , but this is also wrongly put in their minds .

  9. I like the question Randy Quinn asks , ‘have you have any run in with the law since? ” and the person says , ‘well a couple of speeding tickets” and R Q says, oh that’s nothing. !!! the same thought process as another mission creep “legislature immunity ” MOSLEY , has , speeding is no big deal , even brag about it. But then I guess it’s no big deal cause R Q has several AND is running his yap about ‘public safety” ! really randy dandy . speeding is not a public safety issue. ? guess telling the cops , your pres of the board of nuts, did not impress them !!!

  10. Ok so you got a bunch of CRNA who form a group and then you got someone who you may need a favor someday cause the jerk off got the position of pres of the board of nursing . So when it comes time to vote CRNA of the year, they all voted for the idiot and he even thinks he is superior to the rest of them !!! IT was an ‘ace in the hole ” stupid ! Kinda like the Drs at a hospital , no one wants the job, so who ever does not show up for the meeting gets voted Medical Director . It is a title , an award that means NOTHING !! Like BUYING a purple heart, cause your too pansy *ss to join the military. And you should be ashamed for mentioning it to anyone ! Like giving every single investigator at the board of nursing the title SENIOR investigator , only the simple thinkers would think they are experienced and qualified . From day 1 hired Senior , a JOKE . but look who runs the outfit !

  11. Remember the woman from Scottsdale who had high heels and cleavage, applying for license, and Randy got mouthy , degrading, sharp tongued little snot nosed public humiliation defaming. A NP saw that and said ” i would have got up and slapped him in the face ” well deserved . Got to be ‘modest ” or you are damned by this brain washed ill mannered , treat the woman like second class citizens . Weird when she lawyered up and came back a denial turned into giving her a license. ! Not that MR Condesending would ever admit he made a mistake or MANY MISTAKES . !
    With this creeps strange thought process , who would ever allow him to be his CRNA ???? In his day to day life , and bias towards gentiles , and special treatment of his own similar brain washed kind , you cannot expect anything but second rate work . Any complaints to the AZBON would be squashed !

  12. SO Grand Canyon College, (and we all know who runs that ) was before the Board , a student had a needle stick , it was a place where they were doing healthcare for homeless those who could not afford care. This new CNO (SMITH , of course ) admin. (don’t forget Melanie Logue who does not work there anymore and surprise was not on this board anymore ! stood up for too many nurses ? ) So Smith is reading a through report, what happened what transpired , how they took care of it did everything they can, accidents happen and then the legal disaster said, “I , yep it is me myself and I , with this male who dominates everyone, will move , their goes those randy dandy bowel movements again, to a degree of censure ” then here it comes “I (again it it me myself and i , the lone idiot , do not want to look biased ) HAHAHHA I mean if this is not the most laughable , unreal , an attorneys nightmare , statement , of course a lot of his babble is just that . The important thing here is that the grand canyon (OH YEA NON PROFIT grand canyon , hee hee , can still do business as usual, NO problem NO change in operation at all . BUT a nurse with this DOC on their license would put THEM out of business ! OH and the homeless and indigent, Grand Canyon will not go there anymore , because policies like hospitals and the infection control process is just not there . SO grand canyon wins, nurses lose, the most needy patients lose, while emperor randy drag quinn rules what HIS mind-less spurts out . SO not qualified for this position ! ! Scarey , loose canyon.

  13. So the skills lab was decided that it was 100% failure for even seasoned nurses. No one passed the skills lab . The BOARD kept ordering Skills evals knowing this , at the nurses expense ! Talk about a set up . So the Skills lab came back to the board of nursing , of course they want the steady flow of poor nurses paying them and jumping through Randy Dandy’s hoops he keeps ordering , because he is at a loss for words what to do , so he orders more tests at the nurses expense who is already out of work ! So now this board , just to make sure it was wrong, decided to go on a FIELD TRIP . You know how you sign for your kids to go off campus on a field trip , well your board of nuts is doing the same thing. Im sure pea minds will be impressed , with this skills lab , that is 100% failure for a nurse. HEY how about Randy doing the skills test !!! HAHA !! he admitted he doesn’t always wash his hands. I ll bet these people headed by education (who are FORMER BOARD MEMBERS) and friends , of the ones who give the skills test , would pass him/ her to get the business !! just a HUNCH, but ya know money rules , no public safety going on at all . These board members and their president , are one big JOKE , but the NOT funny JOKE . amateurs . maybe too many questions as a young child on where did you touch yourself this week? made them this way . !

