The Death of Nursing AZBN

The failure of main stream media to fully appreciate the value of events occurring in our health care systems is supported by local governments not pursing dangerous and criminal violations; only to become a part of those crimes. The events presently being observed by those looking at our health care systems is some good but the horrors of nursing is burning down the house. The importance of describing AZBN actions here is the definition of violations of all in print. It is absolutely necessary to place these activities in general public view. I know the fed is busy but could have a field over here. Staying away from downtown Phoenix is the same as staying out of jail. And I now must follow that rule. The FB page of ten yrs is FB’s soul as content specific to what effects public. The specifics in this story have many other horror spinoffs showing Lincoln was right, corruption over here shows up over there. The death of nursing deviously covered up through the power of politics . These are The Vendetta recipients. Mark Brnovich. Joey Ridenour ,Elizabeth A. Campbell and Sunita Krishna; Also another court officer noted for filing false docs T.Scott King of Bowwlaw in Phoenix

Nurse protection comes from getting rid of the useless lard in the system which is now well known to live off nurse unjust disciplines. The ground the Bd lives on must be leveled. The pic below will represent you against bd complaint but successfully will illegally protect surgeon in neglected manslaughter. The innocent nurse is ALWAYS found guilty and the guilty surgeon is found innocent. I can tell you where a lot of the money is but offshore accounts are the fed territories. Its our job to level where they live.

There are 8 million stories in the naked city, and this is only one one of them. Peary Brown Retired RN

15,000 Walking Away And NOT For The Money

Minneapolis maybe the first city in the history of modern nursing to join forces and say ‘Enough’.. of short staffing and security issues that is a rapid political assault on an already failing health care system. The Nursing staffing shortage is finally getting national media attention which can easily advance to an national emergency and so many services unavailable .Is it possible that as many as 15 ,000 nurses bail from work on the same day? They want more staff and increase in security issues. The volume of this move in a single area such as the Twin Cities will have ripple effects to make high level government shake. How do you fix out of control regulations greatly impoundment of potentially good nurses with restrictions. The need for less regulations has been evident by the push from Academia that nursing boards are directly connected to workplace violence which reflects upon pt. safety. Nursing Boards spend millions serving useless Vendettas upon nurses, it’s sooo marvelous seeing nursing serve Vendettas as well. In the mean time good luck with one person cpr. Peary Brown retired R.N.

Sovereign Tyrannical AZBN

In my part of town violations of state statutes are not complicated as if it’s knowingly committed and causes emotional, financial or physical damage it is a crime. Nursing Boards seldom fellow adm law as this allows ignorance of adm code to AZBN; they do not need to which is why their web page lists laws and rules from the 1970s. Which makes perfect sense as why bother with laws and rules when their is zero accountability for what the legislature laws are. Like there is reason Senator Barto states,”The AZBN is out of control and the Dept head she is isn’t allow to fire the Bd. We are all aware in the field and struggle to find a way to protect nurses from Ridenour’s tyrannical strangle hold on nurses.

All encompassing times of events of nurse destruction for $ and bribery can only be presumed, although some of state and county titles of luxurious items can not be tracked to its source by me, but my guess the way the fed is roaming around and looking for domestic terrorism then they can find rimracked pts.directly connected to workplace violence by watching azbn.

Defining nursing boards as the source of violence against the public is the simple stretch made routinely by professors in today’s academia. Protect yourself with nurses who know how to help!


Ethics AZBN

The mission now for AZBN is to convince the public of their value for the public exists in the world of medicine. Post pandemic health care remains the people’s top fearful living dangers of U.S.;presently staffing issues are huge and difficult to get relief without costing huge amts. Access to quality health care has taken enormous delays in many areas, who can we blame?

Nursing in the critical care or any nursing service requiring hands on detailing of life is the focus of the person making the assessment. Outside influence in this territory is not always warranted and is the source for most damages in the health care systems. Most common for the direct care providers in COVID ERA is the abrupt ineptitude of regulations to let reality get in their way of educational memos from the cash flow. However, ethically violated cases are incredibly common. Shoring up this belief can be placed into corrupt hall of fame in one of many cases in one sentence. Nurse lost lic. b/c she violated the confidentiality of a person who was dead. ‘What did I say’?? it’s been a while since AZBN’s Valerie Smith at Lucia Trujillo’s revocation hearing openly charged her with breaking pt confidentiality b/c Lucia statements made on social media, which was argumentative, All probabtive if the pt. wasn’t dead. It’s hard to wrap around that dead people have equal confidentiality rights as live pts. The law of rules agrees. If you’re the AZBN’s Val Smith a law degree must have stains all over it. Ethical violations abounding to and about connections to cause further ethical and moral behaviors supporting themselves. Contralateral responses to injustice is queer as every other dept in the system has a red dot on the chart. Fortunately nurses are very much like police, they know everything, their failures become successes if noted injuries occur within a system of its own making. We are now circling the wagons, or many new nursing affordable defenses cooking all over the country by publicaly supporting nurses to reduce discipline. There is good results to azbn’s Arpaio like behaviors; that good results is SM power and many know and forming groups of experience and teams working on actions to stop Ridenour.

Not long after Ridenour civilly destroyed Amanda Trujillo (illegally) she was knighted by NCSBN soon after as SM disciplinary queen and spoke at annual conversations NCSBN(on our way to world regs).

