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  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 1:04 pm on April 12, 2022 Permalink  

    Alien Justice AZBN 

    Az Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita 12 April 2022

    Not a complaint and with no expectation of a response, the field activity of AZBN and a fictional depiction which many field nurses and disciplined nurses from AZBN clearly comprehend. You get this to you personally FYI ‘Just So You Know’ your law-making skills are poorly practised for those you so intended to promote safety for.
    Mars has been monitoring the DNA of all living biologicals on earth forever and report their tracking results which include, of many details, the actions of homosapiens. If you think this is impossible… and you’d be right, what they report from the Martian on the inside? Like what you are about to read comes from a Martian whose worked the fondling home of the regulatory agency and has flipped. So the events of many unjust disciplinary actions against nurse and their assistants is reported all over by aliens. So in their mist is somebody named Ridenour of which name pops in many moral majority appearing positions that has caused the academic studies to put into curriculum her actions although just shy of identifying her and her minions by name. Although the inside Martian has tracked them for years to reveal the well know standard of Adm Law Court Fraud, suborning perjury, tampering with evidence and the very least…mail fraud. Of course all of this is well know to you and the courts. The martian group has collected the unintended consequences of neglectful homicide in several unjust disciplinary actions of nurses. The Ridenour files are huge and the Martian Group only highlighted their priority; Martian report of the connection between the National Council and many nursing board directors is the Mount Rushmore of immoral construction. Here..Ridenour actual has a course for “Dummies” of how to write regulatory laws for nursing. All this road is paved in gold, as you got to buy this course; but you got to be in the immoral group to get it, the flip side is the state law makers write laws to counter these laws which the AZBN ignores the existent of. Kind of like old Saigon when they were over run by rats so the government started offering bounties on rat tails; looked good and sounded good. Chow didn’t know Chow as well as he thought. Didn’t take long before Chow breeded rats to collect more bounty. Today the city has the biggest rats you can imagine. Some combat viets can speak clearly to this. I saw one. look about the size of a possum. Of course the culprits in this agency cost nursing and patients lives regularly. WHAT Did I JUST Say?? Pts. lives? The now present academia training about nursing boards defines nurse abuse as pt. violence which ends up causing severe injury and death to more than you think. This is happening on earth. The mechanisms now used by new forming nursing advocacy groups has the focus on what is stored on Mars. Since the courts and the regulatory agency known as the AZBN are connected with routine immoral activity by global and worldly standards, safety of these Martian insiders is solid. Simply because they are from out of space. Some of these aliens may appear as nurses, combat veterans, well educated legal advisers, nursing assistants, and many other types of health care workers.
    The point is that you know these facts, already, I know you do. You do not enforce what laws you pass, nobody does, and the AZBN treats your valuable and toiled work as useless, you are nothing. I won’t speak to the nurse shortage to you, thats for another of your colleagues. What I would ask of you is simply to know, and not forget us. think that the dwindling safety of pts and nurses is caused by over regulation and a corrupted Attorney General named Beth A. Campbell. Horribly corrupted. I am that Martian and the files are real and in evidence. They Are stored on Mars for safety reasons. Stay strong. Peary Brown

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      When you look at the BON members , the most corrupt is Carolyn McCormies, she knows what the back room dirty dogs want . She makes comments influencing the rest . Now she plays a easy to see game . She ‘s silent (oh not for long ! ) Boyer who can’t think for herself or make decisions about anything , asks “what are you thinking ?” Just as dumb as they come. When others make comments leaning towards dismiss or letter of concern. There goes that mouth on McCormies , OH hell no ! She starts pointing out her highlighted section . (we saw her highlighted section) . Try that with a BON highlighting the lies and she’ll run , Bishop Bishop ! Like writing a paper that sounds good and comes back with red marks all over it that is McCormies . AKA harsh AKA bitch AKA ms punitive AKA the one who has to stab them with a knife cut through to their souls , destroy them , and then add ‘thank you for coming ‘. “your current employer likes you” like that will make a difference on the punitive action. Oh unless they are part of the zion curtain crowd , then she will only focus and DOWN PLAY what ever it is . What ever it is will be repeated at least 4 times, because the other board members are stupid and she must repeat herself , over and over so they can ‘get it ” . Shame to Hill who is joining in , the “mcCormies suggestions ‘ and agreeing with her . MCCormies calls on Hill ‘what do you think ” ? what is she calling on board members , can’t they just speak ?? Go to the bd meeting and listen to one case. MCCormies is a loser big time , she is a horrible nasty wicked woman . Her and her clan are used to the bashing of their cult , and she can turn it off and turn it on . The Convention is soon she will come back all charged up in her BOM , and buy everything these liars say , back them like she does the NCSBN. Another group that should be in charge of mass murderers instead of caring nurses . Oh and that punitive group is meeting soon . Taxpayers sending the mouth to the big meeting , she will like it cause they are all the same sick mind set , just like the meeting of mindless at the mormon moron’s convention. Bunch of dirty old men telling everyone how to act what to do . While the women heading in the building with a flock of kids carrying bags of food , they can’t afford anything because of mandates of tithing . No one buys anything , they bring it in to save money for the old men, At a certain time the eating stops suddenly and they all fast It’s rather funny these creeps , sad how brain washed they all are .


    • Don't sign retainers 1:24 pm on April 14, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      It appears that “Rob” Robert Chelle is busy making video’s . His explanation on everything is simplistic , unrealistic of what really goes on with the BON.
      He may be “friends ‘ with BON members , his former partner a mormon for sure, so he is in the mix somehow. And MCCormies screaming out “HI ROB ! ” all excited , is telling as well .
      He appears to be one of the atty’s who does the bare minimum does not fight for his client hard at all . Chelle told the AZ BON they were ‘more punitive and harsher than most boards. ,” generally when this happens the atty’s clients suffer. Which shows you how biased they are .
      All comments must be shown , Chelle you know that , people’s opinions are what they are .
      To think that Vaught trial was extreme, what the h*ll do you think revoking someone’s livelihood without doing anything wrong is ?? The AZ BON Chelle is not only harsh (unless your in the kkkkult , they are down right crazy , off the charts , and over reach. ) Haven’t seen you take them to court , so encourage the nurse to sign anything so they keep working and pay you . ? Is that how it works ?
      You are not on the list of favored Atty’s your name just tops posts is why you get so many calls.


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    Tags: TN Health nurses   

    Radonda Vaught Opinion 

    Whatever the defense nurse Vaught had produced through her atty wasn’t enough to convince a jury to acquit her. The neglence of the case will be seen by many as a slam dunk which can easily undermine any intune atty to present evidence to demonstrate the many sources of distractions and systems failures that nursing must face; although you never hear about some human violations which play roles. But I would say criminal prosecution doesn’t always require intent, but should. There can be no absolute motive or intent to take this person’s life. I once knew a critical care nurse had a med error but zero results of injury and she told me this. “I was giving a med from not my usual unit and I was busy, I had not voided all morning had pms besides. I don’t know I just grabbed the wrong med in my distraction.” Not likely to be an acceptable defense to nursing bds but it is a very reasonable answer and is distrubing that a simplistic view of life in nursing was not focused upon. The concept of foul play here seems probable, like the Tn Health Bd cleared her initially only to revoke lic after charges filed? The message Tn sends in this case is very disturbing for all nurses, you can not be human. The reality of this is that if you gave Radonda her lic back tomorrow she would be the best.

    • T J 2:50 pm on April 4, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      That AG in TENN can kiss his reelection good bye , he’s even back peddling.
      Just like Marky Mark Numbchuck Brnobitch. Who in Az will vote to give him a new job when he prosecutes good nurses , without an evidence of anything , and steals careers ? Who , well Jokey most likely , she is right into the corruption, wadding in a shit show of her own doings . Like wearing an attends all day she pissed and shit in , it is a part of her . Looks like Diane Caruso has diaper duty. Wipe it kiss it powder it .


      • Diane Caruso 5:04 pm on April 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Diane Caruso is a husband thief, I worked in the burn with her.., she was married and so was Dr. Caruso. Diane Caruso Messing around on her husband with Dr. Caruso, while Dr. Caruso was messing around on his wife. That’s slimy and unfaithful, no wonder Diane Caruso got the job at the nursing board in AZ.
        Slimy is as slimy does


        • Jarrod 8:28 am on April 12, 2022 Permalink

          Why doesn’t the BON charge these adultery nurses with unprofessional conduct ? After all your a nurse 24/7 , everything is looked at why not this ? to look at the review , she looks like the grieving widow .
          Or someone who hooked up with a Dr saw big bucks and then he passed away and now has to work .
          Certainly Joke Ridenour knew her , the husband head of the burn unit , the Dr brings in bucks so she would be ‘friendly’ with the black widow.


        • Ramrod 8:33 am on April 12, 2022 Permalink

          Seems like Jokey Ridenour brought more than Judy B from County. And Valerie “drug researcher ” Smith , Cindy Mand was a burn unit , and would have been friendly with Diane Caruso , real or not . There is another one was a charge nurse too . Like a reunion at the BON. Jokey hiring old buds, she has to be very careful , letting someone in who will rat them all out . Psssst , hey Jokey they are already there !
          Like who snuck in your office last week …….


        • Lockinear 1:32 pm on April 14, 2022 Permalink

          Good observation . And why is jokey telling her friends from county to apply ? Got to get in their those who she did a favor for , then they “OWE” her ,
          You scratch my back I’ll scratch yours. Get one in who they have the ‘dirt’ on.
          Every hospital mgt loves those who put out for the Dr’s , they know what’s going on. Many places, during work, in the dirty utility room, bend them over in the Drs lounge , one place broom closet , ICU. What ever keeps these Drs happy , they do not care . Ethics evaluation for Diane ? Nope that is saved for ‘others ‘ .
          Sure likes to strut around at the BD meetings like she is something , but turns out a has been , unable to keep up with real work she will help in the corruption.


      • Rn iN May 1:38 pm on April 10, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Brnobitch must be so excited. Maybe him or Elizabeth Campbell can inject the fatal dose. Good times ! OR Emma Mamaluy she looks like the picture of death by injection , queen would get off on doing this .


        • CNP 1:43 pm on April 10, 2022 Permalink

          Anyone of them could kill someone and not bat an eye. But the real Uncompassionate one is Carolyn Jo MCCormies . She needs to practice of injections. Easy to picture her doing this while eating a hamburger . And telling everyone else at least 4 times, all the reasons why it is necessary . Then the sheep on the BON would all vote yes, like bobble heads on a bumpy road . IF McCormies repeats herself enough they just agree with her sick ways just to move on to the next case . Cause she will argue until she gets it HER WAY and please the back room crowd.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 4:58 pm on April 10, 2022 Permalink

          Destruction of nurses in an illegal fashion.


        • So much different than them ! 10:09 am on April 11, 2022 Permalink

          SOMETIMES COMMON SENSE needs to kick in , YOU won’t see that in AZ at least with the one track minds of ELIZABETH CAMPBELL and SUNITA KRISHNA
          TX has the hard core mind set like Carolyn McCormies who wants to do the worst possible for nurses, and tell them ‘we want you to be successful’ What a crock and mouth full of shit you have spewing out . Lying dirty dog MCCORMIES . No wonder she raised a son with that persecutor mind set , sickening . The pour victims of these KKK kult kick offs.
          {{A Texas district attorney dropped charges against a woman who was arrested for “murder” for a self-induced abortion.}}


      • Ben 9:44 pm on April 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        These “creeps ” must stick together , normal people could never tolerate this extreme and strange ideas , and habits these kook aid drinkers follow without question. When one of a couple starts to think for themselves , and makes a tough decision to stop leading a life of lies, and stop breaking up families , they will separate . and so the stats are what they are .

        Between 51 percent and 69 percent of mixedÂ-orientation Mormon marriages end in divorce, well above the roughly 25 percent of Mormon couples who split up.
        If such a ‘family centered ” experience , so many just cannot get along . Turn wicked towards family members . Then get on a BON and take it out on ‘normal ‘ nurses. Stay busy so busy you don’t have time to question the real ruler of the messed up family .


        • Kris Mayes 10:15 pm on April 11, 2022 Permalink

          Brnovich’s cowardice in refusing to defend the rights of 90% of Arizona voters to use mail-in voting is only one of numerous examples of how he has inappropriately used this critical office as a launching pad for his political ambitions.
          not to mention he pays no attention to the illegal antics of those a hole attys ASSoc w/ the BON . Namely “BETH” CAMPBELL and Sunita Krishna .
          The writer would welcome more info kris@krismayes.com


    • RN To NP June 2:57 pm on April 4, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      This is what the kult kreeps have done to their own. Raised , brain washed , they cannot think for themselves . This is one who escaped to finally clear her thoughts . Her journal says it all.
      I was born a slave, sold as a slave and bred as a slave in the United States of America. My life is not unique. There are literally thousands of us. In the name of Freedom of Religion, our only choice is obey or be destroyed. Blind obedience is required to save us from eternal damnation, and if we don’t comply, we must pay Atonement, the ultimate price to save our evil souls. Many crimes flourish among our ‘holy people’. The constitutional rights of the victims remain non existent. American courts continue to uphold the rights of the perpetrators, as it is all done in the name of Freedom of Religion.
      The victims are the ones targeted and false reports given to the BON, followed up with a phone call the Jokey who says , don’t worry we’ll take care of it . With a sneaky sly grin, hangs up the phone , then tells the hand picked investigator , ‘sick em ” . You have all the time you need.
      Jokey taking care of friends, Dumb Ducey , ignores all pleads of ‘look at what is happening”. While the nurse is being stabbed slashed beaten and no help.


      • License on 'stayed" 11:25 am on April 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Wonder what Denise Atwood , would do with this ?? ? Jeremy Duda report on AG Brnovich : “”The amount of disinformation being attributed to Brnovich’s letter is already out of control”””
        LOL !!!
        In AZ Nurses are sentenced to ETHICS EVALUATION by an attorney. The only one who does ethics evaluation. When have you ever seen any atty with ETHICS????
        Of course the nurse pays and Atwood makes her money, so she is on board with all of it !!
        Notice how the BON sets up the nurse to fail, like Atwood wouldn’t do what ever they want . Set up Scam alert !
        Disinformation vs misinformation . (splitting hairs) .
        And it all filters down from NCSBN. (another political hack group. and are hard nuts to crack for sure ! )


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 2:39 pm on April 7, 2022 Permalink

          Regulations and advisor list seen before ea. AZBN mtg goes on forever…boohoo bucks in chasing a nurse for a pursue!


      • Estel 9:21 am on April 12, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Subject: Color of Law Abuses…………….. Title 42, USC .

        Title 42, USC., Section 14141 makes it unlawful for state or local enforcement agencies
        Deprivation of Rights under Color of Law Statute.
        All this is supposed to be handled by the FBI………………. Not me.

        18 USC 3,4, Secs., 241, 242, 371
        Whoever knowing of felonies, CONCEALS……..
        Whoever, under Color of any Law,
        deprives any person of any rights secured and protected by the Constitution.

        Case has been filed at the Federal Court in Phoenix, AZ
        pro se, In Forma Pauperis
        and, will be dismissed in a few days,
        unless someone URGENTLY gets involved and rectifies things and protects my rights.

        defrauding me of wages,
        perpetrating fraud upon Courts,
        Bad Faith,
        altering an attachment to an e-mail, removing the hiring date, aut. dep. info., wages…
        fabricating other documents,Â
        perjury by notarizing a Certification stating documents as UNALTERED…..

        That irrefutable evidence PRECLUDED all that entailed anyway.

        It escalated in the hands of the AZ Nursing Board,
        as they violated Due Process in NUMEROUS manners……………
        Violating Due Process also PRECLUDED all that entailed.

        it grew to cover up the errors and failures of the AZ Nursing Board…………….

        That is all crimes now.

        I need the FBI to URGENTLY protect my rights.
        NO ONE is above the law. EVERYONE has rights, and is entitled to Justice.
        The evidence is IRREFUTABLE.
        PNS ALTERED the wage part. That is FRAUD.
        Everything is mandated rectified ab initio, from the start…………..

        The Federal Court will just get rid of me though I have irrefutable evidence.
        Evidence is Good Cause. Case has Merit.
        So, they’ll say the paperwork is wrong………….

        This has escalated to Corruption………………

        I NEED the FBI to do the right thing, and take immediate action.

        Dirty EMMA MAMALUY had her hands in this one too .


    • Karen Moore 5:37 pm on April 4, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Remember this young nurse had a board complaint , she tagged along with “Beth the Bitch Campbell like a puppy, she not only took a sit right next to her , which was odd, but Beth the Bitch told the Bd . “and she worked well with me, and easy to to work with ” . Campbell had NO BUSINESS adding her opinion at all. Just because this nurse was too stupid to know that Beth the Bitch was screwing her over and was the enemy , doesn’t mean that she should get special treatment. the Nurse sounded like a mormon, what ever some wicked witch hands out for punishment , just take it , accept it and be an obedient one. THIS is why the Bd should not have these ‘bad’ mormons on it . NEVER. They just do not think normal . Someone tries to screw you over , when they have no evidence and they are just making up a case as they go along. It is NORMAL to say , your fuked up Campbell , your a thief, your a liar, and your witnesses are not witnesses you just found a bunch of NO integrity like your self to blab their mouths . Poor nurse probably has a couple of sister wives , her husband screws around, abuses her , and told by the bitchup ‘go home and make him a nice dinner. Cause that is all the women in the mormon kult are good for . RUGS to walk on , and take that abuse . And so you don’t smarten up and walk, put their butts on many committees , keep them so busy they don’t have time to look at what NO BODIES they are . just absolutely NO BODIES , trying to rule the nurses . Sickening bitches , all belong in a trough someone . or locked up !


    • BSN 9:57 pm on April 4, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      From someone who watched the hearing , sent emails out “Why are more ppl not talking about this “expert nurse witness” ?!?! Did anyone watch her testimony?! I have stayed quiet for fear of losing my job as a RN, but this testimony was insane! She admitted to never using epic for pt care, never using barcode scanning nor was she familiar with what “just culture is”. That doesn’t even touch on how biased she was against RaDonda as she became angry with the defense during cross examination! Shew!!!!! My blood has been boiling over her! ”
      1) no nurse should worry about their license by stating their opinion.
      2) this expert is as insane as the AZ BON ‘expert’s , and just as silly. . Never scanned , that is something that a nurse should rely on . So when no scanner you are in the habit of no scanning, programmed , just look at it . But with so many meds generic , 2 and 3 names each , Did she ever over ride pyxis or weren’t they invented yet.
      3) was this person to show everyone what was a ‘prudent nurse would do ? ”
      4) why isn’t she reported the BON for anger mgt classes ? As a nurse you must remain numb and emotionless , never speak up and don’t show your anger . In a public setting for all to see how unprofessional she is , and losing it.
      5)in AZ is you testify against a nurse they invite you to be an investigator right LORAL PULTZ ??? yes she is a rat, and the az bon sure loves those kind. eventually they will find out they can’t trust them either !


