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First addressing spam and back room comments, if that file is porno or unrelated ecommerce backlinks they go away. Don’t know why some comments go to spam, but get reviewed there anyways. The main issue here now is some comments wanting names and details about quasi opinionated information. Almost all of the interviewed nurses claiming what is stated here have asked for anonymity out of retaliation fears. Not all of them. Although there are, presently several working both sides of the court system, their cave on two are out of state. Good luck, it took 20 yrs to get Broadway Joe with many dead. Bad move pardoning this guy. Point is the future is more of the same Road to Hell Will Be Paved With Good Intentions. I don’t deny the court judicial approach but since the constitution in Arizona doesn’t exist its only function is documentation; that 007 is annoyed at. Although I do applaud the judicial documentation.

Nightingale was clear about Nursing Boards remaining in education with no connections for monitoring for several reasons, but paramount was statistical gathering of nurse entities which associations with illnesses became a conclusive successful treatment. Clinical issues are clinical issues and determining evaluations should not be done from afar. Basically only the nurse, and more importantly, nurses in the field of patient contact were the only ones capable of assessing nursing functions. 

The diverse nature of the industry created many practices where independent nursing was common hence the need for monitoring rolls in. Time stands still for U.S. to be very high in the field of health care quality practicing hands on training with Nightinel principles with classroom closely associated with hands on follow-up training. By 1988 the advancements created more patients whom were allowed less clinical time; the workload increases, the need for more staff increases the machines get more sophisticated to do the clinical numbers. The socially trained nurses disappears, or in the State of Arizona, gets busted for doing good deeds, the artificial intelligent control moves in. And keeps moving. 

The robots now seen on the horizon compared to what is already in place, AKA homo sapiens is accepted as simply doing a better job. When have you seen a machine not do a better job? Artificial intelligence can easily take over regulatory agencies and do a much better job and free up those wasted positions of high dollar employee costs to reduce the massive nurse shortage seen everywhere. 

Therefore, the future of regulatory agencies lies in the hands of robots as they’re incorruptible, way less costly than the millions paid out to employees whom are poorly perceived by the public; for good reason. Believing this or not, it is right in front of you. Can you imagine just having aka atm where you input the evidence of a compliant and get an answer in a few minutes. Its possible. Sorry Flo, somebody let the lamp go out. Peary Brown retired R.N.


35 thoughts on “Artificial Intelligence AZBN

    1. Paul Peterson, former County Assessor Maricopa County has been sentenced to 74 months in prison for selling babies in Arkansas. (Utah , AZ) . He was not only conning the women from the Marshall Islands to coming to his unwed mothers homes, to deliver but he was putting them on the states free healthcare . Now these women did not know the language , he was bringing them in the same hospitals with his helper (interpretor) they were reported for suspicious behavior many times . NOW , you know that someone in hospital mgt covered this up . Nurses may have gotten fired over this . The state paid out plenty of money while dirty corrupt mormon cult member Peterson , was selling the babies for 40k each . Did he learn this bad behavior while serving as on his mission in the Marshall Islands or does it come mandatory readings and memorization’s they must do ? A real sick mind set there , one that has no respect for women at all .

      1. His twin brother Boyer making a statement like he is a bishop . “these are elected officials I am not going to tell them what to do” . But Sister Boyer (BIZARRE BETH) loves to tell licensed nurses what to do with their personal time and dictate her glass ball psychic future actions of the nurse to extreme punishment. Motion a board order to put a nurse through psych evaluation , when she had one , told them that, was in treatment for years and helping others . The Nurse she was ‘telling what she had to do to keep her license ” was like WHAT ? What did you just say.? This is example of an idiot who reads what some other idiot put in the computer with NO COMMON SENSE !! NO critical thinking !! NO put brain in gear before you open your stupid mouth , affecting someone else’s license greatly. Boyer is not qualified , has no critical thinking going on, but is on the board because of the connection of her spouse , who got into politics because of his connection with the cult . And this is who your license hangs with folks . Those who think they are the perfect ones and you are all the sinners of society , and if your female your always wrong.