Although the Lucia Trujillo case did not make the academic cut for only logistical reasons it remains the foundation in nursing history for historical workplace violence against nurses. The Nursing World must unite with the law to follow less insurrectionary contralateral opponents of unnecessary regulations. Intended retaliated actions against nurses by the Ridenours can easy be found in other parts of ncsbn’s documented hearings of Trujillo’s case. There are many other cases being studied by students that also know about the other cases of direct abuse and criminal actions against nurses. The regulatory agency is source of more of the same.

Peary Brown retired R.N. 16 Aug. 2022

Elizabeth A. Campbell AZBN

As of 30 July 2022 Elizabeth A.Campbell AAG & prosecuting atty for the AZBN is evidently no longer in that position or so the net reveals that an announcement was made. A ten year history of falsely prosecuting nurses maybe finally at the end of an era. The long course some health care workers took to see the world of shit in the first person may hopefully find some peace knowing this criminal assistant attorney general is done. This situation makes one wonder what is next for this psychopathy managed unit known throughout the health care a system as a state to avoid.

When you look on the ground in front of you and see the evil shadow of the Valkyre above you; and do not see it when you look up- it means it’s too late to change the Rd you’re on. Where will you go?? It won’t go away, too many nurses you lied about. ANY hearing anywhere, any state, can randomly go sideways with the right gallery. Nurses!!! Fast & Free Shipping volume pricing as posted

Nurse Ratched

So often nurses pictured as battleaxes were created to enhance the social drama as Ratched’s creator, Ken Keasey, fessed up to his model for Ratched was in reality a small person with a mild personality with professional patience. The nurse in his story was needed to be evil to complete the personality picture of the mentally abused in a state organization. Another piece of liability tossed upon nursing for the dollar. Today, nurse abuse has reached monstrous heights of multi-level bleed outs throughout the systems revealing costs damaging lives all across the country. A NYC ER nurse can have 18 pts with no techs. A nurse can go to jail for calling a quack a quack, a nurse can loose a lic. for zero nursing issues, teaching a pt???, all and more over regs with zero oversight. Does Hollywood abuse the nurse like so many, many others do? The largest cash register in the world will have and need to demonstrate fraud in the ventures of greed and cover ups in laundering pts. The talking nurses from Arizona end up in a hell built by Mark Brnovich’s construction.

Nurses Please No Votes

Criminals AZBN

The endless list of violations of AZ state statutes by Ridenour & Attorney General Brnovich and Beth A.Campbell are destroying nursing. The Vendetta from nurses & patients is coming. The Columbian study is a legal doc signed by 1/2 the PhD professors of nursing and although coded it remains a isbn logged in congressional manuscript. It tells much about Arizona.

Chaotic Records & Statutes Violations AZBN Az Atty Gen Mark Brnovich Elizabeth A. Campbell

Peary Brown retired R.N.

The violations by AZBN & AZ Atty Gen of ARS 32-1263.02 is uneventful to locate these cases and their perpetrators against nurses and patients as well. The nature of chaotic documentation helps assist the violators hide that such laws protecting nurses does actually exist. Neither AZBN or Adm Law Court or NCSBN includes this bill in their unlawful prosecution, and documented events of nurses. The Gatekeeper presenting cases without public witness or complaint is a common violation. Hiding existing laws reflects the depth of their chaotic motives. Why is this law hiding only in state laws passed?

A vote for Mark Brnovich is a vote for nurse and patient failures.

Angela Fountain AZBN The Evidence Speaks For Itself

If a time comes when the rubber scretches where it touches the world….this be that scretch of ungodly sounds. Board Member Fountain does not live in the bedside critical care world when she praises Dr. Richmond in both negligent death c/c against his lic. We as victims of this AZBN know that Bd member Fountain has little experience in clinical anesthesia. In spite of her credentials anybody associated with anesthesia knows two deaths within a short period of one another should not generate a pass from the likes of this stumbling Bd member who seems to be THAT person who’d sway a vote for no monitoring of an anesthetist that can not regulate the flow of O2. I mean these people are suppose to be experts at airway management, which most anesthesiologists will tell you isn’t rocket science. That is only half of the story…like moving leinable assets before civil filings begin, NOW AINT THAT RICH. Where did they learn to title that big house in Scottsdale to a friend. , not to mention the 250,000 boat now in the hands of some heap big unrelated friend.

This is America and if you are not cheating then your not trying. Conflict of interests??? And way more. These people need to be stopped.

I like the part where Richmond becomes ‘Doctor’ after Bd processes.

Saving Nursing One Nurse At A Time

Psychopathy Exists In The Regulatory Agencies Like AZBN Elizabeth A. Campbell Mark Brnovich

CLassifying somebody or even a group of somebodys as possessing psychopathy traits may not be as difficult as it appears. Direct violations of Az statutes ARS 32-1263.02 is noted in several cases with an accumulating in face to face argument with several court officers known to ignore state statutes and openly show ignorance of such. The normal persons involved with felonious behaviors eventually show signs of emotional stimulation… Elizabeth A Campbell was noted as showing signs of fear when potential truth within reach, therefore she is normal. Grossly Criminal, with no excuse of mentality issues, with no difficulty in demonstrating…be patient

Mark Brnovich Az Atty General Destroying Nursing One Nurse @ A Time