Credentialing From Afar

The Florida false education scam causing massive doses of untrained nurses to become working nurses reveals more and more the chaotic culture of health care delivery and greed. The research finds those federally charged had several irons in the entrepreneur fire cooking money. However, the plant aka Julie Brown conduited nicely to many that it would be difficult for any student to by pass the reality that licensing for public service requires performance skills to demonstrate competent credentialing. So Lucy maybe Haitian with minimal English skills but can pass state exams that many others train extensively for. Nursing has reached that point of failures and total success pass each other on the same highway going in opposite directions. The Nursing bds control all aspects of professional nursing; education, licensure, employment, disciplining, and a bazillion levels of monitoring. And what does the public get in exchange for its masters of public safety involvement. We get assistants who can not speak well and are overwhelmed with work. Some We get large volumes of qualified nurses who can not or won’t work, we have felony charges on nurses daily, we have some nurses making 200,000$ in less than a yr. nurses carrying weapons, we can go to jail to protect money, failure of trach connection to vent gets jail sentence, and a 150,000 fine and of course addiction. Events of stress does bring out the worst in us. The nurses being busted can not be managed by outsiders and nurses do not consider regulatory bds as insiders. Most bds like AZBN are political and follow the lead above the name on the paycheck. The point is bad nursing has to go through credentialing and education.

In 2023 nursing is finally being invaded by law enforcement, and getting many felonious convictions on clinical nurse behaviors that hopefully will follow a judiciary line of violations that ends up in the hip pocket of corrupted court officers well known to Arizona nurses. The DOJ is on the prowl and wants bones of nurses for the bones of dead pt. , and children, and when these folks roam your halls your urine best be spotless. it’s too late for a warning the long arm of the law is already here and everywhere.

Nurses need no bosses today, and there is no tomorrow.

Nurses so often trumpet patient safety and true enough their battle always rages onwards. Nurses need to protect themselves from the onslaught of so many issues in 2023…too many to list. Protect your lic first of all.


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