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 1:19 pm on April 5, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Nurses going to jail for a felony assault on a pt at the time wasn’t intentional. Like an accident. A felony means intent. Like M.Jackson’s physician?? Guess not.


    • Fire Him 10:33 pm on April 4, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Sent on tic tok a message to all nurses :
      vanderbilt university medical center has TONS of nurse positions they can’t fill-even with 20k sign-on bonuses.
      This is what you call f*ck around and find out 🤔

      And this is what is happening in Arizona , big chain hospital cancelled contracts or reduced the pay mid contract. Reporting nurses to the board of nursing , for something not mandated, is another thing that will get you a F”ck around and Find out .
      Lots of hospitals are like this in AZ , surely desperate brnovich would prosecute , he wants his name out there so he can get another job . well Numbchuck F’ck around, with nurses and you will FIND OUT.


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 7:19 am on April 5, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Confirm statement from direct staff. Good luck..


        • licensed Nurse 8:24 am on April 7, 2022 Permalink

          SMARKIE BRNOBITCH , ELIZABETH CAMPBELL’S MENTOR : Wants to start killing inmates, even those mentally ill, so he can get a feather in his hat from those who think like they do. Kill Torture Beat ; repeat , save a buck on 3 meals a day . No wonder they can do what they do to nurses . More thoughts , from others , IN AZ two cases come to mind , a woman Debra Milke , a man Ray Krone , both on death row 35yrs collectively, innocent and out . Yesterday the same AG office who prosecutes good nurses unduly announced he is going to start killing people on death row (for votes of course , running for Senate), so ‘he can stop feeding them 3 squares a day” . This is the mind set of that office . Last execution they used unapproved drugs , took 2-3 hrs repeated injections , while the prisoner flopped like a fish out of water . torture. Imagine if a np used outdated unapproved drugs ?


        • Johnny B Good 5:31 pm on April 7, 2022 Permalink

          Seems like Burn O Bitch is trying to be the star of The Green Mile.


        • BSN-NP 5:39 pm on April 7, 2022 Permalink

          So the Corrupt Board of Nursing Agency says good bye to Shawna Bonner , who heads to the VA.
          Cindy Mand to the VA .
          The worst set up case of the year was based at the VA . Think these two were involved . Messing with fire . They can run but cannot hide.
          Joke Ridenour going down .
          Elizabeth Campbell already down for the count . Sneaky fart Emma Mamaluy behind all of it . She might take pride but sure shows on her the wickedness .
          McCormies board member knows about it all, a couple of them haven’t a clue , and BIG mistake trusting any of them.


        • NP 2 5:54 pm on April 7, 2022 Permalink

          A board member LAWANDA MANN , has been missing some meetings. Seems like she caught on quickly to a couple of “tricks ‘ of the dirty AZ BON. First off you think the BON sees and hears your case for the first time at the meeting and they decide. nope the ‘back room dirty devils , are picking out ‘options’ for the BON members to ‘read out loud . They are really clueless , they are told that ‘these are the BD options’ . And cannot think for themselves that , who ever downloaded these is not the one to take the fall when it comes to a head. They also know the BD members are not real bright , in fact pretty stupid.
          Now Ms Lawanda Mann, who hasn’t been on the BD that long, “they did not load the option that this case takes’ . OBSERVANT ! yep, she knows that those options are NOT the only ones, and that they are the WRONG ONES. And that the BD members are not limited to those, in fact they can dismiss all of them . Of course that option is only put out there for the patients family of loved ones who died by a nurse DISMISS , faster than lightening. So Ms Mann, can think for herself , think outside the box and speak up that this is not what is appropriate for this case. Maybe that’s why she’s not there ?


        • Writer of FACTS no BS 6:47 pm on April 7, 2022 Permalink

          Anyone attend the bd meeting , that blabber mouth who not only does the talking but repeats herself like people are stupid , OMFG , put a sock in that mouth please ! Bd member Ellis , said “motion to dismiss ………….LOUD SCREAM LIKE SOMEONE DIED OR WAS BEING SLAUGHTERED !!! bY GUESS WHO ?????? Loud mouth out of control Carolyn McCormies (MCCORNEY ass bitch ) . Damn you should have heard her SCREAM NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! (you cannot dismiss a case unless it is her idea , ) They she told her she read the wrong option. ! wtf is picking these options ! Then McNUT JOB McCormies, tells every one to be kind to each other and not rude. HAHAHA look in the mirror you cross eyed c*nt lurch look alike , those weird eyes like daddy warbucks mccormies .


        • Nurse say 7:19 pm on April 7, 2022 Permalink

          UNREAL STEVE TWIST , and look who he partnered with . Another Arizona sick mind set !
          A simple search , long article , but lots of corruption . he is in the lead with Jokey Ridenour(twisted sister) at corruption ! And sick minds !
          The Invisible Hand of Steve Twist
          How an Arizona man who’s never held elected office has shaped one of America’s most punitive criminal justice systems.
          by Nicole Santa Cruz
          April 5, 1 p.m. Propublica


      • Persecutors watch 2:36 pm on April 8, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        News from AZ , the wild wild west . The “top” (DOG) law enforcer says , we got to start killing inmates to gain attention to get more votes. He is not happy that are eating 3 ‘squares” a day. Not sure what 3 squares is . Sure looks like he doesn’t miss a meal . Him and the BON , who put lunch on the credit card, no wonder their broke , and want more money , more money .
        Brnovich so desperate he thinks killing inmates will get him more votes ? Ray Krone on death row 10 yrs innocent. Debra Milke , death row 25 years, and we fed her 3 SQUARES during that time. Tax payers pay out for mistakes . don’t forget numbchuck used an UNAPPROVED drug and messed up last time (60 mins) INCOMPETENT .


        • LNA 6:50 am on April 9, 2022 Permalink

          Brnovich has the one sided mind set of prosecutors ‘everyone is guilty” . Az needs it’s own Cameron Todd Withingham , to reverse what the AG is trying to do . Gain votes by killing inmates. Only Oops killed one proven was not guilty. Tx Perry won’t admit it , Just like Sunita and Eliz Campbell , never admit they did anything wrong. NEVER . In fact go out of their way to stack things so they get their way, then do more dirty work to cover up how they got their way. “”” Texas Governor, Rick Perry, impeded the investigation by replacing three of the nine Forensic Commission members to change the Commission’s findings; Perry denies the allegations.” “” Just like Ducey stacked the BON . Corruption.


        • Ann Beverly , 1 who knows 9:18 pm on April 11, 2022 Permalink

          So much corruption going on Notice Matt Gress Ducey’s boy is running and has that turd Lamb from Tucson speaking at his meetings . crazy . guess how they get the signatures. So much corruption going on , just expose it and see if the ones who should be watching those are paying attention. (snail mailed , date time stamped so they cannot say they do not know ! )
          Arizona Government Workers ALL stick together to COVER UP for each other.
          Arizona Government Workers are liars and frauds who will do ANYTHING to COVER UP their crimes committed by their Government Workers including killing them off or wrongfully incarcerate VICTIMS to their crimes to shut their Victims.

          Maricopa County Constable waited several months to “SERVE” BARRY A. BISHOP with Restraining Orders who was death threatening to murder off his VICTIMS to his sexual assaults.
          Pinal County released BARRY A. BISHOP from their JAILS who went on endless CRIME SPREES in both Maricopa County and Pinal County including threatening to MURDER OFF his Victim to his sexual assaults and his non stop attacks attacking women while released from PINAL COUNTY JAILS.
          While BARRY A. BISHOP was released from Pinal County Jails with several Restraining Orders filed against BARRY A. BISHOP filed against BARRY A. BISHOP trying to get him to stop his CRIMES and sexual assaults … The Pinal County Sheriff MARK LAMB and his Deputies provided BARRY A. BISHOP with loaded guns so BARRY A. BISHOP can carry out his DEATH THREATS to murder off his Victims.

          Maricopa DA Allister Adel is a liar and Fraud just like the Pinal County DA KENT VOLKMER who colluded with Allister Adel to help them COVER UP crimes committed by BARRY A. BISHOP who Pinal County released from their JAILS … including the fact that Pinal County Sheriff MARK LAMB and his Deputies provided BARRY A. BISHOP with loaded guns to carry out his death threats to murder off his Victims to his crimes.


    • Operation Desert Weasel 1:43 pm on April 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Shawna Marie Bonner the blind beached whale. She is not starting a job at the AZ Veterans Administration Hospital in Phoenix, she has been working there for years on telemetry as a assistant nurse manager while working at AZBN. She has been calling other VA hospitals in the US getting information on vets and giving it to the HEAD CUNT JOKE at AZBN.
      They use mafia style tactics against whistleblower, they harasse, threaten, & intimidating by using other people who live around the nurse. They call the police department in the city the nurse lives in and tell the police: “the nurse is mentally ill, and they feel sorry for the nurse, Just keep an eye on them and report any calls you make to the nurse’s residents.”
      Sunita KUNT Kirshner is a slimy shank too, and so is the stinky fart Emma mamalay on her back, they are all anti-gun.
      The Vetran nurse needs to call this number and find out if the if the HOUSE OF CUNTs IN AZ at the AZBN have requested information on them: 202-745-8000 opt. 0. Check your files, ask for a file review, no one can look at a Vets file except HR, see if your file has been accessed and how often, if your file was accessed out of AZ it’s SHAWNA BONNER THE BLIND BEACHED WHALE, you need need to file military charges against SHAWN MARIE BONNER.
      Shawna Bonner ejected her whale sized ass into court hearing in another state, Shawna Bonner and her buddy lost in court. Shawna Bonner is a RADICAL EXTREMIST, ANTI-GUN CUNT. I would think this would be a conflict of interest for her to work with Veteran’s who defend AMERICA, and be anti-gun.
      They are now using the witnesses who falsely testified (committed perjury) in court to harass us who won. It’s all on cameras too, the CUNTS at AZBN DON’T like cameras when the other side has them.
      All veteran who are nurses need to call the VA in in WA D.C.
      I will be giving the moderator of this site the address and phone number of Shawna M Bonner, so anyone can contact Shawna and let her know what you think.


    • ANNA 2:49 pm on April 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      There are those with no conscience ,who can do the unspeakable to someone who did nothing wrong. Like this judge they don’t develop a conscience, they just know they have been caught and not going to be locked up so they take the easy way out.
      A veteran New York state judge killed himself less than two weeks after his home was raided by investigators, according to one of his attorneys.

      John Michalski, an acting justice on the Erie County Supreme Court, died by suicide Tuesday at his Amherst home, where federal and state law enforcement officers had executed a search warrant 12 days earlier, the Buffalo News reported. He was 61.
      ( he tried getting hit by a train after first indicment came down and messed that one up . ) a real loser. Will this be Jokey when Ducey is gone and others look into what dirty work she’s really doing ? That /protect the public bs is what it is .
      Or will her retirement consists of checking the back yard, seaching thru the blinds, having a loaded gun close by , and checking if anyone is ‘out there’ like Charles Ryan, guilty conscience ?


    • THE HOUSE OF CUNTS 2:50 pm on April 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Dolores Hurtado, Sunita Krishna, Emma Mamalay, & Shawna Bonner are calling the home owners association, apartments complex managers, and job sites of nurses who are under investigation. They are doing this for pure harassment. Some people are telling us who has been calling.


      • Exposing the dirty girdies 5:53 pm on April 10, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        EMMA MAMALUY has been calling employment agencies ,and places that the nurse told her they were ‘starting a new job” . When the Nurse does not get hired “all of a sudden” she tells Mamaluy , you cost me a job, and Mamaluy the LIAR SHE IS , said “oh I was HOPING that wouldn’t happen” . Lying Bitch ! Dirty , slimy cunt for sure. They usually hide behind, “i work at the AZ BON” .
        EMMA LEHNER MAMALUY is a Schadenfreude . A really really sick minded a hole atty . DO NOT TRUST THIS ONE AS FAR AS YOU CAN THROW HER !
        You can also add Trina , and Naria to the list !
        Thanks for telling us and comparing notes, they do have a pattern of bad behavior !


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:13 am on April 11, 2022 Permalink

          This knowledge and statements are critical in nursing hx…making it a part of permanent hx in nursing edu. is everything I think and it will take tech connections. Think……


        • Bryan S 6:43 am on April 12, 2022 Permalink

          When this same type allow one of their own to do this behavior and turn a blind eye to all of it , they are capable of ANYTHING.

          Horrific Details Emerge on Arizona Foster Care Pedophile Trafficking Ring where Children Were Raped and Sodomized
          April 11, 2022 5:03 pm
          We have exposed the deep corruption in the State of Arizona for years now, where historically they have a higher percentage of children taken away from their families and put into the foster care system than any other state in the U.S., as a state that is deeply entrenched in the child trafficking network with corruption reaching the highest levels of government. Statistics from 2015 showed that one out of every 100 children in the State of Arizona was in foster care. One of the most horrific stories we have covered from the State of Arizona was the case of the little girl named Devani, who was taken away from her mother against her will, and put into a foster care home in Sierra Vista with David Frodsham, mormon who was running a pedophile pornographic and child sex trafficking ring. David Frodsham worked with the U.S. military at Fort Huachuca in Arizona, and had previously worked in Afghanistan as a “top civilian commander,” but was kicked out of the country for sexual misconduct. His commanding officer wrote: “I would not recommend placing him back into a position of authority but rather pursuing disciplinary actions at his home station.” Nothing happened, however, and he continued as a licensed foster parent in the State of Arizona, where according to the lawsuit brought against him he repeatedly raped little Devani. He was convicted and is now behind bars. Little Devani was not returned to her family, however, but put into another foster home in Arizona, where the foster mother burned 80% of her body with scalding water resulting in the loss of her toes. Earlier this month (April, 2022), Michael Rezendes, writing for the Associated Press, provided new details of this child sex trafficking ring operating through the Arizona Foster Care system, as two adopted sons of David Frodsham have come forward to file lawsuits for the years they were sexually abused. There is no way that something as horrible as this could be allowed to exist without participation in almost every level of government within the State of Arizona. From social workers, to judges, to politicians and law enforcement, everyone has to either be complicit or too afraid to expose the corruption, in order for something like this to exist. And it includes religious and private businesses as well, benefiting from the lucrative child trafficking system funded through foster care and adoption services.


    • Fashion Styles 1:12 am on April 10, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      I have realized that car insurance organizations know the autos which are susceptible to accidents as well as other risks. In addition, they know what style of cars are prone to higher risk as well as higher risk they’ve the higher your premium charge. Understanding the very simple basics of car insurance will let you choose the right types of insurance policy that will take care of your needs in case you become involved in any accident. Many thanks for sharing the ideas for your blog.


    • Prosecutors are sick minds 5:56 pm on April 10, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Add these prosecutors who think they got a ‘win’ but failed to think it through.
      AG in TENN is FUNK , and his clan ,
      Funk, at the helm of the office since 2014, was not involved in courtroom proceedings against Vaught. Assistant District Attorneys Debbie Housel, Chad Jackson and Brittani Flatt
      The four of them will rot in hell , with Elizabeth Campbell, Emma Mamaluy, and Sunita Krishna


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 7:59 am on March 24, 2022 Permalink  

    Quezada, M. Az Lawmaker..Beth A. Campbell AZBN Robotics 

    M.Quezada AzLeg 23 March 2022 Just So You Know
    Just So You Know
    Randomly contacting x amt of law makers with notice of large public violations noted to be specifically defined upon nurses and their assistants. I do speak for many but they don’t always speak for my evidence and do not expect any enforcement of existing statutes to which you’ve been apart of before. Keyword….before. We do know you know for some time about the horrors performed upon nurses by the AZBN. Recent reintroduction of 5-10 y.o history to the fore front is not being entitled to justice; and does not expect to be by me. Groups now forming in large legal groups pursuing you to promote their agenda is common. Your work is their nobility of many missions. Laws protecting nurses is being forwarded to you, and evidently does have a positive future….however useless. Meaning AZBN and Beth A. Campbell openly violate state statutes which end up hurting nurses and their assistants both physically and financially. Since you, and many others are in tune to this the history of nursing creation is the mode for you to know now. The foundation of permanent history is based in the academia curriculum noted via studies of AZBN and its victims of Unjust Disciplines. Although curriculum leaves off ‘AZBN’ in print, the study further addresses 10 cases of nurses whose abuse is coded to files only accessible to public by court order. Those cases are known to be from Arizona…just so you know. The point here is for you to know#1 The AZBN does not follow existing laws anyways, and, you know, they really do not, but most importantly multiple violations develops the evidence of psychopathy. A lack of respect for existing laws by court officers can easily be felonies. They are.
    I can understand why few successful advances of justice for nurses has been noted until recently. If you are a male nurse its like walking into a cave of constipated cougars; whom are just has mean to female nurses whose liabilities avoid class A felonies for some physicians. The name we are up against is Ridenour through the system and using it in permanent nursing history via .edu is needed to let the educators and students know what awaits them in Arizona. One good lawyer…Brandeis…the people know. The specified site supports the oldest medical institute in the U.S. The lofty sounding statement is noted but accurate and accessible for a long. long time. PBrown Reposted 24 March 2022

    • New AG will Campbell keep her job ? 4:38 pm on March 24, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Someone knows what is going on . register independent and vote D for Gov that is what it will take to clean the BON out , a real “D”isinfectant !


      One of the biggest problems with the various licensing boards in this state is that the worst governor in our state’s history uses those appointed board positions as payoffs to his political donors. The boards are dominated by industry insiders who take advantage of their power.


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:11 am on March 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply



      • GET OUT JOKEY CAMPAIGN 11:28 pm on March 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        this is nurses when JOKEY RIDENOUR gets the boot . Dumb Ducey won’t be around much longer. He doesn’t even like her , or William . https://fb.watch/b_qU5wibNu/


      • BRNOVICH SUCKS 9:32 am on March 28, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Radonda Vaught (buried statement ) Before a verdict was reached, RaDonda Vaught spoke with News 2 and shared her thoughts on the District Attorney’s Office in Davidson County, stating, “It has taken three of them, and a bunch of lies, to do their job and that’s a reflection of them and not me.”

