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Reviewing the AG’s assessment of about ten yrs of AZBN stats was informative for the health care industry to be aware of some startling disparities r/t complaints and investigations..Since the atty general’s office delivered the stats few can consider its accuracy to be profound or in some cases pertinent at all. Speakers whom oppose re-election of AZBN came from victimized nursing discipline which remains illegal for not only ethical violations but criminal actions from AG assists is common. Of course this is common knowledge amongst nursing.


Be that as it may, taxpayers have 2.5 million investigations to resource through and estimating such costs should naturally balance with public complaints which stimulate those investigations? If public complaints, during the same time period, mounts to about 250,000 we want to wonder the origins of the 2.25 million events with no public complaints?

The Public document is reflective of a public regulatory agency whose one known function, and legal assignments associated with other roles, is its firm foundational safety and security of the public. The Nursing board can initiate any investigation it wants to, and does so obviously by abandoned statutes revised on 2018. The Board’s actual rails of justice lie within its own mission and laws provided by the legislature to accomplish this.The factual public complaint is paramount in the focus of public law as it relates to itself. One 2.5 million investigation of nurse Tina whose online threatening campaign against a 42 y.o. defunct & fired cop for evidence tampering is not domestic and purely online The cop is a new Nurse grad and just pisses Tina right off. People whom have prior documented perjurious testimony can only testify, legally after openingly announce their prior fraud. This is a complaint from the public? No it is not and represents AZBN in all its malicious prosecution of non nursing events. Putting a known perjurious witness to testify under oath without identifying the witness as a documented liar is a felony, on paper of course. Adm Law in Phoenix , and the then Diane Milhasky, allowed this Steve Gonos felonious testimony against a female nurse. The SKrishna aag prosecutor under the guise of Elizabeth A. Campbell would in the real world of law might easily get beat up real bad by a real judge. This is a major criminal act against Tina. AZBN is tied with Calif., Tn., Fla., & Mich. for being notorious criminals against nurses..And actually well noted in advanced studies funneling to workplace violence and its causes.

Elizabeth A. Campbell

No sunset view of any amt of time can ever alter the complete file of the A. Trujillo case. It’s importance reveals a case that defines going backwards in the investigators world and means original docs never reappear once adm law court decision filed. Amanda’s case, from its onset, was constructed with zero public complaints. I remember the initial complaint, hauling back the old deep sea net with old errors? No wait…not an error but missing drug docs which were not a violation in their origin but they’re that way 3yrs post events. The Trujillo SM coverage created Amanda’s innocence and the villains were grossly tagged to habitual crimes against nurses, the stunning case broke a nurse, a socially trained and experienced local nurse of linguistics whose mission was not to cancel physician’s cash register but simply do her job..The one of conclusions in nursing history is for this case to be the only one known to break pt. confidentiality when the patient died. This was Valerie Smith of AZBN. Can you violate pt. confidentiality if the patient is dead? The Amputation of Nurse Trujillo’s spirit is not forgotten and will be a permanent part of AZBN and their corruption.

Cases of direct $ greed relived in the response from opposing nurses of victimized and intentional fraud of no uncommon occurrence. The 60 y.o.nurse whose career of 30plus years in the same facility, Flagstaff Az is noteworthy for time in service $ higher than her superior and a nurse will lie and adm will back themselves with AI. Another robotic monster whose probationary course would make a dead man cry. The hourly rate for staff nurse is higher than her boss. Can not have that so it’s personalities before principles and Giah would not do anything wrong, ‘no good deeds go unpunished’. Welcome to AZBN.

Jenny lost to voluntary drugs during the pandemic by colleagues request to the end of a 5 yr critical care excellence with addiction madness best cut loose from nursing to walk away. Excessive volume staffing controlling non clinical issues ends up transferring a strip search file via net to AZBN in open male attendance. Your colleagues at work. Rachael treats herself for failure but details of her case are the fish in a barrel of routine nurse abuse where state statutes are ignored. Rachael and Jenny are one in the same for security.

When did AZBN approve Aspen’s curriculums to which massive student test failures crashed and burned? You got to ask yourself where’s the rub to miss such a large number of students? Does the Board not assess and accept that nursing studies in the state are applicable to promote knowledge and safety? AI is here and decides where and when to eliminate nurses. The side bar gig of failures is now known to many throughout the country. Previously we didn’t know existing Rebel Claire. 55 y.o. she is and no nursing experience…. steals existing nurse licensure, including driver’s license. Hard to believe these two pieces of certification s could not be noticed as fraudulent since these two were nearly 100lbs weight difference. Claire worked nearly 5 yrs, and during the pandemic and made 750.000. Her own learning curve served her pts. well, and Claire as well. Finally an ex lover turned on her ending in prison and forfeit of salaries for fines. Claire passed clean through Az. Nobody noticed she weighed 120 lbs in spite of driver’s license stating 220lbs. TIA ‘This is Arizona.

Ive quasi altered names of nurses in this article for their own safety, there are many more Az cases now known in academia. Real names for the engines of search will be tagged soon so if you are part of regulations and don’t see your name you can Google yourself in about 2 wks for a bingo.


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