Favoritism Is The AZBN Middle Name Ann Totsch Imposter


Sort of like Joe Arpaio, House of Cards. The Ducey Adm you don’t know about. In a real non-fascist adm the following evidence would immediately make Totsch’s testimony incredulous. In Phoenix these kinds of carcasses rot in plain site and nobody cares. The carcasses are all over, stinking.


TO Governor Ducey,

State of AZ

RE: Compliant AZ Board of Nursing


I gave the AZ Board of Nursing “BON” , a complaint in person to “sue “,  at the desk during one of their meetings April 2017 (right after discovery ) , concerning an individual named Ann Totsch. And by mail along with others since the SOL is 4 years now instead of 6 .                       Ann Totsch,  presented herself as a “RN” , signed her name RN, signed an affidavit she is a “nurse paralegal ” . Testified; under oath ,  that she is a “registered nurse ” “nurse paralegal ” .  That is the part that concerns the AZ BON.  Ann Totsch does not have a license as a nurse in AZ . Nor has she ever had.   She is/was employed at Yuma Regional Medical Center for 13 years in risk mgt dept signing all memos/ letters  with “RN” “nurse paralegal” .   She earned wages.  This constitutes a class 6 felony.  She must be licensed IN THE STATE OF AZ, and current. Totsch has an expired license in Missouri, and current one in Illinois. Neither state “compact ” agreement.  The AZ BON did nothing . No action was taken.

I contacted the Dept of Licensing, they wrote back , not their interest to contact the AZBON.

I filled out online complaint with the ATTY Gen office, who wrote back , “why not file a medicare fraud complaint “?   I wrote back and suggested why not just do your  job? As if the AZ BON referred the complaint to them. 1)cease and desist 2) prosecute and fine her 3) notify other states 4) put her name on the nurse imposter list.  Nothing has been done .  The two agencies responsible have not acted .

I contacted Illinois, approx,  DOH / BON , I recieved a call on Jan 23, 2018 from the investigator who got the complaint stating they do not have jurisdiction until AZ acts “contact them ” . I explained the situation, they were not doing anything and the entire matter about this woman Ann Totsch, who has told many lies one being  she worked for the DEA and  was a DEA agent. To which she had to admit she never worked for the DEA, when asked if she ever recieved a pay check . “No” .


The AZ BON state agency is in existence to protect the public , they maintain a “nurse imposter ” list on their web site .  The AZ BON has put peoples names on the list for just using RN, or a CNA stating they are a nurse.  The ATTy GEN office has fined two nurses for earning money while impersonating a nurse.

I would like some action to be taken on this person , and be informed what if any has taken place.  Absurd that two states agencies are ignoring felony violations , and not taking any action to stop this practice ! Filed this in good faith,

cc: multiple , DOH State of Illinois

This fact of incredulous witnessing is the results of years of doing the same in many cases. The arrogance gained by repeat felonious testimonies is allowed to sit comfortably with this adm because of its outer veneer of power. In order for the power to be accepted one must have the courage to not be faulted by anything. The only demonstration of real power and courage in my locker is the 19 y.o. Marine who douses himself with diesel fuel, lights himself on fire to draw fire away from the rest of the platoon. If Sully knew these peckerwoods were pissing on his grave by abusing the rights for which he died for, he would haunt them over & over&over.


17 thoughts on “Favoritism Is The AZBN Middle Name Ann Totsch Imposter

  1. This woman ANN TOTSCH , YUMA MEDICAL REGIONAL HOSPITAL YUMA AZ . is such a liar . She was in risk mgt but reviewed cases, worked under nursing, signed her name RN in AZ , broke the law. Any nurse who earns money while ‘nurse impostering ” gets a hefty fine from the Atty Gen office . Others such have only stated they are nurses . This is a felony , so is perjury , and fraud.


  2. TO ALL THOSE ON THE NURSE IMPOSTER LIST : File a class action, this AZ BON has been turning a blind eye to those that are their types , but this time other motive for IGNORING the obvious.


  3. When it was turned into the Attorney Generals office directly , still no action. Like every complaint has to come from the corrupt Board of Nursing ? THIS is who the prosecutors should go after ! ! Good fuel to feed the firey election !


