The Medical Mafia Tentacles Reach AZBN.

Back in the the mid nineties there were  huge medical medicare fraud indictments that delved into the billions of dollars lost in Florida through what the U.S. D.O.J. labeled the “Medical Mafia” later clarifying as groups that defraud the health care system.  

If a similar term makes you think of drug dealers and criminals its only because the “Medical Cartel” phrase may easily be associated with a very bad social word. “Cartel”. And there is a reason for that.

Who is the medical cartel? They are the Guardians of the Dollar Flow. They decide which supply and demand system will generate the most money. They turn over slam dunk cases, they destroy anything that touches their money. They own Washington. So when a Banner Facility decides to defile a nurse through the AZBN it is a gorgeous display of the Cartels’ tentacles enormous over reach. Falsifying evidence and childish testimony in the Boards’ most recent green mile event. No clinical events, just gender related trash. Pull this shit in Boston you’d have a nurses’ riot, ASAP 

When operating the managed reviews there at many regulatory agencies that are far and away from the real field of nursing. Who do you trust? Be that as it may, with the power house AZBN helping protecting the  public safety, why is the health care system itself  noteworthy for being the 3rd leading cause of death in the U.S.? The volume of complaints the Board reviews in accompanying responsibilities of educational standards has easily cracked the integrity of agencies’ veneer. As well as the AG and Adm Law Court.


Theme Nurse From The Field

There is no doubt that the theme here has frequently been presenting AZBON, AG,Adm Law Ct activities in review. The nature of real nursing may have escaped some of us. So to identify that we are nurses this publication is about the ability of a seasoned nurse remaining a pivot point, with directional change, in the lives and hearts of those touched by said individual, and individuals in the patient care area.


There is so much I want to write, but so much has been written about the same subject by many people, many different ways.  The bottom line, death is the final journey without a return ticket.

I recall a moment in time when I was a  graduate nurse working in Fort Worth on a medical surgical floor.  It was a lifetime ago, 1981.   A tall lanky man with dark hair and pleasant features walked up to me with a somber expression on his face.  He said, “I need to talk to somebody.  Somebody who possibly could understand.”  I looked at him and stopped what I was doing and asked him what was wrong. He said, “I have been diagnosed with lung and throat cancer and they want me to come in for radiation, chemotherapy and surgery.  I don’t  really know what I should do”.  Needless to say, I was stunned and did not have an immediate reply.  I scrutinized  his face long and hard and came to conclusion he wanted an honest answer.  After a few minutes of silence, I found the answer I thought he was searching for. “Sir”, I said.  “In all honesty,  I can not tell you what to do.  However, I can tell you what I would do.  I would liquidate any and all of my assets and sell anything I had of value and take the trip of a lifetime that I could afford. If you enjoy fishing, then maybe a fishing excursion  is what you should think about.  If you have children and are worried about leaving them anything, don’t worry about it.  Being a good father and educating them is all they need to be successful  and survive in the world.   I am not telling you to do this, but this is exactly what I would do if I found myself in your position.”  He looked at me for a minute and then smiled and said, “Thank you.”  He then shook my hand and left.  I never saw him again and heard from another nurse he never returned for his scheduled treatments.

Fast forward to 2002.  My husband Mark was diagnosed  with multiple  diagnosis during this time, including end stage liver disease. The news hit us hard and we were silent on our ride back home.  I couldn’t think of anything to say. Not one word came to mind that could ease the shock of the news we both heard.  Half way through the ride, I remembered my conversation with the patient in Fort Worth.  I looked at Mark and said, “Let’s sell our house and the ten acres on the river.  Let’s go on a long road trip until the money is gone.  We will take the ultimate vacation we put off for years. Mark  was driving and pulled his eyes away from the road and said, “You would sell the house so we could do this?”    I told him the house and all we acquired  meant nothing without him. We sold the house in town and ten acres on the river four weeks of each other.  We left Llano on October 2002, took a long leisurely trip across the Texas coast, to Louisiana,Mississippi, Alabama, Florida and ended at Key West where we lived and partied for 2 1/2 years none stop.  We packed up and moved to Galveston  in 2005. He died  in 2008.  He lived 5 1/2 years longer than the doctor initially diagnosed. him.  I had quite a few friends and family ask me why I sold the house and land because they said they would never do it.  I told them if I had more money and more assets, I would have liquidated them too.  When Mark died, my life was over as I once knew it, and if I did not sell the house and land, I would have been miserable and sad because our house was not a home without him.  The land meant nothing without him because there was nobody who enjoyed hunting, fishing, camping, swimming, and just sitting on  the rocks  overlooking the Llano River  than both of us together.

