The Arizona Board of Nursing The Green Mile


We Write The Orders That Kill Real Nurses’ Careers

The general consensus in America is that justice is available, not when you are a nurse. The Administrative Law Court on Washington St. in Phoenix, Az. is one of many corporate captured agencies through out the state. A mild way of saying corrupted.

If you are a nurse and have been scheduled to have a hearing by the Adm Law Court chances are you refused any deals the AZBON has offered against your license from a complaint filed. Chances are you refused because its BS and false. Your case moves up the line to the Adm Court AKA ‘The Green Mile’. Its street name is basically because whatever the outcome, and only less than 1 % are dismissed, your nursing career is dead. Electrocuted, and chances are you are there because you probably were human and did the right thing.

Experiencing the Green Mile will be an extension of what you’ve already experienced during your settlement. So you already know about the intimidation, bullying, lying, and unprofessional control. When you enter the Green Mile you enter at an office managed by a constipated cougar secretary sitting in a room filled with stuffed heads of nurses hanging on the wall. If somebody shot this woman upon first meeting they should only be fined for delay.  Being directed to a chamber which will frequently be decorated with an armed guard, that is if youre a real nurse who stepped on a quacks’ money train, a queer psychologist, Banner Health Care, or simply reported poor patient safety concerns. The guard will often approach you with evidence in your case in a manner to let you know he has your number. So you better not step out of line. I say ‘he’ as we don’t know of any female guards; bad for the Mormon image. You’ll sit through an unusually long period, which we assume defines the AZBON reason for getting paid, describing your case and the presentation of witnesses and prosecutor statements that you may in fact have never heard before. The witnesses could be anybody from a defunct cop who beats his wife, a quack surgeon wearing a lopsided wig, a crooked wife,  an antiquated sibling who if she had as many needles sticking out of her as in her, she’d be a porcupine, a convicted felon speaking on a cell phone that nobody can understand. The parade makes gay pride day look like a Hollywood script.  The judge will over rule every objection you have, after he is shaken awake. The prosecutor will advise the judge with either revoked or probation with stipulations specifically over regulated and unrelated to any nurse practice act violation. Welcome to the Green Mile, you are about to be executed, and chances are you are a very good nurse. Why else would you be here?




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