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The questions asked by private emails and spam locker affiliates is that this page has confidante behaviors related to comments? This is a public page with an overseas server making any legal tracking a PIA but doable by ISP only. Names used in posts by Watchdogs is all documentation by AZBN and National Council with alleged accusations, ADM Law Court & Az Atty Gen Office Too numerous to count state and local law enforcement documents and nurses; are considered factual. The standard of posts comments allowed are you are are own your own. Since Snowden we know Big Brother has you keyword. I know Big Brother is now on high alert to threats and violence and uses the net as a filter. Character assassination here is allowed, within reason as its what nurses do. Board activities and personnel relationships in specified functions is also logged in here. The time frame of credentialed documents is about two years. Although there is also two years of totally anonymous docs which although saved will not be Nursing History Accessible. Civil actions in today’s world can be rectally inserted after being conned rolled with one end annaly inserted, lighting it on fire then dance around on one leg until it goes out. Like…Good Luck.

The news of the AZBN behaviors is now being headed up by large groups of medical personnel bringing to many, many in the laymen sector of our communities. A new article on Medpage somewhat focuses upon the over management of nurses by political forces far removed from clinical practices. This information MUST BE engaged by direct confrontation so it doesn’t get cancelled like sooo many good nurses. Louis Brandeis … the light upon corruption for the public to see is more valuable than any court.


29 thoughts on “Confidentiality Watchdogs AZBN

  1. True series of events. If this doesn’t show the corruption by the board, the cover up , just one example of the operation of the AZ BON .
    At a Board of Nursing meeting, (BON ) Jo Elizabeth Ridenour , the Ex Dir told members of the board and what ever public was present as well as Board staff, that she was not going to allow atty’s to advertise in the “Nurse ” magazine , because then ‘anyone could’. Then she made a nasty unprofessional comment “we have some unusual trolls following the meetings. ” (These are open public meetings ). Only one person has follow meetings consistently , until covid in person for years. And has been harassed in person in doing so. I submitted a complaint on line on Ridenour , she has a nursing license , due to her violation of the NPA, unprofessional conduct , whether on duty or not. Because she was on duty paid by the taxpayers conducting an open meeting.

    Then a meeting was held the following Board meeting. where the atty Emma Mamaluy , told Board members to vote on a new policy she wrote. A new policy concerning when complaints come into the agency about staff/ board members/ and agents (herself) . That she (Mamaluy ) would be the one and only one to decide these matters ! (Ridenour is Mamaluy’s ‘boss”, superior at the agency.

    I then requested to obtain a copy of the new policy, when i was sent a letter that I was not privy to hear the meeting they had and if i recorded it to destroy all copies and not tell anyone about the meeting ! (the meetings are recorded , but apparently they forgot to turn off the recorder for this sneaky slip in a new policy meeting. I posted it all on line and sent to many others . Mamaluy sent the threat hoping that I would act to her illegal demands and keep her dirty ‘trick ‘ secret.

    Then I received a letter stating that the complaint against Ridenour , was not substantiated , in other words Mamaluy played 1) the entire board (where complaints should go 2) made the entire decision after drawing up a new policy , AFTER the fact 3) board members were not told there was a complaint . “we don’t have that many complaints “. Acting like it was business as usual and not a cover up . OF course the BON members would vote yes, because she would do the same for them !

    They may as well just spank themselves.

    Emma Mamaluy , has given false statements to the police and in fact had to send in an addendum to cover her blantant lies. The security guard , was told by Mamaluy to tell the BON observer that I cannot talk to anyone. The police were called on the many threats by the BON. They know by her retracting statements she gave many untrue statements to the police and should be arrested herself.

    1. Well your do nothing Ducey is at it again. Putting prisoners to work fighting fires, sounds like a good thing .? When law abiding nurses who have been stripped of their licenses cannot find any job , even non nursing due to data bank, and the corrupt unprofessional board members he appointed and stacked the deck. That’s alright , the number on U I, getting food stamps, and other benefits , let them work harder to support those they raked over the coals They can’t take it with them , in the end, who wins ? The lying cheats , corrupt board , or the honest nurse who refused to cave into to their lies to keep a license . Judgement day awaits , you know what you are doing and it is not public safety .