  14. Just when you think this pompous &ss could not be a bigger fool , you hear from a nurse. A nurse who tried everything to get her license back ‘in good standing ‘ is all she wanted. Her identity her being , her calling. And A Hole QUinn tells her when she’s pouring her heart out WRAP IT UP I ALREADY GAVE YOU 5 MINUTES !! The major ASS , needs a good kick in the *SS ! wrap around the head., for his MOUTH . Insensitive , creep ! this nurse will never forget those tearing words, that cruel dirty SOB ! after 34 years this is how you end your career. The psych said NOTHING WRONG, ! nice try Randy callous creep he is , so jump to another subject , to take a career away ! Skills eval that not one nurse has passed ! So send her there are her expense !! Dirty , nasty pr–k , A nurse of 34 years , Got to be the age when the hospital was weeding out anyone at the top of the pay scale and using an ax woman , “Lassie ” to do it. This is someone who would do “anything ‘ to get ahead look important and be a victim and manipulate her friends to side with her. She’s is a member in good standing of wine tasting no surprise. Her husband broke in to places, thief, burglary, and was caught , stealing from neighbors . it was in the local paper. Juicy news on your mgr. But then to ‘separate from him she told police her husband raped her. He sits in Florence prison today . Then her son who learned from mommie dearest how to use people was up for court hearing illegal activites , and “lassie ” convinced the AA counselor to say a few words for him , for the judge. Now him and daddy are both in the hookie. Oh and this manipulator was found out eventually , and was fired from the same hospital that Carol Schaeffer worked for 34 years. oh and then the sociopathic woman moves on to Southwest Surgery Center and they fire her too. But this is what the BON likes , nurses like this , game players , willing to lie, make up stories , what ever it takes , pity the target. Imagine losing your license over a liar , a low life, newly hired to ax employees . Would randy be upset by this ? Someone intentionally taking your career ? by his unforgiving ways , doubt he would ever forgive someone for this . HIM OH NO NOT HIM. of course board members do get special treatment by their own board, one of the perks. You can be the worst of the worst , and still keep your license while the Bd goes after long term nurses like this . carol is still who she is , lassie and randy are still who they are .

  15. The whipper snapper is way over his head, or something grandiose has certainly gone to his head. Sure loves being ‘in charge ” running the show. His partner describes him as “gentlemanly ” what a CROCk of course BUSINESS partner means $$$ . And then to further puff the narcisstic fool up “speaks articulately ” when actually , when he can’t think of what to say the women whisper and he repeats what they bailed him out on ! Takes on jobs that give him that “Title” , so he likes to throw titles around. even got a ata BOY from Ceo Parkdale UTAH. no surprise there . Always working it together. And then if your not wowed by the BS , I mean most nurses who work ER have PALS< NRP< ACLS< big deal , the public doesn't know that , and required. THEN he again reports HE is responsible for a 4.9 million dollar budget. NO one else but him. Ridenour , the bookkeeper. IF this isn't the most telling piece of self importance, he holds the 4.9 million in his checking account and at a whim he can make decisions all by himself . (his poor decisions have cost the taxpayers plenty ) ! The public needs to know this, I wouldn't trust him giving anesthesia or being in charge of anything. Then he actually says Nurse Anesthesia is better trained than Drs ! And brags how many facilities do not have Drs overseeing! They just "hold things up " and basically according to mouth piece Quinn , aren't necessary . Of course anything happens , these AZ Bon know how to place the blame on others, they are experienced at it. Less than 10 years ago a nurses aide .

  16. Wrap it up Randy. He makes it easy to hate him. Of course he has his ready made excuse , well I have to do what I have to do and of course their are going to those who are disgruntled. UH HUH ! Actually the nurses who do the wrong thing, don’t even show up for their trials ! . Attorneys at the AZ BON meetings calling him “your honor ” and Randy does not correct them . Hmmm . remember the NP who a patient called “DR” (she had a Dr’s degree) and did not correct the patient and was before the board? Got in trouble for it. Surely any complaints to the BON are ‘filed” away , and ignored . RAP IT UP RANDY. Your over your head, and the self importance factor , the titles are a joke . YOU can never change many bad opinions of you .