    2. Shame on whoever reported him to the Nursing Board. Did the uniforms the hospital once provided cause harm to a patient? Did standing up to this new policy harm a patient? No, the issue was the hospital administration felt they lost control couldnt make this brave nurse wear what they wanted him to wear. RIDICULOUS that this was even accepted as a case by a nursing board let one an investigation of him not wearing his own scrubs. Wow! If he hurt or caused harm to anyone I’d understand but uniform policy? Does the board of nursing in Minnesota have nothing better to do than to cause stress on this nurse who was probably stressed to be working in a facility making such a big deal out of a disease saying wearing a hospital uniform would cause it to spread. Wow I’m appalled

    3. Arizona has similar issues that have been flying under the radar, that demand investigation. In a time when nurses are urgently needed the “system” plays petty, political games that ends up hurting the people and taxpayers. As concerned Arizona citizens, we demand an independent investigation of the political appointees that sit on the Board of Nursing that have cost Arizona nurses their careers in the state and nationally, just for speaking up, whistle-blowing, and non-patient disciplinary issues. Our nurses are not respected in Arizona. So when the shortage occurs dig deep into Arizona’s BON! Are they working in the public interest or covering their behinds?

    4. Not one nursing board is for the nurses. The board is for the public. The nurse board are there to protect the public. . No Public Protection , just dictatorship” .Nurses can get reported for fussing with another employee. I do not understand how he is in trouble for wearing hospital srubs? But if that is the jobs policy. He violated.
      It does not matter if your a nurse for 5 minutes. The board/job will hold you responsible. Any school that teach the Nurse program should educate students about the dues and don’ts. Make hand out for cases. What can be reported.
      Its all in what the nurse has violated. Either the job’s policy or the Nurse Practice Act. What did you violate?? It jus depends. They will hold him by flaunt.And it will be on his license forever.
      He would have to explain this to every job he applies for. A nurse is punished for life. I recommend a good nurse lawyer. This is sad and ridiculous. This is a dignity issue. What if his uniform was soiled?? What if he had a ripe in his pants? Etc. Any nurse can make mistakes. I would hope not kill somebody.
      You never know what you will do until you are put in a situation. This type of punishment should be address in schools and in classrooms. I bet we would have less mistakes or less nurses.
      This was not spoken of in class while i attended nursing school. I went into nursing with no real knowledge of the back round noise. I wish it had been discussed more openly in school.
      If anyone know the true struggle of life they would be too excited to really read about becoming a nurse and what it really takes. You will be happy that your struggle is kinda over. Your no longer living check to check. I feel for this man. What ever they wrote you about that is what it is. Get a lawyer and do not sign nothing.

    5. THIS is what is working in the hospitals !! This is NOT the time to ‘see one do one’ but this nurse had no clue at all ! You cannot go into hospitals to keep your eye on the staff so this is what is going on ! How did they handle this ? nominated the nurse who showed her how to do it, while she had her own load of patients UNACCEPTABLE ! lives are being used as guinea pigs . “” I had to carry out a difficult order of taking a patient who was declining off of Bi – Pap. I had never taken a patient off of a Bi Pap and was very uncomfortable and emotional to have to carry out this order.”””

    6. I get lots of reminders of why I am proud not be a Republican. Leader after leader of the party pander for votes and abandon the principles they campaign and sometimes preach on. Jeff Flake, Doug Ducey and Mitt Romney are just a few of the reasons I am registered as an independent and glad to be free from both party labels.(2 out of 3 are bug time cult ‘leaders” (sarcasm) and the “Duce ” worked as ceo for them . OF all the Republicans in AZ , he picks these three . Now look at the make up of the board. Think about it . !