  2. A special on Chad and Lori Daybell , mormons from Gilbert AZ, kid killers , in fact 5 people were killed all total. They would not tell anyone where the kids were , too bad they buried them with their phones in the back yard. Then there is Jodie Arias, mormon, who killed travis ALexander , mormon, who was a sex hound . Then Paul Peterson, lied to get pregnant women to AZ and sold their babies. Warren Jeffs, mormon, who had sex with 11 year olds and recorded it. So what makes this clown , get his attorney to announce at a board of nursing meeting ” HE SAID TO TELL YOU THAT HIS IS MORMON AND KNOWS HOW TO TREAT WOMEN, ” Was this some kind of a JOKE. Mormon women are bottom of the barrel in importance. They are to have lots of kids , and never hold any higher office. Get on committees, to keep from thinking about how other people live . He is not the first nurse to pull the mormon card knowing that they are all mormons running the board of nursing , a couple of tokens thrown in .

    1. Ring Worm (Staphylococcus)
      Yeah, some are ignorant enough to think the infection on the skin called ring worm is really a parasite however it is a bacterial infection. That would be true for those stupid enough to think the AZBN is for public safety, from my experience they are the parasite, and could care less about public safety.
      John P. Kauchick RN BSN, wrote an article regarding nursing boards, and how the nurses the boards are the most punitive to are the nurse whistleblowers.
      Never Mo… forgot to add to your list that c*%T mitt Romney, & Jeff flake, they claim to be something they are not. They are radicalized extremist who like to control citizens through politics. If they were real Christians they would know that we are responsible for our own actions which is called free agency. Slimiest creatures like Petersen who sold humans (HUMAN TRAFFICING), and his corrupt father David Petersen who was another low life that was in a political position in AZ, was caught red handed too, they are predators of the worst of their kind, they pray on the working class poor, then squeal like swine that they are MORMON Christians (YEAH SURE THEY ARE RELIGIUS, SATAN’S RELIGEION).

      1. Report something unsafe to a board who regurgitates mamaluy’s song “public safety” that is like 78 that is skipping over and over and over public safety. why do board members LIE TO NURSES , or are they that STUPID . Taking care of patients , is what good nurses do, not join a political criminal government run torture chamber. Who’s says it best ? Ron Beatle, and Adam Slate , lots of knowledge. and top atty is Ron Hicks. watch there videos !

      2. Should have all be cops, or firefighters. You can do what ever and still work . PNT PHOENIX DETECTIVE LOSES JOB AFTER ASSAULT ON FELLOW COP ” (he was actually decertified which is RARE. But according to article ((His Arizona certification was formally, and permanently, revoked by the AZ POST on February 17, 2021. He can still get certified in another state.))
        The BON got NURSYS to get reports (mostly false reports ) on nurses to destroy your chance or working , in any facility that takes medicare . Whereas people think you can just state hop around and work , WRONG. You cannot even volunteer in other states. Woman on boards. prosecutors, directors, ass directors being tough on other woman, when will it end ?
        Beside’s being poorly treated in Chandler . When will the abuse end. AZ sucks 4 nurses !

    2. of course not the AZ ALJ’s they always side with the dirty prosecutor ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL AKA “BETH CAMPBELL” and SUNITA KRISHNA . Nurses cannot protect themselves ! Do not get a degree in nursing, this can happen to you ! In 2009, after nurse Terri Dye reached into her car and drew a handgun on an unfamiliar man advancing aggressively on her in a Lubbock hospital parking lot, a jury may or may not have concluded she acted in self-defense; the man, a process server in her divorce, never filed a complaint. But that didn’t stop the nursing board from moving in 2011 to suspend her license.

