The time for nurses to set aside their…

The time for nurses to set aside their personal agendas and join in and stand up to over regulations and abuse.

21 thoughts on “The time for nurses to set aside their…

      1. When a person who was in the kkkult gets out the rest try their best to destroy them . Isn’t this the same pattern of psycho behavior they do to nurses who are not obedient . Who say , ‘get out , you crazy fools, if you think your going to try that with me “, GTFO , over the top , all based on the brain washings done through their lives. Stay away from people who didn’t have parents who were dumb enough to fall for joseph smiths lies and visions. And keeping paying that mandatory tithing . Lori Daybell types , using religion to say how holy they are then kill their own kids and anyone who gets in the way. Sick puppies like warren jeffs , your all the SAME no DIFFERENT !

    1. Anyone hear case of reissuance . A male Rn was applying for AZ license. Oops DUI in record. As the case was opened up, Elizabeth Campbell made a comment. “He enjoyed his travel assignment in Az” please tell me WTF does that have to do with ANYTHING ? and WHY is Campbell using ‘table ‘talk ‘ the the stupid BON members who are easily influenced , have no mind of their own. ??? She needs to keep that trap shut !
      If you have a bad experience as a traveler then you won’t get a license ? Still trying to figure out what the hell this busy body mouth bitch is making off the wall comments of influence ?? basically the a55 hat from AG office is telling the board what to do . not the first time,
      she goes really crazy is she thinks one of them will motion for rehearing, oh she goes just fuking NUTS , can’t shut that mouth up . A rehearing ??? imagine how that would make the dirty diva look? Not happening . Anyone investigating this board needs to look at this area !

      1. Big notification of ‘lunch is here’ and bon takes a break . they all go in and pig out , all on the state of AZ credit card , that someone mistakenly gave to Joke Elizabeth Ridenour . She needs to have an evaluation because her mental faculties are slipping . snoring loudly and drooling , can’t sit through and entire meeting , naps , diapers , comes back in the room with half her head of hair flat . (and not the back half ) that is for flat backing tricks by Diane Caruso , sashaying around in her queen attire . A name tag that reads , Husband Stealer .

  1. Although many are aware of the corruption at the AZ BON . many new nurses are coming in and won’t cat unless it affects them . The public needs to join in .
    As one really self centered , with a survey of ONE ! Herself said , “ive been a nurse for 13 yrs and never had a problem “. Can nurses really be that stupid to think that AZ license is a good thing because they worked for 13 yrs and have been ok , that this is reality ? crazy to not even , think this is possible ! just crazy .
    Many nurses have blown the whistle in places like the prison . Articles showing Pat Borden , admits committing fraud on records , to save the prison money. Why did the BON follow up on this? Or an lpn telling the huge errors are the prison , (Public safety !!!) but yet the BON does nothing.
    The sound of coworkers crying. Sprinting to stabbings and hangings. The hiss of an empty oxygen tank. The inevitable loss of life. These are the memories of Jose Vallejo from his time in an Arizona prison.

    Vallejo worked for Corizon Health in the Arizona Department of Corrections for two years from December 2016 to December 2018. He alleges the company is violating state regulations, purposefully misleading state auditors, and putting patient lives at risk.

    U.S. District Judge Roslyn Silver, overseeing the Parsons v. Ryan prison health care settlement, recently appointed an independent expert to review the entire Arizona prison health care system after similar allegations were made by previous whistleblowers. Vallejo read their accounts and came to KJZZ with his own story, after he says his concerns fell on deaf ears at Corizon and the Department of Corrections.

    MORE: On The Inside: The Chaos Of Arizona Prison Health Care

    Vallejo is no stranger to the correctional world. He has worked as a correctional officer and a police officer, as well as a correctional nurse. For the past two years, he was employed as a licensed vocational nurse at the Arizona State Prison Complex – Eyman in Florence. Much of his time was spent working in the SMU-1 unit, where some of the most seriously mentally ill patients in the state prison system are housed.

    Vallejo worked as an hourly employee for Corizon Health, logging 12-hour shifts, four or five days a week. His duties included distributing medicine and providing health care to thousands of patients. He estimates he was putting in between 120 and 150 hours every two weeks at the prison.

    “It’s mentally exhausting — emotionally — physically,” he recalled in a recent interview at his home. “We have to stop what we’re doing to respond to emergencies. We have inmate stabbings, inmate hangings. It takes a toll. It really does.”
    Lack Of Staffing, Training

    When Vallejo first started at Eyman, he said he was forced to hit the ground running. Instead of the two weeks of training he was promised, “I literally got two days of training, and I was thrown into working nights by myself.”

