Beth A. Campbell, pictured below represents the Arizona Attorney General and is the primary vehicle used to carry nurses and  nursing assistants through the Green Mile Process. Although there maybe many involved in keeping this vehicle full of nurses and assistants Beth A. Campbell is the final factor that drives this machine.  This page is dedicated to her, without her political and manipulative savvy, many very good nurses, would still be working the field. The evidence speaks for itself and there are many posts and comments about her and the Attorney General’s office which claim corruption. Welcome to Arizona. Her ambition roams around Phoenix like a roaring lion looking to devour anything and anybody to promote her career. Not long after this picture was taken a watchdog spotted her spitting on the grass. The watchdog saw the grass smoking; a year later the grass still hasn’t grown back.

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Above picture of Ms. Campbell 5 yrs old now. Recent sightings report a trimmed down version with the impressions of tone down rhetoric responses. You feel lucky today?

Boston Nurses In Training Measure Medications, All Pediatric Medications were double checked by another nurse. That was before robotics & automation & the present Health Care Crisis.

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This page has been created after direct involvement with multiple authoritative agencies had their say against alleged nurses violations.  The fundamental use of words as describing events on this page is as truthful as we can make it. Although there are comments that can easily be classified as character assassinations many of the abused nurses who promoted those comments reveal the reasons that injustice lives as long as the victim lives. 

This page is dedicated to presenting evidence of a corrupted process that has very little to do with regulatory missions of protecting the public. Although there is huge evidence defining drug diversions and alcohol related violations our concerns support efforts to monitor and control these nurse violations and would align with the Bd on many of these cases. But make no mistakes, there are plenty of cases that define very accurately perjury, suborning perjury & tampering with evidence. When an excop is honored for turning in and testifying against his colleague over minor social issues, and her license goes south for failure to get into Bds’ desired positions, our government has two-blocked itself. The details of this case tells nurses, ‘you can not be human’.

Any post/comment that defames a religious organization, for its beliefs, will be removed. However, business interests and financials associated with any religious organization and its influences upon or against nurses in any way will remain.    

The fact that the state regulatory agencies management has little connection with what evidence is distributed through a Adm Law Court Hearing widely opens the door to crimes committed during these Adm Law Court Hearings. Perjury is routine.  

Peary A. Brown retired R.N.