  17. The only reason Carol was on probation for 8 years was because she could not find work . No one hires someone on probation, in fact she was fired from volunteer job at the VA when they found out her probation status . Probation for WHAT ? she did everything this crazed board asked . Drove from Prescott to Phx to have her license shamefully stamped PROBATION. Drove to Phx to take classes , and practically taught the class passed with flying colors. even did the famous boards way of taking nurses down , psych eval . so everyone thinks they are crazy. And the Dr said , “your not crazy the board of nursing is ” . SO there ya go , he wasn’t one to swag and dirty the profession of psych so the BON can have their way with unsuspecting nurses ! Then ordered skills eval , which Quinn KNOWS no one passes , and have not , so order it anyways. ! set up . dirty trick . Cleaning out the books for the DOH take over. the AZBON writes ‘cases take an average of 7 months “more lies by this BON !!! Then when really dangerous people are before the BON like crna brian estavillo who took fentanyl and versed passed out On top of the patient , in AZ and New Mexico , who left Oregon because he admitted he almost got nailed for drugs at work. SO RANDY QUINN is going to WORK WITH THIS PERSON and CHANGE HIS CONSENT AGREEMENT ! (oh this is NOT the first time this dude has been on probation) Quinn is mean , rude , obnoxious to the female nurses but CRNA , well too close to home ! Would you want this CRNA (who can now work as a RN EIGHT hours a week) and fullfill his probation , as someone you want as a CRNA ?? THIS IS the public safety bullsh*t that is MOUTHED only at the BON !

  18. over inflated ego over NOTHING .
    if your corrupt as a board of nursing member your corrupt in your personal life ,
    judging nurses and playing favoritism should never be allowed in any manner type or form .
    He needs the BOOT, worse than Jokey Ridenour.
    This AZBON is getting worse and severely downhill , but Quinn will wipe his boogers on others every time

  19. The Brown case exhibits what the Bd is made of. Cash is so hard to trace, easy to hide. Its the only answer that would cause people to walk over that kind of line justice. The power of arrogance that an AAG would alter evidence to match the witnesses statements. Under oath the Fed consider that a serious felony.

  20. UH ! This person , Rnady Quinn I can tell you from personal experience is a fraudster, a fake, ladder climber and above all an asshole . He THINKS we all like him and think he is great, if he ONLY Knew ! Sorry don’t want to sign my name , cause he is a RETALIATION expert

  21. try to think of what monsters , sick minded , think a likes , birthed and brained washed , as their parents did them, in to believing the fairy tails. Praising a sick liar adulterer , polygamist, stupid idiot from ny . Like really , a simply mind can figure out it is all lies . His parents must be one hell of a sick fuks , anyone that is not a part of this cultish way , would spank he until he stopped with the lies and treating others , differently , depending on whether or not they join the brothers . THAT is a sinner through and through. Do any of them follow any golden rules .

  22. the fella’s he works with are using him to keep any board complaints so they can keep their licenses ,
    Another strange randy trick is to walk out of the board meeting , and stand in the doorway to hear how they voted and to hear the case, and pretend he is not ‘involved” . like it wasn’t decided before the board meeting ever started. Fake friends , who really cannot stand him . Like stool pigeons who suck up to their mgrs, ‘stooly’s ” . They will give him false compliments make him think he is mr wonderful and great when he is the biggest TURD on the board . Loser . Bully , down right disgusting . prick with ears . His idea of fun is 4 wheeling . like a toad farmer . He needs a fifth of whiskey just to loosen up that anal retentive mannerism . A bottle of MJ gummies, and then about 500cc shot in the arm of humanity.

  23. Anyone of them who are a part of this will feel the hate towards them , the disgust . What they did to some nurses , the pain and agony I’ll never understand , The years of sleepless nights , the stress and humiliation , subject my friend to . How another can treat another human this way. These people are sub human . I wonder if Queer acting Quinn sometimes wishes he was ‘normal ” . That he does not have this fake front, this mandatory false teachings . The only people who would accept him are those who think it ‘s ok to question young girls and boys on if they touched their bodies , and specific details by old men , with fake power, started by a fake. He can pretend he’s a Dr while at work and pretend he’s a judge at board meetings . It is all FAKE , he does not have the brains or the common sense to do either and is a huge failure at what he is doing .

  24. One issue of note is record keeping on ‘statement of facts’ is where so many nurses would say, “It didn’t happen that way.” So often the printed word is believed regardless of what the supportive evidence says or doesn’t say. Its not part of an accurate world.

  25. This “man in the middle ” of all the woman at the board of nursing, the big horse shoe of people on the board, it sounds like this big eared jerk in the middle who acted like he was a one man show, very disrespectful to people there , cocky as hell . If Ducey put him there, he will suffer at the polls believe me . very typical male mouth on him , making personal judgements on the Cna’s and RN ‘s like he was scolding a child . what a sick , person. this is what I find with men who are too chicken to serve in the military , they disrespect woman. he might have learned some manners if he had been disciplined himself in the military , since it is obvious his parents , did not raise him right. of course sounds like he is part of a group , that woman are second class citizens. this is many century’s old stuff, but still practicing , in this country , surprised that he has gotten cold cocked by one of these nurses husbands or boyfriends . Maybe he has , anyone knows post here. love to see that . I am not even that way but anything bad happens to this mouthy male , I will be glad , and I think many others will too !!

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