Fear Unleashed

The free person walks into AZBN BiMonthly Mtg and maybe be accompanied by hostiles armed and ill tempered personnel not far behind. All well and good in the $ thriving industry of protecting the public. This free person is an experienced, well trained critical care nurse whose worldly journey brought them to the fondling home of the AZBN. The experience of bedside nurses is one of attention to detailed expressions of everything you see, hear and touch. The assessment and critical thinking skills can bring us to places where fear and pain is so commonly seen and identified we could paint by the numbers. And fear in the faces of the ruling class whose public safety mission fails to protect and truly the expression of fear can be seen in the face of Beth A. Campbell as the free person holds the door open for her and the closeness is measured in inches. As is the worldly adventure in the Central Highlands in Oct. of 67, stepping out of the surveillance houch for micteration, the faint view in the moonlight despite monsoon, a teen Asian with shouldered AK is but inches from my face. I slowly remove my KBar as it is all I have. The young boy’s Vision is the deer in the headlights stare and my first view of fear, and the little speedster splits. The expression of fear maybe easily associated with knowledge of failure, incompetence related to self guilt from loss of credibility. The understanding that this emotion is demonstrated by many in that Phoenix In-Group AKA AZBN should not be evident at all. Why does it? I guess I never saw it it in Mihalsky at the Adm Law Court on Washington St. I must have been her retirement Pkg, All psychology knows of the lack of fear for those who perform wrongs with intent, repeatedly belong in a category not consistently accepted as normal.


8 thoughts on “Fear Unleashed

  1. There is nothing normal about these people. Knowing what actions they take is scary enough that they are not locked up behind bars to protect the public. But just let your mind wander what actions the vicims don’t know about that runs through their heads. Joke Ridenour keeps a revolving door going and those who are sick minded stay . Those DA’s willing to do the real dirty are invited to be on staff , like EMMA MAMALUY , and those who are rotten to the core are welcome back over and over . Elizabeth Campbell finds the BON her second home , rats are attracted to those who leave out food to welcome them back. Why sit at the AG’s office , where other attorney’s may have an oral argument with her and expose her entry level law knowledge. When she can gossip about nurses caught up with an office who has too much power and no brains to back it up , and stuff what ever treats Janeed Dahn put on the state’s credit card. thieves , worse than welfare recipients who fudge the paperwork.

  2. Those who really pay attention to detail , can fairly quickly find out that they are shyster’s . Between the mouthpiece Carol Jokey McCormies and the small brain Boyer who is so full of hokum .
    The pour excuse for a state agency dir JOKE Ridenour , biggest fear is social media , that’s why they attack nurses who speak up on social media . Attack and retaliate .

    1. How these people can make the statements they do and keep a straight face. Practiced liars ! Carolin McCormies , changing the time frame for the nurse to sign from THREE DAYS AWAY to SEVEN days. By saying , “we just want to give her every opportunity to be successful . (so hard to believe someone does say , STFU you lying bitch . FOUR additional days over a holiday to sign to have yourself on probation for years. So BIG of her , isn’t it ! First they take a year to bring it to the meeting , then discuss personal life to the ground and then put her into a “non public ‘ arena . Disgusting what they do and what they say are doing . No one is dumb enough not to see it. ! no one !

      1. OMG , THIS IS THE BOARD OF NURSING FOR ARIZONA ?? holy shit , one would think they are up to speed , know what they are doing . And I looked up the one who said this has been on the board over 6 years ! WOW ! Maybe you ‘all will get a jolly from this .
        Next case Nurse Rebecca , investigator Ruth . Both being called, Ruth too lazy to drive in to the meeting which is every other month ! The problem is McCormies too busy blabbing that mouth of hers and not listening .

        Ruth answers phone : This is Ruth .
        Mccormies : Is this Rebecca ?
        Ruth : No this is Ruth .
        MCCormies : Is Rebecca there ?
        Ruth: No, this is Ruth , I work with you .
        THEN when Rebecca got on the line McCormies who appears cannot be wrong had to make up some crazy excuse !! And tell Rebecca about it ! OMG , dying over here !

        (next case young nice looking man , waiting ALL DAY , to this craziness , got up and left. )

    2. Anyone Omsbudman? , don’t bother , some real state butt heads , just like the BON !! Nasty folks, They could never work beside they would have a ton of complaints ! Maybe they should take the worthless state employees who take many days off work short hours and long breaks over to this agency ! The customer ‘service” at the board of nursing is just as rude , and obnoxious . Including the board members .
      Horrifying that these people work for an agency that promotes social welfare. Here’s a letter from one of their directors toward me– and my response. Unbelievable.

      Ombudsman Letter:

      Mr. Frenette, ,

      My name is [redacted]. I am the Arizona State Ombudsman. The Ombudsman office is a small agency that handles a very large volume of complaints from across the entire State. In fact we are experiencing a record number of complainants coming to us.

      Time spent with each complainant must be severely limited in order to accommodate the record volume we are experiencing.

      You are being placed on written correspondence only from this point forward. Do not call us as we will not answer your call.

      You have tied up an inordinate amount of our time with your numerous phone calls, and quite frankly, we have been more than patient with you.

      Direct your written communication to [redacted] or myself at [redacted]@azoca.gov

      [redacted name]
      Arizona State Ombudsman

      My Response:

      Evening Mr. [redacted],

      What an entirely unpleasant and unprofessional letter! I don’t think I’ve engaged you in a single verbal (or digital) conversation once in my life. I’m sure you must be under an enormous amount of pressure in these unprecedented times. However, if you’re under the impression that a couple of voicemails and trying to reach your office during the limited hours of morning until 2:00 PM (when [redacted] leaves) is somehow “tying up all channels” of communication— perhaps you should petition the state for additional staff.

      I’d like to point out that the directive of your office is to facilitate coaching, assistance, and investigations on behalf of residents concerns— not to punish and belittle people who come to Citizens’ Aide for help. If I needed to pull up my Verizon call records, and highlight all the places where an actual conversation took place with anyone in your office— I could count that number on one hand.

      As it stands now, your office is refusing to engage in an investigation at my request. Even though several weeks have gone by where there has been no communication with the DES offices (and if there has been communication or developments) it’s not being relayed to me.

      I have over seven weeks of unpaid weekly filings, zero open or active issues on my PUA account, and no further requests for documentation from the DES offices. I expect the Ombudsman Citizens’ Aide offices to perform their duties as outlined for those who need assistance.

      I don’t appreciate you limiting me to written correspondence— painting me as an insatiable and unreasonable person who never stops calling, because that’s simply not true. My concerns are completely valid and deserve to have the assistance and investigative capacity available to the Ombudsman offices.

      –Zachary Frenette


      What a wonderful agency. Sticking up for us when Uncle Sam knocks us down. Thank god for Arizona Ombudsman-Citizens’ Aide. I’d be better off with Ted Bundy as an attorney.

  3. Andrea Vasquez a new employee seems to be able to have her thoughts bought and paid for, molded into one way controlled mind set . The modeling clay , make it her way on the wheel of ‘everyone else is lying’ , and putting the mind back in place, is Doctor Don. You would think someone with a master’s would be able to think for themselves , and take everything she hears as “Don is not only exaggerating but out right lying through her teeth” . Common sense . Unless she is only there to whore herself out , do what they say and want , easy money ..Time tells all.

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