Sunrise Sunset AZBN

Reviewing the AG’s assessment of about ten yrs of AZBN stats was informative for the health care industry to be aware of some startling disparities r/t complaints and investigations..Since the atty general’s office delivered the stats few can consider its accuracy to be profound or in some cases pertinent at all. Speakers whom oppose re-election of AZBN came from victimized nursing discipline which remains illegal for not only ethical violations but criminal actions from AG assists is common. Of course this is common knowledge amongst nursing.


Be that as it may, taxpayers have 2.5 million investigations to resource through and estimating such costs should naturally balance with public complaints which stimulate those investigations? If public complaints, during the same time period, mounts to about 250,000 we want to wonder the origins of the 2.25 million events with no public complaints?

The Public document is reflective of a public regulatory agency whose one known function, and legal assignments associated with other roles, is its firm foundational safety and security of the public. The Nursing board can initiate any investigation it wants to, and does so obviously by abandoned statutes revised on 2018. The Board’s actual rails of justice lie within its own mission and laws provided by the legislature to accomplish this.The factual public complaint is paramount in the focus of public law as it relates to itself. One 2.5 million investigation of nurse Tina whose online threatening campaign against a 42 y.o. defunct & fired cop for evidence tampering is not domestic and purely online The cop is a new Nurse grad and just pisses Tina right off. People whom have prior documented perjurious testimony can only testify, legally after openingly announce their prior fraud. This is a complaint from the public? No it is not and represents AZBN in all its malicious prosecution of non nursing events. Putting a known perjurious witness to testify under oath without identifying the witness as a documented liar is a felony, on paper of course. Adm Law in Phoenix , and the then Diane Milhasky, allowed this Steve Gonos felonious testimony against a female nurse. The SKrishna aag prosecutor under the guise of Elizabeth A. Campbell would in the real world of law might easily get beat up real bad by a real judge. This is a major criminal act against Tina. AZBN is tied with Calif., Tn., Fla., & Mich. for being notorious criminals against nurses..And actually well noted in advanced studies funneling to workplace violence and its causes.

Elizabeth A. Campbell

No sunset view of any amt of time can ever alter the complete file of the A. Trujillo case. It’s importance reveals a case that defines going backwards in the investigators world and means original docs never reappear once adm law court decision filed. Amanda’s case, from its onset, was constructed with zero public complaints. I remember the initial complaint, hauling back the old deep sea net with old errors? No wait…not an error but missing drug docs which were not a violation in their origin but they’re that way 3yrs post events. The Trujillo SM coverage created Amanda’s innocence and the villains were grossly tagged to habitual crimes against nurses, the stunning case broke a nurse, a socially trained and experienced local nurse of linguistics whose mission was not to cancel physician’s cash register but simply do her job..The one of conclusions in nursing history is for this case to be the only one known to break pt. confidentiality when the patient died. This was Valerie Smith of AZBN. Can you violate pt. confidentiality if the patient is dead? The Amputation of Nurse Trujillo’s spirit is not forgotten and will be a permanent part of AZBN and their corruption.

Cases of direct $ greed relived in the response from opposing nurses of victimized and intentional fraud of no uncommon occurrence. The 60 y.o.nurse whose career of 30plus years in the same facility, Flagstaff Az is noteworthy for time in service $ higher than her superior and a nurse will lie and adm will back themselves with AI. Another robotic monster whose probationary course would make a dead man cry. The hourly rate for staff nurse is higher than her boss. Can not have that so it’s personalities before principles and Giah would not do anything wrong, ‘no good deeds go unpunished’. Welcome to AZBN.

Jenny lost to voluntary drugs during the pandemic by colleagues request to the end of a 5 yr critical care excellence with addiction madness best cut loose from nursing to walk away. Excessive volume staffing controlling non clinical issues ends up transferring a strip search file via net to AZBN in open male attendance. Your colleagues at work. Rachael treats herself for failure but details of her case are the fish in a barrel of routine nurse abuse where state statutes are ignored. Rachael and Jenny are one in the same for security.