    He says his previous work experience helped steel him against the pressure, but other nurses were simply not prepared.

    “There’s RNs there that don’t even know how to start an IV,” Vallejo said. “There are nurses that can’t operate an oxygen tank. A lot of them have no type of training. They’re book-smart, but when it comes to a hands-on situation, they have no idea what’s going on.”

    Vallejo says the lack of training provided by Corizon sets nurses up for failure.

    An independent expert hired by Magistrate Judge David Duncan in 2018 to review Corizon’s staffing woes found that “recruitment and retention are an ongoing issue, resulting in staff being stretched too thin to provide coverage.”

    Vallejo said not much has changed. He says he and his colleagues were run ragged.

    “You have nurses crying in the middle of their shift — it’s horrible,” he said.

    Despite Corizon’s contract with the state guaranteeing 90 percent staffing fulfillment, Vallejo claims his unit was usually only 50 percent staffed with health care personnel. He says the turnover was like nothing he has ever seen.

    “Corizon is just hiring bodies, trying to get their numbers up,” he said.

    Vallejo kept internal employee logs that he claims show several units at the Eyman prison were continually understaffed.

    Vallejo says a registered nurse should have been at the prison complex at all times, but often there was no one working with that level of certification. Many times, he says, licensed vocational nurses were forced to make decisions that should have been handled by someone with more experience.

    “We’re making a call that someone else should be making,” Vallejo said. “We’re making calls that someone with more education should be doing.”

    Vallejo says this led to many dangerous situations.

    “We’re putting people’s lives on the line,” he said. “When we’re passing medications to so many inmates, it creates room for medication errors.”

    Vallejo says this included inadvertently giving inmates the wrong medication, “which can ultimately kill them, depending on what you’re giving them. I mean you have blood pressure medications, heart medications – critical stuff.”

    Vallejo says inmates with chronic illnesses suffered the most.

    “There was a lot of times, due to lack of staff, that diabetic inmates weren’t getting their insulin until 9 or 10 o’clock in the morning,” Vallejo said. “That’s pretty dangerous considering we turn around and give it to them again at 3 p.m. So they’re not even hitting their peak when we’re turning around and giving them more.”

    In addition to serving thousands of patients’ daily needs, Vallejo says there were constant emergencies.

    He claims during one shift he worked in early November, there were 28 Incident Command System (ICS) responses. An ICS is an emergency situation at the prison requiring an all-hands-on-deck type of response from health care providers and Department of Corrections staff.

    “It was everything from inmates cutting themselves to cell extractions to chest pains,” he said.

    Vallejo said the health care staff wasn’t alone in dealing with staffing shortages.

    “The Department of Corrections staff is hurting just as much as we are,” he said. “There’s times when you have one correctional officer running an entire wing of several hundred inmates. So you don’t even have eyes on you like you’re supposed to 24/7.”

    “The [Arizona] Department of Corrections staff is hurting just as much as we are.”
    — Jose Vallejo

    Vallejo says one night at SMU-1, the inmates set the building on fire.

    “We had fire trucks out there, ambulances sending people to the hospital.”

    He claims several patients and Department of Corrections staff were injured. He says the inmates were rebelling because they had not been receiving their medication.

    “They warned us that they were going to go off,” Vallejo said. “But nobody listened, and they ended up setting the unit on fire.”

    Improper Medicine Distribution

    Vallejo says despite the short staffing, nurses were expected to perform the work required of a full roster of employees. He claims Corizon supervisors repeatedly ordered him and his colleagues to improperly distribute medicine to patients.

    “She wanted one of us to pop ’em, while the other two went and handed them out,” he said.

    Vallejo says instructing one nurse to “pop” pills from their blister packs while directing another nurse to distribute them is against guidelines established by the state board of nursing.

    “We told her we weren’t going to do it. It’s illegal. We can’t pass medicines that somebody else has poured. But they didn’t care.”
    Empty Oxygen Tanks And Broken EKG Machines

    Vallejo alleges a lack of resources contributed to a dangerously deficient level of care.

    “We have cancer patients not getting cancer treatment like they should be,” he said. “There are follow-ups by providers that aren’t happening. They’re just being overlooked.”

