Fear & Shock Hides the Truth AZBN @ Potter’s Field

There is this large bathroom public wall mentality here on this page b/c of retaliation fears openly initiated from the Nurse Trujillo case. However difficult to connect with many nurses here, their flip side is here, and you can connect through NNAA http://www.nursingadvocate.org maintains support via professionals with experience and hosts legal connections. There is another N. Barto bill to pull appeals into another venue. Adm Law Cts powers are procedural violations of constitutional law. Adm Law CT is the Potter’s Field for nurses in Ridenour’s Tyrannical territory. I guess since she feels and looks cadaverous she might as well take a few down to prove her ungodly worth. The fear mongering of nurses is AZBN’s bread & butter. The jaws of the great white(AZBN) are the bread & butter of scavenger delightful characters whose coffers get cannon stuffed with nurses fees for monitoring. Nurses should be monitoring immoral people who injure so many digging for dollars.

Peary Brown retired R.N.



Crime Vs Ethical Decisions AZBN

If there can be a direct Avenue to education and academia and the student nurse or health care provider it can not be understated by the instructor that professional adjustments made against the working nurse must be addressed in detail. The student must know that regulations by regulatory agencies are supported by laws that get violated by agencies like the AZBN and specific individuals like Beth A. Campbell that represent institutions capable of revoking a license for breaking the confidentiality of and already dead person, supporting a physician whose advanced mental illness prevented him from articulation in remembrance of who the defendant was. A physician whose termination hinged on nurses’ testimony, which ultimately had the venture effect of attracting many incredulous laundry supported individuals. Another way of cleaning money through pts. has some queer roads of deceit to travel;they do travel the crime roads well but fear not. Their time is soon to an end.

Joey Ridenour’s website picture is 30 years old. You’d not recognize her if you fell over her. Loosing morality.

The student nurse must be aware that any attorney associated with the AZBN wants your license as your demise in the contents of this page is to reduced liability for his client. Any way they can get it, which when denied, is executed by Campbell and her half blind scribes. The transcribing of false legal documents which cause harm to anybody can be easily considered felonies and its volume is routine large. By court officers is here. The AZBN revocates about a thousand licenses per year, and so many of us are wondering just how many are legal? Since so many are illegal. Although the working nurse is probably well tuned into these facts it is going to have to be up to the student’s future career to change this, be a apart of nurses protecting nurses. Not be greedy corrupted nurses like Therese Rowan to perjury of nurses. All for the dollar.

TThe Valkyrie created here for following evil and reporting to nursing world will continue yo hover over Campbell “Violations here, come and go, depending upon who you are.” Tammy G a short term employed nurse investigator. Very short term. . Peary A. Brown retired R.N.

Love this post from another hate azbn site. “learned yrs ago that Although bedside was hard work and full of stress I maintained stability via education and physical endurance. Point…nursing on the critical units of today is hard work and it’s my opinion Ridenour’s only penchant is showing us she is the one who you face slap before administration of cpr just to he she is dead. It works for me.

Angela Fountain AZBN The Evidence Speaks For Itself

If a time comes when the rubber screeches where it touches the world….this be that screech of ungodly sounds. Board Member Fountain does not live in the bedside critical care world when she praises Dr. Richmond in both negligent death c/c against his lic. We as victims of this AZBN know that Bd member Fountain has little experience in clinical anesthesia. In spite of her credentials anybody associated with anesthesia knows two deaths within a short period of one another should not generate a pass from the likes of this stumbling Bd member who seems to be THAT person who’d sway a vote for no monitoring of an anesthetist that can not regulate the flow of O2. I mean these people are suppose to be experts at airway management, which most anesthesiologists will tell you isn’t rocket science. That is only half of the story…like moving leinable assets before civil filings begin, NOW AINT THAT RICH. Where did they learn to title that big house in Scottsdale to a friend. , not to mention the 250,000 boat now in the hands of some heap big unrelated friend.

This is America and if you are not cheating then your not trying. Conflict of interests??? And way more. These people need to be stopped.

I like the part where Richmond becomes ‘Doctor’ after Bd processes.


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