Chicanery AZBN Style

At a\this moment in time most nurses working the field maybe totally unaware of what is happening to their fellow colleagues that they’re standing right next to. Many of us would be the last to know that the Jane Doe, R.N. who helped start an I.V. left the unit after the shift and helped herself to a diversion drug act that allowed for a euphoric rush before escaping to dreamland. The count was correct and it was an uneventful shift without any major complaints. The following week Jane Doe, R.N. tests positive for HIV, methamphetamine, morphine and cocaine after an auto accident which caused the death of a child of another nurse whom worked at the same facility. The case is a criminal matter as well a AZBN case.

A nurse stays home with a spouse after a cancelled surgery for a spinal fusion because the physician wanted a ENT consult. After four days, at home, the patient suffers respiratory failure because of airway perforation with subsequent mediastinum infection creating a sepsis like condition. Not long afterwards the attending nurse discovers spouse was released home with known problem that physician denied knowledge of. Nurse complains to every known agency of concern and is fired for complaining, although termination disguised as nurse creating a hostile environment. Physician perjures self at AZBN Adm Law Ct hearing by falsifying evidence, with no evidence. Nurse, with a good history, turns license in as the suborning perjury AAG prosecutor smiles. Physician testifies in another civil complaint against same nurse for slander and when questioned about two different answers for same issue, states, “What difference does it make?” This is Arizona (TIA). Not Africa, but Arizona. It really is.

The governing body is you. Working in Arizona as a nurse may go well for you, many get caught in Satan’s net simply by being in the wrong place at the wrong time. The above two cases are the extremes of the good and the bad. There are many more defining our lives as nurses.  Does not matter what bills the legislature passes; you can not legislate morality.



Physician Discipline Vs. AZBN Nurse Discipline

Can any experienced nurse say that the treatment of complaints for physicians is equal to that of the AZBN for nurses. There is a long pause for you to scan over what you know physicians have done to create immoral and or unsafe conditions for many that are within their reach of damage? The level of complaints is voluminous enough to clog the system.

What creates the regulatory agencies to respond so differently under similar or identical violations is probably a matter of a systematic comparison of each discipline. A nurse who perhaps is a nurse anesthetist that leaves her intubated pt. and goes to the bathroom and overdoses on narcs diverted from her employer, and when found and awakened literally runs out to her car in the hospital parking lot, pt. still intubated. A nurse is criminally charged and immediate suspension of nurse license. True story; physician did the exact same thing=6Mos. lic suspension, Rehab, drug screening, back on the block making the $$. 

So why the disparity in AZBN disciplinary actions beside other agencies such as the medical board?? Do physicians get off so much easier than nurses? We all know what the answer to that is and can any define what creates some of the most ridiculous cases against nurses? The love of money is the root of all evil. You got the money and are a physician you win, very few physicians have their license revoked. Disciplines are, in Az., posted but no details: unless Adm Law Hearing. Felonies which occur in relation to medical issues are an event of way more frequency that are diluted and deleted with the repeated expertise that comes with the De’Javu of  having been here before. The magician that makes honesty disappear, and reappear in their favor.  

So I was charged with unprofessional conduct because of a dispute I had with the Patent Registry over their androidal invasiveness about registering a patent I created for a new perspirant, ‘Melineal  Delight’ is not an antiperspirant, but a perspirant to simulate perspiration of body order. It was designed for the new generations that want to give the appearance that they’re working. Stay at home Dads, retirees, returning home after college grads, and for others in adm that, ‘just like to see people sweat’, and want the full compliments for effect. The Bd came down big because of my disruptiveness in a public place.  Soy una enfermera, no un santo.





16&17 November AZBON Bd Mtgs

For the unfortunate nurses caught in the web of an over regulated cult of witch hunts; today when you go before this unit our prays are with you. However, this is your government. You are about to have your jaw lowered of what these antiquated agents of doom will do, You may not connect with other cases as their deceitfulness is very well tuned, but you, yourself, as a respondent will know the truth. Our hearts go out you, the truth is yours and remember, you are not part of their world. The woman standing in front of me is not in violation of anybodys’ act except their own cultish sense of creating a view of judicial perfection.


“Today, when a Pandora’s box full of vulgarity, obstructionism, and authoritarianism has been let loose upon the political landscape, when spin has tucked tail in the face of bald-face lies, when people from every walk of life and every political persuasion feel like the deck has been stacked against them and the dealer is cutting cards to boot, the fight for justice is more important than ever”. Clara Jeffery Mother Jones.