      Never mind that Dye hadn’t yet checked in at work, where her nursing skills were not in question: In legal filings, regulators contended the parking lot incident had grave — if theoretical — implications for patients. While none had actually witnessed the incident, a board expert testified that if they had, they might have been frightened by the gun.

      Dye’s behavior “did not conform to the minimum standards of nursing practice [because] Dye did not appropriately assess the situation,” the board’s legal filings explained. “If a nurse reacts without appropriately assessing a situation, it could cause an unsafe environment.”

      “It was ‘could’ve, could’ve, could’ve,’” recalled Dye, who now lives in Amarillo.

      At the judge’s recommendation, the board eventually decided not to punish Dye for the incident. But its final order in the matter stressed its authority: “The Board reiterates that a nurse may be subject to disciplinary action for unprofessional or dishonorable conduct whether such conduct occurs while the nurse is ‘on duty or on call’ or not.”

    3. that McCormies is SO UNTRUSTING. everyone is a liar but her, and her kind. Those who do not trust are the ones who think about deceiving ways. ! “what is the student tried to get a license how would we know they have finished their course work’ . What a scam mind thought she has ! . although mcnamara said she contacted honor health and relayed a hearsay message. Hey McCormies the untrusting bitch you are , how do we know McNamara isnt lying ?? Why doesn’t she have to prove , in writing what Honor health said.??, She a nurse why are you believing her and not other cause you are INCONSISTENT , and McNamara is one you you .

    4. The only board member to vote against this crazy motion ! Motion by Ridenour seconded by Mamaluy then remotioned by McCrazy.
      by Amanda T.

      Well the brains of the bunch and common sense goes to Lisa Smith, for the entire board of nursing . The lone vote the only vote and common sense approach .

      So here is a young man, raised in California, came to NAU to go to nursing school. Like any co ed college students they take a break from studies and party. He made one mistake , dui. UH! More than a bad hair day. Expensive, plead guilty, now the after math of it .

      Applied to AZ Board of Nursing, which ends up being a bigger mistake than getting a dui. A misdemeanor. OF course Boards do back ground checks after you pay them to for license , finger prints , and he marked it on his application.

      At the AZ BON meeting in Nov it was McCormies, the non alcohol , non coffee drinking , magic underwear wearing , and harsh on all nurses except her sister/ brother mormons. McCormies has CONCERNS , (her way of making a mountain out of a mole hill , she has a way or pronouncing it too, ) louder and dragged out CON- CERN’ S !!! . That the new grad is dishonest for some reason and will not tell California board about his DUI. Untrusting , is another one of her traits , but I can show you a pile of lies this whack job will try to weasel out of.

      So the gentleman who got the degree , made this mistake of applying in AZ , has gotten a bd order, to prove to ms untrusting McCormies that he told the CAlif BON.

      IF you have never called Calif BON , it is about as hard to get a person as AZ , but at least you’ll get someone who knows what they are talking about . Back to the board meeting still paying an atty by the hour, Proof handed to Ms untrusting , Carolyn McCormies, who is trying to rule nurses in every state and every country. Then his investigator , who is another piece of work Bonnie busybody , called the Calif BON !! (OMG is AZ board members think they are your mother ?? WOW.

      So now with proof , they do not want to let the nurse by education practice in his profession, not yet or ever in AZ . With good argument by Smith, we are going to give him a consent agreement, to work on a license in a state he longer lives in , will never work in, and has no plans of using , and order a psych evaluation and do what with it ? McCormies has no answer , she just continues her BS , blah blah blah public safety, stomps her feet , raises her voice , until she gets others<co bd members long term who are 'friends' helping 'friends' to agree with her . Then she says the most crazy thing, "IF THAT IS WHAT HE WANTS ". really ??? and you don't think your lying your head off when you know he wants to withdraw his license and go to Calif and do what ever they require him to do . Then like a line , from a crazed person in MAD magazine , McCormies says . "How do we know he won't withdraw his application in Calif and go to another state " ! NOT kidding , !! Well McCormies how do we know , any future event . But the most important part is IT IS NON OF YOUR BUSINESS WHAT A NURSE DOES IN OTHER STATES ! you dumb moron ! Smith was the only one who voted against this crazy notion. Then Ridenour actually made this board decision, and told them what to do ! She' ll deny it and say it was a "Board Decision" . The blame game is her way ! Next time maybe Smith will demand others see it her way like the childish rants of CAROLYN MCCORMIES . She is a embarrassment to the profession !

