Sleepless Injustice

The continuing review of posts & comments deletes any comment mentioning the name specifically of any spiritual group.  1/9/2018

When this first came in as a complaint it did strike a cord of truthfulness and honesty as the accuracy, at least in a single view, is true. A Respondent from a AZBN complaint writes to Watchdogs:

 I have changed my mind about meeting with you or anyone from your group.  My belief system is different than yours. I have seen where your group put things on the web that was disturbing, things like calling that J. Dahn a queer, you put the headstone over that J. Ridenour’s pic, you called that lawyer ugly and posted her DUI on your web page, and you make very rube statements about Mormons, and that R.Quinn.  I am not against gays, people who make mistakes, blacks, nor can I post things about peoples children on the web, like I saw your group put on the web about that N. Austin child.  Do not contact me anymore via email or FB.  I do not know how you obtained a copys of my hearing date, but if anyone of you come to any of my hearings I was ask the Judge to remove you. 


First off, the fact that a nurse would have a complaint pursued by the Bd after same nurse filed a civil safety complaint against the originator of that complaint, is pimp action. The slandering of religion connections has zero to do with their religion, beliefs, only naming them as the go between, a social bridge used to silence. Dahn appears queer as the term applies to odd, in that same nurse so out of shape couldn’t do 10 mins. of CPR. We call that odd, as in queer for her to pass judgement on other APs when her clinical skills have major issues. These character assassinations are viewed by you now as that. When you get at the end of your case your knowledge bin will be enormously filled with evidence, that only you know which the truth really is, & that bin is now empty. The knowledge you are about to gain and the faith you loose is a mere automated overlay off your case, details aren’t required. Being two yrs into it and headed for Adm Law Hearing? AKA The Green Mile. You Only Know What The Truth Is. The System Doesn’t Care What The Truth Is: It Only Follows The Money.

N.Austin wrote up a cheeseburger delivery to a cardiac pt. & put it as a violation on the Adm Law hearing site. This is a classic witch hunt for political reasons.

Injustice Never Sleeps. Some of the ‘need to know’ is satisfied here.


18 thoughts on “Sleepless Injustice

  1. this person sounds paranoid. She thinks it “rude” to call it like it is. would this same person think it “RUDE” for the BON to announce at a board meeting “this nurse has been hospitalized many times for psychological reason” . or is it RUDE to contact , a nurses relatives who have not spoke to each other in 30 years? or is it RUDE for the BON to yell at nurses at a board meeting ? is it RUDE to treat some nurses differently than others ? is it RUDE for the AZ nurses assoc dir to take photos of nurses who are informing others of the BON ‘s practice ? is it RUDE for the BON to contact my ex husband ? is it RUDE for the BON to inform my college that their is a complaint pending on my license? is it RUDE for the BON to put on the web site complaint pending, with out the nurse knowing ??? Is it rude to charge a nurse with being mentally incompetent for emailing her former boyfriend? is it RUDE for the bon to put on the internet the psych evaluation results ???? is it RUDE TO use psyh evals to degrade a nurse? Well how does the BON like It ??? They can contact an EX sister in law but when a BON “assoc dir ” runs red lights we cant INGUIRE if her kids were in the car??/ a bon who is SUPPOSE to be for public safety . DO you think it is RUDE for a BON to steal careers from nurses who have done NOTHING wrong ! is it RUDE to railroad a nurse and vote to take away a career ? is it RUDE to rig the admin law court ? Isit rude to lie about the nurses ? Is it RUDE for the BON to put on their web site a ONE SIDED BIASED lies about a nurse ??? it is RUDE for the bon to go on a smear campaign to degrade a person . Is it RUDE to harrass nurses at the BON. Is it RUDE to have unjust discipline . Is is RUDE for the BON to put on the internet , a person sexual preference????It as Dahn who took great pride in this ! so watch what you say, cause you make no sense . Girl you need to WAKE UP and see what is REALLY RUDE. the board of nursing has NO control over anyone without a license and they do not like this exposing of them TOO BAD!!! You are listening too much to the nurses assoc who are “working it with the board” and dont think they are not. robin schaefer has not helped one NURSE against this board. She has the same agenda , as they do . SIN FUL !!!


  2. Betting in the number of years (wrongly placed in Dir position , due to NO term limits ) that Ridenour wishes she would have bowed out , now she is smeared all over the country . What the nurses are saying about her is the truth, ‘rude’ , when the nurses who have been railroaded by the political hack are putting their side of the story out in social media land . Not the biased side the board of nursing puts on the web . Which is mostly lies . Suspect the writer of these very biased is Ridenour’s right hand man Valerie Smtih. A new position was actually opened up in that direction. This respondent is trying to save herself with what ever means necessary . It should not work for her, but this board is so corrupt !


