Ethics of Record AZBN.GOV

The definitions of ethics are not always billed as laws on the books; as morality in basic law foundations are of character. Record keeping and management of nurses records on file force dings in desires to stay in nursing, very evident today. But epigrams here of real cases comes objectively and is republish able without fear of inaccuracies. Each nurse’s story is that we are interested in the ones of illegal behaviors by Adm, AKA AZBN A real nurse from Fla gets arrested more than 10 yrs prior to for domestic assault and assaults’ on police. Her Application to Az was conditioned with monitoring/probation to which she rejected. She had this side interest in the Grand Canyon and her dream job was working in both nursing and the Canyon. Her ability to get that done was gone as hiring was prohibitive b/c of probation. The significance is that not all cases of being arrested results in being charged and arraigned on that charge. In C.R.’s case the prosecutor did not put the case on the docket to be arraigned. Failure to prosecute is not uncommon in today’s mkt place. Although this case was 10 yrs ago. The only reason the case came up was because C.R. answered the question of arrests accurately, and stated its dismissal. C.R. was ignorant to the importance of filing. Further investigation of adm incompetence and probable ethical federal violations is that a case can not be dismissed when it was never filed, therefore only the police report remains. Publishing this on NCSBN is a civil rights violations. 100s of cases. The police report is available to public and is hearsay only not useable in any other case, or publishable. C.R. was hit again upon renewal of Fla lic. via warning, for Arizona’s denial of a case that truly never existed. The use of police reports by AZBN is passed throughout their system via NCSBN. Can you imagine seeing a health care doc on yourself revealing an abortion 25 yrs prior?? There is one of those. Buried deep but its there. Sometimes the borders of copied docs by keyboard jockeys reveal more than what was intended. Documentation is what these groups love as it performs credibility and allows for a paycheck. Accuracy in tyranny is irrelevant.

Become a nurse in Arizona and get disciplinary records, x2, on a case that does not exist.

Peary Brown retired R.N.


Fear & Shock Hides the Truth AZBN @ Potter’s Field

There is this large bathroom public wall mentality here on this page b/c of retaliation fears openly initiated from the Nurse Trujillo case. However difficult to connect with many nurses here, their flip side is here, and you can connect through NNAA maintains support via professionals with experience and hosts legal connections. There is another N. Barto bill to pull appeals into another venue. Adm Law Cts powers are procedural violations of constitutional law. Adm Law CT is the Potter’s Field for nurses in Ridenour’s Tyrannical territory. I guess since she feels and looks cadaverous she might as well take a few down to prove her ungodly worth. The fear mongering of nurses is AZBN’s bread & butter. The jaws of the great white(AZBN) are the bread & butter of scavenger delightful characters whose coffers get cannon stuffed with nurses fees for monitoring. Nurses should be monitoring immoral people who injure so many digging for dollars.

Peary Brown retired R.N.