    7. I remember all the Nurses in my life only to see how a couple of them treat other nurse’s. In 2011 I got a DUI after taking Ambien. I had worked short staffed on a Cardiac step down until the night before and went home and took my Ambien to be able to sleep that day. I was pulled over at 230 in the afternoon sound asleep, driving. I self reported myself to the BON only to find myself in the middle of the most judgemental board which is made up of mostly nurses. Because of the DUI it has been very difficult to find employment. Nurses don’t want to hear I’ve went through all of the BON request with letters to show I’m not a drug addict and I’m very competent to care for my patients safely. I’ve found out that someone that has spent time incarcerated have a better chance of getting a second chance from a nurse than a nurse. Yet we are the ones that support and help everyone else. They will say ‘poor choice” but nursing mgrs mandating over time and giving you a load of patients they could not do safely is not ‘poor choice” . ? lots of poor decisions for sure ! How many nurses fall asleep driving after a disaster shift ?

    8. Sad how the stereotypes about nursing surface over and over.
      Nurses eat their own or their young.
      Only BSN and above are really nurses.
      Bedside or Roadside, what are you?
      If you ain’t certified, you don’t matter.
      How about this?
      Bedside nurses. Protect your patients and the staff you work with, including yourself.
      Non clinical……
      Either stop calling yourself a nurse or adhere to #1.
      You are either loyal to the patients and the Nurses (all nursing staff, not just one title)
      Or you are loyal to the system.
      Any accounts assistant can do that.

    9. Im electrician by trade now ICU nurse and there is no fking way a nurse any nurse can possibly work ICU after two days orientation. Crazy . Mgrs are nuts to allow this and they should fry , unsafe conditions . But they wont because the corrupt boards are biased to mgrs, prof’s . SHAME ON ALL OF THEM !! not what they are in place for. This is the norm and ANA / AZNA stand is “do the best you can “. Go home is the best you can take care of yourself and your license !

    10. And Nurses think that Yuma Medical Center will treat them any better !? Horrible !!! HELL HOLE YUMA MEDICAL CENTER ! This Dr is a hero, and a war vet . Yuma loves to silence, or try too . Bad decision.
      Dr. Cleavon Gilman, a well-known emergency-medicine physician, has been asked not to return to his work at Yuma Regional Medical Center for his social media posts about the severity of the COVID-19 pandemic in Arizona, according to him and his staffing agency.

      “What I don’t understand about this is I have been advocating for Arizona; I have been calling for a mask mandate, the closure of schools and indoor dining,” Gilman told The Arizona Republic. “I did all of this because we are seeing an unprecedented number of cases. This is my third surge — I know how this ends.”

      The hospital said in a statement late Thursday night that “there has been a misunderstanding” and Gilman is scheduled to work this weekend. “News to me,” Gilman tweeted.

      Gilman, who in June moved his fiancé and two kids from New York to work in Yuma near the U.S.-Mexico border and “serve the small community during the pandemic,” has not been to work since Nov. 23.

      It started on Nov. 22 when Gilman tweeted “Just got to work and was notified there are no more ICU beds in the state of Arizona.”

      “What happened to the 175 beds??? We likely don’t have nursing to staff them,” he added. The Arizona Department of Health Services at the time reported that 90% of ICU beds were in use.

      His tweet received more than 81,000 likes and 30,000 retweets. Gilman said he finished his shift that day “without a problem.”

      The next morning, Nov. 23, Gilman had just arrived at the hospital when he received a call from the health care staffing company he works for, Envision Healthcare. Envision told him the hospital did not want him to come back to work.

      “They told me it was because of the tweets and I couldn’t believe it because that was accurate information I posted to inform the citizens of Arizona,” he said. “It is a grave injustice and it’s not just happening to me. Doctors everywhere are afraid to speak up.”

      Gilman was scheduled the following three days but the “hospital did not permit” him to come in, he said.

      “All I know is this hospital is trying to crush my voice, they want to silence me and they want to financially hurt me. This is all so wrong.”

      In a time where Gilman said hundreds of thousands of his colleagues are forced to leave the front lines due to burnout and rising infection rates among health care workers, it is a “slap in the face” to sit on the sidelines for “no reason.” But regardless of whether or not he holds a position at the hospital, Gilman said he isn’t going to be quiet on social media anytime soon.

