Nurse Suicide Vapor Trail

In 2017 the stats on nurse suicide and or health care workers figures were less than half of what 2022 stats suggests. The term suggests is marginal accuracy as reports of professionals committing suicide is often clouded by social and cultural controls not seen on a death certificate. An assumed number of about 800 working nurses commit suicide each year as of 2022. The connection with nursing bds is their ability to create and produce information on the mental health of selected nurses.

The missing remorse of guilt when your failures are not your own create the inability to promote acceptance and learn. Many disciplined nurses only learn opposition is often wrong but totally surrounds you as well. It is very difficult to face disciplinary stipulations that are not even part of violations that never occurred in the first place.

Glenn Franklin Jones alleged nurse from Kingman, AZ. builds a bomb and drives to Nevada and detonates it in the driveway of his former nurse clinical supervisor. He does so while blowing himself up and a major blast to house and surrounding structures; but not until after he calls occupies about the bomb so they can get free, which they do. Naturally former supervisor and ceo of Grover C. Dils Hosp know zip.Nursing board shows revocation for three missed doc on MS. Took out 3 6mg ms and failed to discard doc. That’s it. Not even a parking ticket. Nurse had no priors and had been active nursing for 20 yrs. How often do you get a 60 y.o. male nurse of 20 yrs expirence turn suicide bomber 2 mo. after license revocation for undocumented waste of less than 12mg of MS??

There is vague details of nurse related suicides covered by social and cultural issues that a subculture of regulatory powers are prodded by bureaucratic dollars to avoid machine failure. Finding no instability is not a justifiable defense and telling the truth makes bds more m ad.The simple facts in the the Glenn F. Jones case is the hidden facts loom where there is no facts. Such as?? Mother Jones found out.

The regulatory agencies has the ears and hands all over nurse mental health illnesses which has involved many learned primaries specifics on rehab. The existing stress in the nurse under exam continue to rise as overload monitoring is in a race with normal life. Life’s ordinary stressful conditions associated with the knowledge that at any moment your nursing career maybe taken the stress is unimaginable..

Nurse fabricating death and introducing a death certificate to get released from board monitoring is the evidence that the desire to succeed bd monitoring makes out of control nursing history. The Bd is like the DEA and has seen just about everything nurses do to avoid bd action and regulations. For every horrible bd decision on a nurse, there is a worse, and regulations keep on growing causing harm to nurses.

Find peace of mind with knowledge that a group of nurses has safety back up with experience http //

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