Pinocchio is a fictional character whose puppet body is of wood and whose nose grows with every lie he tells. As disrespectful and rude this page may appear to be, there are many nurses who first hand know the underhanded lies this regulatory agency portrays upon some nurses. Many of us haven’t been able to define why that is. We can only assume it is financial at its route cause. Since the love of money is the root of all evil, and lying and perjury is evil, there must be a connection. Don’t know precisely where the cash is, but can only assume its near Salt Lake City, Ut. In the mean time we’ve got another new Board member.

200px-Pinocchio  randy-quinn

Randy Quinn

Putting a picture of Randy Quinn next to Pinocchio, the president of the AZBON, is an abhorrent act of disrespect. There is no doubt of that, and if you think for one second it brings us any joy to do so, you are wrong. It would behoove the president to take a closer look at those who surround him. There are many cases brought through his narrow purvey that has got fraud posted all over it. As one physician answered questions as to the inaccuracies of his testimonies, “What difference does it make?” This is your government, perjury just doesn’t matter!! We know precisely what is going on here, we’re just making sure everybody else knows.


Jo Ridenour

In the world of politics we are entering no mans’ land, meaning the director above is above everything and everybody, so the focus here cross-hairs trouble to those that speak up against the ruler of all. It ‘doesn’t matter’ what the real assessment is, when the director speaks that is it. You may think you get a warm and fuzzy through the a process dripping with window dressings of apparent legal honesty, but make no mistake, the phrase, ‘What difference does it make’ is on the flash card that is passed about by this director. If you are innocent, ‘doesn’t matter’, if you are guilty, ‘doesn’t matter’. If the cross-hairs of trouble are sent in, that too doesn’t matter at this point. 

Brandon-Dale-w  200px-Pinocchio

Brandon Dale

The laws of the state mandate that Board members be a cross section of society? What does Brandon Dale know about bedside nursing? How could he if he isn’t a nurse. Most of these Board members have never confronted an impaired physician, a violent patient, a drunk colleague; your sitting oposite a psychologist whose got those spider angiomas on his nose and its 3 o’clock on the afternoon and he has got delirum tremors. His job is to assess your public safety factor and so he is going determine how safe you are?? I need a drink!!When was the last time any of these Bd members worked the unit, or a busy ER? I hear elevator music, sing along please=”I’m your puppet”. Yes you are Dale, just another puppet along the way, you are.

20160316_124435-1-1 (2)       200px-Pinocchio

Beth A. Campbell A.A.G.

It could easily be said that a prosecutor can greatly influence the outcome of any hearing or trial by convincing witnesses to testify in a certain way; and if the witnesses have an interest in making a case against the defendant then they do it. Its easy to take the fair wind out of the harbor, any seasoned sailor knows that at some point the wind will need to be a head wind. The head wind in this case is the general public and the court of public opinion now knows of felonious cases. There is a rule that lying under oath is perjury as well as encouraging witnesses to fabricate evidence is also a felony. This is a serious violation, and when done by the attorney generals’ office undermines public confidence. The entire house now knows. Many are aware, the head winds will blow, and 1452 will help nurses, but perjury will never be anything else but a serious crime that demonstrates a lack of respect for not only the law but of ones own self. 

I am safe when I am a Frenchman standing in a room, with only Americans, screaming about the atrocities of the Nazi Regime. This is that room. 

You think the wikileaks are the only ones intercepting emails? Check this out.

Tim Porter O Grady, (does international recruitment ) they bring phillipinos over pay them 10 hour and keep 30 hour
make them think they have to buy all the books , rip off take advantage of foreign nurses
maybe high light that one she is BACK on the board (working there not actual bd member ) .
so tim porter recruits them malloch gets them licensed and the make mega bucks
need article on THIS !!! in return malloch does what bd wants !




19 thoughts on “AZBON CORRUPTION Pinocchio

  1. I was a travel nurse both in AZ and Texas. The TBONE is no better. I had an assignment outside of Jasper (infamous for the dragging of an African American man to death behind a pickup truck ) at a correctional facility. My first few minutes were a nightmare beginning with a pat down by a female guard more intimate than my ex ever was, followed by the control booth locking me in an area that was filled with pepper sprayed and free range inmates. When I finally reached the infirmary, I stated “safe harbor” to the nurse orienting me, my agency and the TBONE and left never to return. Imagine my surprise when I received a formal complaint that was rife with errors such as the date, facility, city, agency heck the ONLY thing that was correct was my name. They accused me of giving an out of control inmate medications against his will without an MD order, failure to document, etc. I provided the correct information along with supportive documentation and a statement that all cell extractions are video taped and a request that the investigator please view it. 1 year later their results came back filled with all of the original errors and a demand that I sign it or lose my license, and that I take remedial classes. The attorney I retained told me it would be too expensive to fight a losing battle sign it and take the classes. Fast forward 5 years later, they revoked my Texas license because I failed to appear before the TBONE because they failed to notify me that they were missing a certificate (the order was mailed to an incorrect address even though they have my correct address on file), and California is now coming after my license. I sent copies to BOTH of the nursing boards. I cannot find the certificate for the online computer course. California states that they did not scan it, they separated any certificates received with renewals and placed them in another room…but the room was cleaned out and all of the certificates, etc were discarded by an employee..I was floored by the way the California Nursing Board employee stated this as though no big deal. So here I stand caught between 2 nursing boards who DEMAND accountability but have NOT accountable to anyone. Any suggestions?


