Improve Health Care..Examine ….Act …Monitor…. Report AZBN

Since nursing makes up a major portion of employment of the hands on patient detailing their ability to be in direct assessment of quality of care, nurses can easily, or often enough, define success or failure of treatments. This basic knowledge has a well meaning force in many structured health care systems which allows a nurse to over ride a physician’s decision and report the U.S. Navy as an adherent and enforcer of this factor. If a registered nurse of navy nurse corps tells anybody within their medical purview to do, or not to do something, and they don’t a marine guard will come and arrest them..quack behavior in navy medicine is rare. The counterparts in the civilization of capitalism puts a nurse in jail for doing what the navy gives awards for. Example…Bullhead City accepts heep-big Chicago back surgeon with premadona advertising promotions promising to fix old beat up backs in the large retirement community. The local promotions were unaware of Isaac Thapedi’s past history and a complete misunderstanding kept the medical jury out and hung from day one until his passing. The judgement of quackery sometimes is not immediately known until it is known. Linda Monas The case against Nurse Brown by civil and criminal powers for publishing the alledged neuro-surgeon’s outcomes is one of many hallmarks of white collar corruption protecting and exposing falsely informed clients to a dementing surgeon. Therese Rowan R.N. In a single quaic positive results, that is where you test shit for shit, of many more, the surgeon discharged patient home after he, and he alone, created a thru&thru esophageal hole of thumb size and told her to drink water, altered medical records recording and told no-one of the event. Most can imagine this patient’s outcome, and a righteous death or even a humble death is flushed in the toilet which is just a short toss from the cash register. The nurse in this case lost his license for failure to negotiate in a fashionable manner. The nurse was vilified via liars @ AZBN. They lied and falsified court documents and ignored in open court that laws of their own laws were not for nurses. Elizabeth A. Campbell,.AAGAZ. A SunsetAzReview of 10 yrs. can not be complete without this case as its existence and knowledge of it entered the realm of the unknown dead leave known evidence for the living.

The only good news to report is the Nursing Bd has very few real nurses working in downtown Phoenix long time and those that have left carry information to tell. Diane Milhasky. So you still have inexperience and not a single licensed detective condemning careers via political & $ issues directed by tyrannical Ridenour. The other good news is those boat title owners can not raise a boat a navy diver sinks. Navy divers can do anything, except lie overly well.


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