This page is about nurses, for nurses. The primary source of these words are centered around the Arizona Board of Nursing, a branch of the regulatory agencies hovering over the nurses of Arizona. Most of the articles/posts here are by nurses who have worked the field. They are about the people and their pain, they believe the AZBON has very little knowledge about the world of nursing. An agency that is in desperate need of an overhaul. The evidence is factual towards perjury, suborning perjury and tampering with evidence. This is not you sisters’ FB page, but you can post anything you want. Good or mean, it stays up. 

A very well known British Prime Minister, “Its the person who can criticize, that could very well have the heart to help.” However, many victimized nurses know this organization revolves around a cult of discipline and atonement and the advancement of self. Once you’ve lied under oath, filled out trial transcripts in advance and ignored the value of experienced nurses you become beyond help. Creating criminal acts to create convictions. You become doomed, its only a matter of time.



13 thoughts on “AZBON CORRUPTION

  1. I met one of their board psychologists who was fired for writing too many”normal” reports. I was also told they are run by a bunch of LESBIANS. The women that work there are butt wipe UGLY and look like men. NO DOUBT LESBIANS.


  2. AZBON investigator Kristi Hunter has been there about 4 years now as far as I can tell. She is A MOST DISHONEST CORRUPT BOARD INVESTIGATOR. Her reports read like someone from 8th GRADE would write. Fabricates charges. Just disgusting.


  3. The AZBON is trying to make a name for themselves by entering unchartered territory by prosecuting internet only cases with no patient involvement whatsoever.


    Be sure and spread the word on this.


  4. Of course they claim there was patient involvement just to make the case stick. But again LIES and CORRUPTION OVERRULE EVERY TIME at the AZBON.


  5. And of course that have fake witnesses to support their charges. That is the Gospel according to board investigator Kristi Michelle Hunter, FNP. That’s how she rolls ladies and gentleman. Looks you straight in the eye and lies through her teeth. A pure Psychopath.


  6. “Since past behavior predicts ALL present AND future behavior of a human being (aka the nurse) with NO EXCEPTIONS” as stated by the AZBON”. Now going forward with the (false) evidence presented in your case It can be predicted with a reasonable certainty that your XXXXXX behavior with potential XXXX suitors poses a threat to public safety therefore you must be disciplined and monitored by the AZBON.

    This is the latest Mormon ruling bestowed upon those falling under AZON’s unfortunate jurisdiction.


  7. I was a travel nurse both in AZ and Texas. The TBONE is no better. I had an assignment outside of Jasper (infamous for the dragging of an African American man to death behind a pickup truck ) at a correctional facility. My first few minutes were a nightmare beginning with a pat down by a female guard more intimate than my ex ever was, followed by the control booth locking me in an area that was filled with pepper sprayed and free range inmates. When I finally reached the infirmary, I stated “safe harbor” to the nurse orienting me, my agency and the TBONE and left never to return. Imagine my surprise when I received a formal complaint that was rife with errors such as the date, facility, city, agency heck the ONLY thing that was correct was my name. They accused me of giving an out of control inmate medications against his will without an MD order, failure to document, etc. I provided the correct information along with supportive documentation and a statement that all cell extractions are video taped and a request that the investigator please view it. 1 year later their results came back filled with all of the original errors and a demand that I sign it or lose my license, and that I take remedial classes. The attorney I retained told me it would be too expensive to fight a losing battle sign it and take the classes. Fast forward 5 years later, they revoked my Texas license because I failed to appear before the TBONE because they failed to notify me that they were missing a certificate (the order was mailed to an incorrect address even though they have my correct address on file), and California is now coming after my license. I sent copies to BOTH of the nursing boards. I cannot find the certificate for the online computer course. California states that they did not scan it, they separated any certificates received with renewals and placed them in another room…but the room was cleaned out and all of the certificates, etc were discarded by an employee..I was floored by the way the California Nursing Board employee stated this as though no big deal. So here I stand caught between 2 nursing boards who DEMAND accountability but have NOT accountable to anyone. Any suggestions?


    1. What I would suggest is this: Go back to the online website that you did the classes & write to them, asking them to look in their archives to see if they can find proof that you registered & completed the course(s). Try to remember how you paid for the course(s) and provide them with that—it might make it easier for them to find your information.

      If that fails, keep pressing the CA BON about the discarded certificates & what other nurses are doing to provide replacement certificates if they can no longer locate the original certificate. I would even go so far as to try to find out the name of “the employee” that threw them away, just to make sure what they’re telling you isn’t a load of B.S. Separating the certificates from the license renewals and placing them “in another room”, and then that room just happened to be “cleaned out” sounds like a hot, steaming pile of horse sh** to me, quite honestly. I can’t imagine anybody “cleaning out” a room that contained certificates & throwing them away without asking someone what they were & if they could be thrown away. How many certificates could there possibly be, anyway? What other paperwork was discarded along with the certificates & how are they handling that with other nurses?

      This advice is a little too little, too late—-but, every single correspondence you send to the BON must be sent certified, return receipt requested. This way, when they accuse you of not sending them the certificate or whatever, you can copy that little green card & send it to them, putting the responsibility on them for losing it. I have heard of way too many incidences where the BON “didn’t receive” something that was sent regular, first class mail. Proving that you sent it & that it was received by someone in the BON office takes away their ability to say it “wasn’t received”—they now have to admit that some incompetent idiot lost it or threw it away.


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