On The Road To Infamy A.G., Adm Law Ct, AZBN

Perhaps those days of growing up under the guise of known Mafia influences had results of moral codes that many victims of today’s justice systems would love to see again. So many nurses interviewed would say that the evidence and testimonies used against them was severely tainted with incredulous presentations that were simply false. As one experienced respondent said, “I don’t know, there was an odd part of me that enjoyed listening to their lies, particularly when I knew what the truth was.”  It would not be so profoundly noteworthy if it wasn’t such a common occurrence that these complaints and investigations are nearly at ‘flash card’ level. The intimidation one experiences whenever an investigator interviews the respondent may in fact be provoked about something so simple,’whose pen this is, thats not your pen,’ No, you’re kidding! Unbelievable, that this is the way of our government; sad. At least the Mafia had a code that was reasonable. These people have no code. Frankly, I was embarrassed for them; maybe they should get a country of their own.

The Will Graven case is merely the tip of the iceberg. It is highly significant for our country to able to move in a correct line of following judicial known to the entire public. The Dan Woods  investigations, and stress upon the value of the letter S after ‘investigation’. So one piece of evidence leads to another for the reviewer to conclude, and without prejudice, that the Az. Attorney Generals’ office is shady with Lawyers With Three Names. 

“So what are you now doing, Dan Woods?”

Grease Fitting AZBN A.G.

The policies of the administrative regulations are presumably followed at all levels of the government which regulates state licensed personnel to be regulated in a specialty field. Most nurses interviewed had additional concerns about a group, who are also state licensed, would openly and without abandon commit perjury that is supported by suborned perjury. Forget the tampering with evidence, however comma documents of same go out via U.S. Mail.  What would be the reason for these highly illegal acts? What could allow someone to force their integrity to do or not do? Somewhere there is grease on the rails between AZBN, the A.G. office and the Adm Law Ct. Respondent interviews seldom make note of total accuracy in their investigative process; Adm Law Ct reveals the location of a big grease fitting where perjury is as common as the chair sat upon to deliver same. Where you need grease frequently you’ll find a fitting marked, ‘What difference does it make’, would be a phrase uttered in open court in response to perjured testimonies. The doctor was right, truth or a lie, made no difference. The only part of his testimony that had value.

There is little doubt that the theme of this page changes much, which alone represents perhaps a staggering view into our people and our own governmental behaviors. For a few years I worked the E.R. and soon realized I didn’t like many E.R. nurses because their ethical codes I thought were illegal. Its not undone by what we all know about nursing in Arizona and subject to the politics of a state that essentially is controlled by money, nothing in Arizona can undo money. Not perjury, felony endangerment nor fraud can roll on Az. Money The safety of the general public is at stake and every day there are losses.

There are so many of these, Ducey Raises to huge salaries, but gives teachers a paltry 1% raise.

a year ago
The Arizona Board of Nursing is a JOKE! Would give a negative star rating if I could. They should embody compassion as nurses are taught. Instead they NEVER answer the phone, and when they find it in their hearts to do so, they are rude and condescending in their response. They do not care, and I have spoken to many new nurses that tell others in the area to go ANYWHERE but Arizona to get licensed, because of their experience with the AZ Board of Nursing. Anyway, if you have to deal with these people GOOD LUCK and God be with you!

Governor Christie Moves Big Against NJ Bd.

The reason given in the article for the abrupt overhaul is stated as being slow and understaffed. Working on that motive for such a total removal of previous Bd members, and very importantly, no former member is allowed during the transition process. Oh Tell Us Mr. New Jersey Governor more!!

Public Safety is the goal of all regulatory agencies  & the governor must have had concerns, if not evidence that a ‘clean house’ was in order!

AZBN Tampering With Lives

For that group of nurses whose lives have been unnecessarily cremated by the AZBN which have no clue who these nurses really are. You all know who you are so if you sat there at the Adm Law Court with a chest full of U.S. medals, with the scars still showing, means nothing. Or the R.N. who came up from a C.N.A. over a thirty year period who raised three children on her own after her husband left her, one child blind. How about the nurse who may in fact be the only known person to successfully perform CPR under water. Or the nurse who carried a croupy peds 3 miles through a New England blizzard for treatment. As you sit there at the Adm Law Court hearing you are nothing, a nobody designed for abuse, lies and intimidation. Many of all the good things you’ve done as a nurse vanish if you get caught up in their corrupt world, the Bds live in a dream world and we all know who they’re not. They are not nurses, and never will be. You are a good nurse, why else would you here??