        Sentencing for RaDonda Vaught is set for May 13.
        Typical prosecutor style lie like hell , bring up unrelated crazy talk by lying cohorts . Nurses need to video tape their hearings and post on line , the public would be shocked !


    • AZ SUCKS FOR NURSES 10:18 am on March 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      NUMNUTS Brnobitch will not get another position . His office took away nurses licenses and put them out of work so he will be put out of work . More mistakes by MISFIT atty’s hired at the AG, that no one seems to be watching . No over sight , like the dirty BRN. Check this out kids (notice someone paid off phx papers to keep this out of area papers, so make it HEADLINES ! ) THE ENTIRE OFFICE IS PROSECUTORIAL MISCONDUCT !! And YES ELIZABETH CAMPBELL makes them ALL look bad !! Dirt bag witch .

      “It Just Looks Bad.” AZ Supreme Court disqualifies entire Attorney General’s Tucson Office from case over prosecutorial misconduct

      by Sadie | Jun 22, 2021 | Arizona
      “It Just Looks Bad.” AZ Supreme Court disqualifies entire Attorney General’s Tucson Office from case over prosecutorial misconduct

      We write with good news. In a case we’ve covered for many years, sometimes pessimistically, the Arizona Supreme Court has taken strong action against prosecutorial misconduct. Recently, the court affirmed the removal of the entire Tucson office of the Arizona Attorney General from the state’s prosecution of Darren Goldin, due to shocking prosecutorial misconduct at his original 2010 trial. All six active justices agreed that the actual misconduct of former Assistant Attorney General Richard Wintory during Goldin’s capital trial created “an appearance of impropriety” sufficient to mandate the disqualification of every lawyer in the Tucson branch of Arizona Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s office.

      Ultimately, the justices agreed with the trial court’s initial finding of misconduct, writing, “As the trial court concluded, “I’m sure there’s a more eloquent way of putting this, but it just looks bad.””

      The misconduct was outrageous. In preparation for a trial with Goldin’s life on the line, Wintory participated in secret, inappropriate phone calls with the lead court-appointed mitigation expert, a professional who was integral to the defense and was ethically obligated to work exclusively on behalf of Goldin’s legal representation. This is so offensive, not least because the expert was tasked with identifying and locating Goldin’s biological mother, in order to help his attorneys develop mitigating factors that could potentially move the jury to spare his life. Presumably, Wintory did so to obtain privileged information about the case. Wintory waited a week after his first improper conversation with the expert to disclose the contact, and he did so by submitting a dishonest affidavit, in which he stated that he and the mitigation specialist only spoke once. However, records exist for at least seven calls. Additionally, Wintory falsely denied the presence on the calls of any additional staff members from the Tucson AG’s office, but later admitted in a subsequent affidavit that he had forgotten that his paralegal was also present during one of these calls.

      More on that from a 2013 Open File post about Wintory’s misconduct on the case:

      Wintory’s supervisor, Kim Ortiz, ultimately forced Wintory to get off the case – but not before allegedly asking his senior paralegal to amend an affidavit she had written supporting Wintory’s version of events to “make a statement that fit the ‘evidence’ that [Ortiz] had gathered,” the paralegal told the Daily Star. The paralegal said she was fired an hour after refusing to amend the affidavit. She subsequently filed a bar complaint against Ortiz in the matter. Last week the Arizona State Bar declined to hear the complaint, characterizing it as an employment dispute.

      After the unethical contact was unearthed, Wintory was removed from the case and suspended from practicing law in Arizona for 90 days. Subsequently, he was also suspended from practicing in Oklahoma for two years originating from the same misconduct. The Tucson AG’s Office ended up dropping the death penalty and offered Goldin a plea of 11 years, which he accepted. When Goldin later succeeded on an ineffective assistance of counsel argument, the plea was withdrawn and the charges reinstated, except for the death penalty. Facing re-trial, Goldin filed a motion that anyone from the Tucson prosecutor’s office should be disqualified from prosecuting him, and that another prosecutor’s office must be assigned the job instead. The trial court granted Goldin’s motion to remove the entire office, agreeing that it was impossible to know the extent of the information shared between Wintory and the intermediary, or the degree to which the unethically acquired information continues be a part of the prosecution’s case.

      Goldin’s case wasn’t the first judicial finding of misconduct against Wintory. In 2006, the Court of Criminal Appeals of Oklahoma reversed a death sentence due to Wintory’s “serious and potentially prejudicial misconduct” in Alfred Brian Mitchell v. the State of Oklahoma. The Court wrote:

      We conclude that the manner in which the prosecutor presented his closing argument—yelling and pointing at the defendant as he addressed him directly—was highly improper and potentially prejudicial. There can be little doubt that the content and presentation of this closing argument was carefully calculated to inflame the passions and prejudices of Mitchell’s jury. The prosecutor’s conduct allowed him—perhaps more forcefully than words alone could do— to express the utter contempt and disdain that he personally felt toward the defendant and his crime. This Court concludes that prosecutors should not be allowed to do through their actions and demeanor what we have expressly forbidden them to do with their words, namely, assert their personal opinion about the defendant or the crime. While we continue to recognize the “liberal freedom of speech” that is appropriate to closing argument, we also recognize that this freedom, like most, remains constrained by the rights of others, including the right to due process and to a reliable capital sentencing.

      Wintory’s misconduct doesn’t stop there. In yet another case, Bigler Jobe Stouffer v. the State of Oklahoma, the Court of Criminal Appeals of Oklahoma described Wintory’s misconduct as “extremely improper”. Despite this finding of misconduct, the Court took a position courts across the country sadly often take when it comes to misconduct: that if the court decides the misconduct did not affect the outcome of the trial, then the misconduct isn’t grounds for a reversal. Multiple findings of misconduct, in multiple jurisdictions, against one prosecutor begs the question: Why is this person still able to get work as a prosecutor?

      This is why what happened in Goldin’s case is so noteworthy. It’s unusual for any prosecutorial misconduct, which is furtive and secretive by nature, to be exposed, in any case. What’s so rare about Goldin’s case is that the misconduct was discovered during trial and addressed in real time when the trial court judge held the prosecutor and the office accountable. Here at The Open File, because of the nature of prosecutorial misconduct, we frequently write about the abuse and wrongdoing many years after it happened, and, usually, only after dogged work by the defense to uncover it. Even then, when absolutely forced to concede that misconduct occurred, courts often dismiss or downplay the impact of prosecutorial misconduct on criminal case outcomes. That’s what happened when the trial court’s decision was overturned on appeal.

      Wonderfully, though, that kind of avoidance and minimalizing did not happen in this case once it got to the Arizona Supreme Court. First, the court explicitly acknowledged that the true scope of misconduct in Goldin’s case is not known, writing:

      As the court of appeals correctly noted, the appearance of impropriety here emanated from actual misconduct. Id. The misconduct was so significant that it resulted in severe discipline. However, it was impossible to determine the substance of the improper conversations between Wintory and the confidential intermediary, or the extent to which the information was disclosed to others in the office or to which it informed prosecution strategy. Thus, the appearance of impropriety was grounded not in a mere perception of wrongdoing but an actual finding of misconduct with no ability to determine the scope of its impact.

      Secondly, the court admitted that the need to disqualify an entire office of prosecutors is not an anomaly or outlier situation, but is something that will come up again, stating:

      We granted review because the question of vicarious disqualification of a prosecutor’s office is of statewide importance and likely to recur.

      As encouraging as this is, what’s not so encouraging in this case is seeing that Wintory’s reprehensible misconduct was vigorously defended by his former office, the highest legal office of the state. The brief, which bears the names of Arizona Attorney General Brnovich, Solicitor General Brunn Roysden, as well as other attorneys for the city of Tucson and the state of Arizona, was crafted and argued on the taxpayers’ dime.

      A ruling like this from the Arizona Supreme Court may be appealed by the state, but it’s heartening to see a higher court recognize the full implications of prosecutorial misconduct. The court’s decision affirms that prosecutorial misconduct is not only about an individual actor or ‘bad apple’ who may have committed the misconduct, but that it exists in a tainted system which incentives and/or allows it. The systemic deficit of integrity that characterizes some prosecution offices is much more entrenched, self-perpetuating, and difficult to correct than the “rogue” actor. Dismissing an entire office, when merited, sends a clear and helpful message on this issue. There’s a lot to be encouraged by here. We’ll continue to follow Goldin’s case and Wintory’s activities, and will report back as new developments occur.

      Tags: Arizona, Arizona Attorney General’s Office, Failure to disclose, Improper communication, Kim Ortiz, Pima County, Prosecutor Richard Wintory


    • Vanderbuilt Covered it up 3:00 pm on March 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Tenn Nurse found guilty of negligent homicide. and will be sentenced to prison 5/13 .
      the ones who should be in prison for INTENTIONAL acts is the dir / attorneys/ and staff.


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 8:30 am on March 26, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Interesting case where initially Bd, as we know it, cleared Vaught, to which defense sooo stated at arraignment. A defense of blaming the system especially pharmacy was foolish. Somewhere the Tn Health Bd got caught by ??, and reversed their decision and revoked her lic. If she accepted guilt and showed remorse instead of stupidity she could’ve probably got probation as intent was missing in her crime.


        • I AM RODONDA 8:01 am on March 27, 2022 Permalink

          If you watched the BON proceedings , the only ones who showed stupidity was the BON members. A hearing held AT THE BON, members read questions to the nurse , that were hand fed to them . Many of the questions were the EXACT same question. They weren’t listening and knew the score before their game started. Over and over, she should have slammed them back but remained calm The BON Tenn members were programmed like AZ . This nurse admitted fault IMMEDIATELY on the job and was honest . her case was ‘dismissed’ then they brought it back. and revoked. Try that with a murder case. AFTER the corrupt hospital get caught who did the cover up . Got a Dr to sign “natural causes” . what happened to that liar. ??? Then Ms goody two shoes , she thinks, McCormies clone got up there and made it look like in 49 yrs she never made a mistake ? Hope she happy now . McCormies has that same strong and self righteous about her . likes to run the show but does actual nursing admits to 1 day month, probably just running that mouth of hers in the office . it makes mormon women feel they have some kind of control in their lives when she is a no body , a complete fool. I’d rather have Tenn Nurse over this self rightous nut job . McCormies makes many not want to ever be involved in nursing when they see what a strange ‘leader’ (all in her head !) koch brothers trickle down mess !


      • Makes you want to say HMMMM 2:06 pm on March 28, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Interesting , same town an incident happened with a gal who claimed to be assaulted by a deputy , all of a sudden jumps out of the window of a car and dies . do police car windows go down in the back? is the person able to open the back door ? Seem ODD to anyone ?. Then there is the ‘missing girl’ from Safford Disappeared . (mccomies baby daddy works there ). She doesn’t even know that someone in the mormon building is a tattle tale , (besides Carolyn !! ) . As the search for a missing 12-year-old Arizona girl entered its second week, the child’s mother spoke out, saying, “I’m scared to death.”

        Betty Taylor was reported missing by her family eight days ago after she told her father was going for a walk and never returned to her home in Safford, Arizona, according to the Graham County Sheriff’s Office.
        Somebody knows what happened.


    • Absolutely Anonymous check it out ! 2:38 pm on March 27, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      As if it cannot get any more corrupt . Lamb a ‘swinger’ is mormon. Just like McCormies ya know one of those “good” mormons LOL !! Where is the DOJ, ?? turning a blind eye cause they are mormons too ,! ** Arizona Government Corruption & Cover Ups ***
      Maricopa County DA, Allister Adel, is also involved in helping Pinal County DA Kent Volkmer and his staff to COVER UP their Government Corruption and crimes committed by Pinal County Government Workers…
      Pinal County Arizona is a massive infestation of Government Corruption and Government COVER Up Operations to COVER UP federal crimes committed by Pinal County Government Workers…. which includes Pinal County Sheriff MARK LAMB and his cesspool of corrupt lying unethical Deputies who are in fact dangerous violent criminals who are sneaky liars and frauds, Pinal County DA KENT VOLKMER and his Staff of corrupt sneaky lying corrupt County Attorneys along with the Judges, Pinal County Prosecutors and even their Government Contractors who are ALL involved in the Government Corruption and Government COVER UPs all going on in PINAL COUNTY ARIZONA.
      Pinal County DA, KENT VOLKMER, and his staff of Prosecutors are disgusting lying thieving corrupt unethical Attorneys who illegally collude with Pinal County Sheriff MARK LAMB and his corrupt Deputies to COVER UP their Federal Crimes …. Pinal County Judges, Pinal County Public Defenders, Pinal County Court Appointed Attorneys and even their Court Appointed Doctors and Court Appointed Social Workers are involved in the Government Corruption and their Government Cover Up Operations all going on in PINAL COUNTY ARIZONA.
      Pinal County DA, KENT VOLKMER, and his Staff illegally collude with the Maricopa County DA, ALLISTER ADEL. and her Staff to help in their GOVERNMENT COVER UPS …
      Pinal County released BARRY A. BISHOP from their JAILS with pending criminal cases filed against him by the STATE OF ARIZONA who went on endless crime sprees in both Pinal County and Maricopa Counties which includes attacking and sexually assaulting women non stop, stalking, non stop harassing, non stop bullying and even DEATH THREATENING his victims to murder them off.
      Several Restraining Orders were filed against BARRY A. BISHOP trying to get him to STOP committing his non stop CRIMES that BARRY A.BISHOP committed in both Pinal County and Maricopa County Arizona while released from Pinal County JAILS.
      Pinal County Sheriff MARK LAMB and his Deputies provided BARRY A. BISHOP with loaded guns which they stole out of a home in San Tan Valley Arizona so BARRY A. BISHOP could carry out his death threats to murder off his Victims to his crimes….
      Pinal County DA, KENT VOLKMER, and his Prosecutors recruited many many many people to help them and cooperate in their Government Cover Up Operations including their Government Contractors who are corrupt Doctors & corrupt Social Workers who are liars & frauds aiding PINAL COUNTY in their Government Cover Ups.
      Criminal Court Cases are rigged in Pinal County as part of their Government COVER UP Operations. Many many many Government Workers and Government Contractors are involved.
      Pinal County DA, Kent Volkmer, and his staff of corrupt Prosecutors are intentionally filing FAKE & FALSE criminal charges against VICTIMS to their Government Corruption and their Federal CRIMES committed by their Government Workers including Pinal County Sheriff MARK LAMB and his cesspool of corrupt lying Deputies who are dangerous violent criminals attacking and criminally violating Citizens of Pinal County…..
      All Government Workers in Pinal County ARIZONA stick together to Cover Up for eachother and to cover up their Federal Crimes committed by Pinal County Sheriff MARK LAMB and his cesspool of corrupt lying sneaky Deputies who are in fact dangerous violent criminals in uniforms with guns…..
      Arizona Governor DOUG DUCEY appointed Pinal County Criminal Court Judge DELIA NEAL into Office while her husband KELLY NEAL is the County Attorney assigned to Represent the Plaintiff which is the STATE OF ARIZONA which is a major conflict of interest and unethical misconduct. Defendants who are actually Victims to their Government Corruption going on in PINAL COUNTY are being completely stripped of all their legal rights including their legal rights to a Jury Trial and their legal rights to hire their own Attorneys.
      Defendants to Pinal County’s FAKE & FALSE criminal charges are being FORCED to be Represented by Pinal County Public Defenders or their Pinal County Court Appointed Attorneys who are not allowing ANY evidence in Defense while demanding that Defendants plead guilty to their criminal charges or their Court Appointed Doctors will put them on medications and throw them in Mental Institutions if Defendants do not comply to their DEMANDS to plead guilty to their criminal charges….
      Pinal County Criminal Court Judge DELIA NEAL is a liar and a fraud who lied on her Arizona Public Official Financial Statement Disclosure under “Penalties of Perjury” …. which we have this evidence to prove it.
      BARRY A.BISHOP who was released from PINAL COUNTY JAILS with several criminal cases filed against him by the State of Arizona created several facebook sites to stalk, harass, bully, terrorize and repeatedly violate all of the RESTRAINING ORDERS filed against him to contact his Victims non stop including death threatening to murder off his VICTIMS using the loaded gun provided to him by Pinal County Sheriff MARK LAMB and his cesspool of corrupt lying sneaky Deputies who are in FACT dangerous violent CRIMINALS in uniforms with guns doing whatever they want including committing federal crimes while armed and dangerous criminally violating Citizens in Pinal County then ALL sticking together to COVER UP for each other….
      See Pinal County Criminal Courts
      case #S-1100-CR-20201670


      • Ray got out of azna 9:28 pm on March 27, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Interesting in Feb 2006 a task force was formed to study the shortage of nursing , and the JOKER (Ridenour ) was on it . Worthless then as she is now . Her and her partners in crime are the ones causing the shortage.
        On March 30, 2008, House Bill 2041, which mandated ratios for
        staffing. The discussion included
        why AzNA opposed the bill for safe staffing and acuity/
        nursing workload and how it related to patient outcomes.
        Yes you read that right OPPOSED SAFE STAFFING .
        Who would ever even think of being a part of this group who pretends to be for the nurse but works against them .


    • See right thru you ! 10:23 am on March 31, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      some one has got to get rid of that “GOT to have her way ” McCormies. Another stomp her feet , comments of anything negative pulled out and repeated , down right rude so that she gets the board members to agree with her . McCormies wants to do WHAT EVER MAMALUY wants . SHAME ON BOARD MEMBERS for caving !!! Of course stupid Boyer , is influenced and repeats the one sided biased bitch. There is no balanced argument, you either agree with CAROLYN “calloused bitch” MCCORMIES or she will ARGUE until you do . You DO NOT HAVE TO GO ALONG WITH THE PUNITiVE BITCH . Her type can turn on their own children , shun them shame them punish them . Absolutely a psycho pathic , black hearted bitch. INAPPROPRIATE behavior, asking board members “do you want this nurse taking care of your mother ” ? MCCORMIES NEEDS TO GO , and TAKE Sr “JO” with her . Calling on “Hill” as a NP . INAPPROPRIATE ! there are public members , trying to ‘act ‘ like she is thinking voting “no ‘ when she is the Last vote to make it APPEAR , she is ‘independently voting’ . She read NOTHING of the case . Only thing she is there for is to vote , all yes’s vote no it won’t matter , make her LOOK like she thought about it. Another hair brain. !
      The entire board meeting dates were changed because McCormies joined another committee . That is why Wed and Thurs, changed everyone’s calendar . She is a self righteous nut job !