    Dr. Jan Watson, who also formerly worked for Corizon as a health care provider at the Eyman prison, made similar accusations about poor access to specialty care to KJZZ in December 2017. Watson ended up testifying in federal court along with another Corizon whistleblower, Dr. Angela Fischer, who expressed similar concerns.

  2. Nurses screwed by AG/ AZBON and AZNA all have the same agenda STOP THE ABUSE OF NURSES BY THE CORRUPT BON !!

  3. A man in prison complained about his nurse (rightfully so) he was on the phone at bon meeting. Elizabeth Campbell who can’t keep her big bazzo closed , yap yap yap . says “reminding you (the president ) to keep him to 5 mis ) WTFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    what the hell is CAMPBELL doing telling the BON how to run the meeting???
    Notice Campbell did not do that THROAT CLEARING that childish McCormies does , when others talking ) when she brought in 3 big liars in Manny Gonzales case . OH NO ELIZABETH fuking CAMPBELL never said a word. That is called , want to win her case and get the board to agree with her . and slimy twat will do ANYTHING , .
    “remember bd pres he has 5 mins and tell him that hold him to that . UP YOUR HAIRY RUG ,
    keep your mouth shut ! McCormies is crooked enough.
    very biased ,
    And why is the Bd allowing Campbell to add to her 5 mins, after the respondent has spoken???????
    she just keeps adding information but the nurses doesn’t get a 2nd bite at the apple . BIASED BITCHES, Don’t bother answering, can your such LIARS !!!

  4. And why is there president of BON from Safford / Thatcher , where your brain washed actions and comments are saluted but laughed at by real people !
    Never should a mormon be on any Bd ! Take that Supreme ct creep judge , Robert M Brutinel lived in Safford . Went to Yavapai , firm of Brutinel and Jones )of course ! another creep )
    From Safford, Arizona, more Conspiracy Theory
    Do you remember the movie “Conspiracy Theory?” In the movie, Jerry Fletcher could see conspiracies when no one else could. (A somewhat lonely world when you’re so gifted.) Based on peculiar coincidences, Jerry tells Julie Robert’s character that NASA is using a secret weapon on the Space Shuttle that triggers earthquakes to kill the President of the United States. In two fast moving scenes easy to miss the first time through the movie, he passingly tells her an earthquake will occur during an upcoming presidential visit in Turkey. And sure enough, in a later somewhat chaotic scene, she briefly catches a TV news report that there had been a 7.3 earthquake in Turkey while the President was visiting!

    Well, I don’t have that kind of evidence of a conspiracy, but while re-reviewing Justice Bruntinel’s application to the JNC to be an Arizona Justice, I noticed another piece that fits my Conspiracy Theory. Brutinel’s mom is from Safford, Arizona. (YUCK) !

    Hmmm. Safford, Arizona. Anyone know the demographics of Safford? (Answer below.)

    In my “Conspiracy Theory” post, I postulated that Mormonism might be involved here. For I am a Christian Evangelist who spent about a decade witnessing to Mormons and judge Mary Hamm, a BYU graduate, presumably Mormon, was assigned to a case of mine in Prescott. Maybe by Judge Brutinel.

    Since pre-trial “evidence” had been presented that I was what Mormons call an “Anti-Mormon,” and knowing that Mormons are taught in their temple ceremony that people like me are paid by the devil (see my recusal motion for Mormon federal judge David Campbell, where the temple ceremony is cited in an affidavit by a former Mormon) I filed a pre-trial motion that a judge who was Mormon or who had taken the oath of allegiance the Mormon church (called the “Law of Consecration”) recuse themselves from my case. (they should all recuse !! permanently !)

    But Mary Hamm, BYU graduate (BYU stands for Brigham Young University, a Mormon church owned institution, if you didn’t know) did not recuse. Instead, she engaged in a horrifically biased “trial” in which she engaged in ex parte communication with the opposing party and acted as counsel for the opposing party, even calling and questioning witness for the opposing side! (A federal civil right lawsuit is in process. CV-10-8049 in the Arizona District.)

    I previously postulated that this peculiar coincidence was the result of Judge Brutinel extracting revenge for this blog and for being used to remove former judge howard hinson (another creep !) from office. All good motives. But then I noticed Judge Brutinel’s mom was from Safford.

    Safford is a predominately Mormon town! As long as you stay in the brain washed creepsville , no one cares . they are all FAKES , but pay for that celestrial island (YES they are that stupid ! ) and will back another one , always biased .

