AZBN The Revoke Queens

About a year ago the AZBN was chosen to present their model for disciplining nurses which we recognize as being selected through Emma Mamaluy, in house legal counsel, and Janeen Dahn associate director in charge of Complaints & Investigations. This was done at a National Council of State Boards of Nursing conference in view of many representatives of the country’s  nursing boards presumably because of the model the AZBN used with success in the vast volume of nurse disciplines served. Arizona is second, only to California, who successfully revokes dump truck loads of nurse licenses. The presentation by both Mamaluy and Dahn give a clear picture of the pristine approach of the window dressing used to remove nurses from practice. The massive volume of fallen nurses is in itself and by itself an alarming trend that simply adds to the now well known fact that health care in the U.S. is the 3rd leading cause of death. The presentation, again and again, state how their goals are specific to protecting the public.  Is that right? The U.S. Dept. of Public Safety reports that at least 1 person every hour, in every state, dies from UNREPORTED medical errors. Bernie Sanders, chair of that committee, announces that 20 years ago it was reported that figure as being 100 a year. What happened?

The ‘great minds’ Dahn refers to in her presentation defines to the general public what a great job the AZBN is doing in disciplining violators of the nurse practice act. Mamaluy defines the legal aspect in accomplishing this process in the cheapest way possible. ‘One size fits all.’

These presenters get their information and complaint investigation evidence through a venue that has many different levels of staff and health care agency management whose costs are unmeasurable but common sense knows this figure to be in the high millions. They are convinced they do the best job in the world.

Many a nurse interviewed about this disciplinary process they just went through will easily define perjury and tampering with evidence, incredulous witnessing and intimidation as the mode used to be expelled from nursing.

Mamaluy, is the pit bull on social behaviors deemed harmful to the public. Domestic violence with your drunken husband, exposing patient safety issues, testing positive for marijuana, defining physician quacks, crying during a ten minute ridiculous psychological evaluation and an unreported OUI can cost you your career; if not send you to jail. We won’t even mention the collisions between health care administrations and nursing boards. Huge false allegations are reported, over and over. Of course racism belongs on the same flagpole with the Arizona state  flag. Broadway Joe is a disgrace who was allowed to continue for 20 rs. or more.

The patient toll keeps rising as does the costs for maintaining these monstrous agencies whom are packed full of ambitious people making lots of tax payers money who don’t have a clue what the floor nurse goes through in a 12hr shift. That is where the experts are at, not in the war locker of the AZBN, as they claim. I take it back, maybe they do have a clue, that is why they so desperately present themselves as public saviors in spite of the fact the general public is scared to death to use the health care system. 

Mamaluy and Dahn need to get in the field and help nursing stab these horrors of dereliction of duty and report the truth in medicine. It might be suggested for either of these ‘great minds’ to work the floor to get a better perspective of ‘real nursing’. Well, size them up in this video & see if either one could make to the end of 12 hr shift.


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