      DO NOT GET A NURSING LICENSE OR WORK IN ARIZONA AS A NURSE . This is one nurse who is very sorry to applied for a nursing license in Az !

  3. Too many nurses give up, yes it is depressing to find out that the self proclaimed ‘leaders’ are as crooked as a snake. Some things have changed because of the ones who say , they want to be heard. And many many nurses do not know they have been saved by nurses who took their time to do something. If a nurse today gets a complaint the Corrupt Board of Nursing is no longer able to post on their license UNDER INVESTIGATION. Before being charged , yes they were doing this , and knew it was WRONG ! Nurses who are addicts have a program now that is confidential . The board of nursing was BLASTING NAMES all over the web, smear campaign . SHAMEFUL game players they are. Off label by NP has been stopped arresting and punishing good nurses by Drs who were wrong a PA who was wrong and NOTHING happened to the dirty dogs. There’s more tune in !

    1. So many healthcare professions come to a rude awakening there is no justice in the system. There are many responsible for this and a focus on each one is long due. Each judge should be focused and written about . They like to hide behind the scenes , or convince themselves they are doing some kind of good work and only those who complain ‘got caught’ . Yes, ‘got caught” like the innocent salmon making it up stream , got a hook in the back, and lured in the the dark world of dirty unprofessional’s using the tax payers hard earned money to blow it away . Like those who inherit money piss it away, they did not earn a dime of it. Making money off hard working nurses sweat and tears takes a real POS , and they are all there 1740 adams st . might as well put razor wire around that huge waste of time and money , they all eat from the same trough.

      Saw they put up, not only a Fence, but now Razor Wire around the Congress/Capital building…. Interesting state of re-pore the government has with its people,, this is broadcasting to the world that the American People don’t trust the Politicians and this Positions are in fear for their lives at the hands of the American People. I’m sure the other countries are shaking their heads about this, and our enemies are laughing and probably planing against us more vehemently. Great message to send the world!!
      Is the fence to keep people out of keep them in ? pussy’s like Romney running and hiding . Single the crooks out and this is what happens, they fear the people they have screwed , with dirty politics and lies.

  4. The news of the AZBN behaviors is now being headed up by large groups of medical personnel bringing to many, many in the laymen sector of our communities. A new article on Medpage somewhat focuses upon the over management of nurses by political forces far removed from clinical practices. This information MUST BE engaged by direct confrontation so it doesn’t get cancelled like sooo many good nurses.

  5. The BON here uses fines as a revenue stream, and they do like their money. I refuse to work as a NP because of their corruption, and ultimately I will likely leave my profession within the next couple of years rather than deal with regulatory over-reach into my private life. My work life is stressful enough, and I hate the level that they feel we need to be scrutinized at. I do not need the extra drama, stress, fear, and cost of insurance to represent me in the event of a “board action”.

    These boards are out of control, and the governors who appoint them are FOS if they say they can’t deal with the monsters they created. As long as I don’t show up drunk or high,have not harmed a patient or have a rap sheet as long as my arm it would be nice if they left me the hell alone to do my job.

    Physicians and other licensed professionals don’t deal with this legalized terrorism, and neither should nurses. If your state BON is a problem, vote accordingly. Let your state senator/representative and governor know that you will NOT vote for them if this continues. Unionize, apply pressure and they will tell these boards to go back to the hole they crawled out of.