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 4:05 pm on March 17, 2022 Permalink  

    About Time Beth Campbell Eats It AZBN 

    Beth Campbell finally has a loss in Superior Ct judges rules to unrevoke

    I wonder if many others could file. Interesting case. AZBN plasters, again, unadjudicated docs, which is civil rights violation. AZBN treats police reports like they can redistribute whenever they like; across state lines which is a Federal Civil Rights violations. Elizabeth Campbell is a crooked AAG and should be disbarred. Beth is finally showing she is earning her keep and its in her face. The stress of the wicked.

    • Mark 7:46 am on March 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      This isn’t her ‘finally lost” she’s lost before . Campbell is used to ignoring all evidence and comments that are for the nurse. When a top notch attorney tells the BON, (morons who ONLY listened to stupid Campbell) “YOUR DA IS “CONFUSED” AND CANNOT INTERPRET LAW” . You would Think this would be something to check out , since Campbell is not a good atty , and tries many tricks , mostly because she is up against nurses who do not study law. How they hell this bitch got a law license is troubling, Lower standards with the BAR than the BON. for sure !


      • Jake 10:21 am on March 22, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Friday night go have another drink with Alister Adel, we know you can’t pass a BAR .
        Celebrate your losses and what loser’s you both are . She’ll be off work , and you are too. Find a new job yet ?
        p s , don’t even ask for reference !


      • Noticing 10:46 am on March 22, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Above on the left side of the picture is AZ #2 lying lawyer in the state . # 1 in lying lawyers is EMMA LEHNER MAMALUY , and # 3 is Kathryn Busby .
        Plagues are being made to recognize them for their efforts. Busby can boat a beer even faster then Adel , another loser lawyer in AZ . , . but prefers the hard whiskey . Campbell’s done MJ in the past, but likes to drink wine while she WHINES .
        Let’s not forget , even though gone (a tie for second place Nikki Austin , another lying lard ass) . Get these ALL SINGLE , women (geez wonder why? ) together and you got a real wing ding or drinking contests. Mamaluy likes her beer boats with a PIG roast , and weiner’s , polish ones . She could win first place in a contest of eating dogs . FOOT LONG , like in deep throat, getting a visual of her taken it in ?


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:32 am on March 24, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        However, her course defines others besides herself. Cohoots with them pimps of BOWWLAW. S. King! I hope he doesn’t cross my path ever again, they’ll end up bringing the EChair back to Florence on my behalf.


      • BRNOVICH OFFICE SUCKS 9:30 pm on March 27, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Damn she is DISGUSTING dirty bitch . Just DISGuSTING .

        Wonder how many have ‘cut a rug ‘ with that skank !


    • BRNOVICH OFFICE SUCKS 8:21 am on March 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      ANOTHER CASE OF RETALIATION . The Corrupt Board of nursing knows that they are but using their position to go along with the false allegations, and side with those willing to lie . Too many times this happens .

      Liked by 1 person

      • S. DIEGO 7:29 am on March 24, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        OH yes BRNOVICH office sucks big time. NUMNUTS . in charge Bruce Lee wanna be . While his dumb dumb in licensing is a lawyer wanna be .
        Looks like she got her eyes on alj position , she can kiss that good bye !!
        “BETH ” doesn’t make a pimple on Perry Mason’s arce .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 7:51 am on March 24, 2022 Permalink

          Strong Work!!


        • CAMPBELL IS SHAMEFUL 10:49 pm on April 5, 2022 Permalink

          Sore loser too , she went into exe session, to talk the stupid board members into voting to appeal . Take you losses , admit wrong doing , we know it will be the first time in your life so not holding our breath !
          March meeting agenda , aka secret society .
          Manuel Erineo Gonzales v. Arizona State Board of Nursing, Maricopa County Superior Court Case
          No. LC2021-000127-001 DT – Discussion and possible action, including potential appeal, following
          the Superior Court’s decision. The Board may hold an Executive Session for legal advice pursuant
          to A.R.S. § 38-431.03(3) and/or to discuss and consult with its attorneys in order to consider its
          position and instruct its attorneys regarding the Board’s position in pending or contemplated
          litigation pursuant to A.R.S. § 38-431.03(4).


    • TINA 9:41 am on March 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Elizabeth Campbell , the queen of liars . Small town gossip spreader, and uses really small unrelated nasty to embarrass , humiliate the nurse, but it REFLECTS ON WHO SHE IS . (DIRT BAG! SKANK )
      Her retirement will be like Charles Ryan , heavy drinking and outside looking for those he screwed over to be coming around and getting revenge.
      The one who hides in the shadows , like the stinky fart that reeks but no one knows their name if EMMA MAMALUY ! Another high paid LIAR .


    • God Bless you nurses ! 12:59 pm on March 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      where’s the whore’s lipstick and fish net hose , that is what she is now , a street hooker
      so is CAROLYN MCCORMIES , influencing the stupid to agreeing with her destroying nature , both sick minded in different ways.


    • Carol S 8:09 am on March 21, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      The skank made it to facebook, talk of the town . LOL !!!

      Carol S .
      Elizabeth Campbell comes off as being indifferent and not reading the cases because she knows the BON and the ALJ will go along with her. my experience with her she was sarcastic and heartless. After not being able to find a nursing job in over 7 years due to my probation status she said replied ” Well nobody is guaranteed a job. “


      The fact that Campbell knows your case was retaliation and had nothing to do with nursing, but was to knock off highest paid on the job . (working 34 yrs in one hospital YRMC, is telling in itself. ) The person who should not have a job is Elizabeth Campbell. She is just doing the ear minimum to collect a paycheck and get a retirement . She could not find a honest job, see how she likes it ! Even in her own law firm , she would fail , word is out how stupid , slimy, sinful she is . Prosecuting a good nurse , knowing it is all bull crap, is illegal . Prison time for Campbell !


      • J. R. 8:35 am on March 21, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Indifferent is putting it kindly. One look at her and my atty said “what a MESS” .
        Pharmacy board knew she was a ‘risk’ ,
        Jokey Ridenour , is too stupid to know a stupid lawyer when she meets one. LOL !!


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 4:25 pm on March 21, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Many know so the trail for her remains easy to follow and shell be caught again..


        • Pharmd 10:07 pm on March 21, 2022 Permalink

          I know her (Beth Campbell she goes by, a real suck butt to judges, but is really a mouthy bitch , a real YENTA !


        • The CARING SOUL 10:16 am on March 22, 2022 Permalink

          Beth or Elizabeth A Campbell , makes Allister Adel look competent , sane, and organized.
          No one trusts lawyers and certainly no one trusts prosecutors, how did this dirt bag get hooked up with nurses the most honest profession?
          Oh that’s right, cause the BON is NOT HONEST , TRUST WORTHY , OR CREDIBLE . They give good hard working nurses in the state a bad name .


    • Betsy Faira 3:05 pm on March 23, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Never trust a female with no lips .
      ESPECIALLY this dirty bitch .
      Prosecute nurse when she knows it all made up . The nurse is innocent .
      takes a real low life to go along with this !
      ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL Is a much uglier version of the prosecutor Leah Askey in the true story of a psychopath , who is twin to Emma Mamaluy , wicked and evil PAM HUPP . (played by Renee Zellwinger)
      IN the dateline show THE THING ABOUT PAM .
      There is a THING , that is for sure !!


    • Death Row lovers unite AZ AG 11:42 am on April 6, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      And just like her boss Numbnuts smark, who is going to start killing people to get votes ! no kidding starting up death row executions . Black hearted bethy is the same kind of cruelness about her. Don’t forget AZ , Smarkie was using drugs UNAPPROVED for death row the last time . The country who sells the death drug would not sell it knowing what they were doing , killing humans. So Smarkie cooked up his own batch, like the last time he wanted to get elected . Read about how that went. 20/20 was doing a story on it. Barbaric . Anything from the AG office has no conscience , of course that is where EMMA MAMALUY came from. Joke Ridenour and her ‘clicked ‘ both evil.
      If a nurse tried cooking up her own combination of meds to give for pain control or what ever REVOKE but Smarkie just kept on getting paid for his ‘fax paus” .
      The last time Arizona used the death penalty was in July 2014, when Joseph Wood was given 15 doses of a two-drug combination over two hours in an execution that his lawyers said had been botched. (torture chamber by Smarkie Bornovich!


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 7:34 am on March 10, 2022 Permalink  

    How to Destroy Your Own Employees. AZBN 

    Az Senator S Borrelli Just So You Know

    Turkey Politics Supports Pimp of Failure.
    I would let you know, and only you that there is no concept that this motive for contacting you has any hope of justice being found. We are, or at least I am, believe true justice is found in the court of public opinion; a Brandeis state of mind that also harbors solid feelings for your work in law making even if large numbers of regulators ignore it. Such as the AZBN. This is a random note but gets repeated with a different episodic event centered around the bd of illegal depiction. A chuck full of files of horror should keep me writing until I am done and the addresses run out; and people like you exist. This event here probably isn’t illegal like many of the others but it defines the azbn like no other.
     I could give other felonies but they are soo routine and rebotic, although their existance will eventually end up in permanent .edu history of nursing. The production of evidence of names dates and times of felonies in the system will be for nurses to easily get 25 yrs from now. Later on all that jazz.
    So I am scheduled for review by AZBN, this time, at their fondling home in the government ctr in Phoenix. Getting into one of these meetings is similar to traveling through safe passage training on Viet Cong held trail. This day was crawling with real cops. The meeting room is very large with multiple seating and I choose to sit in total solitude in the middle of nowhere. I am there no more than 30 seconds before an armed, Maricopa Sheriff with bullet proof vest, parks himself one seat away. Not too much longer I see a very pregnant woman, whom is well known to be the assistant AG prosecuting nurses. She is well documented in public performances for singing grossly out of tune and keeps on doing so in spite of opposing rhetoric. Not a big deal but defines a psychopathy trait, but more to come….she stumbles between rows of empty movable chairs with that soo-telling 3rd trimester gait of enormous pelvic displeasure. She eventually reaches me and is not 6 ft from me, I look into her eyes and ‘nurse bingo’ in the top row of fear and anxiety flashes . She stands there, without a word and just stares at me with her very dark complexion turning a whiter shade of pale. Thirty seconds later she stumbles off. This has more of the same that day, but once was plenty for you to get this. Nurses who’ve been rimracked by this crew with illegal processes have now seen the self destruction of their nemesis’s soul. As a court officer exposing herself to this unnecessary and dangerous behavior is one of many, many disturbing events produced by the AZBN that demoralizes its employees with apparent requirements of inflicting high stress on themselves, even if they are seriously pregnant. At least in this case. I think there is a term blind ambition but you can figure the rest out on you own. I wonder if Sunita Krishna is singing still? I was oddly soo ashamed for her and would say this event really bothered me a lot. It really did, PBrown

    Also Arizona has the lowest numbers of active nurses in the U.S. The above is part of the reason.
    • LOL !!!! 3:17 pm on March 10, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      • K M 9:14 am on March 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply



        • M E G 10:04 am on March 14, 2022 Permalink

          Don’t think for one minute that Carolyn McCormies doesn’t know the outcome the “back room ” cowards want . Reading her bullshat , ” this isn’t a hearing “, but allowing 3 character ‘witnesses” who were witness to NOTHING , testify and run their mouths and what a great friend this pretend victim is ! For over 30 mins , oh yea McCormies let them talk w.o interruption , and then asked the BON members to vote ! VOTE ON WHAT ???? all nonsense , a VA SCANDAL of retaliation .


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 2:37 pm on March 12, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        It seems possible that the nurse can get justice. ?? Not sure this’ll stop B Campbell. More details plesse.


        • watching dumb and dumber 3:23 pm on March 13, 2022 Permalink

          Seems that every one of the cases with similar screw ups will have to be re tried. OR tried in the first place.
          Details to follow, patience . Involves the VA , retaliation, liars willing to lie, witnesses that saw or heard nothing, and a hurry up lets get this license before he has time to realize what a dirty conspiracy is going on . Hurry up before he gets a lawyer, over the holidays, cause Campbell loves to go to court with those not educated in the law, so she can pull out of her bag of tricks , which one to use. the real screw job of course is Emma Mamaluy who advertises her expertise is administrative law , but didn’t catch this. Like a nursing professor who is put in to take care of a patient on a vent, they are CLUELESS . Masters level means nothing , except how to staff short and save the ceo a hugh salary . patience all good things come to surface if you just watch and wait.


      • identity revealed 12:04 pm on March 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        this link to this pic has expired so lets just name her…Elizabeth the rug Campbell


    • LOL !!!! 10:33 pm on March 10, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      • BON is full of nut jobs 9:18 am on March 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        LOSER CAMPBELL LEFT SIDE OF SCREEN . What a dumb ditz. Dumb and dumber cause the BON relied on this moron for legal advise . And MS Lying lawyer herself EMMA MAMALUY SAT ON HER A55 , and made no action to correct a wrong . JUST collecting a paycheck and wondering what is for lunch . INCOMPETENT ALL THE WAY AROUND !


    • ELIZABETH BETH CAMPBELL, JD (just ditzy ) 9:59 am on March 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Wonder what Chad or is it Andrew or is it ANDY Campbell thinks of his wifey now ? or is she ex wife yet? HAHA , No wonder he likes to go by CHAD Campbell in one state and ANDREW Campbell in another . Got to bring in the family we learned it from ELIZABETH (LYING LAWYER ) CAMPBELL herself. Now don’t lie “BETH” CAMPBELL you know you searched from abortions to obituaries looking for dirt .


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 3:25 pm on March 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        She posted abortion docs of a civilian without the name being deducted.


        • HEY MARK YOUR LOSER IN LICENSING ! 9:52 am on March 12, 2022 Permalink

          LAWSUIT ! And yet her ONLY job ,looks like telling the BON members on every case to go by initials on patients . What a complete idiot ! There is only one word for this dirty bitch . They put a nurses paper work on line , with her ssan, when it was exposed on this site it came down within 6 hours, think they read this site??? No wonder they are so far behind reading fb and AZ BOARD OF NURSING WATCHDOG page. !!

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        • C U Rug (lol ) ! 9:30 pm on March 12, 2022 Permalink

          ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL = Licensed to Lie


    • Lars 3:33 pm on March 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Has anyone considered this : let’s use your imagination. JOKE RIDENOUR , makes a pretty good buck , and pays no taxes at her age, for over 5 years ! , and of course is getting money from those she is helping illegally , maybe maybe not. Just hashing around some thoughts . IF she isn’t why is she still pretending she is an experienced nurse, and protecting the public and going to the state owned building ? She needs to money ! She has bought off , if you think about it , many lawyers ! Why would a lawyer not work for their client , hmmm , paid off. and would JOKE do the actual transaction , or is Mamaluy pushing that stack of cash across the table . Should be a poll on here how much would a lawyer take to do the dirty to a nurse , how much. What’s the going rate Emma ?? You do know what we are talking about, instead of an auditor , looking at the boards books (WHICH WERE SHORT over 400k. ) maybe look at JOKE”S personal banking , oh that would be too easy , she’s routing the money somewhere. The one she has in their now DODD , maybe he knows . Harris should left in short order. IN fact many have left. Like rats jumping ship. yes , JOKE needs the dough, money talks. and we know slimy lawyers will drop their drawers for a buck .


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:12 am on March 14, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        She is not a socially trained nurse and has limited experience with community and bedside nursing. Or none. Hiding cash is wicked easy.


        • Rn to NP april ! 10:12 am on March 14, 2022 Permalink

          Joke Ridenour is not running the nursing agency , not capable. She wasn’t called on the carpet , to put and end to her trick show. JOKE, is just ignoring those who have taken over and run it , sitting back and watching . she has her back up singers , willing to lie . likes to be surrounded by those who know the corruption and will lie to deny it .
          If nurses worked together there would be outcries of injustice in some ‘targeted ” nurses cases and outcries of injustice of those who got nothing who are a real danger to the patients . Nurses are weak , can’t get it together or in a this case which isn’t going away there would be mob justice . Like the teachers, and blacks when one gets a severe injustice ! Instead they would rather show you their initials and talk about best practice . IS corruption BEST PRACTICE ?


    • RN 6:22 pm on March 16, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Between the AZNA and the Nurse Anesthesia groups , not sure which one is the most wicked. Nurses in these groups , bashing nurses trying to make it better for all . Nurses in these groups bullying nurses who are not afraid to tell others what was done to them. You don’t see cops fighting other cops, firefighters fighting other firefighters , just the most female gossipy types . Low lives that spread gossip or bad mouth another nurse . This is why nurses never advance, it takes really stupid people to join in and run down the one who is fighting a fight . Shame on them. Takes a really stupid nurse to believe what one person told her , a one sided story , really stupid. They are ignored for now, but I guarantee you it will happen to them or someone they know . Nasty Nurses . Should never be allowed near a patient , anyone who can treat another nurse with this amount of disrespect , and not even try to understand the real problem . Your in the ring with the most corrupt dirty nurses, on the BON, and staff .


      • Jan 10:23 am on March 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Anesthesia groups seem to think they rule the government . A bunch of nurses giving anesthesia is scary . Trained ? but Not like a medical Dr.
        Then one giving a talk Jacen Knowlton, says ‘keep aa’s out of arizona’ typical mormons , get into government and rule the world . First of all “Jacen ‘ is from SLC , moves here and wants to keep others out !! Keep the mormons out of AZ ! alot of the corruption would end .
        Takes Quinn’s shoe in who is going to take care of other crna, Angela Fountain, and McCormies cohort in crime.
        Any of these crna’s treated like the RN they are ? they can’t say , “im a nurse” oh know they have to run off the entire crna , to separate them from the nurses . They sure like to get a pac going , why doesn’t med surg nurses do this ? or ER nurses ?
        You know anyone of them would go crazy to lose their license over “politics” .


    • B S N 10:53 am on March 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Borrelli is part of the problem children , wouldn’t trust him for sure .
      in ‘r’s are siding with Ducey ‘s picks, the worth less ones of corruption .