On June 2017 I went to Audie Murphy VA in San Antonio and it was was confirmed I have a mass on my neck, tongue and thyroid.  The word cancer was not mentioned because the doctor wanted to have a needle guided biopsy done in radiology.  I was  a nurse long enough to know that biopsies are the gold standard used in confirming diagnosis.  Many doctors  will not mention the word cancer without the confirmation of a biopsy. .  I also know that biopsies  are needed to formulate treatment plans.  Even though the doctor did not mention cancer, he mentioned that radiation, chemo and surgery would probably be needed in combination.  I told him I refuse treatment, and would think about consenting to a biopsy. Driving back home, my thoughts were back  on the patient in Fort Worth.  I was going to take the same advise I offered him.

I have learned a few things in the short time since the tests confirmed I have three masses.  I learned that when you tell your friends you have cancer, they drop off the radar like flies. One friend, out of lack of anything to say, stated, “I am sorry you have cancer, but I am glad it isn’t me.”   I responded telling her I too was glad it was not her. The same friend said a week later, “If you decide to blow your brains out, please call me so I can say goodbye.”  I told her I would take that into consideration. My point is if anyone reads this and is going through a terminal diagnosis, do not be surprised by many of your family and friends missing in action or disappearing.  Do not take it personally or let it upset you.  Just remember this, you entered this world by yourself, and you will exit  by yourself.  There is an old legend that older  or sick elephants instinctively  remove themselves from the herd and find a place to die alone.  In my mind, this is a dignified death.

Columbia University Study On Unjust Nurse Discipline; Is The AZBON Doing It Right??

If you have been unjustly disciplined as a nurse, authority to calculate this abusive trend is being documented and studied. Add your interview. You need to be a Registered Nurse least Ten Yrs. Have been wrongfully disciplined. Please help the future of nurses and tell the truth.

Kim Paradisis tel # 914-562-0952 Columbia University Teachers College, N.Y.


AZBON The Bermuda Triangle of Nurses

Having inside connections with many nurses whom have gone through the disciplinary process of the AZBON this group is well aware of, and knowledgeable that the public is loosing good experienced nurses to a biased system; as well as legal mishaps that are founded upon a system structure not for public safety as it so powerfully highlights, but frequently out of administrative cronyism. Thankfully the AZ legislature and the tireless dedication like that of Nancy Barto, a new bill reducing this behavior by next year will be implemented. In the mean time if you are a nurse thinking of cruising through the nursing Bermuda triangle of Arizona, be aware of the horrors of those great nurses now residing in Davey Jones’ locker. Be advised.

Letters From The Inside

When Lapcholes are routinely costing 60,000.00 and moron surgeons are discharging patients to the street after driving scopes through their esophaguses and telling them to drink fluids and people are being recommended for bowel resections when 10 days of antibiotic therapy cures the problem, and psychologists are scamming 300,000.00 a year by psychologically assessing nurses in a one time session from a template cut out of greenbacks and every puppet in the Attorney Generals Office could not say ‘shit’ if they had a mouthful of it,  is when travel nurses speak up. It is all true, every word of it. Captured from travel nurse web page. Read This; Not Hemmingway, but you get it.


Capturing emails is not as complicated as breaking passwords. The DNC found that out the hard way. All it takes is some knowledge, some tinkering, and about 18.00. So be moral when your out here. This is an email that says soo much about the state of Arizona nursing; 

Well, a similar issue arose for me in Maine where Az violations weren’t Maine violations, but I’d have to be single state resident to apply. As you say, substantial, I was also tuned to old school training where you either did something clinically foolish, stole narcs or stabbed somebody to run afoul of nursing Bds. Little did I know cases were bought and sold in the back room. I was actually dumb enough to think regulatory agencies in Az were made up of honest people and good nurses. That’s funny. Stay healthy and thanks for your life of dedication to real nursing.
Some of the antics with this adm law ct is bound to collapse with a horrific reality of public awareness. Another email. Like the Cosby girls, ‘they all can’t be lying’,
There is no doubt Tinas’ world of disbelief and her indecision is complicated by shock which effects us all in that early period of defrocking by AZBON. When I had my Adm Law Hearing I was out of jail just 10 days and sat there in shock listening to their lies. I swear to God above and on my mothers grave they lied, both witnesses and Beth Campbell. I am still not over it, it’s been three years. The only ad I have is knowing that they lied under oath and my behavior was needed to save not only my wifes’ life but make the community aware of their illegal and incompetent surgeon. Her case? That is such an embarrassment to it all. A man like Steve Gonos, pathetic. Later.
More accuracy in the field of Arizona Nursing. Good Luck Newbies. Take it from the experienced ones. If there is notice about your regulatory agency, then what you’re about to read is the reality.
Nurses are so beat up when the BON steals their career in areas they are not suppose to stick their nose in. Lying to get in on the transcript , and then printing those lies because a corrupt judge , signed what Valerie Smith wrote out for them to sign. One big cozy corrupt cast of characters. Nurses shocked beat up , while the BON members the aag knows the routine, its like taking a dump to them while eating a sandwich. Unfazed , work like a machine, no emotions , no anything just a big cold nobody. Oh they can act tough as a gang sitting in the horseshoe setting , set up for intimidation, and they they are “ABOVE ‘ you. randy playing Bishop , just like Warren Jeffs, the women all subserviant. DO NOT WORK AS A NURSE IN ARIZONA !!! You think your doing a good job and take care of a sick person they thank you up and down, 30 years working holidays and going in on your day off , because you care , then none of it matters , none of that is looked at . Only the lies someone came up with to do you it and the BON , the AG, the Dir how can anyone be that stupid to believe such tall tales??
Do not be too alarmed it is biblical prophecy for these horrors to be fulfilled.
Another letter from the edge.
A hiking friend of mine had lost his wife of 40 yrs through a routine procedure at a local Bullhead City hospital. She was transferred to Las Vegas where she died during surgery trying to repair the damages created by what he was convinced was pure neglect. He was very angry and wanted to write the newspaper so people would not be subjected to the same neglect. He raged on for a while and finally allowed me to speak. He was irate as nobody told him what happened.

