Fruad Investigations For All AZBN

The DOJ will generally inform a fruadster targeted for investigation that in fact the investigation has evolved. The department of Justice takes a lot political heat in today’s whirlwind American culture that should not be underestimated or dismissed as political.

Common activities by this group of investigators involve undercover behaviors that by the time the DOJ informs respondents there is an investigation ongoing, the investigation is generally nearly done. The long arm of the DOJ patiently awaits on tapped communications lines what the fraudsters will say to their partners in crime. The fraudulent nurse license scam in Florida used old school tactics to find immoral greed amongst educators and nurses as well. Busy big bees find little busy bees.

The DOJ is the arm of U.S. attorneys and have finally invaded nursing. Although many believe its been active since 2017.The revelations of untrained nursing smoothly sliding to bedside nursing for good quality pay is the source of nursing board investigations. Somewhere out there there is a recorded phone conversation b/t a Banner executive &directing Ridenour to eliminate A. Trujillo from the truth as the physician’s baby needs new shoes. The DOJ is not only watching and reviewing but also listening.

It’s never too late for tracking violations that occur at high levels of government which ultimately affect many unaware communities and in many different ways. There are many, many victims of health care fruad; both patients and health care providers as well. Nursing and their assistants are sick of the crimes against nursing by both regulations authorities and by adm nurses who can not work the bedside. The DOJ has not finished its work and do not underestimate the informer Lucy Brown. If she asks you please reply with the truth.


Credentialing From Afar

The Florida false education scam causing massive doses of untrained nurses to become working nurses reveals more and more the chaotic culture of health care delivery and greed. The research finds those federally charged had several irons in the entrepreneur fire cooking money. However, the plant aka Julie Brown conduited nicely to many that it would be difficult for any student to by pass the reality that licensing for public service requires performance skills to demonstrate competent credentialing. So Lucy maybe Haitian with minimal English skills but can pass state exams that many others train extensively for. Nursing has reached that point of failures and total success pass each other on the same highway going in opposite directions. The Nursing bds control all aspects of professional nursing; education, licensure, employment, disciplining, and a bazillion levels of monitoring. And what does the public get in exchange for its masters of public safety involvement. We get assistants who can not speak well and are overwhelmed with work. Some We get large volumes of qualified nurses who can not or won’t work, we have felony charges on nurses daily, we have some nurses making 200,000$ in less than a yr. nurses carrying weapons, we can go to jail to protect money, failure of trach connection to vent gets jail sentence, and a 150,000 fine and of course addiction. Events of stress does bring out the worst in us. The nurses being busted can not be managed by outsiders and nurses do not consider regulatory bds as insiders. Most bds like AZBN are political and follow the lead above the name on the paycheck. The point is bad nursing has to go through credentialing and education.

In 2023 nursing is finally being invaded by law enforcement, and getting many felonious convictions on clinical nurse behaviors that hopefully will follow a judiciary line of violations that ends up in the hip pocket of corrupted court officers well known to Arizona nurses. The DOJ is on the prowl and wants bones of nurses for the bones of dead pt. , and children, and when these folks roam your halls your urine best be spotless. it’s too late for a warning the long arm of the law is already here and everywhere.

Nurses need no bosses today, and there is no tomorrow.

Nurses so often trumpet patient safety and true enough their battle always rages onwards. Nurses need to protect themselves from the onslaught of so many issues in 2023…too many to list. Protect your lic first of all.

The Perfect Storm Crushes Nursing

Many investigations now leading to nursing licensing scandals and many arrests directly r/t intentional fraud in educational institutions for nursing programs. It’s unlikely that the online programs of several Florida programs can instruct students to start IVs or take a b/p while at home in front of the computer. Not sure how any institution could get certified by any Nursing Board without actual clinical performances r/t hands on training? Nursing Administration investigations via federal involvement will exam how 7,000+ fake nursing degrees are allowed to sit for state boards licensing exams. Actually it’s very simple. If it’s one issue we learned from the Radonda Vaught investigation is that Nursing Boards are about money and politics and their constant pounding the public with ‘Protecting The Public’ only accentuates our views of who Bds really are. Any nurse who supports a regulatory nursing agency is a nurse who gets paid to do so.