When did AZBN approve Aspen’s curriculums to which massive student test failures crashed and burned? You got to ask yourself where’s the rub to miss such a large number of students? Does the Board not assess and accept that nursing studies in the state are applicable to promote knowledge and safety? AI is here and decides where and when to eliminate nurses. The side bar gig of failures is now known to many throughout the country. Previously we didn’t know existing Rebel Claire. 55 y.o. she is and no nursing experience…. steals existing nurse licensure, including driver’s license. Hard to believe these two pieces of certification s could not be noticed as fraudulent since these two were nearly 100lbs weight difference. Claire worked nearly 5 yrs, and during the pandemic and made 750.000. Her own learning curve served her pts. well, and Claire as well. Finally an ex lover turned on her ending in prison and forfeit of salaries for fines. Claire passed clean through Az. Nobody noticed she weighed 120 lbs in spite of driver’s license stating 220lbs. TIA ‘This is Arizona.

Ive quasi altered names of nurses in this article for their own safety, there are many more Az cases now known in academia. Real names for the engines of search will be tagged soon so if you are part of regulations and don’t see your name you can Google yourself in about 2 wks for a bingo.


Spirit Amputation AZBN

I am aware of the many nurses whose course through Arizona nursing has turned sour through no fault of their own and being unable to adhere to monitoring created by the AZBN to ratify alleged unprofessional behaviors. The concept that the psychological process the nurse sees jaded with the nurses’ own surrender of free will. The acceptance of false accusations and probationary stipulations is not promoting remorse or education. The wide spread knowledge of the AZBN being habitual offenders of state statutes with no accountability has helped nursing to be where it is now. The recent Aspen University debacle is part and parcel to the overall nightmares the health care system is experiencing in the COVID era. The stress on the system created many, many issues to come to more scrutiny previously unseen. No wait…. I take that back, many bad actors at AZBN whose ability to manipulate have been well documented. Kim Paradisis the node for her ‘Selected Silencing’ of Registered Nurses now a reference in graduate studies.

The choice of following probation for nothing and not snitching on your colleagues leads you to a path of a continued career? You go on in acceptance with questionable integrity. Not going there on that path because you didn’t do it or nobody heard the whistle makes a future of no bosses and zero tomorrows. The psychological damage known for unjust discipline is the psychological amputation of the spirit of the soul which lives in all humans. Why we became nurses and stayed. The construction of a spirit prothesis is a journey to which there is no end. There is no prothesis for an amputated spirit. Welcome to AZBN

. “The Board is and has been taking the appropriate actions to protect Arizona related to this matter. If credentials are fraudulent, the Board has the ability to revoke or deny licensure, after providing due process to the individual involved”. Joey Ridenour’s work. What could “This Matter” of JRidenour’s be?? Due process for fraudulent licenses from Fla. whom are working in Arizona. Thats funny, it really is. Any nurse who thinks they can get due process from Ridenour, under ANY conditions, will end up with mental health issues. Due process is a Ridenour BS term. It will never ever happen…..The importance for this page has always been to communicate with nurses and their assistants and to document nursing history in permanent. edu digital library accessed to internet needs. The end would here disappears but appears for education about nursing. There the educators will reseach the well viewed violence in the workplace.

Make stupid choices and this is what happens . Law Suit BON members !

This would probably be considered an harrassing suit, pre Aspen, by civil standards but in 3/2023 we know a lot more criminal activity. Sunita where art tho???

Student Info AZBN

The one thing I forgot about telling the students is if a supervisor is confronting you, about anything, do not forget that the chances this supervisor, AZBN, attorney or anybody associated with management or law enforcer is looking for anything but your blood and your soul, is routine for them. And they will lie to get it. Your dream job is no longer, and your responses to these lying carpet baggers will determine your future. Remember this: you can not tell the truth as this is a system that falls apart under real light. It will wipe you out.The truth destroys their money train. If you want to stay in nursing you must not give a hint of honesty or care for patient safety. I know you’ve been trained otherwise. This is reality. It’s going to take the rest of your career to understand the human nature that has parked itself in your way, so don’t trust anybody until you do. You’re needing to plan your moves, pick your fights, but make no threats…but never ever walk away from one. You’ll know the registered nurses who love and watch you. You just will. Although nowadays pretty difficult to find.

The money luanderers are unlikely to realize that nursing bds only benefit those whom get paid by them.The working trained social nurse has no use at all for nursing boards and knows they represent a serious threat to nurses & pts. alike. Peary A. Brown retired R.N.

The Hubris Defined AZBN

From the Aspen debacle which has lamed many students from advancing to the active field of independent nursing, which is never accomplished, the lying learning curve demonstrating leadership from pandora’s box is here. The AZBN must approve curriculums for nurse education and educators credation for exams by NCLEX which is also written by NCSBN whom are the part of most state boards. If another lying arm of Bds then certifies universities the subsequent failures fall upon another agency? How the heck does this monster work? If only 30-32% of university trained nurses pass Bd’s exams for licensure and 40% of fraudulent applicants, not trained by anybody except themselves pass, the lying learning curve is for all to see. The focus and defined truth of the AZBN has landed and is covered with non-adherring grease.

