The Death of Nursing AZBN

The failure of main stream media to fully appreciate the value of events occurring in our health care systems is supported by local governments not pursing dangerous and criminal violations; only to become a part of those crimes. The events presently being observed by those looking at our health care systems is some good but the horrors of nursing is burning down the house. The importance of describing AZBN actions here is the definition of violations of all in print. It is absolutely necessary to place these activities in general public view. I know the fed is busy but could have a field over here. Staying away from downtown Phoenix is the same as staying out of jail. And I now must follow that rule. The FB page of ten yrs is FB’s soul as content specific to what effects public. The specifics in this story have many other horror spinoffs showing Lincoln was right, corruption over here shows up over there. The death of nursing deviously covered up through the power of politics . These are The Vendetta recipients. Mark Brnovich. Joey Ridenour ,Elizabeth A. Campbell and Sunita Krishna; Also another court officer noted for filing false docs T.Scott King of Bowwlaw in Phoenix

Nurse protection comes from getting rid of the useless lard in the system which is now well known to live off nurse unjust disciplines. The ground the Bd lives on must be leveled. The pic below will represent you against bd complaint but successfully will illegally protect surgeon in neglected manslaughter. The innocent nurse is ALWAYS found guilty and the guilty surgeon is found innocent. I can tell you where a lot of the money is but offshore accounts are the fed territories. Its our job to level where they live.

There are 8 million stories in the naked city, and this is only one one of them. Peary Brown Retired RN

And evil walks closely agmonst us.

2 thoughts on “The Death of Nursing AZBN

  1. Crime continues to infiltrate the systems. Its actual physical damge to pts. is evident by not only stats of routine value but the out standing number of nursing failures to hide liability

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