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 11:03 am on February 28, 2022 Permalink  

    Riding W/ Hell’s Angels 

    to; RCobb R D5
    Not a complaint that is ever to be expected to be at the vanguard of justice as most nurses in Az know that the injustice now found via the AZBN is already governed, on paper, by laws you write. We are a group of nurses who’ve now gone unmentioned but want you to know that those bills of regulartory change are useless as the AZBN and the the Attny General’s office and the Adm law Court and the oversight law bd and the ombudsmen are a farce and do what ever Ridenour and Beth A, Campbell tell them to do. The monster of their acts of illegal events against nurses is wide spread and gets laughed at in the legal theater you roam around in. I am not of the agenda of some of my colleagues whose goal is to create more laws of reducing the out of control behavior well established by this Bd. Although appreciate their work & passion for justice. You got a wonderful array of well written laws covering nursing, but are useless as the Bd ignores them thus creating a large dose of documentation expanding now in academia which helps define the whys of those now never ending horror covid stories. My goal is to get all I have with names and dates of those actions that are criminal against nurses and make it a part of permanent nursing history at an ,edu site. Although theres lots of info about this corruptness already, it needs to be easily accessed 25 yrs from now. And .edu can do this. Its that Brandeis state of mind when the general public is aware its their opinion that lasts. Experienced nurses are being needlessly lost by illegal acts by AAg and Bd of about 1500/yr. Not possible? Its happening. Thanks for what you do. Even though it is useless. Peary Brown

    • Cob Webs if you think not 6:53 pm on February 28, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      The real head of the snake is EMMA LEHNER MAMALUY , a real demon . Pathological liar . Like a stinky fart cut lose, reeks, and blames others , then she hides behind the scenes but does the most damage.
      There is no help for Elizabeth Campbell and her sneaky ways, Ridenour entire conspiracy gang of thieves has been exposed , with evidence . Unlike the Nursing Agency , doesn’t have evidence just bull shit stacked high .


      • F T 11:02 pm on March 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        From a nurse in response to a case in AZ : “”Wow, this is really disturbing. Makes you wonder why you would want to be a nurse in AZ. I was thinking of moving to Scottsdale but will definitely reconsider. Wish you guys luck. You know, Pennsylvania is always looking for nurses (hint, hint).””


    • Estella 10:01 pm on March 2, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      This is what this corrupt board and dirty prosecutor did to a hard working woman , who did nothing wrong .

      Court Corruption becomes even worst…………….. Colors of the Law………..
      Serving by Posting in the Newspaper…?
      The person whispered when I phoned.
      It was denied because it involved the State……… and they could not write that reason…
      When you sue the State… The State Attorney General protects the State not the truth.
      Is this Justice? Or a Mockery of Justice, a Bias………. Corruption?

      I was NOTHING, inconsequential………… I was totally innocent, not guilty of anything.
      Look at the injustice and Corruption…………………

      The laws must change?
      The AZ State Attorney General will always protect a State Entity
      rather than entailing Justice and surfacing the truth……
      No one will ever win against the State Entity. It would take a costly Attorney.
      One told me…. If an Attorney ever went against the State, he’d never prevail in Court again…..

      luckily, my CNA had orininated in another state
      and with that one,
      I worked for some years.
      I briefly did Private Duty / Caregiving,
      worked a Nursing Home or two,
      and mostly worked in Hospitals.

      The stress I endured in Arizona was horrible.
      My life was detrimentally affected.
      What was done to me was UNCONSCIONABLE and CRIMINAL.

      Laws must change to protect people.

      No one should ever lose their Right to earn a living
      when they are not guilty of any wrongdoing.


      • deedoubleyou2022 9:22 pm on March 3, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        I’m sorry but you’re not alone. Merely one of thousands with the same story.


        • Coffee tastes good 10:41 am on March 4, 2022 Permalink

          time for ACTION ! Sometimes it is a group of people , even if the group is 3 , that inform those who can act, that makes it happen. That is what is needed. Send in your story , free advise to those who ask , in the mean time stay involved . DO IT NOW


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 5:58 am on March 5, 2022 Permalink

          Stories are told but mostly anonymously b/c of proven retaliation. Crime always builds fear.


        • Calling Power Trip Vasquez 6:26 pm on March 6, 2022 Permalink

          What’s up with the Andrea Vasquez , ? telling those who have signed consents that she “will allow ONE CHANGE to the agreement ” excuse me bitch, but it is not up to YOU ! Wow Ridenour sure picks some winners doesn’t she .?


        • Anonymous don't care WHO wants to know they are not on your side . 6:31 pm on March 6, 2022 Permalink

          Every story be told should remain anonymous . Which means not one person. Break with one nurse who knows to well how the board retaliates and lose best supporter. Beware of fake friends . Too many sneaks out there , and actors .
          Remember Amanda wrote on her Fb “i have to go to the BON and get spanked today” and Valerie Smith was stalking her all over the place , the BON retaliated big time.
          They even contacted her college professor .
          Problem with that is the profs college is regulated by the BON so they are going to whore themselves out just the President of the board is doing , and has done in the past.


        • Anonymous and that means Anonymous 6:34 pm on March 6, 2022 Permalink

          Hopefully everyone gets together and says enough of this dirty board. Nurses demand the unclean hands get washed . fired, escorted out of the building . Where the hell is the DOJ in all of this ? Another worthless agency , not doing their job.


        • R E M 9:37 pm on March 6, 2022 Permalink

          It looks like not only incompetent McCormies needs to return to school to learn and take a refresher course , work bedside 12 hours taking a team of patients . but another BON member Mekoba-Hill , stating ‘she violated the 5 rights of medication administration. ” Hate to tell you Bd member , President of the AZ BON , both said this ignorant comment. There are up to NINE , medication checks , and reasons . also Hill THIS would be Best practice , since you seem to be stuck on everything being ‘best practice” . By saying this we know you stuck you head in a book , and learned nothing but how to say ‘best practice'” . Best practice is mgt pulling that chair out of their butts and working bedside ICU at least 4 times a month or your out dated. And dangerous as MCCormies.


        • PA extrodonair -NP 10:37 pm on March 6, 2022 Permalink

          Gullible is what the nursing board agency is made up of ! Very gullible , they are used to it . When some nut job thinks they are super spiritual bishop from east coast a con man who put a stone in a hat and wrote a book, well you’ll believe anything ! And that special under garments will protect you . This is why CIA wanted these kult kreeps , they will do what they are told without question . That is what they want on the bon . “what we need you to do is vote on this to get it passed,” immediate Motion from obedient non thinkers and gets passed , what ever they want , never hear any objections just gullible yes yes stupid women .


        • RN 6:47 pm on March 8, 2022 Permalink

          az republic story on the need for nurses in AZ . one of the places with the biggest shortages.. WE know why . Many travelers will not work in AZ due to the corrupt board of nursing.
          Too bad more nurses don’t get involved that have been burnt. They just want to separate away from them. Fight for yourself like you did for your patients.


    • Still fly my rainbow flag. 11:45 am on March 5, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Maybe someone on here knows. My friend and I were talking, and ya know just hashing this around not sure but so many things point to this , can’t help but notice. Does anyone think that JOKEY Ridenour is a lesbian ? Who calls themselves JOEY ? Seriously , she sure had a lot around her and close to her . We all know it doesn’t matter if one is married or not .<Ed Smart got married to a man to lead his true life ,Eliz Smarts father , he knew he was gay and guess who told him to marry a woman and have lots of babies ? (they are mormons or he was) It sure was not something 60 years ago, when she was a teenager, she would tell anyone or even now . Don't bother us if she is or not but when you look at her choice of those close to her ,like in associate directors , and you don't get promoted in hollywood , unless your putting out for someone. ….. well just a thought , she may be the DIKE, and explains why she is so mean . NO offense to our friends who have come out and proud of who they are, but it is a life time of being different in her era .


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:36 am on March 6, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        The witnesses against Trujillo by fuckedd up due process was Bd’s own attny VSmith. Moving on their own motions of the tongue and groove crowd.


        • BON abuses nurses 11:08 am on March 7, 2022 Permalink

          Valerie Smith is not an atty , she is just another low life who will sell their soul for money. She had a desk and computer , did nothing in nursing . She worked at County , Jokey was the DON, and could see that this person would do anything for mgt , anything . Report others . Cindy Mand too, burn unit . Lots of game players. Dawn. Slick willy. She Jokey brought her Judy B , with her , a gang of nurses she took to help her run the BON. But jokey never did run it, she let them run it , do what ever they wanted . While collecting money as Dir. Smith ‘retired ‘ like 3 times , go back for 5 yrs get another retirement , she living with one of the investigators in Tucson , another one you wouldn’t think would be a tongue and groove type. When you quit fighting they win , and the corruption is not exposed.


        • LNA 10:14 pm on March 8, 2022 Permalink

          Funny money hungry ponzi scheme mormon , screwed his mormon cult friends , and now they are trying to get that money from the LD$ tithing . LAUGHABLE to say the least. Using their tight connections and trust to fk over another garment wearing brain washed moron. Yup Brother Rust , heading to prison . Good luck getting that money back from those creeps. The same tight bond is evident with the BON members OBVIOUS which ones are the sister wives, quirky , just not normal any of them .


    • Observations and opinions 10:57 pm on March 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      “You can go fast alone, but we can go further together.”

      —Afrikan Proverb This is true but can’t wait for grass to grow under your feet either. Strike while iron hot and it is steamy now !

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  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 7:58 am on February 10, 2022 Permalink

    Investigate The Investigators 

    Anybody who thinks the AZBN knows more about nursing than Aspen instructors is a threat to nursing.. https://www.azfamily.com/news/phoenix-nursing-school-under-state-board-investigation/article_231198dc-8a15-11ec-9864-170bbd1d88e1.html?block_id=997196

    The decades old postings of a young women in Maine whose abortions of twins got twisted up with a male nurse, now in Az, files stacks of complaints of zip criminal nature whose files were about abortion. Her name is all over these files. Posting these files is an unbelievable violation of civil rights. Now these dummies are disciplinary to others for same violations. AZBN has a wheelbarrow for these violations against nurses and the public. The Valley is gagging.

    <!– wp:paragraph

    • NP / BSN/ 10:41 am on February 10, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Exactly ! 60 % pass rate , wait CAROLYN MCCORMIES got on the committee to write test questions , if anyone here doesn’t think that this snake in the grass isn’t tell her students answers , whether it be in a class room or making it look ‘as if ” she is teaching , has got another think coming how crooked she is ! BYU eastern college. She has some psych issues on ‘looking good ‘ in an outward appearance, When you listen , learn , what she is really up to , she is just a wolf in sheeps clothing. She got the taste of blood and her next co worker prof, nursing student, targeted nurse before the board will be quicker and smoother and make it look like it was Eliz Boyer’s idea . (She’s not happy with the way she argued with her on a case , not happy at all , she will pay . Good for Boyer just starting to stick up for another idea and not just ‘the bd ‘ being carolyn mccormies . “the MOUTH” .
      Aspen College has no idea how unprofessional, biased, liars who are dictating their fate !!


      • A "gift " for nurses in AZ . 9:51 am on February 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        These weird mormons have practices that many think are very odd . They know a few things about this cult . When a few facts are brought up, they do not know basically anything. How many nurses know that the BON is mormon controlled ? Very few . of those who are not cult carrying members. This cult members are well versed in argument and are told answers to everything , including being called a cult. They are brain washed and will not listen you cannot penetrate the brain washed mind control this cult has on them . These statements while true , they put on the side of their weird thought process, to ignore. It is very evident in their way of doing cases their cult brain washing comes out .Elizabeth Boyer telling a nurse , probation is not punishment is words from a very ignorant uneducated brain washed mormon . A nurse having her name on the agenda of the BON is punishment . Probation is punishment . Giving mormon nurses a ‘pass’ is punishment. Boyer there is no hope for you . McCormies who runs a mormon nursing program is HOPELESS as well. And Angie FOUNTAIN , your coming off the BON , as a complete fool , follower, and very immature to have any kind of control on yourself . NONE . McCormies is holding the puppet strings on you. Any student of yours or patient should be scared as hell to have you in charge of their healthcare . SCARED AS HELL. It is like you never matured or grown up . ! Seriously , save yourself and exit,get some counseling.


        • It takes a trucker 8:29 am on February 27, 2022 Permalink

          On a positive note. (still scratching my head , how these back stabbing nurses on the board, will do to other nurses. Educated, but morons, and brain washed . Truckers are sure smarter than them ! Savages all of the who vote to back up the lead brain washed bimbo. Cannot think for themselves, just mingle with a crowd and ‘blend in” they will see how wrong that stinkin thinkin is .
          People like this are sticking up for all of our rights .
          A huge shout out….
          To Crazy Fred’s Truck Stop and Rebel Oil, both from the Kingman area of AZ, for their very generous donation of 25,000 gallons of fuel which they will be bringing to Great American Pizza and Sub to fill all the trucks!!!
          Absolutely amazing!!!!


      • Olivia 1:43 pm on February 14, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        I swear only banner! I put in my two weeks due to rate cuts and they asked me to stay till the 18th so I signed an extension until then. Paid my hotel for an extra week and then I get to work and they already took me off the schedule! And told me to go home and they’ll call if they need me nah baby I’m driving home. I’m so annoyed at this point!!
        Response : (This is all too common , do not give notice or in that two weeks they will have someone watching you and turn you into the BON ! All trumped up retaliation !


        • E R 2:04 pm on February 24, 2022 Permalink

          Az dirty tactics is rampant how they treat those who travel across country to help them out , leave family and friends and they census drops and they “FIND” a error or get one of their staff narcs (someone like McCormies type, willing to lie to get someone in trouble) . So this is what’s happening , giving the nurse a bad rap to save a buck .
          “got cancelled due to , ‘not performing as expected ” (after six months !! with no explanation ! } Co worker email ,
          This happened to me at dignity in chandler arizona a year and a half ago. When census got low they started using excuses to terminate a bunch of contracts. A couple travelers I know there got to stay a whole year and they loved it. Not a reflection on the staff but more the institution and their values in my case at least.
          I also found a new travel company after that because some companies stand up for their nurses and some do not. Some boards will not attack the nurse over this but AZ BON will !
          second co worker travels says this .
          Got an email from staff :
          So sorry it happened to you..such a disgusting hospital tactic to avoid paying a cancellation fee..instead they rather lie about it and blame you! Chin up and find something else! Good luck on your next adventure.
          (the problem is in AZ this will be dug up by a witch hunt board , if you should ever get reported on trumped up bull sh*t ) for real !!!
          AVOID AZ NURSES !!!


      • Scott C 7:50 am on February 22, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        The boards have way too much power , stop the abuse of nurses! And rig tests for nurses.
        in Az the dirty docs don’t have the guts to face you twice. Just do their dirty work and give the dirty BON what they want . This sounds like PHP programs what they do to medical Drs.
        Any nurse in Pennsylvania needs to read this. If you were notified by the disciplinary board that you need to go into their drug and alcohol program, don’t!!! Don’t even go through their drug/alcohol assessment. The assessment will most likely say you have a problem and recommend treatment. You then find out later from the disciplinary board that they want you to go back to the very same place you had your assessment for treatment. It’s self-serving for the assessment center to say you have a problem. The whole process with the disciplinary board and the hoops you have to jump through are draconian!!! Get yourself a lawyer who is well versed in administrative law. If you are in the Philly area look up Hark and Hark. You will absolutely love him.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 1:28 pm on February 22, 2022 Permalink

          Thks for posting.


        • Tyler P 4:09 pm on February 22, 2022 Permalink

          A senator stated during session , that anytime he is asked or gets a complaint on a board that it is the BOARD OF NURSING . More complaints about the BON than any other board. And it is not the size of the board it is the way and manner in which they handle cases . Which cases they take which ones they ignore , the STRANGE investigations, How can all of these victims of the AZ BON be wrong. Let the dirty BON explain their actions . It looks like the rats are jumping ship before the ship sinks. At least the smart ones are . !


        • Scott C 5:21 pm on February 22, 2022 Permalink

          and I will add this ; Even if you already signed papers and made agreements with the Disciplinary Board contact a lawyer. What the Board wants you go suffer through is NOT designed to help you but designed to suck VERY LARGE AMOUNTS of money out of you. It’s not designed for success. The shit they force you to go through is worse than torture. I do want to say though, if you have a alcohol or drug problem, get the help you need. Quit ruining your life. End of my public service announcement.

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    • Deb 10:48 am on February 10, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Another BYU moron ‘slipped’ on the brain washed life time teaching of the bigots at byu. Now others are reacting :
      I couldn’t even get through the article. “Teaching more from the scriptures” when said scripture is inherently racist as well is absolutely astonishing to me.

      Why would black people join an openly racist church I will never understand. I do enjoy playing find the token black person in the Tabernacle Choir when watching The Spoken Word that is compulsory at his house 🙂

      Dave Houser you too? Glad I’m not the only one who looks for the token black person. But I usually try to spot the token ethnic person/ family in just about everything the church prints, publishes or advertises.

      And that is exactly what HILL , ELLIS, are tokens . not equals by any means. Tolerated . Any blacks, dark skinned, lesbians, gay males the ones on the BON who just voted for themselves , despise . They were put on the BON because this board was found out . Randy Quinn another who is against them, and told BON members not to vote HILL in , he had ‘concerns” . she did not last long . Enough to say “see we aren’t bigoted ” .


      • Charles 12:47 am on February 12, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        We say this EVERYDAY to JOKE RIDENOUR , RETIRE , get out , your drunk and high at raking nurses over the coals , and beating them up over nothing. Get out of the office , pulling your nasty stunts , you are wicked just pure evil ! Stop with your narcissistic ways . . How many ways can nurses say how much you are truly hated ! A nurse leader or biggest loser JOKE for ARIZONA ! YOU SHAME THE ENTIRE PROFESSION.

        On Wednesday, a key member of Maricopa County Attorney Allister Adel’s leadership team submitted a letter of resignation, giving three weeks’ notice that she can no longer carry on in a job that has become all about defending the “sobriety and leadership” of the county’s top prosecutor.

        On Thursday, Communications Director Jennifer Liewer was escorted out of the office. Her computer and badge were confiscated and she was ordered to have no contact with any employee of the county attorney’s office during the remainder of her time on the county payroll.

        For weeks, questions have swirled about what the heck is going on with Adel, who apparently is phoning it in these days. There are serious concerns being raised by serious people about her absence from the office. About her lack of leadership. About her sobriety.

        Add now a fourth important concern:

        About vindictiveness, which is an exceedingly bad quality in a person who wields enormous power, as Adel does.
        Liewer isn’t the only one with concerns

        Liewer has been with Adel since Adel became the county attorney in 2019. Before that, Liewer spent 20 years handling communications for a variety of agencies, including the cities of Phoenix and Glendale and the Arizona Supreme Court.

        In short, she’s a pro and I doubt it was easy for her to hold up a mirror to Adel and ask her to take a peek.

        To see what others see.

        Like Maricopa County Supervisors Chairman Bill Gates, who confronted Adel in November after one of her top aides raised the alarm about slurred speech and Adel’s general demeanor.