Those open meeting preambles of “Protecting The Public” sound a little weak. Some nurses know this Board is made up of liars which now is openly causing public harm to many. The repair of students will be easily accomplished by this political agency, why they had to do it is your money found in property titles. T.I.A. This Is Arizona.

The Back Room Not For Students of Aspen?

The Aspen nurse student body in current turmoil with AZBN will continue forward for the next bd mtg, whenever that is. There are issues that the board is responsible for and this large element of nursing future really hangs. The opportunity for the Bd to raise this sunken vessel can be done whilst it is salvagable at the dock. Following up on presumed plans of continued services may still have to be seen despite reports of continuing education reports? Getting behind students and demand the teaching system continues and create additional tutoring are those conversations so many students are exceptionally involved in, righteously so. The importance of student education is, was, will be no other concern for the large group in Arizona to fulfill their dreams of answering the call. So where are we. L.D. What you ask for is document ed by those holding your futures. The strength in the documents rests upon collaboration. Out of all studied only two would speak. You should not need mtns of evidence, although one would have to hire a notary for a few hrs to sign it all. However, documents on the your point are irrelevant to any just jurisdictional line in Phoenix and as a student you also must consider avoiding Arizona. The Bd I feel must act in your favor and will do, for once, what your nurses need. They may have already begun. We’ll see. Maybe in April it’ll be done totally? Campbell is an Irish name but she’s unlikely to be Irish as Irish Catholics can not be prosecutors. Maybe an important part of your nursing future which truly involves knowledge and advice and protection from the wolves nurses sometimes meet.

Fraud Investigations For All AZBN

The DOJ will generally inform a fraudsters targeted for investigation that in fact the investigation has evolved. The department of Justice takes a lot political heat in today’s whirlwind American culture that should not be underestimated or dismissed as political.

Common activities by this group of investigators involve undercover behaviors that by the time the DOJ informs respondents there is an investigation ongoing, the investigation is generally nearly done. The long arm of the DOJ patiently awaits on tapped communications lines what the fraudsters will say to their partners in crime. The fraudulent nurse license scam in Florida used old school tactics to find immoral greed amongst educators and nurses as well. Busy big bees find little busy bees.

The DOJ is the arm of U.S. attorneys and have finally invaded nursing. Although many believe its been active since 2017.The revelations of untrained nursing smoothly sliding to bedside nursing for good quality pay is the source of nursing board investigations. Somewhere out there there is a recorded phone conversation b/t a Banner executive &directing Ridenour to eliminate A. Trujillo from the truth as the physician’s baby needs new shoes. The DOJ is not only watching and reviewing but also listening.

It’s never too late for tracking violations that occur at high levels of government which ultimately affect many unaware communities and in many different ways. There are many, many victims of health care fruad; both patients and health care providers as well. Nursing and their assistants are sick of the crimes against nursing by both regulations authorities and by adm nurses who can not work the bedside. The DOJ has not finished its work and do not underestimate the informer Lucy Brown. If she asks you please reply with the truth.

DOJ AZBN Diploma Fraud

The alledged low national exams via NCLEX and NCSBN exposure now is irrelevant to AZBN as once the bd desertification comes down the DOJ will withdraw their zeal for investigating board and mission will be over?? It doesn’t take a lot of insight to connect potential fraud as last month’s massive nurse fraud arrests in Florida created the road map for .and beyond. If there is the need for fraud at this 8000 volume in Florida then it must be elsewhere as well. The AZBN and the NCSBN are now trying how to figure out to moat themselves apart from first accreditation of Aspen nursing? How does that really work that Bd initiates certification to follow and when following Bd’s lead causes horrors only fixed by throwing nurses under the bus.

The present Adm/DOJ were by 2019 engulfed in nursing homes horrors and are now planning to put dump truckloads of $$ into nursing ed and nursing homes by focusing upon support @ home first. A new wave of health care at home is now happening and increasing different needs of staffing to be now governed by local agencies such as AZBN. Quality in nursing care is now jammed to the bottoms simply by the nurse pt. ratios being dangerous as the need for more staff during pandemic. increases.

Will the doj continue to search and find out the corruption needed by the AZBN to silence the truth of nurse abuse??