In The Belly of The Beast AZBN

Without any doubt there are different approaches to gathering and investigating information about almost anything. Mother Jones, and I am sure there are some that know about their investigative skills. They took a page from Gonzo journalism and became a part of the system they were investigating. And actually for such a prominent liberal organization their ability to keep an open mind about their discoveries is very conservative; which all boils down to finding the truth and reporting the truth.

Any number of this site’s contributors have lived inside the belly of the beast known politically as AZBN, have found the truth about this governmental bureau of twisted tales and injured patients as well as injured nurses.. This page has posted many posts by nurses who’ve only done one thing wrong and that is to deny that the AZBN is a credible source of evidence produced to be persecuted by the Az Attorney General’s office.  The details of many bogus cases persecuted by the outfit are scattered throughout this page. Making a point now is somewhat irrelevant as the corrupt behaviors of the AZBN and the Az Attorney General’s are well known and in spite of many laws to prevent these immoral species from continuing their lies, it continues. So really what can be done? The administration could be assumed to care as they passed recent laws to control this monster. But to no avail. 

The weakest point exists with perhaps high profile as so many many nurses have been swallowed up by the beast and have studied while at camp. Not really sure whom would intentionally  ignore a state law and think their actions have no consequences. The AZBN owns the courts, attorneys, judges, board members and police. The moat surrounding the AZBN’s castle is filled with money. Is there a weak point? Yes there is. It is none of the former. 

The weak point is discovered with Mother Jones’s mentality and techniques that has the drive to run parallel with the willingness to sacrifice and produce unpredictability at the least expected time. If it sounds complicated it isn’t. The first amendment of all constitutions can be the foundation of this weakest point. That is complicated only because I can not tell you what that precisely is. Spy Rigging is a course of patience as well as endurance; not to mention a confidential outlook.

For the moment, I would like to thank all of you nurses, and many more, who’ve contributed here and our exchange notes in the back room are very well appreciated. Although I believe loose lips sink ships the truth can be bought but never sold and you can continue with the spy rigging and never worry about telling the truth.

Peary Brown, retired R.N. 


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  1. I can tell you from what i have read and in person before this virus thing. That the Dir of this agency is a huge DISAPPOINTMENT , who has FAILED in so many ways to run a organization that treats people fairly and honestly. That after watching this board in action, and what appears to be amateurs , making off the cuff decisions , is absurd in most cases ! From the board members who’s erratic behavior , to the monotone , half asleep bored , one who either just woke up with a benadryl hangover or is on a huge antidepressant regime. One case someone brought up jogged my memory, a nurse who felt in danger had a knife did not use it , but felt the need to defend herself, and this board punished her , how very odd ? you have cops killing people when they see a cell phone, and nurses are not allowed . This is not something that members who are suppose to judge nursing duties, proper or not, are judging a nurses off duty defending herself. ? I guess at this point, no one on the board had better have knives, guns, stun guns, anything that would deter a dangerous situation, Shocking is the word , on this case , just read about it, and thought I will put in my comment. Especially in Az where everyone wears a gun , or has one. wow . guess all nurses better learn karate .

    1. This board is full of wanna be moron Mormons that truly will get what is coming to them. Remember. it is those people that can’t hack being a real care giving, care providing nurse that take these board positions. Power hungry hippos that cannot muster an IQ of 100 collectively. We are talking when God was handing out brains, they thought they heard ‘trains’ and said “no thank you”..& the rest is “as evidenced by” just how the ole nursing diagnoses states….dumb and dumber..
      How long do they really think they will be able to trample basic due process rights of nurses before it bites them in the ass?……if only ole covid could wipe out the whole lot of this low hanging fruit, bottom dwelling scum ..who knows what the man upstairs has planned?

      1. I see this site and I teach at Rio Salado College , I m from Mesa , originally from San antonio Texas , I am a typical mormon, I am a big mouth tattle tale bitch, and I report people , especially if they do not like my mormon ‘religion” . or the funky undergarments that we wear. I am ok with people making fun of anything but that , see I control the world. I also am very typical at telling everyone how to act , like us, and how to act in their everyday life and when they do not obey me , i report them for hating us. Yes that’s me. I get even madder if they say they don’t want me teaching their children. Just look at my circle of friends, was are all members of the big temples , I would never get out cause I wouldn’t have any friends . That is how we act, we bully , ignore, treat anyone who gets out with disrespect, that will ‘show them ‘ a thing or two. I will be the last to admit I am brain washed. I bet if I was a nurse I could not what ever i wanted and get away with all of it ! yes we do report everyone and anyone who argues with us, we are used to that cause we have spent a lifetime of defending ourselves ,when the rest of the people call us a call we call the bigots, yes but we are not the mouthy ones, they are , we can do no wrong ! just call me the “good ” mormon. And don’t tell on me when you see me with a drink, or coffee or not being the little lady im suppose to be. and if you were in my class your grades would suffer cause they is how we operate. Oh , we do need moisture don’t we ?