Bedside nursing is exhausting work which also requires a formal education that involves pt. contact. How could several nurse training programs of Fla pass certification from nursing bd without clinical performances? This is basic curriculum? Each one of those students paid about $25,000 x 7000. Perfect motive in a corrupted profession.

The fall of the health care system is only known to pts and health care workers. Contemporary media avoids information to the public as the public might not spend the money if they knew the truth. NCSBN and nursing boards continue to destroy nursing for money. Total pt safety can only be gained through those with hands on experience via on site contact and not by nursing bds 200+ miles away. The pandemic has shown the public just how corrupt nurse regulators are as to follow the money. Students and graduates filter out across the country and yes…some nurses with fraudulent certificates have landed in Az. How many are there? Not far off somebody will flush an IV with bleach and nobody will ever know anything. This road, well traveled already, will also show a nurse whom focuses on quacks will get license revoked for ‘no good deed goes unpunished’, if it’s costing money. The flip side of capitalism.

Many young and up and comers will now not show up and will bankrupt adm morals of nurses. A truck full of money went where??

The social trained registered nurse at the bedside needs to be the main regulator and few others.

My condolences to the students and the security you lost. It’ll be a mass suit, please don’t quit your goals. To your own self be true.

Congratulations to those students who took the false credentials and applied themselves to passing their nursing exams. About 3500 students passed state boards. “If you’re not cheating, you’re just not trying.”

Desperate Measures of Over Nurse Regs AZBN

Most nurse disciplinary actions are a rife of Bernie Maddoff types of discoveries. Jenny, the nurse whose strip search by Glendale PD was sent over net to AZBN via male operated cams, has meth issues but absolutely zip clinical issues. Not trying to make meth use minor. The report of her emotions from AZBN pressures defines what our colleagues sometimes go through. And why.

Jenny not real name

I asked my mom to email the board and tell them I died. I needed them to stop contacting me. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had a total breakdown. My mom isn’t crazy so of course she said no. So I made an email address similar to her real one and emailed them myself. Said I killed myself. They didn’t even reply until they couldn’t locate the death certificate months later. I started making a fake death certificate and remembered the board saying they want their nurses to be truthful at board meetings. I called the head honcho of CANDO at this time it was Tiffany. I told her the truth. I was then told if I didn’t sign a voluntary surrender my punishment would be much worse. I regret surrendering every day. I worked so hard to be a nurse. I’m broken and lost. All I know in my heart is that how azbn treats nurses is wrong. I never meant to hurt anyone. I just wanted to not be depressed. It
was the first time since I can remember that I wasn’t depressed when I used meth. I tried all the antidepressants. They didn’t work. I see now that meth isn’t a solution, I was insane. My depression today is 100 times what it was before I tried drugs. Thanks to AZBN. They enjoyed watching me suffer and worry. They didn’t even respond to my fake email notifying them I killed myself. It was effective tho, it was months I didn’t have to hear from them. I should have made a fake death certificate. Could be in law school if I wasn’t on the practitioner database. Please figure out a way to fix the board.

For Every Bad,There Is A Worse; Nursing Regulatory Agencies

This page has been most commonly focused upon state regulation agencies that are involved with the prosecution of nurses and aids for alledged violations. The conceded feature of bad nursing practices truly is evident throughout the industry, and there is no speciality absence in doing bad. AZBN is far and away at the horror topping list but California’s Nursing Board gets top honors and nudges Arizona for the greediest and most obnoxious governmental agency known to be against nurses and their assistants.

DJ is Darin Johnson R.N. MSN level, critical care experienced a few flips to ‘No Good Deed Goes Unpunished’. The new modern world of nursing ...where the underworld of bribery is arrogantly on the table…read on.