      Around 11:45 p.m. Thursday, Yuma Regional Medical Center said in a statement posted on Twitter that “While he is not speaking on behalf of YRMC, we respect Dr. Gilman’s right to share his personal perspective on the pandemic.”

      “We need good caregivers like Dr. Gilman here,” the statement said.
      Gilman outspoken about COVID-19 response in Arizona

      Gilman served as a hospital corpsman in the U.S. Marines during the Iraq War well before he became the chief resident of emergency medicine at the New York-Presbyterian Hospital during the beginning of the pandemic, a moment in history he said was “worse than war by a long shot.”

      “The death toll during the entire Iraq War was equivalent to what we see now every single day,” he said. “You could leave a war zone if you couldn’t handle it. COVID is everywhere.”

      Starting March 20, Gilman began documenting “what was happening on the frontlines” in his online journal, “#CleavonMDjournal.”

      His first post: “Tough night last night. Intubated a young woman with a history of smoking who decompensated very fast. There are so many COVID cases in New York City.”

      His posts about COVID-19 drew wide attention thanks in part to their insight into a hot spot in the early days of the pandemic. Approximately 203,000 cases of COVID-19 were reported in New York City during the first three months of the pandemic.

      In the spring and summer he talked with Men’s Health and Insider, but his prominence skyrocketed with the tweet about ICU beds in Yuma.
      Lawsuit highlights history of Catholic priests fleeing Arizona
      5 easy day hikes in Phoenix
      Rainfall breaks dry streak in Phoenix area
      As COVID-19 worsens, life in AZ stays more normal than during first wave

      Since that initial tweet, dozens of his threads have gone viral. Gilman has used his platform to speak out about pay cuts for health care workers, COVID-19 deaths among children and the “lack of action” from President Donald Trump. The posts have been retweeted by celebrities such as John Legend and elected officials such as Arizona Secretary of State Katie Hobbs. On Nov. 25, he was featured in the New York Times for an article about “covid combat fatigue.”

      “I truly believe I have a moral obligation to Arizonans to be honest with them,” Gilman said. “I can’t be quiet while more than 2,000 people are dying everyday. What kind of doctor would I be? What kind of public servant would I be? I can’t live with the silence they are asking from me.”

      On Dec. 5, President-elect Joe Biden called Gilman to thank him for his advocacy and his service. In a video of the call on the Biden-Harris Transitional Team’s Twitter, Biden said “I promise you, doc, you are going to have a full-blown partner. You have my word as a Biden.”

      In his reply, Gilman tweeted that the call “lifted his spirits.”
      ‘Envision has backed me 100%’

      In a statement sent to The Arizona Republic, an Envision Healthcare spokesperson said Envision “fully supports” Gilman and said the loss of his position during an ongoing pandemic would be “unfortunate.”

      “As a physician on the frontlines, he has continuously advocated for his patients and the health and safety of the Yuma community – a traditionally medically underserved community,” the statement said. “We recognize Dr. Gilman’s depth of experience, perspectives and voice he lends to those who might not have one due to the inequities in the complex U.S. healthcare system.”

      The statement concluded by saying Envision has teams based in communities across the country and each would be “fortunate to have a skilled and dedicated physician like Dr. Gilman by their side.”

      However, Gilman said he does not believe he should have to leave Yuma at all. Yuma County has the highest rate of cases per 100,000 people in the state, according to Arizona Department of Health Services data.

      “The people of Yuma deserve an honest doctor who gives them the truth, who cares about them and who advocates for them,” Gilman said. “They have trusted me and I am not leaving them without a fight.”

      Reach the reporter Jamie Landers at Follow her on Twitter @jamielanderstv.