      2. Nothing like telling on someone using first person, that’s ok . Makes it really good. Her and her kind need to take out their lifetime defending out on the sister wives and the brethren for doing dirty deeds if they want to be looked at with respect. But they are mouthy, and are given stupid statements , lines to say . If they say this , they you say THIS . Remember the dirty momo from Utah putting in ads of herself as a good looking male. Setting up dates with women , pretending to be a male. If people do not look at internet as , what is it that can be believed or not. For instance look at the BON, to protect the public. We all know they are liars . Parrots , lying Parrots is all they are. Parrots with hen feathers. Then there is the oah , web page , it is almost comical the blatant lies , one lie after another . Love sites with no admin rules, too many sites, are rule happy , by people like the board of nursing. Love to make more rules , fabricate stuff up, always make it so they have snags in place . Where are the nurses who are working or fighting against this ? ? Where , waiting for people on this site to join them or be under their control ? “””””Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are. ~ Ben Franklin”””

      3. As a patient I went to a NP named Sharleen Ballance , I told her my arm was hurting, and I had pain going down my arm . She did an ekg, and was sending me home. I asked if there was anything else I should do, should I go to the emergency room ? , she said no. I said it hurts really bad I am concerned , with no regard for my concerns and only an EKG , she sent me home . The next day !! The NEXT DAY ! , I was in more pain, and it was severe, I went to the ER , and they did a cardiac catherization, and said I was 100% blocked ! And that I could have died . I received a stent immediately . i believe this NP was wrong , and she jeopardized my life. I reported this to the board in nursing . mind you this happened april 1, 2016 , and at the meeting it was brought up , I told them on the telephone my story and they immediately made these motions and voted to dismiss this matter like my life didn’t matter . When the ones on the board apparently took a vote, I started to ask a question and was hung up on . ! Waited over four years to be heard and in a matter of minutes I was discarded.

      4. This is so true . Not sure you can penetrate these soul less ones . Brain washing is a horrible thing. Wonder if the black lady has figured things out yet . They tolerate this one for now, to throw people off they are not all mormons . It appears that the employees here spend more time reading this sight than actually working on nurses who are currently licensed ! Keeping a list of those who spend their time trying to shut this down. good luck with that a holes !! Taxpayers you are paying for this corrupt board to snoop dog !!

      5. Even with the good traffic, as its been good for good time already, itll take more, thanks so much for all your info. The platform is trying to change to advertising as to increase traffic.

      6. In AZ they are closing the bars . No social dancing . With the threat by the gov. they will take their liquor license. Then I thought when I lived there , this is how the board of nazi nursing was operating, sign here or no license. So now Bar owners , Ducey is using this tactic on YOU . Do what I say or no license . How does it feel down in AZ under the control of nazi government . People in my state have more guts than that, they say, take my money and we’ll see you later . …. … , in the mean time , well lots of thoughts race through your mind.
        OR , Ducey is really acting like nazi nursing board , and going after the one Bar in Scottsdale where his son used a FAKE ID , to get in and got cited ! Stupid kid , under 21 license is a whole lot different that over 21 Divers license, , geez. Yep either way the Gov is doing his az ways just like the bd of nazi nurses.