    1. What I would suggest is this: Go back to the online website that you did the classes & write to them, asking them to look in their archives to see if they can find proof that you registered & completed the course(s). Try to remember how you paid for the course(s) and provide them with that—it might make it easier for them to find your information.

      If that fails, keep pressing the CA BON about the discarded certificates & what other nurses are doing to provide replacement certificates if they can no longer locate the original certificate. I would even go so far as to try to find out the name of “the employee” that threw them away, just to make sure what they’re telling you isn’t a load of B.S. Separating the certificates from the license renewals and placing them “in another room”, and then that room just happened to be “cleaned out” sounds like a hot, steaming pile of horse sh** to me, quite honestly. I can’t imagine anybody “cleaning out” a room that contained certificates & throwing them away without asking someone what they were & if they could be thrown away. How many certificates could there possibly be, anyway? What other paperwork was discarded along with the certificates & how are they handling that with other nurses?

      This advice is a little too little, too late—-but, every single correspondence you send to the BON must be sent certified, return receipt requested. This way, when they accuse you of not sending them the certificate or whatever, you can copy that little green card & send it to them, putting the responsibility on them for losing it. I have heard of way too many incidences where the BON “didn’t receive” something that was sent regular, first class mail. Proving that you sent it & that it was received by someone in the BON office takes away their ability to say it “wasn’t received”—they now have to admit that some incompetent idiot lost it or threw it away.


  2. good comparison Pinocchio, goes for all the board members, especially Elizabeth Campbell and Sunita. Making comments that have nothing to do with what is being said, just throwing irons in the fire. . Irony when you listen to the them tell the nursing students such trash. “just be honest ” . i have never seen a self confession of anything do the nurse / cna any good ever. Just more punishment .


  3. Oh yea that bullsh*t “just be honest if you make a mistake” . How about YOU FIRST board members!
    You will not hear this gang of thugs ever admit that . They are always right, (in their own mind they are always right, and know whats best for each person. And in their own mind think that they are the example for the rest of the world to follow. They will show you non alcohol drinks, the nonsmokers, the church goers, look beneath the surfice and they will lie to your face and work in collusion to take down any nurse who tries to cost their brothers $$$ and you will see true evil.l


  4. CB they are retaliating for you quitting and leaving. The mentality of prison people is the same as this board, frustrated old hens, love to get people in trouble . In their own minds make them look “good”. Which we all know is a joke!
    Brandon Dale is one to get involved and do what ever the ex dir tells him to do . Sitting in the break room discussing cases and he has to go take ‘a look ‘ at who it is they are trashing. That is so distasteful for a male to do . I m sure he squats to pee as well. He is also dedicated to Banner, this is the atmosphere for sure. ! Banner has the board doing what they want . You can have public members on the board , but what is his interest? Obviously he has no priority for this , he missed many meetings in a row and should not be there, looks like he quit and never took the time to learn what the punishment he was voting for meant. even the last meeting, ‘what does DOC mean again”.
    In the old poker days we would give these kind cheat sheets. ya know 4 of a kind beats…………… . Of course they could play the dummy’s cause they would always lose !


  5. CB it is never too expensive to take on a losing case. Eventually you will take it high enough , the courts are more professional. The ADMIN LAW court is rigged, crooked as hell , one big kangaroo court hot mess. ! Some of the attorneys are ‘in with the board ” . Do not let this happen nurses. and this is an example of signing what the BON wants. Why do you think they want you to ? Now that you signed you are losing your license , this happens all the time in AZ. Stand up to these thugs, cowards, with the taxpayers money. !! check with site host for details on nurses who can help !


  6. The knowledge about these postings has always struck me as so consistent especially over a long period of time. The message goes along with what the lawmakers are trying address and create new laws to reduce the cronyism of not only this agency, but most of the regulatory groups which have long been notoriously corrupted, the AZ Medical Bd to name one.


  7. when those in power finally ACT , the board will come crashing down. Then the blame game starts . Elizabeth Campbell blaming the board , the board blaming her. Why would Brnovich care about dumping a female under his reign. ? very easy decision. They got rid of one with excellent record. No problem cutting lose this wench. They defense “only doing my job ” will not fly either . ! Board knows they are doing dirty tricks.