Lynch Mob with a dress code, and a slave to two masters. 1. The favors to big businesses to eliminate whistleblowers whom are busy exposing poor patient care issues.2. Their appointed missions to really protect the public. Someday the bottom will drop out!

It is unique that several nurse victims who’ve complained to the governors’ office would be recommended to contact a civil attorney. The arrogance of  the white collar crime never disappoints the experienced investigator. It sometimes seems incomprehensible that repeated illegal evidence is presented at the Adm Law Court, over and over. And so often nurses remain silent??

The Hard Evidence

There is evidence that speaks for itself, the adm is deaf. And, ‘just so you know’, the Bd answers to no-one. 



Part one: How the Corrupt Board of Nursing in Arizona Operates.


The BON itself can and does initiate discipline actions without evidence or false allegations occurring.  AZBON endorses what ever the ‘investigator recommends.

A discipline matter becomes a ‘charge” and then calls the nurse a “respondent”. A chance to avoid a formal proceeding , by accepting a ‘consent agreement.”

An agreement that you cannot reasonably fulfill and the BON knows this . Most states you must work while on probation, a nurse generally cannot find work on probation, and if you are volunteering you will be fired once this is discovered.  Sanctions can be extended AD INFINITY, and often extended.

If a respondent does not accept “discipline by consent ” , but prefers to defend the charges through a formal proceedings, the BON has a favorite tactic of adding another , unrelated charge against the same respondent. Most of these new charges were never initially filed at the time of their occurrence by the employer. Oddly, there is more than one nurse terminated for drug diversion who was never reported out of defensive action to prevent bad press.

Whether the second charge is justified or not is immaterial to the BON principal motive, revenue , staff AAG counsel need to make a show of earnings its salary by ‘nailing another nurse’.

By shaming a respondent with more trivial charges the BON can at least nail the respondent on the second matter even if the respondent successfully defends the first .  The respondent will be financially wiped out attempting to defend two successive formal proceedings .

Thus a nurse who reacts and tries to defend a bogus or weak charge will lack the wherewithal to do anything other than cave in, when added to the mix it paints a picture of righteous actions.

When ‘discipled by consent ” recites that the nurse “agreeing out of free will without coercion , this is sheer prevarication.  Charge is the BON’s gang -bang-em with charges tactic for victims have little choice.

Adm Law Judge and AAg issue unreasonable orders – the like of which would not be tolerated in the mainstream criminal judicial system.

Once a nurse is disciplined by the BON it has discretion to continue the discipline indefinitely and never bring it to a close.  Perpetual Punishment.

AAG guilty of vindictive prosecution, abuse of process, abuse of discretion, and the appearance of financial impropriety. Doesn’t matter.

(BON Shelters immune nurses : )

Nurses immune or relatively immune from discipline charges include:


2)State workers (i e nurses in prisons if employed by state not private firm)

3)If still employed, from companies like Banner , whose mgmt. are mostly Mormons.

4)The concept that ‘Whistleblowers maybe immune to prosecution frequently runs parallel with the racist sentiment at the time.


This post is not for the fresh grad whose soul rises and sets on the AZBN. 


The ‘Dollar General’ Mental Floss of Dr. Phillip Lett & AZBN


There is an assembly line for some nurses to get in once forced by the AZBN to be psychologically evaluated. The accumulation of nurses interviews who’ve gone through this horrible experience under a monstrous exam light by a man who decides your fate for big bucks which may in fact be decided in a 15 min. conversation.  Of all the nurses, and assistants, interviewed by Dr. Lett we have not found anybody who he  did not recommend additional counseling for. $$ The well defined and much despised Lett is openly assessed via internet evaluation sites, and like the Bill Cosby girls, all stories are similar.

melissa jones in Phoenix, AZ | May 27, 2016
Dr Lett is absolutely rude and down right mean! I was a first time patient and was in the waiting room while he came out and yelled at his staff for something very insignificant. I left after seeing how he treated other people!.
There are many.
Dr Lett overcharged me on my visit and totally lied on his evaluation that I was ordered to get for a job. He stated I was defensive when I was nothing but polite and courteous.This guy is a straight up punk and liar.DO NOT SEE HIM HE WILL SCREW YOU OVER!
Bring Money, And Lots of it.