      7. Here’s a good one, and more than one of you can add to it. I know lots been screwed over by this dirty dog ; this is what she must say to herself , and she does talk to herself. LOL !! My name is Elizabeth Campbell, I get my way, Joey Ridenour lets me do what ever i want . in fact I tell her what to do . Sometimes I have to repeat it , but my hourly is guaranteed. i can make up lies faster then the speed of sound . I will sit there and run my big mouth all day . One of the nurses attorneys said that I was “confused “. Not sure what he meant by that , I guess he just thinks I don’t know what law is which. I should know but I can get away with more stuff with these nurses . Especially the ones who are cna lna and lpn, . I don’t care about any of them, I just enjoy sending out all of those legal letters . I know I am well hated , but I don’t care , I’ m still daddy’s little spoiled girl . I get away with a lot , I love it when we have court at admin law court, i love to win, and it is pretty easy , the judges are in my pocket and each time it is a new nurse so they never catch on. I just do the same old thing over and over . Why should I learn anything new. the newer judges are really easy . And then for the high light of my day, is when I tell the bd members how I want them to vote, and they do every time, they are dumber than the judges. When I say , ‘the state requests to revoke” and they vote revoke , i love it when the nurse is there to watch the pain and sadness , climax for sure . I was able to ruin another career ! Good Times !

      8. Bd complaint . ” I had it once. An openly xenophobic patient demanded to know why it was me taking care of him and not “some real American nurse”. The manager, who was openly racist and anti-immigrant, terminated me for nothing short time after and wrote the report about “deep concern about safety”.

        I do not know if I’d come out of this mess alive and with license if I wouldn’t tell people who knew better and had access to legal consult experienced in working with professional regulatory agencies. I had to write down the statement describing exactly what happened during that particular episode. The case was closed, the manager was called to Boards instead. She had to speed up her retirement a bit and entered it with tarnished license.

      9. ”Justice will not be served until those who are unaffected are as outraged as those who are. ~ Ben Franklin”””

      10. Look here the #1 law school for mormons, right in az , imagine that . YES WE CAN. they love to take over , think they are the epitome of truth, a bunch of liars. Scum bags. And turn out to be some of the worst citizens . (look at the how the bd of nazis is run) . (distance to the nearest LDS temple and each school’s prestige.Ranked in the top ten are: Arizona State University
        The University of Nevada, Las Vegas- no surprise the mormons ran the mafia out.
        Creighton University
        Gonzaga University
        The University of Idaho- yea get into law so you can be a corrupt judge and take care of your buddies . Then run for some law making arena . The ruination of America .

        Thank your az bd of nursing for doing the nasty to a few nurses who starting looking back at what is really going on. AZBON thought they were ‘cute” putting lies and damning stuff , one sided stories , and plastering it , so we say, how do you like it ? You like that ? Your BUSINESS MODEL exposed.

      11. I can tell you , that i wished this sight was up when i was in az !! let me tell you ! I am still stronger now and i am putting in complaints about everyone and anyone who was involved in this corrupt board of nursing . Those who do not turn everyone and anyone who was part of this into the proper agency and any agency that is fighting for nurses / peoples rights . Ask yourself did you report anyone who is licensed in anything to their perspective agency ? DO IT! If you did not file eeoc, then your just all hot air . It’s also still being looked at by the EEOC as there were more complaints after I left AZ. I can tell you that I almost left the nursing profession because of all the BS I went thru in AZ.”

      12. Anyone see the latest a nurse who wants to be anonymous (SAD , nurses 2020 cannot speak their minds !! ) they are short of nurses . And to think that Joke Ridenour, can only say “AND I HELPED ” . yes you did , you sat on your ass and watched while many nurses and NP were given punitive decisions, revocations. SHAME OF THIS DIRTY BOARD OF NURSING , the blood is on your hands , every one who dies because not enough experienced nurses . And your “protecting the public” , your sick in the head . Stop playing with peoples lives. Dirty board!! (actually the dirtiest board in the states ! )

      13. A post about Corona virus, interesting, the comparison to losing everything but losing your career and everything you worked for because of the board of nursing virus . “”{“Shutting a business will not make this virus go away, however it will kill how people make their money and continue with their livelihood.
        Nothing is worse then loosing your home, car and everything you have ever worked for “for” something that can be cured. 99% success rate.
        Stop letting people tell you what to do with your life. Continue to strive and make the best of it because you live every day and only day once. 🐿””}””
        The comparison “something that can be cured ” well not this gang lot of thieves, no cure for that, but wipe out the entire gang of them and maybe run a decent , fair , and honest board, yep these dummies on the bd , have cost a lot of nurses money, and loss , it will be sweet when it happens to one of them. As well as the dirty atty gen bitches. who think they are practicing law, who’s law are they practicing , the devils duty . A lot of people have a strong distaste for all of them , including the director and the staff who does dirty do do , like Dahn, Mand, Mamaluy, Ellis, and more.