  8. All a bunch of crooked thieves. Re treads going back to the board. Malloch was here years ago, and now back , hardly seems legal . Ridenour comfortable with her as they both have the goods on one another. can they trust one another ? It will be interesting , how fast they roll over on one another. Really dont think Malloch knows how much this board is under scrutiny. Smith knows, but can twirl the lies and blame on the respondents , no matter how silly it sounds. All of the personality disordered indivduals will lie , blame, and eaggarate in life , and will do the same in court. Look at Campbell’s lying tongue. And Brandon Dale a P V ‘do a dog a bone favor” . Willing to go out pretend to be making a phone call and get a good look for the gang of thugs, take back to the gossiping hens. So shallow, fitting right in with the women, something a real man would never do.


  9. Brandon Dale is a real helper to neighbor RID OF HER , making a complete *ss out of himself. Shows up at 4 meetings a year and not in a row, a real loser . But Bannerific enough to keep selling his limbs to them , and getting the referral. Campbell a real piece of work , so many easy cases the nurse does not even show up , then there is those who they made a big mistake filing their lies and abuse of discretion big time. If they cant run a board how could they possibly be able to take care of patients . They cant , Campbell is one sick puppy. Who can sit up there and tell a judge , or the BON , all the little lying details like oh yea , and SHE DID THIS , oh and she did ThIS , such minor bullsh*t , time to put on your big girl panties “BETH” ! Bethy the , one who is comfortable in admin law, but cannot run her own office . Loser, like a lawyer becoming a judge, when you can make so much more on your own , but work for a capped salary. Couldnt make it as a lawyer, so they became a judge. Help to the pitiful public should Bethy , get in that position. but very doubtful with her ways not she will even keep her license to legally malpractice. Time will tell. Word is out. See BETHY , it works both ways .


  10. hey hey head heifer I like it . notice on her picture she is calling herself “Jo” , the name JOEY so childish and UNPROFESSIONAL . notice they stopped streaming the meetings ? they want a SECRET SOCIETY, who cares if people have to travel 200+ miles to go the meetings , who cares not the board of this JOker . The reason, “an attorney told me we shouldn’t because of the patients we talk about at the meeting hippa confidentiality , OMG, really JOker, ?? the fact that “an attorney ” had to tell you proves you are NOT CUT OUT FOR THE JOB . we’ll never know what attorney , maybe wild bill ?? native american lover. ? when has ANYONE ever heard a patients name ? unless it is the patient COMPLAINING about a nurse??? when? this is just more of those piles that end up behind a horse being flung around. MS devious , up to her tricks .


  11. why cant they just run a fair honest agency. Nurses make mistakes , lots of druggies out there seem to get their biggest sympathy . Or it is EMPATHY , ? only people who take drugs can empathize with someone needing a fix , who else would? No they cant just say, well, it looks like someone trying to get you into trouble , and we will dismiss this . But they JOIN them . Guess it is in their blood. just like Campbell, the first nurse you screw over knowing the case is crazy people ‘getting even ‘ because the person has nursing license. ONce the wolves get their first kill they have to taste of blood and the next one is quicker and as deadly . Campbell has the taste of blood , Sunita has the taste of blood, Ridenour, Janeen Dahn, look at their demeanors , the look of excitment when they ‘find something ” oh and Hunter definitely has it, as well as all of the board members.


  12. CB interesting you relate the AZBN and TX to prison mentality , right on bro. Only the AZ BON dishes out punishment in a degrading disproportionate and excessive as to outrageous standards of decency. And in alot of cases, no punishment is necessary. While some violate laws, dui or domestic , disputes the BON really has no business getting into this area , quit a stretch that they over lap. the explotation is excessive and public humiliation is worse than the courts on these matters , where it should be handled. Such a pattern of this barbaric dealings even judges are barred from this. OH BUT post anything against a board member , and WOW, you would think an earth quake hit. Social media is pay back time for the BON , in az who really are quit wack jobs !

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  13. CB ,Texas needs two boards, one for just the ‘nurse was fired ‘ complaints. it is law in Tx is a nurse is fired that they be turned into the BON. That is crazy, because the hospitals are all about being cozy with the board. Maybe AZ should have the same rule . Of course Banner is already doing that. “working “it with the AZBON. helping one another against a sole nurse , pathetic really. Watch what you wish for.


  14. UNbelieveable on what liars this gang is !!! they thrive on lying ! Not sure who can rip off the stinkee farts of bold faced lies the most ELIZABETH A CAMPBELL , PHILLIP LETT, joEY RIDENOUR, JANENE DAHN< SUNITA KRISHNA , VALERIE SMITH . What a mess this outfit is , a hot mess for sure . Just find someone willing to lie and put it in writing like their is ANY truth to any of it. BUT when they lie, it can be discovered and when it is put out the truth they sure look like COMPLETE FOOLS !


  15. who’s that homely broad , with the bushy hair and HIGH hairline , or piss poor wig falling off !, trying to compensate with a low cut top ? can never pull it off as a school girl ! one of Brnovich’s bimbos?


  16. oh no , far from over. everyone thought Horne was bad, Brnovich will soon learn he needs to OVERSEE what is going on. each one of these clowns , represents him and the office. It seems like a revolving door for young attorneys who have no experience , but cant fill the shoes . And never will .


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