DJ has better than 20 yrs experience in critical care and most often works in ICU assignments in California.

As complicated as DJ’s charges are presented by the California Bd her actions are common in the ICU world. The predisposed nursing shortage and overloaded assignment is never mentioned. It is mentioned by DJ to termination. This common scenario is a general routine event presented by corporate to avoid legal pt. backlash. Not totally similar to the Radonda Vaught case but very good for the lack of nursing knowledge openly demonstrated by our leaders.

In Riverside California a pt enters a make shift step down icu with AFib at Riverside Community Hospital, prepandemic. The logistical environments are not mentioned by prosecution’s deposition of world wide postings. Ms.Castegnola is witness. DJ is charged with incompetence and neglect.

The documented ACSBN has posted which is entered by Calif. Bd gives b/p numbers only by an ignorant actor, and those who think Castegnola is believing herself for political reasons. Pts with Afib are commonly found in ICUs and getting pressures without an A Line is unreliable for reasons All icu nurses know. Giving home meds while in critical care is the nurse’s decision to understand home meds are directly r/t adm dx. Peripheral pressures drop although meds eventually converts to NSR.

Ms. Castegnola reports incompetence as DJ didn’t get physician prior order to adm. Peripheral pressure 70/40 during post med adm of alledged violations. No known deleterious symptoms.

Reviewing this case by any nurse of experience would easily allow themselves to not work in California. This case is the holy grail of Regulatory Fraud and avoiding nursing in California is a career move. You may think you’re bullet proof?

The case is an incredible journey through the tangled underworld of the California Nursing Bd.

I can not fully and accurately show the clinical intricacies the experienced ICU nurse who smoothly flows through what other nurses are clueless about. Nurses whom instruct and assists is a DJ forteu of long duration having routine experiences and treatment is often very basic. Having been in critical care myself collaborative confirmation is critical. If a pt in AFib is posting peripheral hypotension and can swallow meds ok the alert nurse strongly suspects pressures are not accurate. More importantly the ICU nurse knows Afib pressure accuracy requires an Aline. This is where straight and honest behavior should look at this clue. Ms Castegnola further contributes to her ignorant testimony that is shockingly absent of critical care knowledge., and of course critical thinking. First year nursing students knows more about arterial pressures than those creating political prisoners.

The source of nurse’s abuse by Califotnia Nursing Bd adds further to the ever growing knowledge that nurse bd corruption goes through the cash register on the other side of the corporate agenda. The nurse shortage so widely published is wrong. Getting out alive is the mode for the shortage, lots of goodbye nursing forever in the mix. The hazards for nurse career failures are pervasively known and often many roads to fraudelent charges are nearly endless. The destruction of dedicated nurses whose hxs of long standing positive care is now easily associated with$$. This case has histrionics for another disgusting journey well beyond what is already here.

$30,000.00 is what California charged DJ for investigation which allows her a revocation stay on probation. This story is now a must to get publically published so the Castegnola nurse types are identified as not nursing friends and grossly contributing to present day shortage.

To be continued

From the same California horrors of loss of life of nurses and their unknown anguish from a queer government looking for money.

Psyche evals can be found on website! I was one of 7 nurses to go to Sacramento April 2019 to ask if our probation could be removed. One of those nurses, a Nurse Practitioner, killed herself after being denied. They had published some very private details of her Psyc. Eval. on the CA BRN website. I made a copy of each of the 7 board orders that were extremely biased and violated everything I had believed in. Another of the 7 had a Pts. family come as a witness and they paid the balance of her costs of the BRN’s investigation. Thousands of $$$. She was one the approved. She got a letter of reprimand from the Tx BON but the CA. BRN gave her supervised probation preventing her from working. This meeting was held in a college auditorium full of nursing students. They saved me for last and cut my time to go on lunch. God forbid their lunch ran late. I had sold my washer and dryer to go to Sacramento for the hearing.

Peary Brown retired R.N.