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The average nurse can make between 40-125 thousand a year. From that, state tax gets a least 10,000.00 and some would claim more, but the point here is nursing makes up the largest and most financially prolific profession in the world. Arizona claims better than 70,000 nurses live and work in Arizona. If that figure is confirmed by the AZBN you can forget that. They have dead nurses as active licences. If they claim otherwise they’re lying as usual.

If you are so concerned about doing good business as all your warm & fuzzy newsletter claim you’d be diligent to a fault in keeping nurses working. As the nursing shortage continues to grow the need to promote employment retainers becomes imperative. Instead, nurse retainer ship, is non existent. This evidence can be noted through the costly use of nurse travel agencies which has skyrocketed in recent years. The cost for one experienced nurse is about 1000.00 per shift whose own take home from that is less than half.

Maintaining the mission of the AZBN as the governing body of nursing could not be any further away from what the modern nursing founders had created these agencies for in the first place. Nursing doesn’t need to be governed and monitored by people who hate nursing and nurses. Most have obviously never learned to eat, and they’re judging those who frequently do not have enough time for lunch.

The motive for felonious criminal activity by the AZBN has been such a mystery to determine. The first thought is the AZBN is doing the right thing. Right. Then you’ve got 20 plus nurses who were illegally prosecuted by Beth A. Campbell with all kinds of evidence to conclusively determine the complete process is a violation of more than ethical standards but criminal activity as well. Although it matters little to the adm. that new laws and bills are ignored causing many disruptions in nursing. What is the motive. its GLORY. We are the almighty and are never wrong and we get all the licenses revoked we need to define our roles and we are very important. You’re dangerous criminals is who you really are.

Its bad business what this board is doing and will reflect this in state’s coffers. This page has better than 65,000 views and is responsible for depicting the attorney general’s office and AZBN as lying corrupt bastards. Which they are, bound for Glory. Although Arizona isn’t the only trash heap in Nursing Boards, Its the only one with a well circulated page as this. Working in Arizona as a nurse is way less attractive partly because of the information provided through this page than say, Rhode Island. For every nurse whose license goes south the state tosses away at least 10,000.00 year. Does the governor actually believe his regulatory agencies promote public safety and great job creation is Arizona’s future? I’ve seen Governor’s return letters about the AZBN complaints, you can not take these pecker-heads court. The courts are more corrupt than the Board. The only people who need this Board are the ones who work there. What an incredible waste of tax payers resources.

The perfect crime is possible when law enforcement commits the perfect crime.

Peary Brown retired R.N.


Crime Begets Crime AZBN

Its likely that criminal behavior gives rise to secondary criminal behavior as one illegal activity that is criminalized is looking for regulation. The case for criminalization by law makers often just creates other avenues for criminals to pursue as the first order of the initial crime is surrounded by regulation bound to eventually expose criminal activity. There is reams of studies on this which has kept lawmakers busy for years. Trying to stop anti social behavior is one of governments’ major functions. However, these studies and statistical results are measured not from our law abiding citizens but from anti social personnel. How does exposing crime end up being a crime? This comes from the rule that society is being ruled by criminals. Joe Arpaio, one of many. So when a nurse answers to false complaints that the AZBN has lead the witness’s tongue down a lying path the crime begets the witness to commit another crime. When this happens you have a series of crimes created by one crime. To ultimately get patched to Adm Law Judge D.Milhaskey, and one needs not be a licensed attorney to stay on the trail. Of course this crime is not reported as a crime as nobody in the attorney’s general office would ever commit a crime. At this point it isn’t probative to repeat past crimes of the AZBN or the attorney general’s office only to make note that it is springboard for more crime to cover the first crime. Or in happier times find a new crime to destroy nursing and protect the adm/hospital/physician. It becomes curious to discover a governmental motive which is actually fairly simple. No good deed goes unpunished in the adm we now have. Can’t have nurses reporting crime. Its bad for business. So the hidden chamber to the entire circle of criminology revolves around that first layer of crimes, to protect the pocketbooks. 