    1. By the set up of the agency it has gone 100% political in every case, by making this political plays right into their hands. We have to be willing to stand up collectively and say “NO, enough already”. The recommendation to play within the systems’ rules for slow and gradual change is pure nonsense. The stakeholders are snickering under their breath when we make statements like that, knowing that they hold all the cards, and how to play them, because they made the deck. If it weren’t a pandemic and you and your family might not die from this, then the arguments about ‘dangerous nurses ” which is a farce , and board knows it , with their little smear campaign , and working within the system MIGHT be pertinent. But it IS a pandemic, and safety is the key. Which means adequate staff and Experienced. staff .
      I recommend we start lobbying Congress for long term benefits for frontline workers, much like we offer VA benefits to our military. If they balk, we threaten to walk off the job. En masse. That’s what it is going to take to get their attention.
      Please do not yield the moral high ground and the bully pulpit we have earned with our sacrifice, it is much too precious to do so.

  1. There are counties that are defunding police depts. by degrees. New York City is planning 1 Billion $ reduction in NYPD.funding

    1. thank you , we do try . Oh yes this is going on in AZ . Certain hospitals are using the Board of Nursing to take down nurses on issues that are not their business . IF a hospital thinks they may have a legal problem , they file reports to the Board of nursing who will distract, take away ability to earn a living, and smear the nurses name . Black ball . A single nurse cannot fight for their license and handle a law suit so they choose the license . This is a great article on what is really going on. AZ BON does not have any over sight. Appointed by Gov, but “has no authority over them . If you do not sign to agree to never sue the BON , any employees , they will take you to OAh sham court . No nurse has won since it started 94′,X one, a rigged system that is decided before you get there . Run by Ducey appointee Hanchett, who is got that prosecutor mentality . In other words a real sick fk . They will even play “judge Roulette ” and judge shop If a judge tries running the cases fairly the BON just whispers in Hanchetts ear they dont want that judge. Diane was a good standby she was corrupt enough for them and Tammy oh yea she is a slime bucket slippery bitch . She tries acting like she is intently listening , but is just waiting until its over to sign the bullshit on paper. most nurses are not aware of any of this. Of course they think it won’t happen to them .This entire masquerade of poor actors , playing court room drama, acting like a real court proceeding , takes place is paid for by the taxpayers ‘ What a waste of time and money. Campbell knows these judges are playing a part so does Sunita , who learned the dirty deed from the top doggy do Elizabeth Campbell. It is like a nurse working in a sloppy habit forming place such as a jail them trying to pull it off at kaiser . Campbell and Krishna will never make it out the joke oah

  2. Admiring the commitment you put into your blog and in depth information you provide. It’s good to come across a blog every once in a while that isn’t the same old rehashed information. Great read! I’ve bookmarked your site and I’m including your RSS feeds to my Google account.

  3. When someone makes a comment , that is RIGHT ON, and realize that this person “GETS IT ” . They know what is really happening, and if anyone applying for nursing school or is in school now or getting a higher degree , they really need to see what can happen to all of it . Career gone, by a corrupt board, student loans still linger. “”Hospitals, they want a docile workforce, they want a workforce they can control,” said John Kauch, RN, a retired 37-year nursing veteran who advocates for workplace rights. They do so “by fear and intimidation,” he added. “A nurse’s number one fear is to be turned in to a board of nursing for anything.”

    “If you’re a whistleblower and you speak truth to power, that will get you a disciplinary hearing even more so than if there is patient harm.””””(isn’t this the truth ! )

  4. When I first read this site back a few years ago I was working at the AZBN in the investigation dept. When I saw the post here about the nurses being treated with bags over their heads I knew it wouldn’t be much longer that I would work at this agency. At that time there was little identification of authors on this page. Since then the author is well identified. I remember the case to which I was mailing documents and soon realized I was part of stated fraud. I knew all along it was fraud. I left nursing after this job and 100% regret ever working here.

  5. Nice to know. I would think anyone who could work there , find out the dirty deeds, and stay is one inhuman sociopathic individual . The AZ BON is one of the worst. Thank you for coming forward. you are not the only one, though . It is confirmed by many what was suspected . Joey Ridenour has a lot to answer for ! And her minions.

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