    1. Hey there , From New Zealand , we are nurses and former mormon’s too. Our Prime Minister got out of the horrid cult too . She is way too much a lady , independent thinker to be part of that . Her Name Jacinda Ardern. They send those white shirt missionaries, poor confused lads over here. It’s tough for a strong young feminist to find a place within the LDS Church, which does not extend leadership opportunities to women in the manner Ardern describes here; church government simply does not have “equal showing from women,” a fact that someone like Ardern likely recognized at an early age.

      It also doesn’t provide women a substantial amount of choice regarding “the roles they take on.” The Mormon ideal has remained frozen in time since just after World War II: women are called to be mothers and to stay home with their children if at all possible.

    2. They won’t watch it , they are too brain washed and say ‘BIGOT ” as much as they do “PUBLIC SAFETY ”
      This is why they want these cults members lined up on the AZBON, because they are used to being told what to say, and do it like parrots , on command.
      Any missions they will say if you get rejection from people or they call you names tell them they are “BIGOTS” .
      At the BON meeting, when making a motion or any nurse is trying to talk, just say we are here for “PUBLIC SAFETY ”
      Just like parrots BRRAAWKKKK !!!) Polly wanna cracker !!!!!!!!!!BRRAAWWWKKK !!!
      In one setting it all started with Joseph Smith telling them how to think .
      In the BON setting it is Emma Mamaluy who is telling them what to say, and how to think .

  6. The Arizona Board of Nursing is a huge waste of taxpayer money hiding behind the guise of “public safety” and have spent countless hours of time and taxpayer/ AZ constituents’ money destroying nurses with harsh, injust malicious prosecution of ‘some’ and not others. Their unequal distribution of crooked justice is something out of a Stephen King novel. Where else in the whole wide world would one nurse lose her entire 33 year perfect career over false allegations followed by a witch hunt, indiscriminate ordering of psychiatric evaluations to fit the narrative they are trying to draw up, report and discipline….? Let’s not forget their multiple violations of civil and due process rights…one would think no where..but despite what a trusting niave nurse might truly want and hope the case to be…just and fair, free of bias and corrupt government activities…it happens not only in AZ, but surprisingly, across this nation at various nursing boards.

    Please review the comments of this MedPage article, and you will see for yourself the comments going out nationwide

    I hope this not only opens your eyes wide up , but also fills you up with utter disgust and shame.

    These are your coworkers and peers involved in these shameful acts.

    Let me appeal to your moral fibers and being. Please read, review, inwardly digest the information being given to you and then I challenge you to produce a report that accurately reflects what is really going on with this biased, self governed board that lacks any 3rd party, unbiased checks or balances oversight.

    All of this has been reported to the governor, the ombudsman and the AZ Nurse Association to only have the reporter labeled as an impaired drug addict spewing the information of a toxic little group”. Yes, i have that in an email from the AZBN director herself.

    Any nurse can have a single complaint, true or not, twisted any which way by this board chooses and lose a whole career and still owe student loan monies. But yet, when a complaint is put in on a board member it is handled ” internally” not by an outside, 3rd party, unbiased entity…where else in the world would this ever be allowed in an ethical organization? …in the words of our current president “Come on man”.

    Then they want to waste more tax payer money putting forth a commission to examine reasons for the current AZ nursing shortage? Well let me tell you..the word is out, getting spread around about the AZBON. Nurses have no interest in nursing in Arizona after learning of the board’s corruption.

    Additionally, I have vowed until my dying day to continue spreading the word about never ever going to Arizona to be a nurse because of this exact corrupt board. I am a nurse with 3 health care degrees including my Masters in Nursing. I have taught at multiple nursing schools in other states, filled the role of house supervisor for a 300 bed hospital, floated to all departments / patient care areas in a 5 hospital system in Florida, taught emr courses, worked in acute cares, intensive cares, radiology and endoscopy suites sedating patients for procedures. I have never injured a patient once, never took illegal drugs, never diverted any drugs from anyone or anywhere, never had a single board action against me, never in legal or professional trouble ever.. and I lost it all over false allegations followed by witch hunt. Once i became acutely aware of the corrupt board i was trying to prove my innocence to… I wisely walked away from it all, leaving my years of experience, expertise, education, and licenses on the table for their keeping.