      14. anyone ever hear that janeen (DOCTAH DAHN LOLOL !!!) dahn theory or explanation of antibiotics? It is like a 3rd grader theory of phoney baloney. Don’t ever think this dumb dahn is intelligent , she got some education but hey who can’t retain and regurgitate for the test. some real winners at this crazy agency . she got some real side looks when I was there, I mean like, that look when someone is thinking (where did this come from , and why does this exist, and who they hell put her in associate position ) generally someone in that position takes over when the dumb director who is in there now finally (FINALLY ) exits left. Like in FINALLY , az gets rid of the worst dir of the nursing agency ever . ! Former board board members know what what is going on would not happen if Fran Roberts was the Dir. Putting DOCTAH DUMB DAWN, in charge , It is a crack up over and over to hear them call this dummie DOCTAH. That will be a governors undoing for sure , ANd Mand, the unprofessional one, who is clearly helping dumb director , with her corruption, well let’s just say. And why is it that CINDY the other partner in crime, Neither one cuts the mustard.

      15. post for a friend who is afraid this site will talk to the board. (haha told her no one hear wants to have anything to do with those crazies, ) !! “”Yes, I am currently dealing with a BON complaint. It is without basis, and was filed by one of my coworkers anonymously. Every time I think things are all discussed, and the stress might die down, another thing comes up. Someone (or more than one) at my workplace hates me enough to want to destroy my career and my reputation, and I have no idea why. It is really difficult to continue to show up for my shifts and pretend like everything is fine. I can’t discuss any of it with anyone at work, so I have no cohort support. It is awkward to know that all the higher ups see my name in this context. I can’t describe very well how horrible this experience is. “”

      16. Pretty crazy stuff, Banner is bragging about they have staff “some have come out of retirement ” . Wonder if they are like the board members , tripping around trying to do bedside work . Did they do this cause the license was FREE? Or are they the marty’s who decided they have suffered enough . Retirement that boring . Or be like the board of nursing agency and just skate through the day , reading this sight and eating bon bon’s . While spying , their norm. Other states results of board complaints are SO MUCH different from the corrupt arizona nonsense . much ado about nothing !

      17. I looked that one up , the one who acts like the mgr . She makes a comment in my case, when a situation came up about a cop. It was a wrongful arrest but you know all nurses are liars according to them. She actually said < I don't think the police man would lie do you ? (asking other employees that were there ) Oh hell no lady cops lie ? , really , does a bear shit in the woods ? that is like a 2nd job for them . I was telling my friend who lives by a small town eastern part of the state , she said her husband is a cop. (omg ! no wonder , she is so messed up, and him too ) they are like the worst to live with , 20 years ago cops were different , almost human Not today , they will pull a gun right off . I know like 10 people who would rip her a new one if she even said that to them . Cops love to use their stun guns for fun, beat people up that are unarmed and handcuffed . it is like a sport. read their reports , a work of fiction . Unreal , to state about someone you do not know because of their occupation they would never lie, that statement is really meth'd up ! What drugs is she on ? ANd trying to get others to agree with her by putting it in the form of a question, but she was making this asinine statement . Like why do you think their are protests to defund them ??? HELLO ! Cause they lie , and do not want anyone taking any videos ! So they can lie !

      18. For those of you with your heads in the sand , a board this public and who needs to set examples would never do something like this,and is doing corrupt things, think again. Don’t put anything past this corrupt board of nursing , nothing. You don’t think they haven’t been doing this ? When your spending the taxpayers money anything goes. When you have a high position , you think you can bang any broad. Now Dir of Calif is out of a job. Just like JOKEY, who thinks she can walk over anyone . We can only hope this finally happens in AZ , clean out the molly mormon’s . Makes you wonder what Janeen and Joey do behind closed doors , doesn’t it . An agency doesn’t get that far behind unless they are screwing off . Right now trying to clean up the mess of the last decade , for the once in 10 years audit. Need to clean the molly’s out there too.

      19. The healthcare regulatory boards tend to be dangerously unfair.
        In fact, there is a fundamental unfairness in most of the functions of most of the healthcare regulatory boards in most of the states across the nation. The worst board in a recent poll, and public opinion is AZ hands down. AZ makes headlines for a lot of things . The dumbest legislature in the USA, The most corrupt Senate . Prosecutorial misconduct. County Atty denying any wrongful convictions ever ! At hiring events for psychologists AZ is always a big joke. that is how the jokers on the boards list make big bucks. The cost of this unfairness is high. It negatively affects patients, providers, and healthcare generally.

