Democracy AZBN Type Zombie

The following event is specific to Elizabeth A.Campbell, Diane Milhasky and, of course. the subgroup AZBN where all concerned know many cases are shakedowns/scams leading to Zombieville. The case is publicaly dead but continues to stumble around.

I was up for license reissue in 2018 and was denied by Bd therefore an Administrative Law hearing was scheduled in downtown Phoenix , home of the AZBN. Asst Ag Beth A.Campbell was the Bd’s atty, Diane Milhasky was the presiding judge whom I requested another judge, Milhasky never, but once, sided with any nurse. I was soon to be educated in why Milhasky never sided with a nurse.

The court room was a room in the basement with desks and chairs but no galleries except today was a large female Maricopa Sherrif’s deputy, in full regalia, and with those bullet stopping vests on she a six footer and 250lbs. I am the only male and brought my own witness. My own witness was former nurse whom nearly got in fight with Campbell, my recorder drew first blood. The court had no clerk/stenographer in the room… recorded elsewhere? The witness there was Linda Monas AZBN investigator and the only witness for AZBN.

Judge Milhasky came in and her speel appeared constitutional, although the future would reveal otherwise. In spite of her advanced frailness she moved with smooth fluidlike strides to her post.

When she was done there was her own pause when I stood and said, “You forgot the most important part. Milhasky said”in God we trust”. I was surprised how quick she responded. I saw zero body language tells. Stable people have body language tells when stressed in court. Especially when they lie, but not always. Nearly 20yrs ago Az took God out of the courtroom. It’s the same court where a physician witness couldn’t remember my name secondary to Alzhiemer’s disease.. The surgeon had no body or emotional tells probably because his brain cells were long gone. The system could work if greed didnt.


Campbells’s opening was of very old police reports, some 35 yrs earlier. However, no public complaints. The legal world of even Az has statute of limitations, none for Campbell and the board. And here lies the failure of many cases when unadjudicated documents make there way to other states and other cases. The police report is always public information but is not used elsewhere when the report isn’t filed with a compliant in the same district its filed with. Linda Monas was the only witness for the state, who was the state, like conflict of interest?

When Campbell was done with her host of unadjudicated documents I stood up after asking to do so as I had health issues The first lie I ever told. My response by the defense table and my recorder was the declaration of new Chapter 32 code which states Bds, of health professionals, can not move on their own motions. which is basic law so common some states laws don’t covert it by law but by precedent and policy. Kind of like AL Capone’s accountant also being the prosecutor and that’s how they roll. There it is felony when Campbell interrupts me before I mention code number and casually claims, “Doctor’s law only”. “RiverBoat Campbell” quickly provides Milhasky with dental code and Milhasky brings said up on overhead computer Azleg law. Of Dentists. Chapter 32 is huge and covers all state lics. The hearing for ‘moving on own motions’ is ridiculously ridiculed by the frail judge. But no body language tells yet.I remained stunned and silent. The court officer was aware of the law code as I did not state it, she knew then falsely altered it to the judge. In the real world of law some could call this felonious acts Campbell had been here before.

londa Monas was a bd investigator whose main function was straight intimidation throughout all proceedings while ability to lie on the stand was poor with neuro tells clearing her of psych pathological but clearly a robot azbn dollar general walkie talkie.

Chapter 32 covers codes of AZ lic personnel and is easily found on azleg site whose present day up to date publications are somewhat of an electronic absent at this time. Meaning getting this completed accurate document in places where you’d think, like NCSB & AZBN, is last century; it really is. You got to ask yourself if the azleg annually and automatically updates all statutes then that is where only the law lives. A prosecution atty should know what law is active. And she did court officer intent AKA criminal acts against Az statutes.

When will admin tool away from corporate dollars in health care? Not until the fed corrects the damage producing regulations that serve only the monitors placement along the money train. Money can be about Phoenix first. to the student nurse. “It’s will take until the end of your career to understand human nature so do not trust anybody until you do, you got to plan your moves, pick your fights but don’t make any threats. But don’t you ever walk away from one.” Get protection from nurses with prior Bds history. 10.00/mo. buys you knowledge for protection by accomplished Bd navigators. 



One thought on “Democracy AZBN Type Zombie

  1. Campbell has many issues with illegal activities and must be one of those Machiavelli psychos. Psychos for political success means issues for nurses and patients as well.

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