The crimes committed upon nurses to hide crimes is very real, documented, well known, and their reports of criminal activity are also treated as criminal activity. This is the world some nurses have discovered The escalation from perjury, amongst other crimes, to more serious crime may take place at an unpredictable point in the future? The way of anti social behavior may escalate within the ranks of legal government by the victims whose victimization by said legal government didn’t commit murder but some of the ones I’ve interviewed were sure dead in their hearts. It is at that point that the individual discovers the crime begets crime theory. Is it possible not to notice that another crime is just around the corner? Is it possible for that victim not to be afraid to die…as some have already done that.

Peary Brown Retired R.N.

Gonzo Reporting AZBN

The term ‘gonzo’ most routinely refers to insanity and was first applied, in part, to a style of journalism that initially was part fictional. The style was applied by a man who most superiors concluded was unable to be guided by rules. However, his first book exposed the evil of the notorious Hell’s Angels motorcycle club as he felt the only way to get accurate material was to be a part of that gang. What he reported was a shock to the world. For the most part this page carries that style…ie…actually going through the AZBN disciplinary process. Fiction is stressed as fiction, fact is noted when you see it and expressed as fact.

There can be no argument of any of the statements on this page as the author has first hand knowledge of the AZBN actions and behaviors. If posts depict judges and other Bd associates as donkeys it is because what they do to nurses often  plays out as things only donkeys would do. The respondent, or more accurately the defendant nurse, has the advantage of knowing, without question, what is the truth and what isn’t. If the appearance of donkeys seems unprofessional and rude the evidence strongly suggests that only a donkey would knowingly violate the statutes over and over in cases against the defendants. I myself would not ever falsely document or testify in a case heard in any legal judicial environment. The thought sends chills up my spine, it really does. There are so many cases such as Elliott Fisher whose case posted on the national data site specifies a felony conviction which, in a big part, was a basis for his nurse license to be revoked by the AZBN as well as several other puppet state boards in their quest for business. If Elliott was not convicted of that felony and was disciplined because of it he became injured and all the elements of a crime are satisfied. Now if this were a single event this page would not exist. The reason this page does exist is that there many nurses introduced to the insane and illegal behavior of the AZBN. The attorney general’s office makes it all fly. Cap it off by putting those documents in an envelope and sending it through the USPS is called mail fraud by the fed.

Less than an ounce of common sense would say doing the boldest of these crimes against nurses is crazy, putting it on paper in the public court record would surely bring the house of cards down. It does not. Why does it not? Because the Board is supported by overseeing agencies that do not follow the law. It is just so much easier to turn it aside. That statement is being kind, the other reasons are probably some kind of briberous events. What else could it be? 

When one is visiting the Bd and a general meeting, the clarity of white knights protecting the public is truly a wonderful performance of the greatest public service ever provided. Randomly going through about 20 files of previous nurse revocations the gonzo evidence provides factual evidence of Bd crimes which basically have no connection in the search of justice, or protecting the public. The AZBN  posting online felony convictions that did not occur is a crime.

In almost all of 20 cases in our file here have elements  that can be tracked back to either a physician’s complaint or a hospital complaint. Of course most cases are different and few directly are linked to patient harm. The Amanda Trujillo case defines the use and abuse of power by omitting exculpatory evidence to protect Banner by throwing Amanda under the bus to secure fault to her and shield the physician and Banner from wrong doing. During an interview I responded to Amanda that what she did I would not have done. However, after I made the claim my mind went back to my training and what she did was what all nurses were trained to do, I to was trained to do what she did. I guess I forgot how long ago my training was. Most of what else the board had piled on became a violation at the time the board needed her to look bad, but wasn’t a violation when it occurred. It wasn’t a reportable violation when it occurred but it is now? On Gonzo pond.

The status of this gonzo reporting is ineffective to the administration, they write new bills that appear to satiate the squawking innocent, but the board absolutely and conclusively does not honor these new laws. The scam associated with the psychological evaluations most often has all consults requiring additional counseling.  If Dr. Lett has had evaluations where additional counseling was not needed, I don’t know of any. Did you hear the cash register ring?

The most important fact is what is relative to public safety and churning out veiled horrors of patient harm has limited public awareness. Has the board made any attempt to promote safe staffing rations? Put on your thinking caps, and I know nurses that can think this through. How is it possible that Nathan Southerland was able to impregnate an incapacitated young women and nobody knew anything about that relationship? You think he did a one minute act times one and she got pregnant? He had plenty of time to have his way as the staff was too busy working and over working. Staff too busy to notice ‘he’s been there behind that closed door for a long time‘ ? I would notice that. Short staffing is a major problem right this minute. 