        “I said to her, ‘I’ve got concerns. There have been concerns raised to me that you’ve been drinking again,’ ” Gates told The Arizona Republic’s Robert Anglen last week. “She did not deny it.”

        Like former longtime Maricopa County Attorney Rick Romley, who says the office is in turmoil, cast adrift by a county attorney who is never there and solidly in over her head.

        “It really saddens me,” Romley told Anglen earlier this week. “She is not doing the job … and she doesn’t understand how much harder she is making the job.”
        The county attorney job requires a clear head

        Then there are all the people, inside and outside the office, who won’t go on the record but privately describe a county attorney who is unable to cope with the strain and the pressure of leading an office of more than 1,000 employees in the state’s largest prosecutorial agency.

        It’s a big jump from her previous job as executive director of the Maricopa County Bar Association.

        This is a woman who makes the ultimate decision on who to charge with crimes in Maricopa County. On who to put in prison and often, for how long. On whether to ask that someone be put to death.

        She sets the tone and has enormous power over the lives of thousands of people in this county.

        She has to be present. She has to have sound judgment. She has to have a clear head.

        “I was there 29 days, well, 29 and a half technically, because I started my recovery path getting treatment in Wickenburg and then I transferred out to the Meadows in California,” Adel told KJZZ, the Phoenix public radio station.

        Adel’s chief of staff called it a “simple mistake.”
        Is this really who Allister Adel is?

        Adel, meanwhile, insists that she’s fine, that she’s only had a “couple of sips of wine” since leaving rehab five months ago and is doing her “very best” to run the office.

        “Accusations like that are a distraction,” she said. “I have been very clear, I am working. … We are doing great things.”

        Count Liewer among Adel’s one-time supporters who, in her letter of resignation, tells a different story.

        I believe the best use of the communications team is to communicate about the work of the office – not in defending the county attorney.”

        Liewer could have issued the standard “leaving to spend more time with the family” letter of resignation. Instead, she made the courageous call to refuse to cover any longer for Adel.

        For that, she was promptly tossed out by a clearly angry top prosecutor who sorely needs to pick up that mirror that Liewer tried to point her way.
        We can’t toss her out. But she must resign

        Unlike Liewer, no one can toss out Allister Adel. She was elected by voters in 2020 and unless she abandons the job or is charged with a crime, she alone decides whether she will continue on in a job that impacts thousands upon thousands of people who deserve and expect a prosecutor who is at the top of her game.

        Instead, we have one who is living on planet denial where no mirrors are allowed.

        “I continue to address my eating disorder and alcohol use,” she said, in a statement last week.

        But it’s a journey best taken when you don’t hold the lives of so very many people, literally, in the palm of your hand.

        You should resign. AND TAKE THAT WITCHY BLOB JOKEY RIDENOUR WITH YOU !!! About vindictiveness, which is an exceedingly bad quality in a person who wields power. !!! And we have seen it in JOKEY RIDENOUR !!


      • Kym 8:27 pm on February 22, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        “”Phoenix Baristas Claim Starbucks Spied on Workers, Trying to Bust the Union “”pnt.
        this is headlines ? remember when St joes nurses tried to unionize and St joe’s mgt had spies posing as camera men to tell mgt who was involved and who was going to be reported to the BON on ‘med errors” . Oh yes the dirty tricks. BON willing to go along with it . Of course mormon’s don’t believe it unions so it was easy for them to join the the attack of nurses who wanted better working conditions and staffing . NLRB sucks in AZ .
        OH wait better staffing means patient safety , we all know the BON was not really for any kind of safety all along just more BS they fling . !


      • np0 5:29 pm on February 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        OH yes the word got around on the corruption going on at the bd of nursing . It appears that the new ones ON THE BD are pretty much clueless what is really going on. They were actually having a discussion on one ‘request’ for rehearing’ These new BD members have no idea that that will never happen. Campbell will stomp her feet argue until she is blue in the face, tell the bd members that the nurse did not meet the criteria for rehearing . MCCormies is corrupt she knows what the BD usually does and what is EXPECTED of them , how to vote . New members need to hold them to a REASON and WHY not does this case rise to rehearing. Stop listening to the ones who are protecting their poor work, and the dirtest board member (MCCormies ) to back them up , no matter what . You cannot be on the bd, for a couple of years and not know what your doing is wrong. Hopefully the new board members will stop listening to they SWAY TALK , and have a back bone . They want people like Berriger , the punitive lpn who is an attack nurse .


      • Ms Tanner 10:21 am on March 2, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Only the cold hearted mormon creeps can do to another nurse what this dirty board does to nurses. They have to be pretty stupid to think the nurse did anything wrong. With NO EVIDENCE . Nurses are getting fired from travel so the hospitals don’t have to pay for cancellation fee. so they make up stuff , anything , anything at all . To be on a BON and not recognize this , or ignore is incompetent .
        One of those travel nurses , if pretty upset just being fired and no return status . So you know what a BON complaint and poor decision by a BON who are just demons . I quite agree and I really appreciate that you took notice of my courage. Posting this was scary, especially considering I do not post all that often during my personal life. This has defiantly done a number on my confidence and has really messed with my mental health. To them, this is a simple termination, but to me it is my way of life, my value as a person. (they) really went too far this time. A simple cancellation would have done. These dirty mormon’s will shun their own child, they will bully them to death, they are trained to rat out another one, and everything goes through some asshole called a bishop, who is also willing to tell those abused, “what did you do to provoke this?” Yup always turn it on the nurse . These creatures do not have a heart, they are walking brain washed robots .


    • hang in there she said 8:57 pm on February 10, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Looks like Congress is trying to cap nurses wages . Cap the traveler salaries . WOW ANOTHER reason to never get a nursing license ! Some nurses remember and some nurses know what the h*ll is going on !!!
      n 2007, hospitals were caught price fixing nurse agency wages. Keeping them low. So, now the role is reversed due to market conditions. There are other things about travel agencies that need to be addressed. So many new nurses are taken advantage of. The contracts favor the agency and the employer. If a nurse backs out of a contract, there may be a large fee they have to pay. Yet, a hospital can cancel with no compensation to the nurse. Probably a hidden fee they pay the agency.
      I spent years trying to get the media to cover nurse agency issues. Not one one ever did. kudos, to the Philippino nurses who have a class action lawsuit against an agency on the grounds of human trafficking. I recall a case in which a hospital CEO provided housing to these type nurses. He owned the housing. He profited and eventually was terminated.
      There is a lot of self dealing going on. If only the media would do their job. I don’t think regulators or nursing professional organizations came to our aid back in the day, either. And still do not !
      Yes , 2007 hospitals were pulling more shady business. AZ of course . The Dir of BON was on the AZ hospital association . Hospitals using the BON to do their litigation for them with a Dir who is more than willing. Not the mission or mandate of the BON. Too many cases hospitals fire nurse like disposable objects , if the hospital thinks they may get sued they turn in any complaint , true or not to distract the nurse who is trying to save their license. The media takes up nurses time gathers info, then all of a sudden their boss doesn’t want to run it, and his piggy bank swelled up . One thing the hospitals and BON did not foresee is social media . Now they have every college in the nation threatening students not to post anything . Hauling in nurses for having their own opinions ! Why do patients get a second opinion ? And why are two Drs opinions different ? It is called OPINION ! Nursing prof’s do this because the BON is the one who over sees the schools if they get licensed and continue to be . Wild Wild West you scratch my back I’ll scratch yours . The Sec of State filed against the AG who prosecutes nurse unduly with the AZ BAR, he is on diversion now ! A real loser ! And to think his office is prosecuting good nurses !


    • Two can play 10:07 am on February 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Looks like she might be competition for the Mesa Mafia Mormons .
      Nurse Practitioner Deborah Ann Cooney, 59 years old, has been indicted on 14 criminal charges related to her

      Nurse Practitioner Deborah Ann Cooney

      alleged illegal opioid prescribing practices at a clinic she operates in Mesa, Arizona.

      The investigation conducted by the Phoenix Office of the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) developed allegations of improper prescribing practices related to opioid prescriptions she provided, specifically Oxycodone.

      Cooney was served with an immediate suspension order by the DEA, immediately suspending her DEA registration and her ability to write prescriptions for controlled substances.

      The Arizona Attorney General’s Office assisted in the investigation.
      ( And anyone who knows the AAG Elizabeth Campbell knows she is not capable of doing anything , at least honestly ! She can only contact this nurses children, DIL, former spouse, send out for records of her birth, check her status on facebook , and have her paralegal send out every piece of paper under the sun.,then she will get Joke Ridenour a copy , and impress the numb skull , in the court room she will bring emma mamaluy who will go topless to try to impress the judge. while Campbell gives a wink with her rug , ALL very typical ! think it hasn’t happened?


      • K Bland 12:55 pm on February 12, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        to TRULY understand the INSANITY AT THE AZ BON , one must look at the unbringing of the ones who are on the BD. (100% females, the ones who have designated titles pres v pres sec and of course smith , are from a very different faith started by Joseph Smith , a known felon and polygamists (no kidding this is their God! ) the women cannot think for themselves the males do all of their thinking for them . They are voting but believe it is a male who is dictating the words and actions . Why is it in 2022 a woman is afraid of EX COMMUNICATION (which is the same as license revoked) for wanting to be equal to that almighty penis . ???? Mormon woman pushes for passage of Equal Rights Amendment, hoping her church will come around
        Karina Bland
        The Republic | azcentral.com
        Anissa Rasheta of Mormons for ERA in Arizona and the ERA Task Force AZ carries a sign with son Landon, 11, and daughter Olivia, 13, at the Women’s March in Phoenix.

        Anissa Rasheta is a married Mormon stay-at-home mother of three who lives in east Mesa, never misses her kid’s cross country meets, and makes dinner every night.

        She’s also an advocate for the Equal Rights Amendment, heading up Mormons for ERA in Arizona, a group about 50 members strong, and serving on the board of ERA Task Force AZ, a coalition of groups lobbying for passage.

        Rasheta knows advocating for the ERA puts her at odds with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She could face consequences for speaking out.

        “I’d be willing to take them,” she said. “I’m a good person so I’m not worried about it.”

        Sonia Johnson, a Mormon Virginia woman who co-founded Mormons for ERA in 1977, was excommunicated in 1979.
        BTW ( There is NO such thing as a “GOOD MORMON” it is an oxymoron. )


    • Nursing the most untrusted profession. 10:39 am on February 11, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Ducey is an ASSHOLE , using taxpayers money to put them out there by the numbers but won’t do a damn thing to rein in the dirty board of nursing ! He will not do anything to over see the corrupt board of nursing and keep good nurse in the profession. And putting Dawna Cato AZNA statement on here like she knows ANYTHING ! Cato cunt won’t stand with nurses who’s licenses have been acted on Experienced nurses . But thinks a nurse can be trained in 12 months (instead of 48 months, !! She has rocks in her head ! Job security for this corrupt board of nursing . fresh meat .
      Governor Ducey’s Budget Makes Critical Investments To Accelerate Nursing Degrees

      PHOENIX — Governor Doug Ducey’s plan to graduate more nurses in Arizona — and help alleviate a shortage impacting hospitals here and across the country — could have 300 new nurses on the job by 2030.

      The Governor plans to invest $25.7 million in a public-private partnership with Creighton University to expand the Accelerated Nursing Academy. Combined with $15.7 million from the university, the funds represent a major commitment to training the next generation of Arizona nurses.

      Governor Ducey underscored his support for hospitals and health care workers last month in his 2022 State of the State. He outlined additional details in his executive budget.

      “Frontline workers and hospital staff, especially nurses, have been critical in keeping Arizonans safe and healthy,” said Governor Ducey. “Nurses are caretakers, healers, comforters and everyday heroes. We will continue to support this important workforce.”

      The proposed funding comes at a critical time when nearly a third of Arizona hospitals are experiencing critical nursing shortages.

      And the shortage is projected to continue into 2030 unless more nurses are trained and retained in Arizona.

      “An existing shortage of nurses has been exacerbated by the pandemic. There are also an unprecedented number of nurses leaving the profession from burnout and low morale,” said Dawna L. Cato, CEO of the Arizona Nurses Association. “The top priority of the Arizona Nurses Association is identifying and implementing solutions to the nursing workforce crisis facing the State. We support programs to increase the number of nurses graduating with quality clinical experiences and efforts to increase nurse retention.”

      Nurses that graduate through the Creighton accelerated program are clinic-ready and committed to working at an Arizona health care institution for at least four years.

      “I remain both humbled and incredibly excited about this investment and the opportunity it presents for the future of the health care workforce in Arizona,” said Rev. Daniel Hendrickson, president of Creighton University. “It creates more access, and ensures the introduction of highly trained Creighton nurses in areas where those positions are desperately needed.”

      The Accelerated Nursing Academy is a top 50 program according to the U.S. News & World Report. Students complete the program in 12 months, compared to the standard 48 months.

      Creighton nursing graduates have a high success rate for nursing certification exams. More than 94 percent of the program’s graduates pass the NCLEX nursing licensure exam.

      In 2021, Governor Doug Ducey announced $60 million to support staffing at health care facilities that deploy proven techniques to decrease COVID-19 related hospitalizations, including administering monoclonal antibody treatments and offering vaccination at discharge.

      In 2020, the Governor announced an investment of $25 million to bolster hospital staffing and reward frontline medical workers for their dedication to protecting fellow Arizonans. The funding was used to pay for higher staff costs due to current demand and allow hospitals to reward their existing direct care employees with bonuses. The Governor also directed an additional $60 million to provide more staffing at Arizona hospitals.



    • JAMES 11:30 am on February 12, 2022 Permalink | Reply

    • Unencumbered4now 5:10 pm on February 12, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Would you call me? Time sensitive as you know the board waits for nothing… 9282227760 voip number so don’t waste time googling. Thanks.


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 8:09 am on February 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Number a no go. If you want privacy type anywhere in headers ‘porn’ it goes to spam locker not for public view.


        • STOP JOKEY RIDENOUR 9:53 pm on February 13, 2022 Permalink

          The bigger you get the more will try to pry. So much to tell others , and little time. It is a high political year . Too bad JOKE RIDENOUR doesn’t have to run. A real dirty director . Disgusting as they come. Bad reputation ! Why is it that nurses are ‘suppose” to uphold the most trusted profession (according to A HOLD SKULL McCORNEY , ) but the board of nursing , or it’s dirty director does not ? Still playing tricks .
          Like in the video, “IF YOU SEE BULLYING AND NO NOTHING YOU ARE JUST AS BAD AS THE BULLY. think about this the next time , you think JOKEY needs respect and turn a blind eye to her corruption ! JO MAC CORNEY !!


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 5:41 am on February 14, 2022 Permalink

          Images on website beyond out of the reality of evil where they live.


    • GO JODIE ! 2:37 pm on February 13, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      The BON, is acting like this dishonorable judge . Big hehe , with Campbell and Krishna , and Dawna Cato gang. No different . Jodie Arias trial run by this Twin of MORTICIA ADDAMS . Erin Otis is now over at the cty atty office drinking it up with Adele. Jodie Arias , a TRUE HERO and MENTOR for women of violence , any woman who can take down a mormon male the way she did , deserves a medal , not locked up .


    • Ms Mury 1:53 pm on February 14, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Oh hey guys talking to a nurse who has been through the mill with these dirty board members and the atty gen office and the same one you mention !! Elizabeth Campbell. It’s a lot to take in !
      Campbell (ELIZABETH ) was talking to a potential so called witness , she told her she was a caregiver and drove her mother to Euchre . Campbell said in court , she did not know what Euchre was , how to play it or what it entitled and she ‘had to google it ” . (WHY??) OMFG ,!!! not only was the nurses case a bunch of NONSENSE but a prosecutor has enough time to not only call unrelated people , then spend time to research how to play Euchre, but to put in on the transcript record , that she had to google it ! This is so weird . SO weird ! Then the board of nursing pays $75.hour for this illiterate dip sh*t to do a deep dive so deep nothing is Related ! then Campbell chicky is so stupid she tells everyone she was so stupid she had to look it up ! wow no wonder investigations are so strange , look who is doing them !!
      Is there anyone who can comment on any of this why is it relevant . !??


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 7:26 am on February 15, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        This list of Social trash put out by AZBON goes way back to Nurse Trujillo. Our success,also misery, is being able to see what we’ve made them do to us. Sunita AAG chasing me around the fondling home of the AZBON whilst is 3rd trimester of pregnancy beats being stabbed in Saigon. This is what the General Public needs to know.


        • Ronnie 11:24 am on February 15, 2022 Permalink

          Those people at the BON and associated agencies are just weird . So sad to hear they produce off spring . Especially that snake mamaley EMMA . Jokey was attracted to her when J”R”S husband said , find your own lawyer , your got your tit in the wringer” .


        • g w 9:36 am on February 17, 2022 Permalink

          Goes back to when Jokey left county hospital , and brought her band of gypsies , go in wild and crazy create a distraction and steal you blind . Department stores or the nursing agency , same thieves. The public does need to know, that’s why site is important . How one can have their life ruined but can’t send an email is beyond the wildest thoughts . The Misery is shifting 4 sure . Krishna go daddy has enough jack she can stay home, so guess it’s worth it to have a power trip and have strangers raise the kid.


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 8:52 am on February 18, 2022 Permalink

          Krishna is an idiotic AAG Who in their right mind would chase a combat vet around the fondling home of AZBN whilst in 3rd trimester of pregnancy???.


    • Observations and opinions 6:26 pm on February 18, 2022 Permalink | Reply

    • FAILURE JOKEY RIDENOUR 9:27 pm on February 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      The State Arizona Board of Nursing is slow in handling complaints, according to a new state report, a practice it says that could endanger public safety.

      Auditor General Lindsey Perry said the policy of the board, which oversees everything from advanced practice registered nurses to certified nursing assistants, says complaint investigations should be completed within an overall average of 180 days from receipt.

      But Perry said of the 25 randomly selected closed complaints the board received in fiscal year 2020, 12 were not finished within that time frame. And of those, four were serious enough to result in nurses surrendering their licenses, two led to consent agreements involving probation and one ended with a letter of censure.

      Auditors also looked at 10 open complaints and found none resolved within that 180-day time frame.

      “Untimely complaint resolution may negatively impact patient safety when delays allow licensees and certificate holders alleged to have violated board statutes and rules to continue to practice while under investigation even though they may be unfit to do so,” Perry wrote.

      She specifically cited one complaint that alleged the nurse failed to recognize and manage postpartum complications, including hemorrhaging. The result was a delay in getting the patient to a higher level of care.