        Although the healthcare regulatory boards may be assumed to put some “bad” practitioners out of business, they have also put many good practitioners/ nurses , cna’s, and ever those who have never worked in in az just applied , puts them out of business. When this happens, the effects can be devastating. Even without a licenses revocation, a healthcare provider with a “black mark” (right or wrong, large or small) is effectively blacklisted via national data banks and will likely never have a full or optimal practice ever again in their lives. Well trained, devoted nurses , even in the processes leading up to penalties, are often driven into poverty and despair. Feeling helpless and hopeless, with nowhere to turn, many healthcare professionals turn to suicide.

      20. Here is a woman who regrets being a part of the ‘obedient crowd ” , she makes a statement in our hometown oregon paper. While she is celebrating freedom, the nurses of az still cannot break away from this controlling cult . Who gets a nursing license in az and finds out they will be judged and controlled but these crazy cult members. (and no it is not a religion it is a business , political hack groupies , taking care of their cult party ).
        <"some days just hits me…the fraud, lies, bigotry, sexual repression, judgments, guilt, shame, expectation and abuse….white patriarchy makes me puke!! I literally mourn all the years I feel were lost serving in demanding callings, having to say yes to every calling because “it is from god” and made to feel less to say “no” …because holy fuck I knew what was happening in my life, and it’s none of their business!! I was a “people pleaser” so i thought I had to “behave and be OBEDIENT”. Damn why did i ever leave my “make love not war”, drugs, sex and rock ‘n roll college days in Portland??? But I was called to REPENTANCE…how subhuman this religion is, how binding of each individuals freedom. And now 46 yrs of marriage …45 in the cult , now feeling the joy of 1.5 yrs free …How I want to
        Scream from the highest mountain
        I AM FREE …WE ARE FREE 🤙🏼)""
        (When will nurses in AZ be FREE of their sick brain washed thought process ?? )

      21. Hey what ever happened to “RUG ” Elizabeth Campbell . She doesn’t deserve a vacation.

      22. Great to read , cause it is so true ! Just a comment ! How is that horse shit statement : “protecting the public working for ya now nursing agency ?? IT was all nonsense all along, but now a shortage of nurses who have experience and can take care of the critical patients . Protecting yourselves ! Those puppets on the board, are as sickening as ever. E M says “just tell them and keep up with “protecting the public ” . but ya can all say it in your sleep you brain washed bimbo’s ! !

      23. This is how things are going in hospitals , this is YUMA Regional Medical Center :: Here we go… my 68 year old Father had COVID early June, he had a very mind case, we are very grateful considering all the underlying conditions he has. He quarantined for 3 weeks and tested negative on June 17th and all was well.

        Last Sunday my Father fell at home and was taken to YRMC, When he arrived at the ER they tested him for COVID, the result were positive and was transferred to an area with other COVID positive patients. He was there for about an hour when a Doctor goes to see him and tells him that they’ve made a mistake, he was NOT positive for COVID. The Doctor apologized for the mistake and had him moved immediately to the COVID Negative area.

        2 days after running X-rays, MRIs they find he has severely injured his neck and needed surgery a.s.a.p. they transferred him to Phoenix 3 days later where they tested him for COVID again upon arrival at the hospital in Phoenix. The test came back positive. How could this be? Did he get the virus while he was in the COVID area 3 days before?

        We are infuriated with their negligence. Because of this positive COVID test, my Father’s surgery was cancelled and postponed for 4 weeks! In the meantime he’s stuck in Phoenix awaiting his COVID recovery, who knows how long this will take!

        As of now, a week later, my Father has NO SYMPTOMS of COVID, and the hospital refuses to test him again!
        In the meantime my Father is alone, very emotional, afraid and lonely. Makes me so sad for him and my Mother that cannot be with him. Most of all and angry at YRMC for their negligence.

