Fear Unleashed

The free person walks into AZBN BiMonthly Mtg and maybe be accompanied by hostiles armed and ill tempered personnel not far behind. All well and good in the $ thriving industry of protecting the public. This free person is an experienced, well trained critical care nurse whose worldly journey brought them to the fondling home of the AZBN. The experience of bedside nurses is one of attention to detailed expressions of everything you see, hear and touch. The assessment and critical thinking skills can bring us to places where fear and pain is so commonly seen and identified we could paint by the numbers. And fear in the faces of the ruling class whose public safety mission fails to protect and truly the expression of fear can be seen in the face of Beth A. Campbell as the free person holds the door open for her and the closeness is measured in inches. As is the worldly adventure in the Central Highlands in Oct. of 67, stepping out of the surveillance houch for micteration, the faint view in the moonlight despite monsoon, a teen Asian with shouldered AK is but inches from my face. I slowly remove my KBar as it is all I have. The young boy’s Vision is the deer in the headlights stare and my first view of fear, and the little speedster splits. The expression of fear maybe easily associated with knowledge of failure, incompetence related to self guilt from loss of credibility. The understanding that this emotion is demonstrated by many in that Phoenix In-Group AKA AZBN should not be evident at all. Why does it? I guess I never saw it it in Mihalsky at the Adm Law Court on Washington St. I must have been her retirement Pkg, All psychology knows of the lack of fear for those who perform wrongs with intent, repeatedly belong in a category not consistently accepted as normal.