    Yes, it should be innocent until proven guilty, but not with this board…guilty until you prove your innocence…oh, and good luck..that only occurs once in a blue moon [ like if you are a male nurse caught masturbating in a hospital room] then there is no discipline..and that is only a single example.] Or you are willing to abide by their costly , labor intensive recipe back to licensure.

    Do you know i have spread this nationwide, to many nursing schools, groups, students, organizations etc…? And not once has the board slapped me with threats of defamation! Why because its all true and it would bring more attention to their corruption. Oh, and maybe because I have nothing else they can take or discipline me for or about and have made the wisest decision of my life to leave healthcare forever.

    I can help many more nurses and ultimately patients by getting the word out about never nursing in Arizona.

    Imagine if what I have described would’ve happened to one of your family members, friends, or loved one?

    Another website to review numerous reports of this board’s corrupt activities is

    Of course, if you seek any further clarification/s, please feel free to contact me back.

    1. EXCELLENT !! the word is spreading , and another reason for nurses to get out of the devil driven diseased dreadful profession. And when my matter is finished up I will be free bird to post and say more !! Agree with you sista ! Thanks for posting this site , got it !

    2. This is what lawyers who do not do BON/ Bomex cases think (“”ok, so on a very quick few reads, my understanding is that a nurse or a lawyer or someone with a career that requires a state license can speak out as themselves, but not as a professional.
      So Nurse Judy can go around and say, “I’m Judy and vaccines are bad.” But she can’t say, “I’m Judy, I’m a nurse and vaccines are bad.”
      I’m not agreeing with this or debating it. It’s just what I found.
      Personally, I’m against government licensing. I think private institutions should be in charge of licensing. “”))
      YES Government licensing is out of control ! Especially when you have people running a board that are as corrupt as they come . !

    3. Good point, lawyers that go to the board of nursing all the time should never be hired. They do not act as litigators , they are negotiators. All they want is for you to sign what ever these punitive boards members dreamed up for you to do , to keep you working so you can pay them . And plenty. The only thing they know how to do is CHARGE ! And ask for more money.
      Bleed you dry then force you to settle , basically signing the paper , releasing the dirty bon, from liability.
      Once you retain one of these attys, the board sends a pile of paper work to them , they can charge you to review . It ‘s all a bunch of lies , and nonsense.
      Statements by people who are willing and have motive to lie. The board should know this, but likes to focus on everything being true they say and everything you say , your a liar.

      1. Screwball MCCormies (gawd is that woman ever say anything intelligent ???? (seems to think her dad (Adam’s family monster sq head twin , and son , a pancake looking sissy, because they got law degrees , that she is a rub off legal expert. (LOL !!!! ) Wonder what they think of her saying “sometimes nurses are better off without a lawyer”. Yep they are pretty much worthless. aren’t they ! at least the ones who attend every board meeting and work for the state . IF they had real clients they would have to work for a living . Instead just suck off the state teet, and hang around for a paycheck and pension. High priced poor actors .