      1. Old men who want to diddle little girls is all they are .
        you just know by the atty how cases will go , Greg Harris for one , LOC , no matter what. Harris who is one homely looking big nosed, 4 eyed strange looking “alf ” creature to begin with then add those garments . UH ! McCormies knows he is one of them/ Former lobbyist for JOKEY RIDENOUR , called him every 5 mins, cause she is so STUPID ! Harris is a real piece of work . Killer mormon cop , Brailsford , got hired at that firm serving papers . Slayed this pour man who was laying on his stomach , don’t shot me wasn’t even armed . Brailsford , one of those “good’ mormons etched on his work rifle “your fucked” . He wrote in his yearly evaluation , his goal was to arrest one person a day. Dang if this like minded isn’t related to Carolyn McCormies , She would be right behind this sick person all the way . Got to ruin someone’s life , got to be the biggest a holes in the world . Keep them OBEDIENT ! Makes them look like they are better than others ? They think. when they are the MOST CORRUPT DIRT BAGS IN THE ENTIRE STATE ! MCCormies pushing for the longest probation highest action against any cna or rn , she just loves to influence the rest, a bunch of dummies who go along .

      2. well it is common , and happens a lot, at least with this cult , it is all they talk about , masterbation . Betting this old hoot , was sitting there bored when he started to play with himself , and boom , that’s when the face turned red. bright red, blood engorgement both ends . willy whacker .

    1. McCormies got herself a real prize with CARL MCCORMIES , beer belly , cocky . He runs the roost . She runs her mouth .
      Typical of them , they get in front of people and talk , but what they say is so stupid . Just because you can hold a mic and talk, only proves what fools they are . Jo Jr even thinks it’s her weird voice , well that too ! ditzy !

  5. Told my atty years ago that the dirty dir of the AZ BON might as well retire and get out while she has a 1/2 a55 , reputation. Fast forward. 2022 , she sat there during Senate House renewals’ vote of BON, while nurses got up and told what a corrupt out fit she runs , with many examples , and she needs direct supervision. Never happened before , the azna sitting there got to hear but did they hear? The booze it bimbo high paid to stop any comments . They reduced time from 8 yrs to 4 yrs renewing the agency , like it makes a difference, then a comment went in to those voting “all you have done it allow this dirty dir the opportunity to work until she is 80 without going through a BON audit ” Too bad she did not gracefully bow out, but stays for the power trip , like so many who have got to be the little hitler’s of the world . Her epitaph is already written by many . “she had the power to do the right thing, but never did , disgraceful to the nursing professional who work hard each day , how they are treated by a rogue board, and director”
    It should just say FUCK JOKEY RIDENOUR ,
    make it sweet and simple . Sits in the sidelines and let’s it all happen , forgot she is responsible for all it it.

  6. Take the case of SUE MCCOY , she turned in two nurses , charge and mgt, they turned it around on her ! When has the BON never dug deep on a nurse , no matter if they think it’s all bullchit ? When they are in MGT ! Well Sue went before the BON, Randy Quinn the HUGE ASSHOLE of the world ! Lifetime mormon messed up mindless one. She told the BON with many interruptions by “Beth” Campbell , can’t keep her mouth shut ,while others talking because she wants them to hear HER only . HER nonsense. Well Sue McCoy was in the hospital the entire time the notice for hearing came . (of course Campbell shortening the time frame ! by corrupt tactics) Campbell was interrupting NO NO HEARING !!! NO , !! well Randy worried about being sued and his own money, said we have to give her proper notice . They made this nurse prove she was in the hospital then asshole “BETH” shouted out “She ‘s been in the hospital many times for psychological reasons’ . Unreal that this person who runs that yap doesn’t have a problem stating in a open bd meeting about a nurse who is a patient , her history or what ever but yells when patients names are ‘almost stated’ has a fuking fit about that ! So turns out the BON voted to have a rehearing, well “BETHY BITCH” does’nt want the rework he reflection of a rehearing , god forbid on her record , so they had a ‘special meeting ‘ and put her in atd problem . TRICKS by the BON, Bethy behind the scences got her way , who ever she whines to . She literally went nuts on this ! ALthough she did NOT QUALIFY FOR IT ! sneaky as they come ! Sue’s husband was older and very ill , and she was forced to comply or go to hearing and listen to ELIZABETH CAMPBELL badgering , blurting out anything in court they can quote for the www to place shame on someone who has seen a counselor . Campbell appears to be very unstable , wacky, goes NUTS when someone wants a rehearing. This would be a real good one to show how Ridenour does not direct her office but takes care of friends who do corrupt things to suit her .

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