  4. How anyone can stick up for this AZ Board of nursing, when they see the type of person they “partner ” with to take down an honest hard working nurse, is beyond me ! . Hear this AZ Nurses Association members who think it is horrible the comments about the board members / IS this how a ‘professional ” board operates ? The AZNA has in the past been in collusion with the Board, to take a nurse imposter, basically a liar and use her comments which are sickening lies , when the Board and the Assistant Attorney General KNOWS she is lying , and put it in print because they found other corrupt partners in crime to mark this crazed woman credible ? Just goes to show you , what this board will do , what evil underhanded lying , ganging up with low life like Ann Totsch, will do . OH and Totsch was in mgt at YUMA HOSPITAL . Go figure ! AZ of course !


  5. Oh yes I remember , I heard this woman lying her head off , she did not even have to go to the court room!!!! But she lived within the state , in fact all of the liars from Yuma were allowed to , perjure themselves over the phone. I remember she was literally “making things up as they went along “. This woman is such a liar , (isn’t THAT unprofessional conduct board of nursing? ) that she accused the respondent of talking about outer space aliens ! So this is how crazy this board is , and should be ashamed . How can anyone who is on a Board that is suppose to be judging a case, and read this crazy woman lying through her teeth, she had already gotten caught lying to the Board about being a DEA agent. Then she tries to say the Chief of Police would back her ! Only the Chief side of the story did not back this liar . And the Police in Yuma usually do !


  6. Just goes to show you, they do not care if someone is not guilty , they just proceed to attack, smear, bring anyone willing to lie, to make their nonsense statements so they can reprint them . When anyone who has attained the age of an adult (or even younger ) would never believe the BS , lies . And now testifying , she is a nurse , and not going after this person . Shows you how corrupt this board is, they want her to look like she is miss honesty herself . Too late for THAT !


  7. AHHHH so THAT is the ‘favoritism” , she goes along with the bizarre notions of the board, she said false statements but the board does not care , as long as they can quote a false statement, so what , they THINK because THEY didn’t say it so what . NOW is when their little games come back and bite them . What were these voting members on the board thinking ?? OR not thinking !!


  8. NOW comes the question, who “skimmed ” the record , we all know the board members do not read this word for word, they can just pull up their computer and skim it during the board meeting , why waste their time . So who picks out the most damaging ‘witnesses” . So called witness to nothing , just the biggest liar . Lets see MAMALUY ,VALERIE SMITH, Janine DAHN, . Just search and see who said the most damaging , vile, rude, and incredibly vulgar language in their testimony and pick one or two and put their lies in ‘quotes” and whaaa laaaa you got case. Anyone in this position KNOWS it is a lie, but who cares ? As long as you can grab a dishonest judge to go along with it and sell uncredible your bill of goods . Now is when the blame game starts . Should have taken the time to really review the case before , putting your ok doe ka on it. When you manufacture a ‘case” where their is no case this is what happens . Sit in your own pile of dung .


    1. You’re obviously an honest person and think like one. And would not think another way as you got no streets smarts. Its a certain personality that does this and justifies it by ‘just doing my job’. There is no connection between normal honest psychology, which would destroy me if I had to be a false witness. These people it doesn’t seem to bother, as we all know there are repeats. Rather be a wounded lion with nothing to lose, than a perjurious peckerwood without a moral soul.


  9. Without a moral soul is putting it mildly ! I worked down there and would not go back remember this name .but not the face , just as well . I like to sleep at night !


  10. UPDATE : ANN L TOTSCH has been served a cease and desist , and turned over to the Attorney General for review . There is no way they cannot charge her , when you look at the amount of time , deceiving, did not purchase a license or pay for renewal fees . She makes all nurses look good. Horrible con artist. She makes me sick ! They should throw the book at her, since they cannot charge her with violations of the nursing practice act.


  11. WOW , well that is great . Let it cost her money , she must have thought she got away with her tall tales, she sounds pathological . Nice turn the tables . She surely deserves this . Of course you ll hear more lies I’m sure . This type can never admit they are wrong. Yes she makes all other nurses look good .


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