  7. It was an eye popping sight as her neighbor’s watched in awe from a distance while D. Mihalsky danced and swayed in the garden of her backyard, it was not the fact she was dancing in her own backyard but the fact she was dancing buck naked. D. Mihalsky had lost weight since she retired, and as she danced to music only she could hear in her head the skin on her ass sagged like the skin from a dead chicken without feathers. Her neighbors had seen her act like this before but knew she was acting stranger lately since she retired. Mihalsky waved her arms over her head in a rhythmic swaying motion in synch with her swaying body one minute, and the next in a drastic change of events her stance would change and she would stoop down like a chimpanzee and fling her arms wildly over her dyed brown wild head of hair, then without warning she changed position once again standing completely erect with her left arm extended in front of her and her palm skyward, using her right hand index finger D. Mihalsky would make a circular motion over her left palm as if she was making Hook’s Tinker Bell dance in her palm.
    The Johnson’s looking at each other with concern, concern for the fruit cake Mihalsky, concern for the other neighbors, and for their safety, they knew D. Mihalsky was crazy as a bed bug. Years earlier the Johnson’s had called the police after being woke in the middle of the night from their little dog Sadie barking wildly as lights from D. Mihalsky residence flashed on and off continually. As Mrs. Johnson spoke with the police dispatch and explained the scene, the dispatch informed Mrs. Johnson the police were on their way, but the minute that D. Mihalsky name was mentioned the line went dead, dispatch had hung up, and the cops never came. Dispatch nor the cops wanted anything to do with that crazy bat Mihalsky, the Johnson’s was not aware of this at the time but found out shortly thereafter. Mrs. Johnson called the FBI later that day and received the same response from them too, phone line going dead after Mihalsky was mentioned. Mihalsky was doing dirty work for Ridenour against Nurses, Good Nurses so no one was going to mess with the crazies of Ridenour.

    P.S. All forms of a Shield has its price. P.B

    1. Abracadabra Alakazam you’ll turn to a frog when I say Bam, “BAM”. Little spot just sat in the middle of the living room floor batting his eyes while watching J. Dahn as she attempted to change him to a species other than who he was. Spot grow fatigued of J. Dahn’s nonsense, he yawned, and stood up turned a few circles in the floor, then lay down in a ball and closed his eye. Dang, what is the problem said J. Dahn, I have all the correct ingredients, dried lizard tail, a dash of salt, a dash of pepper, Franks scent, and a drop of spots pee. Okay let me look at the recipe again, J. Dahn opened the spells book to page 32, which she had bought at changing hands Sunday after her and a couple of her pagan friends had lunch from the Wild Flower Bread Company. J. Dahn slide her reading glasses down off her head, and over her nose as she wrinkled her nose, and squinted her eyes. Okay now J. Dahn said as she called out aloud what she had wrote and comparing what was typed in the book, “a dash of salt, a dash of pepper, Franks scent, and a drop of spot’s pee” Franks scent….hmmmm, Frankincense, Frankincense, FRANKINCENSE, oh how could I have confused the two, J. Dahn thought what a chore that was Tuesday chasing in behind that new RN investigator Frank trying to scrape off a drop of his sweat with a lolly pop stick.

      J. Dahn was supposed to orientate Frank on Policies & Procedures in the investigation department for a week, but after J. Dahn dogging Frank with every step around the office bug eyed, and staring at his neck he called in the following day to inform Ridenour he had taken another job. Frank felt quite uneasy having such a large woman stalk him like that, little did he know J. Dahn had plans for all those who came through her office. J. Dahn did not like independent articulate, critical thinkers, nor those who had compassion for other nurse colleagues, no one would be smarter than she. J. Dahn was concocting spells to keep all new hires under her spell of dumb assness, that’s correct “Dumb Assness”, that was the name of the spell, the only issue was she needed the correct ingredients. Off to changing hands for Frankincense J. Dahn went.

  8. thank goodness diane retired. now we can bury that bloody hatchet she used for a gavel . Campbell and her knew each others roles so well. Diane a flower child of the 60’s lost her way. Bitter old bitch now. Campbell will be in her shoes in10 years, if not sooner and more surgeries . Diane was partner with my now lawyer , he did not have anything nice to say so just said what all lawyers says “it depends” . on the case, ?? no it doesn’t the nurses all lost to corrupt judges and prosecutors pretty routinely . Surely she is drunk, and anyone asks , what did you do for a living she lies, i was a judge, when she ruined lives stole licenses, placed nurses in poverty , and hurt more children who suffered,caused a lot of pain and heart break, and destroyed ones believe in the system. That is what you REALLY DID did —so dance naked , and when you die rest in hell, dirty dog .

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  10. One thing that we have noticed is how in consistent this agency is with cases . Don’t let them tell you ‘every case is different, NOT true. They like to think so . just an excuse for letting certain ones get away with unsafe practice . over and over !

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