I Said, “This is Arizona, and you’ve only been here since retirement for about three years. You are no longer in New York. If you write the newspaper they’ll inform the ceo who’ll contact the physician who’ll doctor & shred parts of the record, if not already done so, then they’ll give it to their ‘bag man’.”
Rob, a well built and alert man in his 70s, “Bag man? What are you talking about?”
“All the hospitals in this area have a ‘bag man’, generally one attached to law enforcement, who coordinates protection for the big businesses in this town. Your lawyer will refer you to a medical mal attorney who has a foot in both camps and will placate you until just about the statute of limitations runs out. You pay him and he also gets a cut from the medical mafia lawyer team of the hospital. If you get too close you’ll be harassed in ways that make the Khe Sahn experience look honest.”
“I find that very hard to believe.” Rob sternly replied.
“Keep it up, and you’ll find out precisely why long term residents here only use the local facilities when they can’t get to Las Vegas. Keep it up and you’ll be harassed daily.”
“How do you know all this?” Rob asked inquisitively.
There a many stories about this town, this is just one of them. I am one of those stories. The only thing they care about in this town is money. They will do and say anything to have it. Forget it.

This Is Your Government Pat Starr/Beth A.Campbell Connection

It can be easily said from those nurses who’ve been through the AZBON disciplinary process that it is political and has very little to do, in many cases, with public safety. In many cases there is simply a collusion between Adm Law Court & the Attorney Generals office, and, of course, the AZBON. If a trial is suppose to be a search for the truth, as a respondent, you can forget that. You are entering the most politically corrupted system our local government can produce. We all must face the fact that this agency does see a large group of narcotic thefts and stupid nurse behaviors, but not all cases are accurately pigeonholed to nurse career doomsville. Many nurses are crucified for political favors to protect each others financial and political interests. The icons are many more besides the Trujillo case which has brought the view of outrageous regulatory actions into view for the rest of the country to see what Arizona has done to nurses. SB 1452 as well as more deregulation actions will help stem the tide of this out of control system. The pictured individuals below are two primary reasons for illegal governmental nurse disciplines. The lady with the glasses in top view represents the Az Attorneys Generals Office. Beth A. Campbell, the bottom picture is judge Pat Starr and between the two they’ve destroyed more lives than cancer. The evidence of imperfection is a gross understatement.

There are many specific cases noteworthy for names, dates and times but with this kind of illegal arrogance it is wise to remain security conscious, therefore posters please DO NOT post nurses names. 

Pat Starr is at it again. Note

Patrick Henry/Quotes
I know not what others may choose but, as for me, give me liberty or give me death.
I know of no way of judging the future but by the past.
For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst and provide for it.

20160316_124435-1-1 (2) img009

Nurse Psyche Evals

Experienced nurses know that psyche evals aren’t really the gold standard in defining patient safety. Somebody had a bad day and its not a stretch to be considered for the UNA Bomber potential. Protect yourself. Word to the wise:

beware those of you who are ordered a psych evaluation. If you feel unwarranted do not do it . Yes it is rigged all the way. If you had dui or other problems , and do a psych evaluation . DO NOT sign that the board of nursing can CALL THE PSYCH , or release information to them !!!! the board has NO BUSINESS calling them and discussing your case. If you do not sign they cannot do this. !!! It has become a common practice , and is not part of what they bon ‘investigator needs to be doing ! A written report is sent to the board. THIS is a problem for the BON , but it was them who decided the nurses would pay for psych evals . WHen the board was paying they can get what ever they want but NOT when the nurse is footing the bill. They want it both ways though, too bad , stick to your rights !!