Does nursing really need these boards? The founders of modern nursing such as Florence Nightingale, Linda Richards and Ruth Sleeper were the pioneers promoting nursing boards to promote education. Our mentors stressed education. Nursing boards like the AZBN are quick to plow through the educators practices and tell them what is right and what is wrong. Does anybody look at the nursing board and focus on their gonzo practices? Does the nursing board directly or indirectly promote safety for the public? Taking a vote amongst nurses would clearly define it does not.

Peary Brown retired R.N.   To complete the Gonzo definition of the article it is I who went through the disciplinary process to report it as a fraud perpetrated by leading witnesses to make false statements, violating existing state statutes, tampering with evidence and mail fraud. In order to define it as Gonzo journalism you must be a part of the evidence.

Peary Brown retired R.N.


Future Karma AZBN

It is very doubtful that all the fears and anxieties of the truth that is posted on this page will stimulate a white knight to reclaim the public confidence of this administration. What is most important is all those nurses who carried the burden of political abuse to the high level of simply too fearful to come forward, will someday smile when they read the news. Many gave up and found something else to do. Some died, as they took their own lives, but the very potent death blow comes from fear of reprisals. Only those in the field know what this means.

The need to complete the process of justice can not be accomplished in the normal court of law routine. Not in Arizona, you can forget that. It is totally corrupt. The spiritual vengeance has the real power and when the lake of fire is heated up, nobody can stop it. Nobody knows the hows, the whens, or the whys but as our President FDR stated, “We have nothing to fear but fear itself.” So the following story will be your anti-anxiety medication. Have no fear, you have faced your fear and are now passed it. The corrupted ones, and we all know who they are, will face their own fear. 

The nature of life is risk and unpredictability is the common denominator. If you think that God has little say in revenge or to avenge you read this.
A nurse, a combat veteran, is sitting on a porch in Wash., D.C. and its more than the warm spring sun making his body glow of total warmth. A sense many veterans experience after combat where you survive.
The nurse directs the first responders through the mansion entrance to the dead lawyer laying in the recumbent recliner, who is very pale and blue. Immediately responders begin resuscitation when the wife rushes in from an adjacent room to promptly put a stop to their efforts, responders claim its the law and they must try. Wife says, you did try and its over. They agree and leave upon her request. The nurse and wife are left with the dead lawyer; nurse says he needs to call lawyer’s physician. Physician is irate as he told the family the lawyer had many years to live irregardless of his terminal illness. Nurse calmly says he has no idea, only he came in from the garage to find lawyer dead. Nurse has total body glow going on and only he knows why. Wife claims she will have autopsy and get to the bottom of it. Following day nurse packs bags and leaves D.C. never heard another thing. Lawyer was one of the top defense medicalmal attorneys in the U.S. and successfully defended many high priced sugeons from civil complaints. Nurse claimed he never knew what caused the attorney’s death. Only that ‘life is risk’. Many veterans will tell you the death glow last 2-3 days. You never know when lady luck will flip your case, but she will.
This post has had many views, and comments that can be tracked. What is now well known throughout the nursing field is the AZBN is not reviewed by anyone. The dictator, Joey Ridenour, has no governor; if she does Doucey allows her and her band of liars to do what they want.

One Eyed Jacks AZBN

Once a complaint has been filed against a nurse the Board’s Wagon Train of investigators circle the nurse defendant and many of us know these investigators don’t believe a single word you say. Once the name calling and evidence begins the nurse often has little recourse but to submit to findings in spite of big price attorneys willing to defend you, even though it is known you will lose.  The truth of most cases is seldom heard and when it is, it is ignored. The laws of the state are totally ignored by these one-eyed jacks of crime. They do this as they know the courts back them up. Just like Arpaio. Justice kills. At least in Arizona. Yeah we know its all very very simple. So like if Mormons own 1% of coke, its now ok to drink coke, when previous caffeinated drinks were a violation. 

Is it difficult to caculate the number of combat veterans in the U.S. today? And assess that with accuracy? If you asked them all if they’d like to go through that war again, guess what? Not just No, but “Hell No.” However of those 1 percenters who went through hell with the AZBN, how many of those who’ve been through both combat and the crooked AZBN process would opt to do it all again? You guessed it, ALL OF THEM. 

