In The Belly of The Beast AZBN

Without any doubt there are different approaches to gathering and investigating information about almost anything. Mother Jones, and I am sure there are some that know about their investigative skills. They took a page from Gonzo journalism and became a part of the system they were investigating. And actually for such a prominent liberal organization their ability to keep an open mind about their discoveries is very conservative; which all boils down to finding the truth and reporting the truth.

Any number of this site’s contributors have lived inside the belly of the beast known politically as AZBN, have found the truth about this governmental bureau of twisted tales and injured patients as well as injured nurses.. This page has posted many posts by nurses who’ve only done one thing wrong and that is to deny that the AZBN is a credible source of evidence produced to be persecuted by the Az Attorney General’s office.  The details of many bogus cases persecuted by the outfit are scattered throughout this page. Making a point now is somewhat irrelevant as the corrupt behaviors of the AZBN and the Az Attorney General’s are well known and in spite of many laws to prevent these immoral species from continuing their lies, it continues. So really what can be done? The administration could be assumed to care as they passed recent laws to control this monster. But to no avail. 

The weakest point exists with perhaps high profile as so many many nurses have been swallowed up by the beast and have studied while at camp. Not really sure whom would intentionally  ignore a state law and think their actions have no consequences. The AZBN owns the courts, attorneys, judges, board members and police. The moat surrounding the AZBN’s castle is filled with money. Is there a weak point? Yes there is. It is none of the former. 

The weak point is discovered with Mother Jones’s mentality and techniques that has the drive to run parallel with the willingness to sacrifice and produce unpredictability at the least expected time. If it sounds complicated it isn’t. The first amendment of all constitutions can be the foundation of this weakest point. That is complicated only because I can not tell you what that precisely is. Spy Rigging is a course of patience as well as endurance; not to mention a confidential outlook.

For the moment, I would like to thank all of you nurses, and many more, who’ve contributed here and our exchange notes in the back room are very well appreciated. Although I believe loose lips sink ships the truth can be bought but never sold and you can continue with the spy rigging and never worry about telling the truth.

Peary Brown, retired R.N.