      That ultimately resulted in suspension of the nurse’s license until she completed required continuing education care, followed by a 24-month probation.
      Lindsey Perry

      Lindsey Perry

      “Despite this action, the board took 301 days to resolve this complaint, during which time the nurse continued to practice without restriction,” the report states.

      Perry said the board said the investigation was delayed because the allegations required an investigator with specialized knowledge, but that the board’s investigator with this knowledge was on extended personal leave for longer than anticipated.

      The auditor general noted, however, this isn’t the first time her agency has seen this problem.

      As far back as 2001 auditors concluded the board had “excessive investigation time frames and many open investigations.” She said the board implemented some recommendations made at that time.

      Yet a decade later Perry said more than half the complaints still were taking more than 180 days to resolve. That, she said, resulted in the nursing board implementing new policies with that 180 goal, including some interim deadlines.

      Yet the new report shows problems still exist.

      In a formal response, Joey Ridenour, the board’s executive director, said she agrees with the findings of the report.

      One issue the board cited is an increase in the number of both complaints and licensure investigations opened each year, with the figure more than doubling between 2011 and 2021. And the number of people holding licenses increased by 20%, to 130,690 in 2021.

      The result was that the average caseload was 87 per investigator. That compares with what the board believes would be the ideal number of 60, a number that would allow resolution within that 180-day deadline.

      What may help is that the board did seek – and the Legislature granted – an additional 3.5 investigative positions for the current fiscal year.

      Perry said her staffers also found that the board and its staff were not good in responding to inquiries from the public.

      The staff placed three anonymous phone calls to board offices earlier this year, requesting information about licensees with varying disciplinary histories. And in all three cases, the board “provided some accurate information about the licensees.”

      But Perry said the board provided “insufficient information.”

      In two of the cases, she said the board staff did not disclose that both nurses had a dismissed complaint or inform the callers that the board could provide general information about the nurse, such as license status and any nondisciplinary actions.

      Perry said the board did refer the callers to Nursys, a national database used to verify the licensure, discipline and practice privilege for nurses for states that participate. But state law prohibits the board from including dismissed complaints on that website.

      In all three cases, Perry said board staffers referred people to Nursys when callers asked how they can obtain additional information about specific licensees. But here too, she said, they did not tell the callers that the system doesn’t include things like dismissed complaints or nondisciplinary actions.

      Perry said that while the audit was pending, the board developed new policies and procedures to address the issues.


    • NUMNUTS GOT CAUGHT ! 9:40 pm on February 19, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      This says MARK BRNOVICH (aka clown a G ) is the RESPONDENT . LOL !!!!
      too funny !!

      Beth Bitch Bamble will be next but no warning . She is LOSING IT !
      Oh and another goodie to make your day . CAMPBELL iS ON DIRECT SUPERVISION !


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:53 am on February 20, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Define relevance


        • ELIZ CAMPBELL IS NUTS ! 8:08 pm on February 20, 2022 Permalink

          ok, Numchuck was name on every paper his office where the nasty letters based on nothing but mere bs , came from . The nurse was named RESPONDENT, now lookkie here MARK BRNOVICH is the RESPONDENT. Hang in there and those who are not doing their job and those who have a dir job and not paying attention , will fall , anything happens on their watch THEY ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR. Just like JOKE Ridenour, that ‘s why she makes the big bucks, and THINKS she can do what ever. Now, when lazy lawyer Campbell writes, “he should have spent money on his teeth’ (actual case, YOU define how that is relevant to a nursing career?


    • CHL 15 SEA OF RED 9:48 pm on February 21, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Teachers were all over the place at the Capitol, did anyone see on the news the sea of red, the activists, those who are pissed off and want to stop those who are voting from taking about money from public education ! . When you look at all of the vehicles with signs, the honking of horns, the parade of vehicles , tv news camera’s , voice radio , public broad cast, you think WTF is wrong with the nurses in AZ ! A sea of navy blue or white, is very doable , just no guts , worried about retaliation , what is it . Conditions suck for nurses , but they just take it . THEN one of them ends up with a BON complaint , and wished they had. Hospitals in AZ have asked for UNIONS by their actions or disrespect ! Nurses need to band together and cause and UPROAR .


    • deedoubleyou2022 1:42 pm on February 24, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Thank you all so much! I regret that I just found this blog today, moments after submitting my surrender following months of hell, biased, corrupt evaluations filled with downright lies. I jumped through their initial hoops and a lengthy 3 mouth psych eval that deemed me an impaired and substance dependent nurse based on a complaint from 3 years prior. When I have lupus and epilepsy that is better managed now than 3 years ago!!!! They have destroyed me as I know they have thousands of others. I decided in order to move forward in life and get beyond the stress& anger that is making me physically worse, I need to get them out of my life. I have been in frequent contact with the chief legal counsel about my complaints about the staff’s misdoings and violation of my rights. Interestingly.. Andrea Vasquez is gone from the board as of 2 days ago and has been replaced. My point, despite surrendering, I have a deep burning desire to not give up. I know they are not overseen and not policed. But something has to be able to be done? right? please??? In numbers? With media? While doing searching today on the names of my board members, my investigator’s name came up here frequently. Yes she was a damn idiot and lied to me on countless times. Never had correct or accurate information. I was even lied to about my options by Janeen Dahn while being filmed, but they wouldn’t stand by anything, and in the end the group I met with off “off the record” that was recorded, never pointed out she was Janeen was giving me wrong information. My consent agreement arrived 3 hours before I had to sign it. This does not give us time seek legal advise! The board attorney stated in writing that this is not unusual. WTF?
      So I’m here. Struggling.. no income.. no idea what I can do with the rest of my life and I’m MAD… what can I do? Put me to action and work


      • deedoubleyou2022 1:43 pm on February 24, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Back to sobbing over the loss of my career, patients and life as I know it.


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 3:54 pm on February 24, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Many private cases in the field hire care givers for 15.00 hr which is ok and it keeps you in the field. Not sure the illness should be avoided for a major factor toward stress exacerbation; Not at all convinced the AZBN is capable of compassion, common sense and patience. And easily said that time and covid has altered nursing at all levels and if Ridenour sleeps at night she be of pathological neuro attached to what some of their own docs have fancy names for…staff turnover is not a new issue there. The market is open in home health.


    • call i 800 EAT-SHIT 2:15 pm on February 24, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      The AG in AZ is an EMBARRASSMENT to the state. he wants prayers for Supreme court. Is he out of his mind.! Working very hard to keep him from ever getting another job just like him and his skank atty’s CAMPBELL AND KRISHNA , who have been revoking licenses , without RULE OF LAW. Spread the word a big NO on Brnovich , why should that boy get another high paying job when his office prosecuted good nurses , over nothing but retaliation , and fabricated stories . Burn Brnovich at the polls ! NO !!!!


    • RN 7:18 pm on February 24, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      SO many nurses have a hard time giving up their careers , they love being in the care giving profession , they will keep their husbands at home and never put them in a nursing home. It is a calling in their blood, heart , and soul. Now take that Elizabeth Campbell “BETH” and Sunita Krishna. do they say that they “LOVE ” what they are doing ? That would see just ODD , so why do they do what they do , they love the kill the power trip over nurses who have a heart. Then take Carolyn McCormies, saying she loves nursing , they why doesn’t she do it why isn’t she at the bedside and doing the work ? She LOVES controlling other , intimidating as an instructor who will flunk anyone that is not a Temple Turd. Basically a lying dirty bitch. ! She would never think of taking a team and working 12 hours shifts no way, she couldn’t do it . Too busy running that mouth of hers. babble bitch.


    • LNA 10:18 am on February 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      For a long time this corrupt board has been putting remarks on nurses that are not only untrue and extremely biased, they are from some really sick minds. Now with social media , and those who say , “bring it on”. Those who have done the , “self entertainment” , by bashing good nurses unfairly , read about themselves . All they can say , they are a bunch of druggies who can’t get thru rehab. Which is another lie. It takes a keen mind, and watching the corrupt board reading between the lines , and seeing what is really going on. Are you gullible to believe a corrupt board, that now 100’s of nurses are saying they are corrupt or are you just sucking up to the power trip unprofessional’s ? The AZNA members have been told half truths and many lies , and they continue to back the bd of nursing . typical , they can’t work for nurse ‘s , real nurses’ they are still eating their young , and then kicking them to the curb when they speak up about the treatment and lies by the bd. How do they get rewarded ? stayed tuned.


    • Time 4 UNIONS in AZ !! 1:11 pm on February 25, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Hospitals made their own beds , now let them pay up . Pay now or pay later . Let Congress work as a bedside nurse and get some kind of crazy person reporting them to a crazier agency the AZ BD OF NURSING .
      The American Hospital Association (AHA) and the National Center for Assisted Living recently asked Congress to investigate the fees that agencies are charging for the services of travel nurses.

      The two entities say that fees for travel nurses have doubled, and they believe that the travel nurse agencies are engaging in “price gouging.”

      I found it interesting that the AHA spent over $24,000,000.00 for lobbying efforts and have made significant contributions to Politicians totaling almost $2,000,000.00.

      Recently, a TIME magazine article reported that hospital and nursing agencies are exploiting the financial burden resulting from the pandemic.

      Travel nurses are concerned that there are efforts to cap their pay, but the investigation is into what the agencies can charge the hospitals. But this really does affect how much the travel nurse is paid.

      Unfortunately, the pandemic, coupled with reportedly 18% of the nurses quitting the profession, has made this a recipe for disaster.

      Looking at the high demand for nurses, nurses leaving and others choosing to travel, makes this situation one that is seemingly never ending.

      The bottom line is that hospitals need to better treat nurses and offer increased pay for their work. This is a free market and I always say, “Charge what the market will bear.” I see no legal basis for Congress to limit the amount that a nurse agency can charge.

      The hospitals are responsible for this situation and now … the hospitals must fix it!

      I do not blame any nurse wanting to travel as it provides more money for them. Many are making double what they did prior to becoming travel nurses. Of course, from that pay, they must pay for their travel, lodging, expenses and even health insurance.

      Travel nursing is risky! They go into places that are short staffed to begin with that can’t attract or keep their own staff.

      Sometimes travel nurses can be treated differently than staff because those on staff resent the traveler nurse making much more per hour than they despite the fact that travel nurses are providing help to the existing staffs.

      I have heard too many horror stories such as travel nurses going great distances only to find, upon arriving at their destination, that their contact had been cancelled. Be sure to have your contract reviewed by an attorney prior to signing so that this does not happen to you or at least you are aware of the risks.

      It is unfortunate that travel nurses are working on blind faith but it’s caveat emptor, and you should always know what you are signing.

      Now, that I have wandered off topic, let me return to the fact that Congress is not planning to enact legislation restricting travel nurses’ pay. Yet they are investigating whether nurse travel agencies are price gouging the health care facilities which, I believe, will be a difficult claim to prove.

      Again, hospitals have put themselves in this situation by not caring for the nurses they already have on staff, thereby, causing dissatisfied nurses to leave for higher paying opportunities.

      COVID certain has the exposed the “cracks” in our health care system.


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 4:25 pm on February 26, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        It is.


      • MS RN WASHINGTON 1:15 pm on February 27, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        I had someone tell me years ago, almost 15 yrs actually that she was reported to the board x2 while there. And she was staff !
        That is why I wouldn’t even consider an assignment in AZ. About to take my 1st in a long while in WA.

        Do not blame you , which someone had warned us about AZ and the major risk on the license . Got the trap slammed on us and can’t shake those corrupt members on there !
        Washington is heave union, and those nurses would not stand for the ways of the sham board in Arizona !


    • Fuk ST JOE's and AZ 12:51 pm on February 27, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      St. Joe’s pulling some dirty tricks. Why not just pay a cancellation fee , instead write up for not babysitting the Drs enough. NEVER AGAIN !
      So after only 4 weeks, my contract was canceled effective immediately at Dignity St. Joseph’s in Phoenix… the issue happened at the very end of my shift and without getting into too many details, I found out the next day that the night shift charge nurse ended up writing an incidence report and blaming me because the doctor repeatedly forgot to put an order in. It was a bedside procedure in the ED where both the attending and resident MDs were present the whole time and gave verbal orders. I reminded them 3x, but because the order wasn’t put in in under an hr, she blamed me and wrote some pretty nasty stuff and accused me of negligence (even though the pt was fine and received the appropriate medical care), but all she cared about was charting.
      Management didn’t even ask for my side or say anything to me before calling my agency and just canceling my contract. I’m pretty hurt because I can’t help but care about what people think (it’s the cancer sign in me…). Honestly, it’s almost ironic bc I almost canceled myself after going home that night bc I felt so hung out to dry by that charge. It was a big misunderstanding, and I just don’t know how to deal with it emotionally at this point 🥲
      Edit: 1) Travelers were explicitly told NOT to put in any doctors orders. 2) The order was of course eventually put in. 3) Why is it always the nurse’s job to do everyone else’s job? Smh😔


    • Robert E 7:30 pm on February 27, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      When attorney’s call you and ask what will happen , then tell them, and they say , Yep that is exactly what I thought, and hangs up , you know you got this . Former bd member said ‘none of this would be happening if the former dir was still there, ever since Joke Ridenour took over it has been one big sham after another . The old bag’s bag of tricks is getting old , she’ll have to learn a new bag of tricks or stay home and learn to knit , (keep her away from great grand children please, they might not inherit her psychy abnormal thoughts , and hopefully be spared screwing good people over and enjoying it.


    • Ex mormon rocks ! 11:58 am on March 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      The Mormon church is built upon those two things. So yeah, I had a problem with it, but especially the level of shear hypocrisy and outright contradictions.
      Mormonism is a very superficial and ego driven cult. The truth doesn’t mean jack shit to them. So their laughter is primarily a superficial thing.
      Can’t agree more . The number getting out is high. They are now trying to tell people that if they call them mormons YOU are uneducated . They plaster bull boards all over I’m A MORMON, now they aren’t ! ashamed of it. They want you to call them latter day saints. SAINTS ????? Lying dirty sob’s ! So brain washed they can only hang with those just as brain washed or they would be slammed on their weirdness.
      Sad the pour nurse who at 14 realized she was different. She told others who immediately turned against her . Her parents her siblings everyone of those dirty mormons . She was bullied beyond belief , started drinking . got a DWI, for years she repaired her drinking , by counseling and realizing her church was wrong , dead wrong . She started counseling others to cope. She was before the BON a couple months ago, told them she has been sober for years, and moving to az to work as a nurse. and that she joined EX MORMON for support. OMG (lightening strikes, McCormies eyes turned RED , shooting lazer beems at her , Boyer went crazy , BAM 36 months probation !! (most are 6- 12 months, unless they don’t like you ) cause McCORMIES IS BIASED BOYER IS A PUPPET OF MCCORMIES , MCCORMIES acts like Boyers Bishop at the Board meetings. This pour girl will not make it thru probation, some ‘med error ‘ will show up , someone will say she is acting out and a psych eval will do her in, Sad that AZ BON is so full of the MORMON CULT members who make decisions based on their back grounds of years of brain washing. They cannot think for one minute, the devastation this young girl went thru , rejected shunned. IN fact that is EXACTLY what MCCORMIES AND BOYER do to others who let it be known they are gay, and won’t change some real sick m fukers . Just plain sick minds. !! Who the hell would be part of this group of devil worshipers !
      (Remember all you mormons, if you had not acted on a license for NO REASON , you would not be reading everything uncovered about your STINKING mormons ways. !


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 7:26 am on January 29, 2022 Permalink  

    With the present trying times and the govn, now tagging conservative citizens ‘Truth creates violence’, the desire to work for AZBN as a member; I wouldnt walk across a Phoenix street unarmed. I really and seriously would not!

    • Ang Stone 8:46 am on February 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Over the years a number of nurses who got caught by the traps set by the az bon , have mentioned several agencies or organizations they contacted in attempt to get some kind of help when the az bon will write blanks checks to prevail over a lone drowning in a pile of legal paperwork nurse . Don’t remember all of the ones they contacted who could have done something if they wanted to or took the time to take an interest but instead just took up their time. There are a few state agencies that have a duty to investigate but instead play the pass the buck song and dance. A column of those who turned out to be worthless would be very fitting to post the names of those who could have done the right thing but instead collect a paycheck and could care less . We will start :
      Community Legal Services inc. Managing atty AMANDA CALDWELL –
      (her business card says ‘EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL” )
      We have a nice plague for her desk “lies and excuses ” .
      She had the resources to do something , refer, do something , but instead was nothing but a waste of time.


      • Sam 8:44 pm on February 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Who’s weeding out posts . Should never be . A exorcism is always front page.


        • NOT GULLIBLE ! 11:35 am on February 2, 2022 Permalink

          You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to know how FOS Emma Mamaluy is . A case with Embry health , EM says “we’ll let the people from Embry speak since they are here” . OMG funny , what kind of a reason is that ? crazy . But Ms Atwood waited 3 hrs to speak and left. why didn’t she speak “Cause she was there ” . NUTS ! Then , if anyone knows Mumbully she says “we need guidance from the board” . OMG F G NO KIDDING she said, that !!!! hahahah too funny . The BON members know or should know that she rigs all the cases behind the scene , and tells them what to say. Pretending to get any input from the board is hysterical !!! They are the dumbest bunch of sheep baaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. two ‘professional board members , been on several boards , and know they are SECONDERS, any motion one of the bon members says SECOND IT . Ellis and Lockinar . hacks . They have been prompted , and are reading what MUMBULLY down loaded with Elizabeth Campbells ASSistance, and the bd members just read the crap out load . Yea say it again mamluBULLSH*Ter “we are looking for guidance from the board. You got to be a complete idiot to believe a word !!! poor Embry people think this whole thing has ANY fairness to it . SAD !!!


        • Human Kindness 2:24 pm on February 6, 2022 Permalink

          So much nonsense with this board, feel it all coming to a head !! Oh yes, When the A G Numchunk Smarkie gets a DIVERSION AGREEMENT by the BAR , and has to do certain things. Cited . Hello ! When enough people start to figure out what’s really going on. ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL (the “a” is for ASSHOLE ) , or should we say “Beth”? Can we call you “BETH”? falling apart your dirty gig , Unraveling .


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 5:51 am on February 7, 2022 Permalink

          All posts are approved here…if big brother gets pissed…send him in I say…yes time is now with us.


        • NP 5:03 pm on February 6, 2022 Permalink

          UH Kyra Locnikar picture is on google with Ducey . Some people would hang around in skank to get a donation to political funds . Post the picture here if you can , Both fake people.