    2. Well lookie here ! THERESA BERRIGAN aka TERI Berrigan AKA TERRI BERRIGAN , aka TERESA BERRIGAN , got reported , a board member making MEDICATION ERRORS ! RETALIATING !! (and the biggee, ‘not enough evidence ” ) if the AZBON looked at this case on any nurse but her they would have gotten DOC , PROBATION, REVOCATION. but you know when this was filed this was in the same building with OAh, and look at the board for Nursing Care admin !! All residents of Gilbert/ Mesa. (no wonder the C virus figures won’t come out on those east valley assisted living). One of these board members is RANDOLPH, (remember PAM on the AZBON, and Wilderson, Imig, Seamans, Olson (bigger mo mo name then the others but all part of the mission creep gang ) . I can so believe this Berrigan is a ‘natural ” at retaliation, and went after Bridget Green. If this was investigated by the AZBON BERRIGAN would not be on the board ! Not throwing out expired medications, does she know anything about nursing ? besides how to vote along with her mormon bitch .
      Did Ridenour talk to Allen Imig ? or Nursing CARE bd member CAMPBELL ???? ( another familiar name ) the names of the dirtiest nurses just keep on showing up don’t they !! here is complaint ::This does NOT in NO WAY mean she was not guilty this is political bargaining , dirty board members , taking care of each other ! Teresa , (terri Berrigan ) has a substancial complaint on her, medication errors, and retaliation.

      Although this agency dismissed , probably because of her being on the nursing board, she is not suppose to be on the board w/a complaint. (the board of nursing, with NO evidence charges many nurses , with decrees, probation , revocation etc. )

      The entire board and Director need to be investigated, in how they are operating . Many cases that show favoritism, and bias , malice by members. The BON did not investigate, who should have because of medication errors. Most members on the BON are not current hands on, that represent the majority of nurses before them .

      HERE is copy of complaint .

      6. Complaint # 15-63 Berrigan, Theresa Manager Open Date: 6/12/15 Investigator Smyth summarized the complaint for the Board. Board staff received a letter of complaint from Bridget Green the previous employee at Brookdale Baywood, located at 310 S. 63rd St., Mesa. Ms. Green alleged: Medication errors Discontinued medication were not disposed of properly Retaliatory action by Ms. Berrigan Ms. Berrigan was present and summarized for the Board what took place regarding the allegations. Ms. Green was present and answered the Board’s questions regarding her complaint. After hearing from both parties, Member Kidder made a motion that was seconded by Member Randolph to dismiss complaint 15-63 against Theresa Berrigan, for insufficient evidence of a violation. The motion passed 5 – 0.

      1. This is the board member who is a LPN, not sure why they still have them , when the basic level now to be hired is BSN . Worked with some LPN”S who knew their stuff, but this board member does not . Offers very little except “Berrigan Aye” . certainly not a peer to many , especially RN’s who are trained to do so much more. LPN”s generally pass meds, NOT IV, and do dressing changes and must work under an RN so there fore be supervised . They also cannot do the initial assessment , or must be co signed. A lot of over sight , hospitals won’t hire them at all for a long time. No prerequisites, just a 9 months course , to work as a glorified nurses aide basically . McDonalds would not even recognize them as nurses for nurses week or working Corona Virus cases. Sad that someone like her that is a poor example, can judge nurses before the board. Basically Berrigan wouldn’t make a pimple on a real nurses ass . I do believe her number #1 trait is retaliation, being on the board of nursing for a few years can certainly make someone think this behavior is at all ok . The AZBON should do an investigation but the triage (no education corrupt twit who decides if a case moves on ) only looks at the name , and says oh shit, no way, and tosses it.

      2. YIKEES ! , Looked her up , she is the one who sounds like a male. that deep voice I’m sure she’s had a sex change , or overdosed on testosterone . the adam’s apple always gives it away. When she/he speaks, you look for the male and wonder who was talking , i believe it was her , just very deep voice . poor thing. Sometimes they get married for companionship. (if anyone knows post here, cause there was a case awhile ago my boss at County, turned this man in who was taking hormones and doing that . Just because patients complain , so what , change assignments .
        Must be hard on them . Doesn’t really matter , just confusing as to who is talking , cause i believe it is women on the board right ?

      3. Women on the board? when that male (?)was on there he acts like a pussy, when a male is mixed in with this gang, they have to run the show, be in charge, tell the rest of the stupid women who can’t think for themselves, what to think ,how to vote and keep their mouths shut, the rest are pretty much women, mostly act like a bunch of old hens. The attys from AG , fit right in blah blah blah. Male atty’s use them with false compliments and are polite to get what they want , while some shake their heads in disgust , rightly so.

