AZBN Discipline Guide

There can be no better information found related to a guide through the disciplinary process of AZBN than is profoundly brought forward here. As convoluted as the case against you may appear the navigation is really quite simple; do what you’re told and it’ll be fine. The value of that statement can play out to see some of the worst horrors registered nursing has seen portrayed by .nurse administrators. The point of nurse acceptance of Board’s decisions is the golden rule for continued licensure , irrelevant to the ability to gain employment. The major issue remains pleading to false statements in those throw the nurse under the bus cases which define the AZBN. A well established fact amongst law makers.

The first rule for the defending nurse is that honesty and the understanding not accepting bd’s decision is career ending. The truth will fail you as all nurses are guilty irrelevant to the rule of law directly out of chptr 32 and the stats of nurse failure out of Adm Law Court is laughable with lions ten Christians nothing.

Its a marvel for bedside nurses being exposed to unjust discipline that the creation of cases’s evidence remains for all eyes to see but few are looking. The power of arrogance by demonstrating multiple cases of fraudelent foundations with accompanying witnessing tampering presenting a perfect view of perjury. How’s this knowledge going to guide a nurse through the horrors of a board complaint? In most cases the hearing reached by Adm Law CT means nurse objects to bd’s decision. An this level may work in some cases of law, if you win appeal you’d be the only nurse in history of Ridenour’s reign to do wait….yes there is one.

Suggestion here can be complicated and proprietary to each individual case .Negotiation with the agency seldom yields economic freedom as the monitoring metropolitan of all veins goes everywhere. Loss of employment r/t stated case stresses financial future resources and continuing bd’s stipulations of continued licensure often fails.

The choices of future roads in nursing for many come down to only two roads for the future of the disciplined nurse. Death rd is involved with first telling the truth, and requesting a hearing instead of accepting bd’s immediate decisions which is known throughout national nursing and academia where information is distributed via nurses. Due process in Arizona nursing is non-existent.

The other road involves not saying anything truthful about your case. The ability to continue as a bedside nurse while on this acceptance road may happen or it also connects with Death Road. The outcome of the Dudley DoRight Road has played out positively for a few nurses whose politics seldom involved a physician staving off an incompetent tag. Many nurses have felt regret not taking the bd’s decisions.

The psychological fallout umbrelling most unjust discipline cases is well known by victims of AZ Attorney General’s crew that has turned several former critical care experts into drunks and more homelessness created directly to false evidence presented by Elizabeth A. Campbell. The fallout to alcoholism of a Radcliffe expert has the death road ride to Central Park with no blame? A voluntary death of sorted social applications unbeknownst to its catalysts from deception. The power to destroy lives by deception and repeatedly to openly do so is the only guide lead a charged nurse needs to know. Guide to where? And what?

The distribution of real events and cases centered around documented cases in the bd’s NCSBN office…AKA private actors with overstatelines publications. So a nurse in Phoenix is reported by patient and racially motivated filings occur against Nurse whose home state license is still active. Within three days of case discoveries nurse packs up and leaves AZ to return to nursing in their home state. Nurse claims “AZBN is Crazy” and defines racism at its source. The nurse totally ignores AZBN case until renewal in homestate 2 yrs later spits it back. The nurse has worked two yrs in home state and clears it by accepting unrestricted probation in home state. There was no case against Nurse in Az. This piece can be important as it makes more and more nurses aware evidentiary of that involvement for politics is supported by SM. That arena for guidance must have knowledge of Arizona Revised Statutes and its unusual world of implications for nurses that does not exist in the legal world of bedside nursing. Every January all revised statutes are updated and represent the wisdom of the legislature which in theory is infallible. The AZBN is not connected with ARS pertaining to nurses.. This fact is noted throughout academia via proprietary codes for legal reasons, although it is trumpeted with vigor in the student population . How can this be hopeful in guidance through a defense from an agency that puts personality before principles? The existence of a law pertaining to nurse safety exists, the student nurse must know this.

The conclusive understanding of governments controlling corporations profits is part of the criminalization of nursing which can be learned from AZBN



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