A regulartory agency out of control and profusely doing corrupted favors for administrators with attorneys blaming nurses to protect physicians.

A Perfect Storm AZBN

The idea of a nurse being taciturn in the open expression of patient abuse in todays health care is commonly known amongst nurses whose system for reporting is known to cause a failed career for that nurse. When a physician takes advantage of a hypercondriais patient, whose needs are only psychological, the trail of evidence for abuse maybe difficult to find. The secrets of unnecessary surgeries/treatments can be frequently found in ancillary departments such as radiology. The reporting of this activity to the medical board in Arizona is NEVER confirmed, and the name of that nurse is given to the physician whose henchmen dispatches its deputies, the AZBN, high priced attorneys, local police, and an odd group of emissaries that appear in public with queer comments. The nurse maybe left with an incapacitated wife whose life had remained in the balance for several years and the nurse responds in a rebellious maner to the wicked displeasure of the offending surgeon whose business dwindles as his known quackery spreads far and wide. The entire case could be easily remedied with honesty but the AZBN and the attorney general are so use to the road to perdition  their political flexibility only follows the money. The road is much longer than they know.

The category complaints fall into may help the nurse to defend themselves against this mean machine of braile defined decisions. First rule, AZBN believes anything a physician and or hospital adm says. Anything. You can not defend yourself even with Johnny Cochran.

A racist complaint filed against a black nurse from hospital adm in Tucson via a patient, caused the black nurse to panic after the first hearing, be escorted out by armed guard, packed all belongings and go back to home state. Openingly calling Bd  ‘Crazy Rascists’. Be totally gone the followingly day. Never notified AZBN of address change. Worked for two years in home state before being notified of revoked Az license by home state. Home state held its own investigation before placing black nurse on unrestricted probation. The only known survivor from Mr.long shanks himself, R.Quinn, and his deputies. The first rule in Satan’s rule book is to convince you he doesn’t exist. Many nurses who’ve gone through the AZBN disciplinary process know Satan is very real.


Dont stop believing you can help nurses fight corruption, please sign petition.


I firmly believe that if the whole materia medica could be sunk to the bottom of the sea, it would be all the better for mankind and all the worse for the fishes.
~Oliver Wendell Holmes

Nurse Tyranny AZBN

If there is a doubt in your mind that tyranny exists throughout the Doucey adm just look at the evidence against nurses whose unfortunate collisions with them and AZBN has ended countless careers because of phoney complaints against them. The long list all have a commonality of incredulous witnesses, whose noncolaborated evidence is moved upon by a group of tyrannts calling themselves nurse judges. Any objections by the defendants goes to the adm law court whose process avoids the rule of law. Complaints to oversight committees such as ombudsmen review and the law board of overseers generates responses like, “The AZBN, the ADM Law Court, & the assist Attorney General claim they did the right thing.” Plato is laughing. Thats called tyranny. Welcome to Arizona, best leave before you die in this pit of lies.

Update Law AZBN

This page has been active for about three years with multiple articles/Post/Comments focusing on nursing and the legal adventures with the Attorney General’s Office & the AZBN which have been as accurate as most anonymity pens can believe. However, rarely does a nurse come forward by name and allow the media collaboration by name. The evidence speaks for itself, and of course to many nurses, and civilians. The point in some political adventures with this agency is to prove that the law doesn’t exist.  Another nurse interviewed Peary Brown of Bullhead City who had words about a case that shows that the rule book sits on a shelf and collects dust. “My case from start to finish was ripe with untruthfulness but only in the end did I finally get a documentation via court filing that the Board and Asst Attny Gen. Beth A. Campbell would violate state statute and file a complaint in their own behalf. They actually did that. So it is there now, on record that you filed on your own motion. Doesnt mean a lot to you as you own all the real estate on either side, but its now in the public domain. The real estate owned by this agency is huge but the powerful instrument of the media can not be under estimated. A violation of an existing state statute that causes injury is a crime. Why is it not a crime when the administration, board does it?? There are many events in my case that have greatly contributed to the public safety. The media continues to assist with factual evidence to show the failures in the system.  Any publications for sale about my case was to introduce more corrupted individuals in our system and not about the grandiose milieu of publishing. We all must work at accurate input so the public is aware of the horrors that can befall nurses.” Peary B.