        • G D 7:47 am on February 9, 2022 Permalink

          Sad day for Arizona nurses . Board meeting for Jan election of officers. About 3 -4 new people , were all told Carolyn McCormies has been on the board, and do what she she suggests , the top 3 positions and top 4 listed are all mormons . Typical dirty mormons biased, take care of another mormon. Motion for McCORNEY (run that mouth , so it is basically a one person , who is judging every case , and the rest of the stupid sheep women going along ) A couple of board squatters who have been on many agencies , and why do they do this ? Like K Busby who was arrested how many times? a pay back! They are there to make it look all legal a quorum. Quorum or el quida . McCormies knows the corruption . The rest are clueless. Absolutely clueless . They think they are fair impartial . So you got mcNUT JOB , and her bff “angie my gal ” . Angie is a dirty board member too . willing to give a break to friends while she is willing to read what Mamaluy doctored up and downloaded into the computer , WOW how much thought process does that take !? Then Boyer , who is ‘secretary again. ”
          Do any of these puppets have any idea that being on the BON is a black mark on their record ? Of course they seem to think it is an honor . “Congratulations Ellis on being appointed to the Board of Nursing ” . (IS THIS some kind of thing anyone with any sense would think was something to be CONGRATULATED FOR ???? Scary !


        • Agree stunningly sloppy 11:02 am on February 9, 2022 Permalink

          numnuts won’t win any election , he’ll be out in the primary . Guess that incompetent Elizabeth Campbell learned her sloppy tricks from the top , and you know shit rolls down hill . And to think “BETH” CAMPBELL trained Sunita , scary all of it !!!
          “”Attorney General Mark Brnovich’s opinion that Arizona is being invaded at the southern border and has a constitutional right to self-defense is stunningly sloppy.

          The document is as much a political statement as a legal analysis. It places a harsh spotlight on the unseemly fusion that has occurred between Brnovich’s Attorney General’s Office and his U.S. Senate campaign.

          At issue are two provisions of the federal Constitution. Article IV, section 4 says that: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against Invasion.”

          Even if what is occurring at the border is regarded as an invasion, and even if the conclusion is reached that the federal government has failed in its obligation to protect Arizona against the invasion, there is nothing in this provision that authorizes the state to take action in its stead.

          That supposedly comes from Article 1, section 10. That says, in relevant part: “No state shall, without the Consent of Congress … engage in War, unless actually invaded, or in such imminent Danger as will not admit of delay.”””


      • B S N 11:14 pm on February 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        These board members are so crazy , at least the “this is carolin McCormies president of the board’ someone said , ‘i have the phone number ” she jumps down their throats, yells, goes biserk, and acts like one of board members or people who work there phone numbers are top secret , like WHO THE FUK WOULD WANT TO CALL ANY ONE OF THEM !!!! No kidding, she’s like a paranoid weirdo . guess if you went for the jugular on every case , you should be looking over your shoulder. (this person always wants the worst for the cases , she is so nauseating , comes across like “little miss perfect” ‘little miss honest” ,when she got a lot of baggage ,lies her big head off . (have you seen her ??? twin to LURCH on monster family .


        • Avoid AZ 8:46 am on February 10, 2022 Permalink

          Too funny ! seen the ‘father ‘ the deep deep set eyes and wide forehead , a distinct look but LURCH who was in the monsters “adams Family ” is right on . Some weird stuff going on in Safford too, JORDEN SIMMS , sure looks like she was killed after reporting sexual assault by deputies . (lurch jr husband works as deputy) and this is not the first female life to be ended by the ‘mob of temple trash in Pinal County . They can certainly falsify investigative reports just like the bored of nursing (to entertain themselves)


    • M. S . 2:29 pm on February 6, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Hey hey Was there long enough to hear that ditz president say , we can put Emma Mamaluy on tomorrow , then , not kidding folks , serious as a heart beat she said ‘I LOVE TO HEAR EMMA’S VOICE , I REALLY DO LOVE TO HEAR HER VOICE”. Little over the top , guess we got more pussy bumpers than we thought at the bd office.
      Glad I was there with my BF , or rumors would start . damn that was weird but so is she ! both she’s , if that is what they are !


      • Kris 7:41 am on February 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        only McNUTTY would love that voice , of another moron who can’t even speak full sentences . Lots of babble talk . Chopped thoughts, mentally it is a diagnosis of those with spaced out mind thought control. mostly a few words that do not mesh with anything else, like hints without foundation .
        And if ANYONE thinks another atty complimenting mumabubblebutt bears ANY TRUTH , other than sucking up, to get her to bend her wicked ways, they are gullible !
        One of those is JOKE Ridenour .


        • anonymouse 7:47 am on February 7, 2022 Permalink

          McCormies , Mcnutty McCorney , another one runs with the mouth like dirreahea spewing out the other end. blah blah BS blah .BS
          Saying she loves ….. desperate , she lost one life line , and now can’t function losing another . think about it ……. sucked up to ‘dr don ‘ for years . must be exhausting , having a new one to suck up to . Andrea appears to be a very gullible , believe anything anyone tells her , time will tell , certainly over her head . It may take her time to wake up appears slow , not exactly a self thinker .


    • Governor Do something ! 11:16 am on February 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Capitol Times but the legislature will vote to continue this out of control hugely corrupt board. Write them and ask why are they doing what they do ? Self Serving , like the Bon members?
      Nursing board’s slow pace danger to public. WHAT IS THE AZNA DOING ABOUT THIS???? Or turn a blind eye and stand by the corruption. What a waste of money !

      By: Howard Fischer, Capitol Media Services September 22, 2021

      a person holding a pen The State Board of Nursing is slow in handling complaints, according to a new state report, a practice it says that could endanger public safety.

      Auditor General Lindsey Perry said the policy of the board, which oversees everything from advanced practice registered nurses to certified nursing assistants, says complaint investigations should be completed within an overall average of 180 days from receipt.

      But Perry said of the 25 randomly selected closed complaints the board received in fiscal year 2020, 12 were not finished within that time frame. And of those, four were serious enough to result in nurses surrendering their licenses, two led to consent agreements involving probation and one ended with a letter of censure.

      Auditors also looked at 10 open complaints and found none resolved within that 180-day time frame.

      “Untimely complaint resolution may negatively impact patient safety when delays allow licensees and certificate holders alleged to have violated board statutes and rules to continue to practice while under investigation even though they may be unfit to do so,” Perry wrote.

      She specifically cited one complaint that alleged the nurse failed to recognize and manage postpartum complications, including hemorrhaging. The result was a delay in getting the patient to a higher level of care.

      That ultimately resulted in suspension of the nurse’s license until she completed required continuing education care, followed by a 24-month probation.
      Lindsey Perry

      Lindsey Perry

      “Despite this action, the board took 301 days to resolve this complaint, during which time the nurse continued to practice without restriction,” the report states.

      Perry said the board said the investigation was delayed because the allegations required an investigator with specialized knowledge, but that the board’s investigator with this knowledge was on extended personal leave for longer than anticipated.

      The auditor general noted, however, this isn’t the first time her agency has seen this problem.

      As far back as 2001 auditors concluded the board had “excessive investigation time frames and many open investigations.” She said the board implemented some recommendations made at that time.

      Yet a decade later Perry said more than half the complaints still were taking more than 180 days to resolve. That, she said, resulted in the nursing board implementing new policies with that 180 goal, including some interim deadlines.

      Yet the new report shows problems still exist.

      In a formal response, Joey Ridenour, the board’s executive director, said she agrees with the findings of the report.

      One issue the board cited is an increase in the number of both complaints and licensure investigations opened each year, with the figure more than doubling between 2011 and 2021. And the number of people holding licenses increased by 20%, to 130,690 in 2021.

      The result was that the average caseload was 87 per investigator. That compares with what the board believes would be the ideal number of 60, a number that would allow resolution within that 180-day deadline.

      What may help is that the board did seek – and the Legislature granted – an additional 3.5 investigative positions for the current fiscal year.

      Perry said her staffers also found that the board and its staff were not good in responding to inquiries from the public.

      The staff placed three anonymous phone calls to board offices earlier this year, requesting information about licensees with varying disciplinary histories. And in all three cases, the board “provided some accurate information about the licensees.”

      But Perry said the board provided “insufficient information.”

      In two of the cases, she said the board staff did not disclose that both nurses had a dismissed complaint or inform the callers that the board could provide general information about the nurse, such as license status and any nondisciplinary actions.

      Perry said the board did refer the callers to Nursys, a national database used to verify the licensure, discipline and practice privilege for nurses for states that participate. But state law prohibits the board from including dismissed complaints on that website.

      In all three cases, Perry said board staffers referred people to Nursys when callers asked how they can obtain additional information about specific licensees. But here too, she said, they did not tell the callers that the system doesn’t include things like dismissed complaints or nondisciplinary actions.

      Perry said that while the audit was pending, the board developed new policies and procedures to address the issues.


    • Keep your eye on temple trash! 2:52 pm on February 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      PAUL BOYER IS A MORON ! Teachers from all over the state are coming to speak for the children. He made a decision to only allow 5 . IF THEY SHOW UP AND TRAVEL EVERYONE OF THEM SHOULD BE HEARD !!!
      (Boyer;s wife ELIZABETH is struggling on the BON after a couple of years she just does NOT catch on. Makes stupid statements then says “i don’t know, what do you think”? She may as well say “what do you think I should think ?” Dumb blonde for sure ! . Damn she is dumb ! She even ordered a psych eval on a women who has admitted a problem and been in treatment for years !!! BOYER hasn’t a clue WTF she is doing . The rest had to tell her , “hey dummy , a psych eval is to see if their is a problem . although aZ is over the top ordering them . Boyer doesn’t even question it neither does Hill, just keeps reading the BULLSHIT that Don Campbell and Mamaluy downloaded. {PUPPETS , ) only one questioned what was in the computer to down load. ONLY one. a THINKER on the BOARD ! A new NP , !
      Here is what teachers think of Paul Puke .
      {25-30 parents & teachers from around the state are here to testify against #SB1657 voucher expansion, but Chairman Boyer is only allowing 5 ppl to speak. This is anti-democracy, anti-parent & anti-educator }
      (Boyer’s brethren got millions remember with the charters schools. MILLIONS stole from children , and then lookie who owns these charters. )
      The good news is , boyer is not running again , T Y JESUS ! got his money , and helped another brethren, he can get his island of women in the after life.


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 3:18 pm on January 28, 2022 Permalink

    For all those who sat at nursing board yesterday and today you learned just how image conscious AZBN\Ridenour is. Don’t they sound so profoundly professional and that is the one of the many modes of how political corruption operates. The uninformed view these posh laden whatever as the forever right crew. Your looking at marvelously successful criminal organization.

    • Cathy 7:45 pm on January 29, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Sonobello can only do so much. Hair salon for fresh dye job, and macy’s stretches only so far . When a face mask is an improvement , time for the purse string lift. Janeen Dahn is replaced by Andrea Vasquez the one Dr DON hired 2 months ago and was so thrilled she was there , betcha she didn’t know it was her REPLACEMENT . Cindy Mand ,from the old Cty Hospital gone, she does move around a lot , very willing to give the dirtest looks possible , so unprofessional , Diane Caruso, replaced that spot. tells you a lot about her as an investigator , and real live snoop dog. Kathy Malloch former BD president , still pulling the dirty stunts. psych evals on profs . And Mr Steroid junky “jethro” is gone , sure didn’t last long , maybe 1 or 2 months . A real case of cushing syndrome all in one dough boy .


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:48 am on January 30, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Wonderful post!


      • Dawg Bounty hunter 10:12 am on February 9, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        SOMEONE knows what is going on . Brnovich is slammed almost daily. Even Canadian nurses were affected and post . Don’t forget about his charges by AZ BAR . CAMPBELL is next .
        Your office is suppose to have a section to watch what the dirty prosecutors are doing , Who is WATCHING ELIZABETH CAMPBELL ??? MARC H HARRIS is asleep. Campbell is OUT OF CONTROL.


    • Jared 9:24 am on February 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      And for those who try calling that unprofessional board of nursing agency. you will be on hold over 10- 15 minutes , then it will hang up ! Unprofessionals running an agency . All in the break room . It is called incompetent , and all SUPPOSE to be run by goofy herself JOKE RIDENOUR ! Remember GOOFY on the cartoons , go to the bd of nuts agency and you can see the real deal GOOFY ! Slang. ridiculous; silly; wacky; nutty: a goofy little azzhat .


      • Anne 10:10 pm on February 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Just when you think that change is happening , the board had a vote on Pres, V Pres and Sec , sad day for az nurses that is for sure !
        They just all voted for each other , the new ones clueless as to what is going on . a bunch of like you say seconders , human props , dummies, with mouths , too many attending from home, a nurse has the right to face the ones who are making these decisions ! And not look at a screen while lazy butts are doing dishes , going to the bathroom, putting on make up , pouring coffee , and can never hear the proceedings. all too strange. unprofessional’s ! all of them


    • Bsn 9:38 am on February 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      Wow you guys are talking the talk. We cannot afford to be tortured by this out of control bdsm again . So keep talking. Posting. You speak for many of us. Never in a million years thought so many stupid people aka SHEEP gather on one board at once. Wth do they find such brain washed YES women ..?. U R nurses real hero’s and U R the only ones protecting the public.


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 7:19 am on February 2, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Needs actions to convert unneeded sources into needed ones. Like in the Rome state of mind the crowd rules at the coliseum. Not Yet.


        • Reg Nurse 10:12 pm on February 3, 2022 Permalink

          One thing I noticed at the board of nursing meeting, was the inconsistency of cases . Years ago in nursing school the cases were the same situation and now the end result is 180 degree , what happened ? Also the one who is the president is such a low grade , unprofessional for that position. I think it was Scott or Malloch before , this new one McCornies , is really kinda of a joke and insult to nurses who have to deal with her . Rude and distracted , she makes a ton of mistakes , like a air head . Nursing has sure gone down hill , even board members . a big disappointment !


        • Peary Brown retired R.N. 6:12 am on February 5, 2022 Permalink



    • S&M 4:53 pm on February 6, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      It was not long ago that a board member was making statements publicly about muslims and mexicans. This is not good for someone who is in a position to do . J Ridenour did not get rid of the GOP bigot . Why not ???? The Gov did not get rid of the nut job why not ? She was another plug in who was there as a SECONDER , just like Cristina Ellis and KYRA LOCNIKAR .< she has no degree in anything except MRS degree married to an addict , does this give her authority on addiction ? Ridenour used BRANDON DALE, another P V resident for this reason but he get the hell out of dodge when he saw what they were doing and how his reputation would go down the tubes.He doesn't think too much of the old goat, in fact didn't even resign , wants nothing to do with her , Joekeys first appearances , you don't see the real nasty soul less bitch she really is . It's there , His wife grabbed him and running out of the board meeting , chanting LET"S GO BRANDON! Never to be seen again .


      • Just say no 5:00 pm on February 6, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Check out the picture of Ducey and Kyra Locnikar . Her husband has headlines in many papers about his huge complex drug habit. Admitting to doing cocaine before surgeries . He is free to practice and NO drug tests .
        Would you trust someone like this to do surgery on you or your loved one ? Would Ducey ?
        A addict , needs to be watched . UDS . No one changes that much. Notice Kyra Locnikar does not explain her vote does not voice any opinion just as much a puppet as Anderson. She is there to cast a vote . That is all . SHAMEFUL what AZ has in such important areas. SHAMEFUL !!


      • Peary Brown retired R.N. 5:59 am on February 7, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        I remember Dale…he got himself flipped pretty fast. At least he can now walk around Phoenix unarmed.


  • Peary Brown retired R.N. 3:27 pm on January 27, 2022 Permalink  

    Ridenour's Queen & Her Court 

    For quite some time, which is specific of law in 2018, laws have been passed to assist in nurses getting reasonable justice in this new bill. This particular bill is in hiding from the general public and is not listed anywhere on AZBON website. Looks like Ridenour posted ancient laws probably in the 70s. Bringing this bill forward for nurse safety just does not strike Ridenour as important. The list of additional violations is more common than legal righteous moves. Making this evident is the same Ole same Ole whose violations in evidence listed on these many pages here. My point to notify the group now circling it’s wagons that remaining diligent to the course planned by NNAA is an absolute must. I would ask those of opposition to back off and wait for us to get bigger. Everybody, everybody is well tuned to these criminal acts well documented which the Advocacy group will advance upon. Whatever opposition we face should not be from our own kind. The crossroads to justice to eliminate Ridenour does connect with the opposition and any attempt to oppose us is shooting yourself in the foot. I understand the failures of the past but if you remember nothing, remember this, we know our failures therefore the success from nurse abuse from Ridenour is eminent. We need everybody on board, to prevent Ridenour from dying in office. Eliminating her and her Court which kisses her wrists, she shows no fear which in theory is pathological. Routine Racketeering without emotion is an act Freud considered sociopathic.

    • Larry 7:52 pm on January 29, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      One of many bag of tricks . “you can fool some of the people some of the time …….. u know the rest. queen , ?? ridenour is just a commoner . Or just a big jack ass full of horse shit .
      She suffers from cryptorchidism .


      • Atta Girl -RN 10:54 pm on January 31, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        Oh my Larry , that was too good ! Now I have to wipe my coffee off the screen . Yes I do drink coffee, just so you know not part of the weird ones group.
        You missed a good one , A really good nurse who lost her entire career cost her dearly to keep doing what ever this crazy a**hat board kept ordering at her cost. Actually Randy Quinn the real jerk that was on the board . And just as creepy as they come . Anyways. she was sitting in a meeting that went on for hours , her bs dropped and took a small bite of food bar, the security guard who must have have singled her out been watching and had the spot light on her ,jumped out of his seat and ran over told her no eating . That is when emma mamaluy the snake liar for Jokey , turned and rubber necked, almost fell out of the chair , looking excited that something bad was about to happen . To see that head those bug eyes that neck turn like she was the exorcist live , creating a horror sight , a demonic type of possession or look of excited expectation . A flash of “help me ” carved on the victims stomach flashed back, a real possessed by a demon , live . The whole over the top , ‘got to see what is going on and getting excited she ‘was witnessing something juicy” , created a cinema neurosis immediately . A triggered horror film flash back.


    • Np 9:49 am on February 1, 2022 Permalink | Reply

      She s not a queen she is a wicked evil devil. Most hated woman in Az

      Liked by 1 person

      • W M 7:09 pm on February 17, 2022 Permalink | Reply

        JOKE RIDENOUR has certainly ruined many lives , destroyed families , and all over her stupidity and being a control FREAK.

        Liked by 1 person

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