Lynch Mob Regulation

With the signing of SB 1452 a message is being sent that the abuse of nurses is being monitored and new rules will regulate the AZBON, AKA Lynch Mob, from enjoying what has unnecessarily destroyed the careers of many qualified and experienced nurses.  Its a lengthy bill and amendments which can be turned into a positive event for nurses which can also have an indirect results on quality patient care. This new bill should help stem the tide on expensive and ridiculous complaints that the Board seemed to get high on. The term limits portion has a message for us all to get a present day standard of view and get away from a tainted cultist cronyism judgement.  Congratulations to R Nancy Barto of Dist. 15 for her continuous dedication to assist nurses and their work promoting quality patient care. 

Vanishing Hope

For all nurses facing a complaint with the AZBON you, and only you, will come up against yourself to determine if the complaint against you is truthful. The phrase on the AZBON block is,”What difference does it make?” It may have been the phrase that doomed the success of a presidental candidate but you re not Hillary Clinton and 7th St isn’t Wash. So if you are not guilty, and there is a strong possibility you are not guilty, you’ll want to defend yourself. You’ll first be offered a briberous settlement which will shock you. So off to the Adm Law Court you go, so the truth will be heard. There is enough perjury and tampering with evidence here to write another Revelations Chapter. You’ve got crooked investigators, demented doctors, decietful lawyers, blind judges, drone guards, and a constipated cougar arranging it all. This will be the final learning curve in your education of how a governmental organization built a back door for Satan to come and go as he sees fit. And if you think this is BS, take the trip, the reality of corruption is written and recorded and Hillary was right, “What difference does it make?” It doesn’t. The AZBON doesn’t want to be confused with exculpatory facts, their minds are made up long before you show up. Lynch mob mentality is an aberration of honesty. There must be quite the array of sleepers these members use to sleep at night, it would bother my heart to know that I would be involved in so much immorality. I guess that goes to such a large staff turn over there on 7th St.

Since it doesn’t matter it is precisely part of the reason the people aren’t getting what they want & need. That would be health care that isn’t the third leading cause of death. So for all the agencies effort into public safety if you are over the age of 50 and admitted to a hospital you have a 25% chance of misdiagnoses, infection of the unknown kind, drug reactions, or death. So its the system, and the BON is like the Dutch Boy with his fingers in the dykes’ holes. The enormity of complaints desensitizes compassion and performance evidence of regulations is critical, That is where the nurses’ warm body comes in. As a nurse facing the AZBON complaint you are no longer a person. You are a statistic with paper work completed well in advance of any already rigged hearings. Not possible?? So many know.   



Alicia Cardone

The nurse who left the profession shortly after completing at least a 7 year ride through the AZBON is worth publishing.

Alicia was initially from Calif. and moved to Az. in 1990. Attractive and ambitious she got her 2 yr R.N. AD from a local community college and began working at Western Arizona Regional Medical Ctr as a staff nurse in 1995. She was stable and diligent and wasn’t long before circulating the cardiac cath lab; a premier nursing position with good opportunity for learning and advancement. I first met Alicia there as I would often circulate and then having extra hands was common to have codes especially when the physician requested and or anticipated it. Seemed at that time there was quite a rash of resuscitation events, to which I was a very seasoned nurse at the time. Although Alicia was not a nurse for very long her emergent abilities were excellent. 

Alicia soon began working on her advanced practice degree and graduated to working in a clinic not far from where I first met her. Although I seldom worked with her I would sometimes see her visiting patients as an NP for a well known local physician, whom I personally knew as a womanizer. 

Early in 2004 Alicia was embroiled with the Nursing Board for a complaint allegedly improper narcotic prescribing to her husband to which the womanizing physician would not cover, although he had previously done so several times before. Alicia herself had pain management issues but had a legal prescription. Although fessing up to being an active alcoholic she had no impairment complaints, or any patient care issues. Oddly Alicias’ affair with the physician, yes that same physician, ended shortly before his complaint of which the Board revoked her licenses and certifications for 5 years. Her psychological testing results, as she told me was mislabeled and not recovered for six months. She went through all the rehab hoops, got back to a probationary status, and miraculously worked through it to get off probation and make it to good standing eight years later. She left the profession soon after claiming lies and stupidity and creeps through-out the entire system. The physician had long since left Bullhead City after destroying several other marriages and careers and nobody ever questioned his behavior.  The Alicia I knew was a fine nurse we lost because of a greedy physician. So never be sick in bed with a doctor. A career doomsday.

Alicia Cardone is not her real name as she requested her real name not be used as to avoid destroying her currant career.