I ran into Peary at the Bullhead post office just the other day and told him how I’d wish he was still at WARMC, and now it was mostly travelers there now. The latest word is the 4 major travel companies are refusing to do contracts with WARMC and other Az. hospitals claiming not only poor management but experienced nurses opting out of Arizona as a poor place for nurses to work.

Tyranny against women has started revolutions!!

The Fix AZBN

It probably does initially appear that state regulatory agencies such as the Arizona Board of Nursing & the Arizona Medical Board, not to leave out state attorney Bar association and the Az Ombudsman over review, are within the rules that protect the public. Nothing could be further from the truth. As economic failures of mass proportions continue to plague the major corporations of health care providers, our state governing agencies continue to ‘Fix’ cases to look good in the eyes of the public. The nurse Vaught expose of Tn reveals that what matters isn’t quality care but caring for the money train. Are there more similar cases? Does this happen in Arizona? Of course it does, and can start with the AZBN presentation of complaints against a nurse as behavior of nurse, in many cases, misses the real mark of bad behaviors as it involves bad physicians, nurses who really are fake nurses, Attorney Generals office violating state laws, Ombudsmen who represent stupidity, Administrative Law court judges illegal findings, and all roads to the ‘Fix’ so the administration looks like its doing its job. As the system continually revolves around illegally screwing over nurses, and assistants, the fallout also continues and like all business models based after the Mafia type of abuse the numbers are showing. The fall of the urban health care setting creeps up on major corporate businesses such as Community Health Services of Tn. whose failure and monster loses is revealing the many corrupt horrors through out the health care system. The reporting nurse must retire and find a new profession just to help the public see these pecker heads of money and illegal power are injuring us, and could only care about the money. 

Specific to cases involving the ‘fix’against nurses and assistants are the names commonly associated with protecting the public. Turning an envious eye towards the past and now realizing the victims of illegal actions were also, at one time, believers in this system and will until the end remember those names of injustice. They are Joey Ridenour, Randy Quinn, Beth A. Campbell, and Diane Milhaskey. 

The Devil’s first rule is to convince you he doesn’t exist.

CreepsVille, Podunk AZBN

A nurse attorney said to me after I berated a nurse for erroneously giving a paralytic which killed the patient, “I could have just as easily been the one who made the mistake, everybody makes mistakes.” I told her I doubted that very much as I’ve been a nurse for nine years in the military and over thirty years as a civilian nurse and can only recall hanging L.R. instead of N.S. as my worst medication error. The case of Radonda Vaught of Tn and the Vanderbilt horror defines what nursing has become for reasons of nobody wants to take responsibility from the hospital administration straight on through the Tn Nursing Board who cleared the nurse, only to get exposed as liars and money launderers. The Fed says here is the evil. What about the life that was taken?? And to die a miserable death while everybody just strolls on by?? With a gallery of supportive green horns crying its not her fault. These are not real nurses.

Nursing Boards ignore and hide issues that they are paid to ignore and paid to manipulate the nurse into protecting the system of the money train. I myself have worked in 37 different critical facilities before coming to Podunk, Az. and watched corruption, manipulation, lying, stealing and its business as usual. Hard to believe a surgeon would operate out of the standard of care on EVERY case and nobody says anything. Oh, its just compromise. We need the money. The nursing board of Az. will cover us. They will allow us to lie in court, and even encourage it, to make the case so the lawyers can lie and protect our money. The AZBN will intimidate everybody that goes against them, the truth DOES NOT MATTER.

So this green horn nurse, and there was actually two of them, that chatting away, all the while reconstituting vecuronium instead of paying attention that versed has zero resemblance to this medication, gave the victim the devils breath dose and walked away leaving her to die a miserable death. Autopsy focuses on a natural cause of death, nursing board clears nurse, victim’s family knows zip, administration does less and over two years goes by before somebody with half a brain of honesty spills the beans. How does this equate to AZBN? The state is filled with defrocked nurses trying to tell you, and have lost their lives in nursing. Viewed as princesses and ruled by corruption and money the AZBN is no different than Tn board of health. Perhaps worse. The evil is here in Arizona as well. There is only one issue saving them from destruction, which won’t always be there.