  3. Oh Watchdogs, when you ask a AZNA member do you THINK that what the BON puts on the web sight is true, oh absolutely . A nurse will try telling others about the BON , and they go and read what most cannot recognize as hardly the ‘case” at all . How can they put lies on the internet , they find other liars to say something, and they quote them . KNOWING it is all false ! UNPROFESSIONAL CONDUCT !


  4. This is a peculiar sense of timing related to another web page. This page has covered many negative comments but as nurses we must face the realty that automation of nurse discipline has its consequences.


  5. Seems like you are right about the career path for Joey , what career ? that of using her position to take care of her buddies ? in charge of playing games and bullying nurses ? Using taxpayers money to retaliate on nurses? Career criminal . But the first love does seem to be the almighty dollar. Imagine her and Wm look at each other and say , lets retire and take it easy in our last years. Oh hell no ! Its like a gambling addiction, drinking addition ., keep raking in those bucks. It is the LOVE of money that is the root of all evil. Easy to see it here.


  6. Saw this woman (J R ) , at the board , and ya know when the vote goes against you (I know now it is all discussed ahead of time ) and you have tried to bring your point across, pleading, trying to remember what you were going to say, writing it down changing it , awake half the night thinking, and the board gives that dumb blank stare, (basically they do not care about anyone but themselves and their instructions what to do, and who takes the lead, and go along with that ) then the vote goes against you ; at the time you think the operation would be fair, these creeps are nurses right, they must know what it must feel like? OH NO, do not even think their is a heart, or a caring bone between all of them . So the vote is rigged to have enough votes , you lose , you head is swirling, then I looked at Ridenour and that look on her face I will never forget , the look of hahaha, gleeming the board beat out another nurse, actually seeming to have pride in what she was a part of, the look of a wolf with blood dripping from its mouth , if all I can think of to describe it. Something subhuman, some kind of possession, something I could not do to someone in that position, kick someone when they are in the most devastating moment of their entire life . Literally makes me sick to think of it now.


  7. OMG! Wow, you nailed it , yes I saw that look too, I think I was so shocked I blanked it out. I will never forget , (in a very bad way ) that woman. In fact every bd member,(and side line , associates that are a part of this ) and what inhuman treatment , and just general corruption. Have not looked on here in awhile , the reminder of the worst day of my life , it may be a lot longer !
    P S who wants to be a part of a person’s worst day in their life , knowing what they are doing is wrong, and they caused it ? The inhuman part you got right!


  8. This is how the court hearing will go , actual case: Interpretation is right on.





  10. Hey guys nice sight. ! I cannot get over the hair brain prosecutor and her twisting of tales, and how she zeros in on something irrelevant , and the reader follows her into the dark tunnel of nonsense. This chickie is one messed up broad , she wouldn’t make a pimple on a real lawyer *ss. I believe she does needs a psych eval . and I’m talking about of course Elizabeth Campbell. , her pic is on here somewhere. Anyways, she is so in left field , to hear her talk, that if her or any one of these , crazy broads on this board , husbands ever woke up and filed for divorce, I would testify for the husband , do not allow these children to be raised by this mental messed up , woman !!! You cannot act like this all day and go home and turn into ‘mommie dearest ” . Only supervised visits , just like the nurse they order probation and have another nurse ‘supervise ” or watch them , yea that is how close someone needs to be to protect the children. Give these kids a chance at a normal life ! What would be best is the state take custody, and place them in a decent enviroment. Oh Im sure they have clothes food, but we do not need future sociopathic children ! Children learn what they live .


  11. Oh I got sick thinking about kids being raised by any of them. Pray there are no pets involved ! of course there is always animal abuse can be contacted . Now a days they love going after the high profile cases .


  12. There is no doubt this page was primarily opened because of Beth A. Campbell. One can criticize the AZBN as well, but the focus expands where the rubber meets the Rd. with violations that lay at the feet of the A.G.s office and Beth A, Campbell. There will come a time when it does matter.


  13. “beth” campbell , make no mistake about it ELIZABETH CAMPBELL, and another ELIZABETH , “joey ” ridenour., kristi hunter, janine dahn, sunita krishna, and yet another JO–McCormies, Randy dandy Quinn,, Harell, preston, busby lori gutierezz , dale, logue , johnson, and the rest of the gang. all applies to any of them . this applies to all of them that are involved the hate theunprofessional repulsive behaviors., Lets not forget JOHN TELLIER , who is suppose to be managing this whack job. He is with the attorney General s office , the office of corruption catchers LOL !!


  14. Looks to me like the Attorney Generals office could be called “partners in crime ” , and this is CRIMINAL what they do to nurses , Nurse practioners


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