    3. AW , don’t give away secrets, The bait was set, just waiting for the contact, and connection which equals conspiracy. One of the snoop dogs, see’s it , contacts the intended one, and wha.laaaaa back fire. yes they do like to gossip , the hens will play COCK A DO-DA-LoOOOO !!!!!
      they are so unprofessional, you know they play this game . gotta watch their backs at all angles. the round about connection is better yet, and make sure it is oot, and st, and making a deal of it just makes 4 bigger headlines and more attention. taking licenses , being hard asses, retaliation bitches, with that little ditty comes their loss of control . nothing they can do, lost that little string , that judges love , don’t do what i say jerk ya back. Well the jerk string is gone, no control no power, no ace in hole cards left, you must deal with your stupidity now. Whhhaaaaa . Now focus on Rio Salado, and who is being protective there . The ones too stupid to focus on what the real issue is, and who their target should be, but instead working it as a gang banger style, as usual. Then single one out, it is something to watch how it all unfolds. You would think they would take care of one of their own, instead they just SEPARATE, away, like they don’t know them when they make headlines of what bastards they are . Be is Paul Peterson, Philip Brailford, Derek Brown, or Randy Quinn. Afraid of these a holes ? that thinking if for pussy cops, ot the ‘males’ at the bon.

    4. Yes, I am a “different” nurse than I was for sure. But don’t give up, Bee! And try not to worry that you’ll have the same as I. There is no way to explain all one goes through, but the learning and experience will broaden you as a nurse and as a person. It certainly taught me compassion for others going through this, and sure woke up my unrealistic expectations of the BRNs etc…My Hospital and another nurse had responsibility in this as well. Yet I took the fall as the hospital protected itself from its liability in the matter. They had already been “looked at” for other similar issues. And the other nurse…well, what can I say? They took her comments out of context and she was shrewd in how she handled her part.

      Find out all you can now or as soon as possible in your case. I didn’t even know any of this until the discovery was given to me and at that point, it was too late. Or at least that is what my lawyer told me and he was unwilling to open that can of worms.

      Get second opinions, expert opinions, and see if you can find an RN/Lawyer who understands the nurse’s perspective. I’m sorry I don’t have any specific referrals for you at this point. Please just hang in and fight!

    5. BeenThere2012, my gosh you are one of the few people who can truly understand what has been happening! All the management, lawyers, investigators, coworkers, etc can all talk to whomever they wish, but I am not supposed to talk to anyone! Management keep pushing me to call EAP, not a bad idea, but not specifically helpful either. Apparently there is not a support for nurses navigating this problem, but there is one for physicians. I’m so sorry that you went through this. I feel that the injustice and damage and grief cannot be repaired, and your experience tells me I’m probably right.
      (ATTY note eap is for psych help , it is a bad idea , this is one of the bon’s tricks. if you want to talk to someone talk to anyone you want to , the boards love to try to control every aspect of your life , like they do in their lives. do not allow this, you are not a slave of these controlling bitch’s , in fact get louder , and put it all out there , it is not unprofessional conduct , like they like to scare you , it is unprofessional of them to suggest this )

    6. What is up with the BULL S*** this weird agency , all someone has to do is say “I am afraid of him ” Yea well i can say that about you too BITCH. So much nonsense. like Judge Judy says , to one lying slut, “Your not afraid of anyone “. She knows, but these who SHOULD know better don’t . Made up lies and words get someone in a lot of trouble! get the Fuk out of crazy arizona ! These people are all crazy !

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  3. A strange thing happened to me . I went to bed one night in my home country, the United States of America, known for its Constitution and protection of individual liberties, and the next day I woke up in a place I no longer recognized, for it had become a totalitarian communist regime. Run by the Arizona Board of Nursing and their communistic ways. The ones who are a party to this are on the board, employees of the board, dir , assoc dir’s , attorney, and anyone associated in any way and the Governor (Ducey) . Work as a nurse in Arizona and this can happen to you . Ducey picks the Director, the board members , and this is the panel who is going to be a deciding group. Attorney General office sends over more orwell animal farm pigs , to destroy the freedoms we have. Wicked women who think they are gaining something . When they are taking away their daughters and granddaughters freedoms. But that is what selfish people do . Immediate gratification for their selfish selves, making the men who sent them brnovich and ducey, proud how they can pig screw over nurses, nurse aides . And they do this willingly , no one has a gun to their heads. Communistic Controlling cover ups for the cash , which is exactly how whores operate on the streets . Give it up for money.

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